His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1383 – 1384

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Chapter 1383 Don’t You Worry, She Was Snatched?

Rocky frowned and looked at Hu Yun vigilantly for a long time.

Hu Yun stood there and let Rocky look at it. Until Alisha walked out, wearing a pure floral skirt, playful and cute greeted Hu Yun, “Boss! Wait a long time!” Hu Yun smiled, “Don’t call the boss anymore, I will be the leader for two days.

Alisha touched his nose, “Then, it’s not that I am more hypocritical, I have to resign…”

In front of Rocky, Hu Yun opened the car door for Alisha, “Let’s go, Luo Youyou said already Waiting for us there.”

Alisha nodded without doubting him.

Rocky watched with a worried look on Hu Yun driving away Alisha, and sighed.

Twenty minutes later, Alisha and Luo Youyou met in the People’s Square, and Alisha saw the impatient Eldon standing beside him. “I said I don’t want to come, can you stop dragging me next time.”

Eldon frowned, but when he saw Alisha approaching, his expression only eased a little, “Alisha? What a coincidence. “Squinted, isn’t this the man with Alisha in the meeting place? Eldon squinted his eyes and said, “This is?” Alisha didn’t understand the hostility in his words, but rather generously introduced, “Hu Yun, the leader of my previous company.”

Eldon had a profound meaning.

Said, “It’s just a leader?” Is he also worthy to associate with Alisha? Alisha is afraid that this little fool didn’t realize that she was profitable, right? But right now, Eldon would not confide with people outright.

He simply didn’t know, and while irritably accompanied them shopping, while taking time out of his cell phone, he sent a text message to Sherry Xu. (Before there was a small leader in your company, who was very close to Alisha,) The opposite replied, (? 】 【Today he actually drove Alisha over to play, I took it. 】 【……】 【I think that the leader is not bad, I always feel that this person is a little white face, wanting to rub the upper position of Alisha. 】 【Alisha, that pig’s brain must not think of this. ) Sherry Xu stared at the phone, gritted his teeth and typed out these words.

Eldon was delighted at the first glance. “If you care, come here.”

He didn’t hide it.

He took advantage of Hu Yun to accompany Alisha out to buy ice cream, dropped Luo Youyou and walked aside, and called Sherry Xu directly, “If you don’t worry about it. , Come here now.”

“What am I doing here?” Sherry Xu was obviously not angry, “What Alisha is willing to do, why should I care more for her?” “This tone is like jealous.”

Eldon Said, “I think Hu Yun is not a fuel-efficient lamp, so you really don’t worry?” Hu Yun doesn’t look ugly. Whether it is profitable or not, he is at least very considerate and gentle with Alisha now.

Alisha, who had just been rejected by Sherry Xu, definitely needed someone to comfort her injured heart.

So everything Hu Jun did is simply too correct.

It was so correct that Eldon Sakura wanted to applaud him.

At this time, Alisha’s psychological defense was the weakest, as long as he was gentle, he would rely on it. Opposite Sherry Xu was silent for a while.

After a long time, he asked, “Do you think it’s possible for me and Alisha?” Eldon said, “” Sherry Xu said again, “I have already said that I will not interact with Alisha anymore.

There is no need. “It’s really unnecessary, or is it because you can’t pull your face?” Eldon grabbed the phone and said slowly, “If you don’t come, Alisha may be snatched away.”

She knows Chapter 1384 from beginning to end.

As soon as this remark came out, as expected, Sherry Xu was silent for a while.

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