His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1387 – 1388

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Chapter 1387 Withdraw and leave, finally gentle.

At the moment when he took the first step, Sherry Xu rushed out to chase Alisha, Sherry Xu knew that he had lost.

Some people care about Alisha more than him, some people want her, some people are willing to pursue.

She was. When Sakuhara Eldon called so, Sherry Xu took two steps, Luo Youyou was not running fast, but after being caught up by Hu Yun, he let go of Alisha.

Alisha stretched out her hand to cover her face, tears falling from her fingers.

She gasped for her breath, as if she could silence her crying.

Hu Yun stepped forward and stretched out his hand to hug Alisha directly into his arms.

Regardless of whether the action crossed the boundary or not, he put his hand on Alisha’s head.


He paused, as if it took a lot of effort to say that I had ulterior motives.

He did have a scheming plan, in just a few days, in order to get close to Alisha, in order to have a place in her heart, he did everything he could.

He hopes that through Alisha’s family, he can take himself to the next level. But when he saw Alisha crying, he felt that he was shameless.

He was obviously a man, and he actually used a woman in this way.

Luo Youyou was stunned, and did not go to pull Alisha back for a while, causing Sherry Xu behind to catch up.

The first thing he saw was Alisha’s whole person being held in Hu Yun’s arms.

Alisha is so thin and Hu Yun’s shoulders are so broad. Sherry Xu didn’t know where the fire came from, so he went up and pushed Hu Yun fiercely.

The man pressed his shoulders and pushed him directly against the wall.

The atmosphere between the two seemed to be tense.

The string will break in the next second-who allowed you to touch her? ! Sherry Xu screamed unbearably, he didn’t want his job, right? A word from Young Master can make you get out of your old subsidiary. Don’t make any suggestions if you shouldn’t! Fire me.

Hu Yun’s eyes were surprisingly bright.

He said, now, right here, at this moment, in front of Alisha, fire me.

In this way, you will always lose to me, Sherry Xu.

At that moment, Sherry Xu’s heart twitched fiercely, and intense pain gradually filled his chest. Before he could speak, Alisha had already spoken, enough.

This is the end, everything, don’t worry about it anymore. Sherry Xu hadn’t done anything yet, but was exhausted by these short words.

Alisha could take away all his self-control without saying a word.

I’m fed up, I’m rolling, don’t chase after you. Fear, little by little came to his throat. Sherry Xu shook his head and said instinctively, no…

Alisha you…

Alisha stepped forward and gently stretched out his hand to him.


That is her last dignity. We offset it, Sherry Xu.

She tried her best to use a relaxed voice, trembling and smiling, and said that in the future, you must be careful alone.

Then release it again. Who was it at the last minute to save him face and spread the steps, but he drew away without turning his head? After Alisha released him, he turned to Hu Yun and said, thank you.

After that, she seemed to have relieved all the burdens, and said to Luo Youyou, it’s great, I’m free again. When Alisha left that day, no one went to pull it anymore.

In other words, no one dares to pull.

That day, Sherry Xu stood there and spent a long time in a daze.

Eldon smoked silently on the side, until Sherry Xu’s back solidified into a statue.

Chapter 1388 wanted to inquire, but flinched.

After returning that day, Sherry Xu never received any news about Alisha.

He always felt pain and itching in his heart, and couldn’t help but want to inquire about Alisha, but he abruptly held back his face. Even Eldon sensed his entanglement. You have been living like a wife running away recently.

Rarely meet at a party, Eldon spit out Sherry Xu while playing billiards, his face was terribly dark. Sherry Xu’s expression is not good, what are you talking about? Do you particularly want to know the news of Alisha? Eldon grabbed the club and smiled slyly, I just waited. Sherry Xu brows, what are you waiting for? When you couldn’t bear it, the pitiful came to ask me, Eldon, what Alisha was doing recently…

Eldon deliberately imitated a terrible tone, and after speaking, he hugged the pole and laughed so hard that he could not stand up. Sherry Xu, you actually wanted to inquire about Alisha a long time ago! I want to know her news, but I still need it-Sherry Xu gritted his teeth and asked you? Yes indeed.

Eldon’s eyes rolled, pretending to look around at the scenery, without knowing who it was.

After being given up by Alisha, he had the courage to ask for the news by himself. Sherry Xu’s heart twitched fiercely. For some reason, he remembered the eyes of Alisha the last time she left.

Those eyes that gave up and were torn apart.

And leaving is a thin and thin back. Sherry Xu always felt that Alisha, such an optimistic and cheerful person, was capable of pushing her to this level. But…

Isn’t this what she was tempted to chase after? Self-talking began to chase, and self-talking ended this crush.

Shanda ended fruitlessly again, as if nothing had happened. Why now… Sherry Xu clenched his fingers tightly.

It is him who regrets. Don’t bear it.

Eldon stepped forward and patted him on the shoulder, brother, there are some things, it’s useless to endure. By the way, Alisha is indeed doing something.

There was a glimmer of cold light in Sherry Xu’s eyes, and it was fleeting, what happened to her? Gee, look at this tension now.

Eldon said that her father is going to send her to training.

Alisha said that if she is idle anyway, she should experience life.

If she is really interested in serving as a soldier in the future, she might still follow the path of Lanming, a heroine…

She is sick! Sherry Xu’s sudden words shocked Eldon.

The latter patted his chest. What are you doing? What are you doing suddenly? I was scared to death, so I will tell you a fact… Does she have any thoughts about going to be a soldier? Sherry Xu clenched his teeth, she didn’t know how much suffering that place had to suffer? Is there water in her mind? You ask her to go.

Eldon spreads his hands together. Maybe it’s because of you, and he has completely given up on love in this world, so he just wants to protect his family and the country.

That would be nice.

It’s really like Rocky’s behavior.

It’s just… Where is she now? what? I’ll ask you where she is-Lan’s training ground, where else can she be.

Eldon said, you…what are you going to do? I’m looking for her! Are you not going to work? In the last fart class, I resigned, and the stocks were all sold out! Sherry Xu slammed the billiard cue stick directly to the ground, and the woman’s head was flooded and was about to go to the battlefield, so I could not help cooking! In the last fart class, I resigned, and the stocks were all sold out! Sherry Xu slammed the billiard cue stick directly to the ground, and the woman’s head was flooded and was about to go to the battlefield, so I could not help cooking! In the last fart class, I resigned, and the stocks were all sold out! Sherry Xu slammed the billiard cue stick directly to the ground, and the woman’s head was flooded and was about to go to the battlefield, so I could not help cooking!

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