His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1407 – 1408

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Chapter 1407 She regretted the last thing and didn’t make a cruel move.

The night breeze blew, piercing Christian’s body, making him chill. Christian looked at Ameli Su who was hiding behind Chi Xun, his heart seemed to be frozen, he opened his mouth, Ameli Su, would you not face me? Ameli Su took a deep breath, you go. She didn’t want to call the police again to drive him away.

This scene was too embarrassing, and it was the last bit of face for Christian over the years. But Christian refused, he knew that if he left at this time, he would really not be able to catch Ameli Su. The sky is high and the ocean is wide, she is leaving his world with other men. I…

Christian didn’t know why.

He obviously had strength, but he lost the courage to push Chi Li away.

He murmured, I don’t want this, Ameli Su…Don’t drive me away. Don’t drive me away. said it was like a child displaced under the bombardment of war. Those eyes seemed to have lost all the spiritual support, and even Ameli Su felt that she was the perpetrator. But Christian, don’t forget, you used to blast me out of the villa like this without looking back. Ameli Su turned around, as if to show Christian, she firmly grasped a finger of Chi Li, as if this was her last straw. She said, don’t wake up my dad, we are going back to sleep. Ameli Su——! Christian’s eager voice begged, are you…

Revenge on me…? Wait and see, Christian. Ameli Su turned her head, beautiful eyebrows and hatred, someday I didn’t even want to retaliate against you.

At that time, Christian, you were the one that was destroyed. There is no one who loses or wins in this love.

She used to be willing to give in and be the dog behind Christian, so when she betrayed by such a heartfelt heart, it will be the most tragic. Christian did not dare to speak, the truth came silently and cruelly. admit it, he can’t live without Ameli Su, he really can’t live without her. From the past to the present, the little girl who ran around behind his ass, used the way of slumping and giving way to herself, forged a cage, but he didn’t realize it, and waited until he recovered. When he came, he was already locked in the abyss. He… can’t let go of her.

It’s not that Ameli Su has never left, but whenever he hears news from her, Christian’s heart always beats faster. He can’t fool himself. He wanted to do everything possible, even if it was a dirty and despicable method, he wanted to keep Ameli Su by his side. Christian was eager to find a way out for a lot of things he wanted to say, but when he said it, there was another content.

He obviously didn’t want to tell her to go, but he just wanted to argue again and again… Too fatal. Christian wanted to ask Ameli Su, do you still love him? Is the feeling left in the past, even a little bit? But Ameli Su refused to give alms in his eyes, and directly dragged Chi Li into the door.

The action was simply and neat, just like the airport two years ago, she resolutely left. The familiar and horrified feeling returned to Christian’s body, the man rushed forward to grab the door, but unexpectedly Ameli Su just slammed the door on the door-Christian’s hand was lost. Ameli Su was stunned, and slowly widened her eyes. You…She slammed the heavy door shut with hatred, but Christian’s hand stretched out just to block the final closing gap. Those sturdy hands were flushed red by the door panel, but they stood still, like iron strikes. Do you feel pain? ! Ameli Su seemed to be irritated, and finally lost her composure. What kind of pretense, is it still useful now to take it all out? You just break your hand and I won’t blink my eyes! What I regret most now is why I didn’t kill you back then!

Chapter 1408 In the dark night, someone is peeping.

If words can hurt others, Christian felt that he must have been lost in spirit now.

He shook his head, denying self-deceivingly, no…you said that on purpose? what? Ameli Su—that can make me feel painful! She made it! He is really in pain now, so painful that he is going crazy! not true.

Ameli Su’s eyes darkened, like an old man who had run out of oil, and lost the last light.

It would be fine if someone died between us. Everything is over.

It’s a pity that I didn’t die for you when I loved you so much.

Christian, show me your sincerity-are you willing to die? It was like thunder falling in his ears, making his ears hum.

Christian widened his eyes in disbelief, and he never saw the same genius boy back then.

All kinds of complex emotions mingled together and passed across his face one after another, and finally stopped in despair. No…

Christian took a hard breath.

It seemed that doing this would bring him a little courage. Finally, he said, but Ameli Su…I’m like dead now… Watching her go in and out with other men late at night , Watching her and others wearing couple pajamas, watching her hide behind another man because of escaping from him-what is the difference between him watching all this and death! ! Christian shouted heartbreakingly, must this be the case? what? Do you have to stay out of touch with you? How much do you hate me for telling me-I said I can compensate you, what can’t I do? ! How much do I hate you? Ameli Su trembled, and the trembled even into her laughter, like crying. Perhaps it is not you that I hate anymore, but the unsuccessful self.

After speaking, she glanced back and found that Christian had released her hand placed in the crack of the door.

She gritted her teeth and flicked it again, closing the door again in front of Christian.

This time, it was closed completely, and it hit Christian’s heart with a heavy blow.

It seemed to have broken all his dignity.

Ameli Su walked back with red eyes, Chi Ling followed behind, watching her float up the stairs, and asked, are you okay? Ameli Su gasped and was fine.

Christian is still outside.

He will go. What if he doesn’t leave. What does that matter to me.

Then, isn’t Christian going to wait outside all night? I ran to you in the middle of the night to beg for peace and rejected him.

It’s pitiful.

After Ameli Su listened, she gritted her teeth and walked a few steps faster into the room, then stretched her head out, and then said something to Christian. You will sleep outside tonight. Chi Yu laughed helplessly, and raised both hands to express surrender. Okay, then I won’t talk about it.

Ameli Su then let the door open and agreed with Chi Xun to come in, and then she swept the surrounding area vigilantly. Just… Didn’t the movement wake my brother and my dad? Chi Yu also took a look inside the second floor, and said in a low voice that their room is farther inside.

I probably didn’t hear it. Who made your room the outermost on the second floor.

Ameli Su breathed a sigh of relief, at least a lot less trouble.

The door closed silently, and the two of them drew back into the bed.

The night was as quiet as if nothing had happened, and the darkness swallowed everything.

After a long time, in the dark corridor of the second floor, someone slowly appeared from the shadows, not knowing how long they had been hiding there, and walked step by step to the door of the room where Ameli Su was.

Then, Kendrick Su slowly and slowly stuck himself on Ameli Su’s door.

It’s like a hug from the heart to the heart.

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