His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1415 – 1416

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Chapter 1415 The whole world, except you.

It’s already reached this point, what else can he say? Christian forced a smile. When he smiled, Ameli Su’s heart trembled.

There was the despair that he was the only one left in the world.

Standing at the door, the man smiled and said, that…very good, remember to call me when the marriage is settled.

So many ups and downs have come, now there is only one sentence left, which is good.

Christian smiled with red eyes, his back looked a little thin and ragged.

After saying this, he turned and left, as if he had never appeared before.

The atmosphere in the living room was as quiet as if someone had pressed the pause button. Chris held his breath and remained silent for several minutes. Finally, he tried to make his speech sound.

Christian…long and grown up…have no beginnings and ends, it is better not to say. Chris felt he hadn’t made a good start at all, so he shut up. But Eugene sighed and chose to directly ask Ameli Su, have you broken up with Christian? Chris almost sprang up from the sofa, dare to ask! Unexpectedly, Ameli Su shook her head mockingly, me? How am I worthy… We always thought you and Christian were in love. Eugene touched the back of his head.

The two of us have not been in the country. We don’t know your current situation very well…

So, what happened to you and Christian? Chi Yu was worried about Ameli Su’s state, but Ameli Su glanced at him, then shook his head to indicate that he was all right.

Taking a deep breath, Ameli Su clenched his fingers, and finally said, between us, maybe…the energy has been exhausted.

So Chi Li is next to Ameli Su. Chris had an expression of disbelief, how could it be…Christianhe…

Although he liked to put a stinky face at Ameli Su when he was young, he was the first to rush out when he saw someone bullying Ameli Su. Ok! Forget it.

Ameli Su lowered her head and squeezed back the emotion that was about to come out of her eyes.

She clenched her teeth to prevent herself from revealing a little fragility.

It didn’t matter, forget it.

The faintly expressed cognition of the two of Chris and Eugene made Ameli Su’s heart seem to be tightened, pain spreading from the blood vessels to the whole body.

So many people thought they were in love.

Christian, this is the most ironic.

The whole world knows that we love each other.

The whole world-except you.

So she said forget it, not in the true sense, but…

She had no choice but to forget the desperate love and hatred.

In order to alleviate the atmosphere, Chi Yu can only turn on the TV casually and tune out a movie. Okay, stop paying attention to these things. Yan Yan came to our house for the first time today, so I can’t leave a bad impression…

This It does. Chris and Eugene enthusiastically brought Ameli Su snacks, and then asked, your father Marven Su, do you agree to be together? Ameli Su nodded, yes.

Then… Chris glanced at Chi Li, brat, are you going to marry Yan Yan? Chi Xun was drinking water, and was stunned. Marry… marry…? ! This, can this be, a bit too fast. Chi Yan swallowed, I think we two are pretty…very good now. Eugene waved his hand, which was good, but there must be something to say.

If I want to say that Yan Yan will live in our house tonight, how about tomorrow we go directly to Marven Su to talk about the future marriage?

Chapter 1416 cooperate with each other to seek love.

Does this rhythm take the Rockets? This was the first time Ameli Su accompanied him to see his parents, and she was about to talk about marriage immediately! Chi Li’s expression completely froze on his face, and even the usual gentle and reliable appearance disappeared.

After a long time, he said dryly, it is not necessary to have this process…

I am not living for marriage. Of…

How to speak! Eugene frowned, who did you learn from? Do you feel that you are particularly open-minded? No, I think life is too important. Yan Yan and I have no pressure together now.

It’s good. Why have to get married… Not getting married is irresponsible! Is there no future without getting married? Chi Li asked, is it possible that a marriage can only have a future through marriage? This means that two people are actually unreliable together, they are all tied together by marriage? When I was studying abroad, many people did not get married but stayed together for a long time, and they would raise children together.

They were also very conscious without a marriage certificate. …

His son has been abroad for a long time, so he has brought back something in his mind! Chris heard Chi Xun’s remarks and looked at Ameli Su nervously, for fear of leaving Ameli Su with the impression that his family was irresponsible.

Ameli Su didn’t even react after hearing this, and smiled slightly.

I support Chi Xun.

Anyway, I’m not in a hurry for all the thoughts, it’s still a long time.

This… Eugene and Chris, two middle-aged people, don’t understand what the juniors are thinking now.

That being said, Ameli Su still lived in Chi Xun’s house that night. Before going to bed at night, she took a shower and just saw Chi Xun sitting alone in her bedroom.

I don’t know if she was in a daze or Thinking about things. What do you think? Ameli Su asked, because your dad mentioned marriage today? Don’t worry, what I said to you, between us—nor. Chi Yu turned around, blond, blue-eyed, and slender.

I was thinking if we got married, Christian might want to kill me.

Scared? Ameli Su smiled. No, I think you will be scared. Chi Yu didn’t dodge, those eyes looked straight at Ameli Su, you love him so much.

How about you.

Ameli Su unexpectedly did not deny it, or at this time, even if she denied that she did not love Christian, she was just deceiving herself and others.

I love Christian, who do you love? Chi Yan was silent.

A long time later, he tried to narrate the lyrics that he didn’t know where he had heard in a declarative tone to describe his mood. Who knows, I love men and women? Or don’t love this lonely person at all? Chi Li felt that he rarely felt as hysterical as Ameli Su, and he rarely experienced mood swings.

The kind of affection between human beings called love makes him feel strange and distant. Neither the good-looking skin nor the interesting soul can make him pause for a moment.

Ameli Su and him are cooperating with each other and seeking comfort from each other. But to a greater extent, he was just learning from Ameli Su-what kind of love is.

He thought that Ameli Su was forced to do this, because Christian had no love, and he wanted to see the same kind. But now he was wrong-Christianyou.

Thick, deep, eager to move, faintly blooming, hidden under the volcanic rock, love like purgatory.

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