His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1429 – 1430

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Chapter 1429

org” Sherry Xu thought for a while, “Thalia Xu is still there after all.”

“Wait for Ameli Su and Chi Yu’s dog will get better. “Christian pointed to himself, “Do you want me to kill someone and go to jail?” Sherry Xu shouted, “How come you have that thing in your mind all day long.

Is it useful to just solve the man if the woman is robbed?” Christian nodded unexpectedly. ,”it works. “Sherry Xu shuddered, “You said that if Ameli Su fell in love with me, can you do the same?” Christian grinned. “Then Alisha will go to your grave all year round.”

Sherry Xu patted his chest, “I was scared to death, I was scared to death, but fortunately this handsome guy was not taken by Ameli Su. But why did Alisha go to my grave? Will the little conscience go to my grave? I think if I die, she will be the first to celebrate with firecrackers. “” Actually he was really thinking about things after his death.

Two hours later, Christian looked up from the computer, “We need to meet someone.”

“Sherry Xu’s dark circles can’t hang on anymore,” I said, “I’ve come to your house to sleep, but I actually accompany you to get the early morning information.”

“The sky is already cold.

He yawned and handed over the information, “Don’t sleep and wait for sudden death.”

“Christian’s expression remained unchanged, as if these words couldn’t shake him at all, “Come with me to Ye’s house.”

“Ah” Sherry Xu didn’t understand it for a while, but after another thought, he immediately understood, “You are looking for Ye Xiao” Christian nodded. “What can Ye Xiao’s mouth pry open?” Sherry Xu looked disdainful, “I helped back then.”

I framed Ameli Su with a piece of thin Yan design.

If you didn’t let me say it, I would just confess. “It turns out that the person who made Sherry Xu tight-lipped at the beginning was Christian. “So, I have to settle the accounts.”

“Christian stood up, his posture straight, “There is a place to go before then.”

I have a method, it may work. “The light flashing in the eyes made Sherry Xu’s whole body hairy, “I think your expression is not a good idea.”

“Christian said with a smile, “How is it possible, I’m a good fellow.”

“You are a good person, there are no bad people in the world,” Sherry Xu said, “Shameless” After half an hour, Sherry Xu stood in front of a mansion in a daze. “This is” He glanced up and down, and started searching for the circle of rich and powerful people he knew in his mind. Finally locked “This is the Han family” Christian nodded, “Well, that’s right, the Han family.”

“What are you doing in the Han family?” Sherry Xu muttered, “Is it related to the Ye family?” Christian didn’t speak, and just pressed When the doorbell was heard, someone came out to greet him, and when he saw Christian, he was shocked.

A big beauty rushed out, “But why are you here?” When Sherry Xu saw Jia Qi, she was also amazed.

Although she is old, she is noble and elegant.

It is no wonder that when she was young, she was Christian’s mother’s best best friend in Lisa.

It seems that only the same people can become good friends. “Sister Qiqi, is Qingyan at home?” Jia Qi hesitated for a while, and nodded, “Yes, this little girl hasn’t written her homework well recently. You just came here to help me train her.”

Christian offered a picture. Sherry Xu had a generous and gentle expression that he had never seen before, with a smile, his eyes looked like stars, and he looked like a good baby who looked like a talent in the eyes of the elders. With that appearance, Sherry Xu would put on a pretentious expression if he repeatedly cursed a few dog things behind his back.

I heard Christian say, “Don’t be afraid.

She is smart. Old Xu hasn’t met her yet.

He said he wanted to meet her and take her out to play.”

Sherry Xu forced her finger at herself with a dazed expression. For “me” mobile phone users, please visit csw.

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Chapter 1430

He didn’t even know what was going on, so he watched Christian smile like a dog, and talked and talked about it. .zhetian. Sherry Xu felt innocent.

He looked up and found Aunt Jia Qi staring at him.

He twitched the corner of his mouth, “I came with Christian.”

What kind of smoke, he didn’t understand, Christian said with a smile. “Because Lao Xu and Qing Yan have not seen each other, and everyone is here just these few days, we just want to take Qing Yan out to play.”

When Jia Qi heard that they were taking it out to play, he smiled cordially. You remember her.”

“No, no.”

Christian beckoned, “If she is at home, tell her to come out quickly.”

As soon as the voice fell, a figure rushed out, “Brother Christian, you are finally here” Christian smiled. Without stepping back, the figure slammed into Sherry Xu’s body. Sherry Xu was almost hit by vomiting blood. “You can be careful.”

Looking down, there is a little girl standing on his chest, dressed in Hanfu.

She wants to like Hanfu culture and cosy.

She originally wanted to rush into Christian’s arms, but it was Sherry Xu, the little girl pulled her face in the film, her expression completely stiffened, and she rolled her eyes twice, “Who are you?” Sherry Xu said: “”I still want to ask you.

Christian stood on the side, “Han Qingyan, this is Sherry Xu.”

Han Qingyan rolled his eyes back again, “Oh, I know where the story of you and Alisha is serialized, have you confessed to her” Three question marks appeared on Sherry Xu’s forehead.

Thinking of something, he suddenly turned his head to look at Christian, “What did you tell Aunt Jia Qi’s daughter?” Han Qingyan unpredictably conjured a fan from his hand, and smiled, “You If you don’t stay with Sister Alisha, I think Brother Christian is also a good match for you.”

She turned out to be a rotten girl or a rotten girl Sherry Xu who is engaged in cp in a gangster circle, shaking her legs.

Christian pulled at the corner of his mouth, “Qingyan” “Oh well, I know that you love Sister Xiaoyan the most, and it is impossible to be with a good brother.”

Han Qingyan glanced at Sherry Xu, then looked at Christian, “Say it. , What’s the matter with me, is it because sister Xiaoyan is going to run away with someone again?” Sherry Xu clapped, “How do you know so much?” Although Han Qingyan is young, her expression is very rich, her pretty face changed and changed, “Someone will update me your stories in real time. For example, if you like Alisha but you insist on not telling it, follow other people’s ass.

Later, I went to special training. For example, “fu*ked the fan, Han Qingyan pointed at Christian with the tip of the fan closed, like an ancient storyteller, “This person obviously also likes Xiaoyan Sister. When I was studying, anyone who looked at Sister Xiaoyan would be anxious. Now I have to push others out.

As a result, Sister Xiaoyan really ran away.

This is over, you see that he is panicked like a dog now.”

Han Qingyan commented pretentiously, “You guys.

It’s a momentary experience to abuse your wife, chase your wife in the crematorium” Christian and Sherry Xu were silent. Jia Qi, who usually talks about this kind of stuff to this little girl, said, “Lisa told me, I told my daughter.”

Christian smiled almost gritted his teeth, “Thank you Aunt Jia Qi for the friendship reprint.”

Jia Qi waved his hand, “Oh, didn’t you have something to do with Yanyan? Let’s go play.

Auntie suddenly dizzy, oh ha ha.”

While talking dizzy, he quickly flashed in the door and shut the door shut. Sherry Xu: “Is there something like her all over her body? For dizzy mobile users, please visit csw.

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