His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1435 – 1436

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Chapter 1435 Christian, you shameless?

“Sherry Xu gritted his teeth, “So what you just said is false.”

Fake Christian narrowed his eyes and said. “Who knows.”

After saying this, he looked down at Han Qingyan, “Little girl, you helped me complete a big task.”

“Han Qingyan looked upset, “Huh, you are so insidious and cunning.”

Christian squinted and tugged at the corners of his mouth nonchalantly, “I really am not a good person. “He is suitable to be a big villain. “But don’t worry, I will not forget your one-month homework.”

“Christian patted Han Qingyan on the shoulder, “It’s hard to chase a gentleman with a word.”

Sherry Xu groaned, “You are a gentleman, you are a gentleman, and I am God.”

That night, Shan Jian suddenly received a letter.

An email. Click to open it and see how it’s all homework.

As Christian’s special assistant, he thinks it’s an insult to his professional level. Just about to ask what’s going on, Christian called and said , “Print out these test papers and answer the questions with an ink-based pen.

The signature area is left free, and all the remaining questions will be completed and handed to me before 8 o’clock in the evening. “Tang Shao, are you checking my reading level in middle and high school?” Shan Jian was puzzled, “I haven’t faked my education, what are you doing?” “Nothing, it’s my mother’s good friend’s daughter.”

Homework, you do it for her. “Christian grinned, grinning badly, “For a month’s worth, you’re welcome, I’ll give you a monthly subscription.”

“You, step, horse, want, no, want, face, ah, Sherry Xu watched Christian push this task to Shan Jian, then lay down on the small bed in the study with a pillow to sleep, and slapped his tongue. “Gentleman behavior” Christian’s face remained unchanged, “hypocrites are also considered gentlemen. “” Ameli Su met you and I really don’t know what’s wrong.

The two of them haven’t slept well because of this thing.

Seeing the bruise under Christian’s eyes, Sherry Xu sighed and turned back. Guest bedroom. When Sherry Xu opened his eyes again, he saw that Christian was awake, sitting in the study, wearing a pair of flat glasses and typing on the keyboard in front of the computer. Words like gentle scum, beasts in clothing and beasts rushed into Sherry Xu’s mind.

Hearing the sound, Christian turned and handed the printed paper to Sherry Xu’s hand, “Everything is ready, only owe” Sherry Xu said, “Dongfeng” “No.”

Christian’s eyes flashed a deep meaning, “I only owe Lemuel Chu. “Ameli Su, no matter what means.

I want you to come back to me again.

The days without being disturbed by Christian were peaceful and stable, but Chi Li ran to Su’s house twice in three days. Chi Yu almost ran and vomited, “Dad, I really don’t want to go anymore.

I went to Su’s house and clocked in at work.”

The two men who were called fathers frowned. “No,” Eugene said, “Little Yan is lonely at home.”

Chris said, “You are a boyfriend, why do you have this attitude?” Chi Yu was forced into Su’s house by Eugene and Chris.

The security guard at the door of Su’s house saw Chi Li and smiled, “Chi Master is here again” For mobile users, please visit csw.

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Chapter 1436 Thalia Xu comes home, I want to see you!

Kendrick Su stood inside the door with his hands on his chest, looking at Chi Xun with a bad look, “Why are you here again?” Chi Xun said, “I’m looking for your sister, not you.”

Kendrick Su was so angry that he coughed, “My sister is accompanied by Alisha, you don’t need to come every day in the future.”

Chi Li looked at Kendrick Su meaningfully, “You are very interesting, I am in love with your sister. Why can’t you come?” Kendrick Su stopped at the door, his expression was obviously unhappy, Chi Yu just as if he was on the bar, he just squeezed in against his shoulder, “Let let, let let. “Ameli Su and Alisha are studying the new pastry, and they are not surprised to see Chi Xun coming.

After all, Chi Xun has been rushing to her house all the time these days, beckoning, “Come on.”

“Chi Li said with a smile, “What are you doing?” “Study on making chiffon cakes.”

“Ameli Su and Alisha stared at the oven, observing the changes in the state of the ingredients inside. When they heard Kendrick Su muttering, Alisha smiled twice without raising their heads, “Yao Yao, understand you are afraid that your sister will be taken away.”

Feeling, but Yan Yan will have to marry sooner or later.

As soon as the voice fell, I heard Kendrick Su shouting at the door, “What are you doing and get out?” Ameli Su looked at Alisha curiously, “Chi Yu was scolded again” “It’s not me.”

Chi Yu, who was standing behind them, shook his head, “I’ve come in.”

Alisha was stunned, “Then” everyone looked at the door and found that Kendrick Su was actually blocking someone else.

At this moment, Alisha raised his head from the oven, and put his hands in her arms amused. On her chest, “What is she here to find you for?” Ameli Su did not open her eyelids, still watching the oven with her eyes down, “I am unfamiliar, I can press her head into the oven when she comes. “Alisha laughed, she was no longer the only Ameli Su who used to be the only promise.

She helped walk to the door to question Thalia Xu why he came, but Thalia Xu said, “Let Ameli Su come out, I just want to talk to her.”

. “Alisha said, “I don’t know you well, why should she listen to you?” Thalia Xu gritted her teeth.

This Alisha is beside Ameli Su, just like Sherry Xu is beside Christian.

It is very annoying. But after thinking about what she meant for coming today, Thalia Xu clenched her fingers, held back her emotions, and tried to adjust a smile that looked kind and gentle, “Alisha, I really have something to do with Ameli Su. , I’m not looking for you.”

The implication is that she is nosy.

Alisha knows how to pretend, “Ameli Su has something to do now, so I won’t see you.”

“You’re her messenger” Thalia Xu’s smile was almost unbearable, and a vague look flashed in her eyes, “I think If it had something to do with Christian, Ameli Su would not miss me.” Alisha went into the kitchen and asked Ameli Su, who continued to stare at the oven, “Thalia Xu said it was related to Christian.” Ameli Su didn’t even think about it. “No.”

Alisha was stunned. “I can talk to anyone who has something to do with Christian.

It has nothing to do with me.”

Ameli Su pointed to herself, “I’ll make someone bang again.”


Alisha was puzzled, and even returned.

I want to applaud Ameli Su, “You are so handsome now, Su Xiaoyan.”

Ameli Su didn’t change her face, “Don’t ignore her.

She will stand there if she likes it.

The cake will be out in ten minutes.”

Thalia Xu said, “Ameli Su, if you don’t come out, I’ll just wait here.”

This is to force Ameli Su to come out and see her, “Wait.”

Ameli Su spread her hands and shrugged her shoulders, “Who will show her.”


Chi Yan snorted, and interrupted in the kitchen corner while washing the props, “Maybe it was deliberately forced to come and show Christian, then turn around and go to Christian to complain, saying that you have caused her to be wronged. “For mobile users, please visit csw.

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