His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1535 – 1536

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Chapter 1535 is not happy, dissolve the marriage contract.

“I want to live with Ameli Su!” Luo Youyou heard Yuan Heize’s words, and was not angry. “Why should I clean up at home? Gender equality has been so long, and you can’t even do housework yourself? I’m your fiancée, not your family nanny. Don’t call me about this kind of thing in the future, just take care of it yourself!” Yuan Eldon went up and grabbed Luo Youyou’s hand, “I understand, you are not talking to me about gender equality now.

The question is, you are not willing to do housework for Young Master when you step on the horse!” Luo Youyou’s conditioned reflex is to throw off.

This action was a kind of disgust and rejection from Yuan Heize’s eyes, making his tone even worse. Yo-yo, what do you want to do!” “Why should I be happy to do housework for you?” Luo Yo-yo pointed to herself, “Should I serve you when I was born?” Yuan Eldon’s words about to say got stuck in his throat.

Then he hesitated for a long time and said, “But you used to be…”

“That’s because I used to be stupid!” Luo Youyou was so anxious that he scolded himself, and the furious look made Yuan Eldon look at him inexplicably and want to laugh, but the woman in front of him I’m still chattering, as if I want to vent all my grievances, “Yuan Eldon, I used to be a stupid brain, I have been waiting for you without asking for anything. Now I regret it.

I’m not happy.

I understand.

Are you ready!” Yuan Hei Ze yelled, “Then what are you running! I’ll call an aunt at home, and you won’t need to cook in the future.

Isn’t that okay!” Luo Youyou was stunned. “You want to call your family Auntie?” She said, “But why do I have to live with you?” Yuan Eldon ignored her struggle, grabbed her and walked to his car, Luo Youyou’s small arms and legs were twisted. But Yuan Eldon, her small body looks like a little loli who hasn’t grown up.

She blushed, “Let go of me!” “The wings are hard, want to live outside?” Yuan Eldon gritted her teeth. “Try it! Go back and mop the floor for me!” “I’m called Auntie!” “I will give you money every month!” Yuan Eldon barked desperately, “Give you money! Are you satisfied!” In the future, your service will not be free.

I will give you the money! Are you satisfied!” Luo Youyou’s heart throbbed, and she took a few deep breaths before suppressing the buzzing sound in her ears.

It turned out that from the original Eldon’s point of view, since he was unhappy, it was enough to make some money.

His conscience doesn’t seem to be overwhelmed by other people’s unconditional contributions.

If she really gets into trouble, at most she will get a sum of money from the original Blackpool.

It will not be from the guilt in thought and the recognition of her efforts. Can money solve everything? Luo Youyou blushed.

Hearing Yuan Heize’s words, she stared at him for a long time.

After a while, she nodded vigorously, her voice trembled and said, “Okay, then give me money, I think Look at how generous the young master of the original family is, and how much is the monthly salary for my family nanny?” This is undoubtedly a mockery in the ears of Yuan Eldon. With a sneer, he squeezed Luo Youyou into the car, and then closed the door vigorously, before turning back to the driver’s seat. With one foot on the accelerator, the sports car made a roar, and in the roar, the low voice of the original Eldon appeared extremely clear.

It was like a violent storm whizzing past ears, but there was an icy voice splitting, making the wind and rain all turn into accompaniment. “I’m not happy to pass it, huh? Luo Youyou, how about we terminate the marriage contract?”

Chapter 1536 We can’t do it, it’s better than entanglement.

Luo Youyou was stunned after hearing these words, and then she fell silent. For a long time, only two people in the carriage were full of disturbed breathing.

In fact, the moment Yuan Eldon said this, he already regretted faintly in his heart.

He himself didn’t know why he regretted it, but at that moment he really wanted to take his words back. Yuan Eldon has always been consistent, and this is the first time he has such emotions. Facing Luo Youyou? how is this possible! She is also worthy? Yuan Eldon thought and thought again.

This time the atmosphere was dead.

He could only say with a clear throat, “Just in time you are gone, I have clean ears, hello, me, not happy?” Not happy? Luo Youyou knew that he didn’t have any competitive capital in the former Blackpool.

In love, the one who tempted the first loses the worst. But she was red-eyed and reluctantly said, “Okay, I don’t have any problems, you don’t think I am annoying, then please go back and talk to your parents, I don’t want to pass it.”

. No, no…

Luo Youyou was so painful that she wanted to curl up.

It turns out that facing a person who doesn’t love me, my heart hurts so much.

She likes him, likes him so much. When she was a child, she met Ohara Eldon who was practicing kendo in his gym, and she liked him.

At that time, his eyes were round and bright, staring at the elders who trained him in front of him, even if the bamboo sword came onwards without blinking, he moved forward and retreated quickly and calmly. Behind the small and thin figure, there seemed to be a tall warrior standing in the fire.

She stayed aside watching.

She wants to marry him, wants to be his wife, wants to wipe the sweat from his forehead. Passing through the long years, the scene overlapped with the present, Luo Youyou looked at the original Heize in front of him, his throat trembled. Don’t want to pass it? That’s impossible. For so many days, every day she dreamed of becoming Hara Eldon’s wife, wanted to live with him, and wanted to take care of him.

She loves him so much, even if she is disgusted by him now because of the family marriage, she still has the same love for him in her heart.

Luo Youyou firmly believes that if Yuan Eldon does not love her, she can slowly influence him during the long years of living together. But now she understands that some people have a stone in their heart, and they can’t keep warm at all.

That being the case, why bother.

Luo Youyou wiped the tears that were about to fall from the corner of her eyes, and cleaned up the ugly appearance of her gaffe, and said to Yuan Eldon with an ugly smile, “Are you satisfied with this?” Yuan Eldon swears that he never watched it.

Have such an ugly smile.

It’s like crying in the next second, but still pretending that it’s okay.

It seemed that the internal organs had collapsed and rotted out of control, but the surface was still glamorous and magnificent.

Hara Eldon felt his hands shaking the steering wheel. Don’t laugh, Luo Youyou… “Don’t fu(k!ng show me this smile!” Yuan Eldon slammed on the brakes, and Luo Youyou was taken aback by the violent noise, turning his head to the man. Double furious eyes, like two asteroids recklessly colliding violently, friction and collision produce huge explosions. “I’m like this…”

Innocent accepted his anger, Luo Youyou smiled and shed tears, her voice trembling, “What do you want me to do, Yuan Heize, we can’t do it, okay?”

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