His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1557 – 1558

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Chapter 1557 Don’t want to be alone, face it alone.

This is not a task or task! Luo Youyou couldn’t hold back, “A colleague like you will misunderstand it!!!” Gu suddenly realized, and looked at the group of colleagues with colorful eyes around. Unexpectedly, this group of gossip colleagues Qi Qi put on an expression of “Good Mr. Gu, we don’t know anything”, and the speed of face change is comparable to Peking Opera. Gu Le took it, and spread his hand, “Look, no one has misunderstood.”

Luo Youyou almost roared, “How can you be like this!!!” Gu raised her eyebrows, “Tsk, let’s talk about business, should I go? If I go, I’ll drive. , You go downstairs and wait for me.”


Luo Youyou’s neck stubbornly, “I think about it.”

“If I don’t go, you will pick him up alone.”

Gu threw the key in his hand up and down, “Look back and talk to him Don’t come to me if you can’t fight.”

Luo Youyou buzzed in her ears, how could she forget that she didn’t dare face Yuan Heze alone! So he stood up from the desk, finished his bag at the speed of light, and rushed to Gu’s face with a grin, grinning flatteringly and eagerly, “Go and go, I will definitely go by Gu’s car.”

Look at her demo. ! Gu said, “Okay, I’ll pick up the car.”

“Then I’ll wait for you downstairs.”


When it was done, Gu stretched out his hand at her.

Holding hands? Luo Youyou was taken aback for a moment, and the colleagues nearby were still watching.

Isn’t it good for you to do this? But she was afraid that this was Gu’s family etiquette, and refuted Gu’s face, so she put her hand on it carefully. “Mr. Gu, do you want to… do this?” Gu chuckled again, and when Luo Youyou almost held him, stretched his hand forward and took her bag from her shoulder, “I Does that mean give it to me, don’t you carry it on your back? I’ll go down and take the car to you and put it on the car.”

Luo Youyou’s complexion flushed, and she took her hand back, “Oh…oh…then I, misunderstood… …” Gu smiled like a flower, “I’m leaving, wait for me downstairs.”


Luo Youyou didn’t say a word, Gu had gone down, and his figure disappeared from the end of everyone’s sight.

The entire department office was silent for a while, and then everyone burst out roaring “Oh my God! Yoyo! What are you hiding!” “Gu is always your boyfriend! It’s definitely your boyfriend! God ah ah ah!” “It’s over yoyo, you are too strong! Come on! Gu always sees it!” “If you succeed, remember to invite us to dinner!” !” Luo Youyou covered her ears and fled frantically, “I’m not mine! Don’t tell me, I’m going to get off work!!!” When will a day of jokes end! Luo Youyou got into Gu’s car under everyone’s friendly and gossiping eyes, he called up the navigation, and then said, “Is the temperature okay?” Luo Youyou adjusted his hair, “Yeah.”

” Does this start to be nervous?” Gu started the car, “I haven’t seen Yuan Heize, are you afraid of it first?” Luo Youyou rolled his face, “It’s easy to say…”

Gu said, and continued to calm down. Drove the car with the ground, “About forty minutes in the past, you confirm with him that he is still there.”

Luo Youyou nervously clutched the phone, as if holding a knife, for fear that the phone would cut him off and kept cutting It turned around, “I…”


Gu stretched out his hand, “Why don’t I fight for you?” “Don’t don’t! It’s not good!” Luo Youyou chose to fight by himself, and saw Gu beside him.

Smiled, “That’s right.”

Chapter 1558 You are only willing to come and find me?

  Seeing this picture of Gu Ye, Luo Youyou was a little unable to stand up, she murmured, “Why do you seem to want to intervene in my affairs with Eldon.”

Gu Ye reached out and poked Luo Youyou’s forehead. Withdraw his hand, “I’m help, don’t you understand? Where can I find a kind person like me.”

Luo Youyou smashed it, smashed his mouth, lowered his head and sent a message to Eldon.

The phone is up.

Then he put the phone away and looked at Gu Ye’s face, “Why do I always feel that I have ulterior motives?” Gu Ye turned the steering wheel, “I don’t know, maybe you have thoughts about me.” Luo Youyou shrank, “No! Impossible! It must be. What kind of wind is blowing in your ears by Alisha, that’s why you are so concerned!” “Almost.”

Gulliver Gu smiled, and did not deny it at all. “Anyway, I am idle.

It is also good to have some fun in life.

Luo Youyou sighed, moved his head out of the window, and stopped communicating with Gulliver Gu.

She probably understood Gulliver Gu’s mind, he was testing her, and she was testing him.

Since Gulliver Gu thought so, she didn’t have to be afraid of being guilty and unable to let go.

Luo Youyou released her clenched fingers. Gu Ye Yuguang caught a glimpse of her relief, and the corners of her mouth slightly twitched, and then said, “By the way, what if Eldon has an opinion on me?” “Then…”

Luo Youyou seriously thought about it, “If you are beaten, I will be responsible for the medical expenses.”

Gulliver Gu was happy and stepped on the accelerator, “You can really tell.”

Sure enough, he looks like a small animal who doesn’t know the world well.

In the atmosphere of Gu Ye’s mediation, the tension in Luo Youyou’s heart eased slightly. When there was no sentence with Gu Ye, she unexpectedly arrived at the airport.

She swallowed and planned to get off the car. “Don’t you call Eldon?” Gulliver Gu led her to the pick-up gate after locking the car, “Check with him where he is.”

Luo Youyou nodded, took out his mobile phone and looked at the one he sent before.

There were no responses to messages.

I guess I don’t want to talk to myself again.

Luo Youyou felt that she was a little funny more and more, and now she rushed to pick up Eldon without knowing what to picture. Figure him mockingly, or figure him dismissively.

After thinking about it, Luo Youyou gritted his teeth and dialed the phone.

He was ready to be interrupted by Eldon.

He didn’t expect that this was the first call, and the other side was connected, “Luo Youyou, why are you now? I was willing to call me!!!” As soon as I connected, there was a familiar roar.

The sound was so loud that Gulliver Gu on the side could hear it.

Luo Youyou was so scared that Luo Yuyou immediately covered the speaker of the phone with his hand, and waited until Sakihara.

After Eldon roared, she murmured, “What’s your name! Calling so loud can solve the problem!” Eldon almost jumped up from the chair, “I’m angry! Do you know! Loudness can reflect Young Master’s presence? Angry! How expensive is the phone bill, you don’t even give me a call to greet you when you step on the horse? I’m here from day to dark—see what time it is now!” “Are you a kid!” Luo Youyou quarreled with Eldon again, “Since you know that you can’t wait like this, don’t you want to take a taxi to find a place to live? How expensive is the taxi fare, so I have to pick you up like a giant baby! “

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