His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1581 – 1582

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Chapter 1581 The sun sets, he is late.

When Gulliver Gu answered the phone on the other side, he wanted to laugh when he heard Sherry Xu’s silly voice. While helping Luo Youyou register, he took his cell phone and said, “Eldon went to see you?” “Yes.”

Sherry Xu He made a look of fear, “He said he would tear you apart in half with his own hands.”

Gulliver Gu took a breath and hissed, “Is it so terrible? As for, I just brought Luo Youyou on.

A hospital…”

“Yoyou is alone in a foreign country, so I trouble you to take care of it.”

Sherry Xu conveyed his gratitude to Alisha, “Eldon has chased him abroad by himself, so I still can’t see clearly, it can only explain him This person is really low in EQ.”


It would be nice if he could detect it by himself.

I will take Yoyo to the doctor first.”

Gu Ye was happy to watch the show, and after registering Luo Yoyo, he led her to the specialist clinic. Wait, watching her swaying with her head down, it feels like she is taking a daughter to see the doctor.

Luo Youyou’s breathing was getting hotter and hotter.

It was just approaching the evening, and the weather was starting to cool down, and she felt a little unable to hold it.

Sitting on the bench outside, Luo Youyou felt uncomfortable and slowly closed his eyes. Gulliver Gu hung up the phone, brushed his shoulders, walked over to sit down next to her, and said, “Would you like to lean on?” Luo Youyou’s breath was disturbed, “Okay?” Gulliver Gu snorted.

He leaned his shoulders over, “Come on, don’t be hypocritical, if you are embarrassed, turn around and invite me to dinner.”

Luo Youyou replied casually, “You have to rely on me.”

“Then what you said.”

Gu Ming asked her to put her head on her shoulders, and then patted Luo Youyou’s head lightly, grinning, “Then you see that I am handsome and kind, so you can lean on your shoulders instead of asking me to eat. , I can’t tell you.” Luo Youyou was tired, caught a cold and fever, and could only respond, “Well, what do you want to eat.” “Miss, I want to eat the most expensive.” Gulliver Gu reached out and flicked Luo Youyou’s forehead. , And then looked at her frail appearance, glanced at the patients waiting in line for treatment, and said to Luo Youyou, “You can rest for a while, and I will call you when you arrive.”

Luo Youyou nodded and didn’t struggle too much.

She rubbed Gulliver Gu’s shoulder and found a comfortable posture.

Then she closed her eyes and calmed down.

Seeing her like this, Gulliver Gu didn’t say much, and took the phone to Alisha.

Reply to the message. (How is Yoyo? 】——【Looking at some fever】 【Help me take care of it. By the way, Eldon will be here in a while, so pay attention to your safety. 】 Gulliver Gu looked at the news and was so happy, he typed “OK” and went back, and then put the phone away.

Approaching the evening, there was tranquility outside, and the setting sun was slowly preparing to rise.

The orange light and the cool night breeze covered the whole street little by little.

The hospital lobby was a little too quiet by the outside light, as if isolated from the world.

This hospital is very close to Luo Youyou’s home. Gulliver Gu thought at the time that it would be more convenient for her to come back for a review in the future, so he transferred this private clinic which is only one block away from her home.

As a result, it took Eldon less than two minutes to decipher Luo Youyou’s current position. When he rushed to the hospital panting, he saw this scene.

The light of the setting sun shone on the two people, and Luo Youyou was asleep unsuspectingly, leaning on Gulliver Gu’s shoulder.

Chapter 1582 was left behind, only Chuanxin.

This scene was like a bang on Eldon. When he saw this extremely harmonious picture, his whole person was shocked, so confused that he stood there for a long time without regaining his senses. When he came back to his senses, along with his perception, there was a tingling in his heart that was so strong that he couldn’t ignore it, as if his heart was being squeezed fiercely, squeezing the red blood out of it. Why…

Eldon took two steps backwards. Why did he…

So uncomfortable after seeing Luo Youyou and Gu Yao be so intimate? I can’t cheat anymore…I can’t cheat anymore…Eldon can’t continue to deceive himself and others.

He couldn’t explain why he was like this at all, except for the possibility that he fell in love with Luo Youyou.

His hands were trembling, and Eldon did not dare to take a step closer, and countless sour feelings surged in his chest, almost forcing him to breathe.

He stood there in a daze like a fool.

He watched Gulliver Gu wake up Luo Youyou, pointed to the doctor’s office, and then took her in.

The two of them didn’t look elsewhere. Naturally, he didn’t find Eldon standing not far away.

That time was not too long, but for Eldon Sakura, it was longer than a lifetime.

He witnessed his fiancée and other men relying on each other unsuspectingly, and his fiancé, the person who might accompany her for life in the future, stood on the side as if being separated from two worlds. .

He would never be able to enter Luo Yoyo’s world anymore.

Luo Youyou is so alive that she will fight against him and be softened appropriately.

She is like a little sun that is always full of vitality, but lovely love has no head and has been healing the people around her. Or these years…he is also greedily, wanting to be cured by her.

So it seemed to be possessed, knowing that she and she were tied up, and if she really didn’t like it, they should separate, but she dragged her and refused to give it off. Maybe…maybe…he couldn’t do anything to tie Luo Youyou mercilessly as before.

Eldon took a breath, feeling the whole body cool, and his heart stopped beating. Maybe for so long, in his dark life, Luo Youyou is the only little sun, will take care of him, will coax him, will follow him, but has her own little temper, will antagonize him-she Too real, completely different from a numb person like him.

Eldon has almost no feelings about other things, neither sad nor sad. Even if he is manipulated by his family, he must follow their rules in every move, and Eldon will not complain. Because he did not expect, naturally he did not resist. But since Luo Youyou slowly came into his world, Eldon saw that the true vitality turned out to grow vigorously, something he never knew or had before… Until now, it seems to be He was afraid of losing.

Eldon retracted his gaze, lowered his head and looked at his palm, but he didn’t realize that his eyes were already red.

Ten minutes later, Luo Youyou and Gulliver Gu came out of the consulting room.

Luo Youyou looked up weakly, and saw Eldon standing on the side not far away.

After that, she closed her gaze back, and followed Gulliver Gu, as if she hadn’t seen it, just passed his body without reluctance. Never looking back.

At that moment, the left Eldon seemed to pierce his heart like a thousand arrows.

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