His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1689 – 1690

Read Chapter 1689 – 1690 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 1689 Don’t Tell Me, I Love Him!

When Elbertchi heard this, he laughed and gloated, “It seems that I am not the only one being turned away.”

Sakurako Sakurako glanced bitterly at Chi Yu, whether this man was mentally ill or was he. You can laugh when you refuse.

It’s no wonder that playing with a woman like Ameli Su is not a good thing.

She is unwilling to say, “Of course you were rejected, but I am different.

Eldon is my brother.”

“Eldon is Your father is useless.”

Christian said, simply and neatly, and then grabbed Ameli Su’s hand and walked in, “Go.”

Sakurako Sakura, dressed in a gorgeous manner, was left in place like this.

Looking at Christian’s back without turning her head back, she shouted, “Why are you standing next to Ameli Su, Christian, that woman is not worthy?” Is she not worthy of a woman from a single parent family and worthy of staying with Christian for life? Ameli Su is useless. “She just relied on the Su family.”

Sakurako was so angry that she could not hesitate. “The Sakura family is no worse than the Su family.

Anyway, you can sit on the same level.


If you refuse me today, it is tantamount to rejecting the Sakura family.”

Chi Yanzai He honked his horn and banged, “That’s enough, there will be no end.”

Sakurako turned her head and stared at him with anger, “You are also talking to that woman” “It’s all for her.”

” But her mother is Sarah An.”

The tone of Sakurako Sakura’s words was as if she was going to cut Ameli Su a thousand times, as if she was the one killed by Sarah An, “Her mother is Sarah An, she is the original sin Don’t tell me anything.

She and Christian love each other or not, because her mother is Sarah An, she is not worthy of you, don’t you understand? Ameli Su’s footsteps strove hard, even Christian could feel her stiffness .

She is a person who habitually conceals her true feelings, but being able to feel her stiffness in this way, some words of Sakurako Ming Sakahara have already crossed her boundaries. Grasping Ameli Su’s hand harder, Christian’s throat moved up and down.

He said, “Don’t listen.”

Don’t listen. “For so many years, I am afraid that these words are already numb.”

Ameli Suhong smiled, “Look, she is here.”

Because Christian and Ameli Su turned their backs to them, Chi Li He couldn’t hear the conversation between them, but after hearing Sakurako Sakura’s words, the man frowned.

Chapter 1690 I can see Christian this person!

A whole lot of words just came out of his mouth like this, and he was smashed down at Chi Li with such a head and face, which really surprised Chi Li.

He never talks too much about Christian and Ameli Su’s feelings, even if he often witnesses Christian’s unreasonable indifference, of course he also knows that Christian is just like this.

There is no need to smile with Christian, but he didn’t think about it, Sakura Sakura An outsider, he was even deeper into the play than both Christian and Ameli Su.

He even wanted to laugh, feeling that Sakurako Sakahara had a lot of drama, “Why do you talk so much to show that you love Christian, are you the right one?” Sakurako Sakura gave a pause.

Looking at the backs of Christian and Ameli Su not far away, she was like a throat.

She did not understand that she was putting herself in the position for Christian’s sake, and she clearly supported Christian, why was she not needed? she was. “Your words are very nice, it sounds reasonable.”

Chi Yu lowered his head and let out a sneer.

The man held the steering wheel with his fingers clenched. “In fact, it’s just a bystander venting the ruthless emotions of the person involved. Because first, Christian has always been a daring person, and this is why I think of him, he and Ameli Su’s things are right or wrong, Christian has never found anyone to shake the pot. Even if he did it to Ameli Su in the first place. Out of those things, Christian also clearly knew that he was because of the hatred of her mother, so now Christian still clearly knows what Sarah An has done before, without the tone of you being blinded by Christian. Distressed.”

Sakura Sakurako clenched her teeth, “You must have forgotten Hu Tangwei.”

“Secondly, you keep saying that Christian should not forgive.

In fact, should you forgive? You have to ask his mother.”

Chi Yu She raised her head suddenly, staring at Sakurako Sakurako’s helpless face, her eyes sharp enough to poke holes in her face, “But as far as I know, Aunt Lisa and Uncle Boye both hurt Ameli Su very much.

They feel that the child is innocent, just like Aunt Lisa thought Christian was innocent. You think that Uncle Elbert and Lisa did not do the right thing.

Isn’t it because they did not do it right, or they did not do what you want, not enough? Your body is not enough for you to be an advantageous party. You, an outsider, want to let their family do what you like.”

Sakurako Sakurako shook her head frantically, “No, I am not, I love Christian, he Can’t do this, because I’m sorry Lisa”

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