His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1741 – 1742

Read Chapter 1741 – 1742 of the novel His Vengeful Ex-Wife (Translated Version, Tang Jing Character) free.

Chapter 1741 Please get out of here now!

At that moment, the sound waves beating around seemed to have been pressed by someone.

In the few seconds that seemed to have taken time, a sharp painful electric current passed through the depths of the heart, and Eldon’s eyes opened slightly.

After opening it, I couldn’t believe it and said, “What?” “Gulliver Gu said he could consider trying…”

Luo Youyou’s voice was still trembling when she spoke, “We…we might try to get along with each other in the future.

As for whether there are feelings, I will say otherwise.


She is about to fall in love with Gu Ye.

She is really going to fall in love with Gu Ye.

Eldon felt that he was going crazy in the next second.

He grabbed Luo Youyou’s hand and shouted, “Why do you—you want to promise him!” Why! Always when he was most defenseless, why… “Isn’t you the one you love the most! How can you just turn your head and accept others easily! Luo Youyou, why did you agree to him!” Luo Youyou stopped tears I can’t help but fall down, “Do you like it to be useful? Eldon, tell me, do you like it to be useful! Can you live forever if you love someone? There are so many people in the world who can’t love you. What am I? Why can’t I? Trying to accept a new beginning…”

“He did it?” Eldon’s eyes were red, and he took a step forward and forced Luo Youyou to answer, “Did he take the initiative to mention it? You said-I’ll go now Looking for him, he really takes himself seriously, he is looking for death!” He said the three words looking for death almost with hatred, Eldon grabbed Luo Youyou’s hand and wanted to drag her along.

Luo Youyou cried, “What are you doing! I really shouldn’t tell you, Eldon, you are crazy, don’t hurt Gu Ye!” Actually, it wasn’t Gu Ye who said it, but Gu Ye’s family made a call. , Called them to eat together, mentioned at the dinner table. Gu Ye’s family treats her so well, Luo Youyou is a little soft persimmon who will not refuse others, so he can only stammer at the dinner table and agree to it.

In private, he originally thought of Gu Ye to talk about it.

She was so irritated by Eldon today that she just said nothing at all. “Let go.”

Luo Youyou wiped her tears with her other hand, “Let go! What do you look like!” “What can I look like now!” Eldon pointed to himself, “Look at what I look like now? I like you-Luo Youyou, can you hear me? I, Eldon, like you, I like you too much! But he, Gu Ye is just looking for death I killed him without blinking, wait and see!” “Can you hurt others if you like me!” Luo Youyou was wronged and desperate, “So in your eyes I am still an object, a toy, Right? It can only belong to you and cannot be taken away by others-but I am a human being, I am a living person, I have my own dignity, I am independent, I can make any choice, I can choose, or I can Choosing someone else-and you are not qualified to use this anger to counter me and the person I choose after I choose someone else!” Although her voice was trembling and she was still crying, her logical and clear words made Eldon was taken aback.

The man’s pupils shrank severely. “You can’t learn to respect, you only know to vent your anger with me, you only care about your feelings.”

Luo Youyou shook her head and pointed to the outside, her heartache was dying, but she gritted her teeth and said, “This That’s why I didn’t choose you.

After that, please-Eldon, stop pestering me in the future, get out of my field of vision!”

Chapter 1742 Can you give me a chance again?

Eldon shook his whole body.

He didn’t expect that this word would come out of Luo Youyou’s mouth, and he had to be so decisive.

The woman who had been hiding behind him was completely lost by him.

Seeing Eldon stunned and did not respond there, Luo Youyou stood up on his own impulsively, and then faced Eldon, “Are you going”, Eldon’s heart was broken, and the words were broken. “Can you not drive me away?” Luo Youyou’s eyes were redder than those of Eldon.

She murmured, “If you don’t leave, you don’t want to leave, I’ll go.”

After I finished Luo Yuyou got up and walked out.

The pace was so fast that Eldon Sakura was unable to parry, her weak body quickly passed through the crowd, as if running for her life, she covered her face and cried away without turning her head back.

Eldon yelled, “Luo Youyou” Luo Youyou didn’t wait for him, Ameli Su couldn’t stand by him anymore, “What are you still trying to do and chase after?” Eldon reacted and moved away.

I chased it out, and not long after I walked out of the gate, a thunderstorm struck outside, followed by the pattering rain that poured down my head and face, Eldon looked around blankly, and the pedestrians passing by saw one.

The enchanting handsome man looked desperately looking for something, but he looked around and found no one.

Eldon yelled helplessly, “Luo Yoyo.”

He stared at Luo Yoyo’s figure blankly in the rain, and finally saw the thin body that passed by on the other side of the road, and yelled again anxiously, “Wait for Luo Yoyo. “I was about to cross the road when I pulled my leg, and when I heard the harsh brake sound, I saw the big truck coming back to the brakes suddenly, Eldon’s pupils suddenly tightened, but his brain was blank.

At the moment, seeing the big truck almost couldn’t stop the car and rammed directly onto Eldon. Finally, the resistance caused the car to abruptly stop, and the tires rubbed the ground leaving a long black mark.

After stopping, the driver rolled down the window and yelled, “Are you sick? Don’t take the sidewalk or cross the road to find death.”

Eldon ignored the driver’s cursing, thinking about going to the other side of the road and finally wearing it.

After crossing the road, he saw Luo Youyou standing on the side, his face pale, his wet hair sticking to his face, thin and fragile.

Seeing Eldon approaching, Luo Youyou took a few steps back.

Eldon panted, “Yoyou” “Are you crazy?” Luo Youyou’s mouth trembled, “Do you know how scary you were just now, what if the car hits you? How can you cross the road like this? It’s too dangerous “Eldon’s voice is even more excited,” But I can’t control Luo Youyou, I can’t control it, I just want to come to you quickly, I can’t see you behind, I’m afraid you run away again” “This way I can kill you Is it? Luo You

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