His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1745 – 1746

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Chapter 1745 What is love?

Watching Christian lead Eldon away, Ameli Su’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then she said, “I noticed some changes in myself recently.”

Chi Yu silently agreed. Maybe it has something to do with Christian.

Ameli Su looked at the patter of rain, and felt that her heart became cold under the rain.

She said, “Maybe I have changed too, because Christian, he was so bad to me before, but I love him.

It’s bad. Now that it’s good to me, my spiritual world suddenly collapsed.”

People who have not been loved by others, suddenly fell in love with others, may also be stimulated suddenly.

Ameli Su lowered her head, holding an umbrella, and walking forward, “Chi Xun, do you know what it’s like to love someone?” Chi Xun shook her head indifferently, “I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter whether you know it or not, people in this world.

It makes me feel very interesting.

It seems that you can give up everything for the sake of love, but if that is the case, why would you be so heart-piercing if you didn’t love someone? Since you are willing to give up for someone from the bottom of your heart, draw water from a bamboo basket.

It’s also a joy to be empty?” Ameli Su smiled, and Chi Xun was right. Perhaps to some extent, this kind of person still loves himself. “No one at the emotional gaming table wants to leave their pockets empty.”

So it’s all in return.

Ameli Su stopped discussing this topic with Chi Xun, she said, “It doesn’t make sense to tell someone like you, because people like us are hopeless in your eyes.”


Chi Xun shrugged , Following Ameli Su, sometimes he really wants to see what Ameli Su and Christian can do for their feelings, why human beings can have such fierce feelings, and what will become when they are entangled in love and hatred. “So you will accept Christian again?” Chi Li asked, “If you say, Christian did a lot for you later…”

“Maybe I should ask my dead child about this.”

Ameli Su grinned.

Then, “This day, I don’t think it will be sunny anymore.”

Anyway, she has never seen the sun anyway.

Ameli Su planned to go back alone, so she stopped the car on the side of the road. Because the direction home was different, she deliberately went to the opposite side of the road. Chi Yu stood on the other side across the road watching her hit the car, and was about to get into the car.

As a result, a big hand suddenly stretched out from the taxi and dragged Ameli Su down and followed closely.

A person rushed down from the front of the car and immediately controlled Ameli Su’s back.

In the pouring rain, the two of them pressed Ameli Su and pushed her into the car together. Chi Yu lost the umbrella and shouted. “What are you doing!” Immediately following the man rushed forward, but the people here moved extremely fast, and immediately got into the car, kicked off the accelerator, and the car slid and ran away on the rainy road. Chi Li chased after two steps, “Stop!” He took out his cell phone directly and found Eldon’s phone number, and then he was connected to Christian who was by his side. Chi Yu yelled, “Christian is not good, Ameli Su was taken away. “What?” Christian’s pupils shrank fiercely, “What’s the situation?” “Not long ago, a car pretended to be a taxi and stopped by the road, while she didn’t pay attention, dragged her in. Not long after I ran, I’ll drive to chase it! I’ll report the license plate number to you!” Chi Xun ran wildly in the rain while holding up his cell phone to report the news to Christian, “There are a lot of people on the opposite side. Call someone!”

Chapter 1746 I want to see who died first.

Christian didn’t expect this to happen at all, and his heart hung up like this.

He remembered the number that Chi Yu had reported, and took Eldon directly back to his home, and then he was taken to the guest bedroom. Yi lost on the bed and ran to turn on his computer.

Christian was surprised when he found the license plate.

It turned out to be a deck.

It seemed that someone had been ready to take a look at the time.

Christian used various methods to call out the roadside monitor when the curtain was on, and he saw Ameli Su standing on the side of the road blocking the car and being squeezed in.

As it looked inside the car, the man’s hand holding the mouse slammed hard, his eyes were already killing. Pause, freeze, zoom in on the face that flashed for half a second, and use full face recognition.

Christian’s fingers tapped frantically on the keyboard to search for these important news, and he kept focusing on reviewing each one. Face, he knew that Chi Li was chasing him, and would send him new news at any time.

Although he and Chi Li could not understand each other at ordinary times, there were still some things about the mutual identification between men, Chi Li was reliable.

And what he has to do now is to pull out the brave man even his people dare to move Ameli Su’s face is covered with a cloth, she struggled desperately, felt the car stop, and then someone moved neatly.

She dragged her out of the car directly, her hand was tied behind her back, she struggled, and someone touched her face, “Don’t resist, it’s useless.”

Ameli Su’s shoulders trembled, thinking Then, she was stuffed with a piece of cloth in her mouth.

Several people carried her and threw her into an abandoned garage.

The cold floor rubbed against Ameli Su’s skin.

She was trapped in this way and could not make a sound.

They can’t see anything, they can only recognize what they are doing by hearing.

Someone on the side raised the camera to her, “This is a big deal, half-blood girl, hahaha” “Maybe a lot of money, how much money did that old woman give.”

“Five million, how about it?” Haha, I have money to get it, and girls are cool for you, and I can also make videos.

Hahahaha, this business is a great thing. Whoever of you come first, I will open the camera.”

Ameli Su heard their exchanges and crawled from the ground in horror.

She wanted to get up, but her hands were tied and she couldn’t get enough strength.

Someone came and pressed her shoulders and pressed her to the ground.

Then she gasped and said, “This is still a cheongsam.

Look at the thin legs. Yes, I don’t see any good looks in cheongsam.”

Ameli Su wanted to call for help, but couldn’t open the cloth in her mouth.

She kicked her legs desperately to struggle.

The man finally pulled off her blindfold, and the dim light entered her vision, and the woman opened her gray-green eyes.

At that moment, several men with scars on their faces were taken aback.

She was so disheveled and frightened, but those eyes were too tempting, and the messy appearance of lying on the ground helplessly aroused the men to be fierce.

Ameli Su shook her head, and the people nearby ripped her off with a smile.

The cloth in her mouth, “Come and let me hear what you think, haha, do you want to call her husband” “You will die if you touch me.”

Ameli Su’s voice was trembling, but she gritted her teeth and wondered why it was in her mind at this moment It was that enchanting and ruthless face that flashed by.

A slap came to the face, and a man sipped her, grabbed her hair, sneered, “I want to see who died first, hahahahaha.”

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