His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 1989

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Chapter 1989

Han Qingyan didn’t expect that Wei Xin’s attitude would suddenly change so much, as if it was Gu He’s practice of Tai Chi that made him particularly uncomfortable, so he didn’t bother to pretend to be in front of Gu He. Simply put on a mocking face and watched Gu He pretend in front of Han Qingyan and his family.

He feels sick.

What kind of expression is Han Qingyan? In his eyes, Han Qingyan is not the kind of cold rejection, it is enough to make him angry. What is Gu He’s nostalgia for Gu He is simply blind.

The more he thought about it, the more angry Wei Xin naturally didn’t look good. When Han Qingyan was at a loss and didn’t know how to comfort Wei Xin’s sudden temper, he turned around with a cold face, “Go, really bad early in the morning. “

This Gu He is still eager for Wei Xin to leave, and his heart is full of joy. Watching Wei Xin sneer and leave the scene, he originally thought that he could be alone with Han Qingyan for a while, but he didn’t expect Han Qingyan to chase him out. Wei Xin walked away with anger. When he left, he took great strides. Han Qingyan stumbled a few steps before catching up, grabbing his wrist from behind, “Axin, why are you angry…this is not me either.” Must…”

“Don’t touch me!”

Unexpectedly, when Wei Xin slammed Han Qingyan away, he turned his head and glanced at her with an expression of “Hate that iron can’t make steel”, it seemed that it was still His head showed a little disgust, “I don’t have time to play this kind of play house with you anymore. You are a love brain. Only who you like is in your head, and you don’t know anything about other things!”

The love brain was smashed down to make Han Qing. Yan’s small face turned pale, and her mouth opened, “You have misunderstood. Although I admit that I was silly like Gu He in the past, but now I also understand right and wrong, I know what I should do and what I should not do, and I am also Rejection…”

“Why did you refuse? You? Gu He came to behave like this, I think you are very useful!”

Wei Xin looked at Han Qingyan’s hand extended again, and this time he slapped it off first. With her, the strength of Han Qingyan’s hand hurts.

She gave a soft cry and retracted her hand like an electric shock. It was like a stray dog. When she was wagging its tail to please others, she was kicked severely. Now she retracted, her hand behind her back. , Covering the back of the hand with the palm of the other hand, rubbing it slightly.


She was scared of being beaten.

Seeing the horror in Han Qingyan’s eyes, Wei Xin’s throat tightened. After a long time, his eyes deepened, and his tone became even more ironic, “Why are you chasing me out for me? Wouldn’t you really just tell your colleague? It’s the same, you want Gu He over there, and you pretend to want me here, right?”

When Wei Xin turned his face, he was so strange that she had never known him.

Han Qingyan trembled and looked at Wei Xin blankly with her eyes open. After a long time, the light in her eyes slowly dimmed, and she took a step back and said, “No…then, then I’ll call someone. I’ll send you off.” It’s

all like this . No matter how hot her face is and her ass is cold, will it cause Wei Xin a lot of trouble?

It’s just…Han Qingyan couldn’t stop her tears, she never felt so sad when she was rejected by Gu He, why can we say that people who grew up together don’t know…

I don’t know … “I don’t know where today is. You are upset by doing something wrong…” Han Qingyan returned while wiping his tears, “But I really rejected Gu He. I originally planned to let people send Gu He back first… I don’t understand what you gave me. If you lose your temper, you have to speculate about me maliciously. I don’t have the meaning of wanting to hang your feet and step on two boats…”

Gu He walked out and took a look. It’s okay. It turned out that it was Wei Xin who brought Han Qingyan. He was crying, but when he was acting, he just stepped forward and said to Han Qingyan, “What’s the matter, why are you crying?” It was disgusting!

Wei Xin couldn’t bear this kind of stimulation. He felt a puff of breath hitting the sky. Then he glanced at it. Han Qingyan obviously resisted Gu He’s touch. She said nothing to Gu He indifferently, but Gu He was indifferent. At this moment, he was greeted with diligence, as if Han Qingyan and Gu He had switched positions.

Now it is Gu He coaxing Han Qingyan.

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