His Vengeful Ex-Wife Chapter 2049

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Chapter 2049

Li Guang knew that Wen Lizhi really did it.

He suffered from the suffering that ordinary people can’t eat in his childhood, so he can naturally do things that ordinary people can’t do, so Wen Lizhi said that he would do it, and he would definitely do it, and would not take into account the slightest affection of Wen Mingzhu!

But Li Guang didn’t let go, letting Wen Lizhi’s slaying eyes flash across his face, at that moment, the two men’s eyes met, and Li Guang didn’t even give up!

The blood on Wen Mingzhu’s face was lost. If Wen Li only wanted to attack Li Guang, then Li Guang would definitely not be his opponent. In the end, he could only beg for mercy!

But she didn’t want to see Li Guang and Wen Lizhi turning back against each other, or… because of her, turning back against each other.

“Don’t do this!” Wen Mingzhu cried, “Why do I deserve you to fight Wen Lizhi like this for me! Li Guang!”

Li Guang did not speak, but gritted his teeth and held back, Wen Lizhi’s voice With threats in his ears, he seemed to be laughing, mocking Li Guang’s uncontrollable ability, “Do you think you can snatch Wen Mingzhu from my hand?”

No one can snatch Wen Mingzhu from his hand. go!

Li Guang knew that he was small–

but if he gave in at this time… then he really didn’t have the right to give Wen Mingzhu happiness in his entire life!

As soon as Wen Lizhi was about to say something, he found that Li Guang had acted and slammed a fist against the wall beside his face!

How dare he do it first? !

Wen Li stopped her anger and felt that all her dignity had been provoked. What did Li Guang want to do, to show his unfaithful macho in front of Wen Mingzhu!

It’s 10,000 years too early to deceive Wen Mingzhu’s care by using his Wen Lizhi to act!

Wen Lizhi fought back without even thinking about it, hooked his fingers into claws, and grabbed Li Guang’s throat hard, “find death!”

Li Guang flashed his head, and then blocked Wen Lizhi’s movements with his shoulders and arms. His other hand was on his chest. The arm of Wen Lizhi’s hand was raised high, and the emotion in his eyes did not weaken at all. “You can do it to me, even if you beat me to death!” The sonorous words seemed to hit Wen Lizhi’s chest with a heavy hammer. He stared at Li Guang with wide eyes,” What are you talking about?”

“But if I just give up Mingzhu’s happiness at this time.”

Li Guang fought back fiercely and pushed Wen Lizhi’s hand back, pressing the whole person up by force, “Then. Between the two of us-no one can be called a’man’!!!”

He can be suppressed countless times by Wen Lizhi, but never want to destroy his belief!

This powerful conviction came to Wen Lizhi overwhelmingly. The man only felt the blood in his throat surge, and the clenched teeth even tasted the smell of blood. He couldn’t believe it, it was such a moneyless man. An incompetent man can actually say such rebellious things!

“I won’t let go. I won’t stop until Mingzhu finds his own happiness!”

After saying this, Li Guang released Wen Lizhi forcefully. He knew that Wen Lizhi did not give his full strength at all, or said , Wen Lizhi refused to be touched by people like him.

The disgust and disgust in his eyes were so obvious, and all of Li Guang’s behavior was nothing but a man’s arm.

“What’s coming at me?” Li Guang stood there panting, “Since I have done everything that should or shouldn’t be done, Brother Wen doesn’t have to catch others to vent his anger, just come at me if anything!”

Wen Li There were so many thoughts in his mind, like a violent storm and rain rushing on him, watching Li Guang so ruined, he was so flustered!

Why… is it afraid? Or did he see from Li Guang that he could do everything for Wen Mingzhu?

The fingers clenched unconsciously into a fist. He didn’t like to do it, because doing it showed incompetence, but at this moment, if Wen Mingzhu were not present, he might really fight with Li Guang viciously.

Fighting cannot solve the problem.

Wen Lizhi trembled with hatred when he spoke, “Don’t think that this fearless look can attract someone to applaud you!”

But then Li Guang silently squatted to Wen Mingzhu’s bed and put his back on Wen Mingzhu’s bed. The overturned porridge was all cleaned up. The appearance of his back arched was completely different from the way he declared war with Wen Lizhi’s anger just now. With his long eyelashes down, he finished cleaning the floor of the ward, and he brought the mineral water before leaving. The lid was unscrewed and then tightened slightly, as if Wen Mingzhu didn’t need to move his mouth, he had handled everything perfectly.

Then Li Guang gently squeezed Wen Mingzhu’s face in front of Wen Lizhi, and said with a smile, “Come to accompany you at night.”

Wen Lizhi only felt a stab in the chest, and his anger was already coming up, feeling It was the most stupid thing that I didn’t take it seriously just now. The person who walked forward with a terrifying cold expression and dared to covet his Wen family should pay the price!

But before he had time to say anything, Li Guang turned his head and threw him an indifferent look. Then he turned around and out of the ward. The look in that look seemed to be saying, no matter what Wen Lizhi dared to do to Wen Mingzhu, he did the same. I won’t let it go!

When Li Guang walked far away, Wen Lizhi felt as if his chest was empty. Seeing what Li Guang did was like slaps on his face one by one.

The two of them actually formed such a sharp contrast…

Wen Lizhi looked at Wen Mingzhu’s silence on the hospital bed, and the man twitched his lips coldly, “Are you really too happy, aren’t you?”

Wen Mingzhu’s shoulders Shivered.

Thinking of the way Li Guang was desperate for her just now, Wen Mingzhu felt that he couldn’t stand back. If Li Guang broke down at this time, how could he be worthy of giving up like this?

So she raised her head and showed a particularly nice smile at Wen Lizhi. The smile pierced Wen Lizhi’s eyes, “Yes, someone can die for me, I’m so happy.” It was just a moment, stinging from The chest spreads.

Wen Lizhi couldn’t control this feeling to wander around his whole body. Perhaps Li Guang is indeed inferior to him in all aspects. They are not people of the same world-but in front of Wen Mingzhu, he has long lost to Li Guang. .

Lose thoroughly.

“How dare you say such a thing!”

“What else would I dare to?”

Wen Mingzhu smiled very happily. Now that there is nothing to lose, so he said to Wen Lizhi, “Neither do children Now, don’t you have to be happy too?”

“You blame me for leaving you and Li Guang’s children?”

Wen Lizhi was afraid to think about the answer. When he said the next sentence, his voice was trembling. It seems that he, who has never been afraid of anything, is as if the world collapsed at this moment–

“Are you, have you fallen in love with Li Guang?”

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