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Chapter 1309

As soon as Karl said this, Peter fell silent.

And he said he was going to say hello to Tina, but he didn’t go, because Peter didn’t hear the voice.

Still, Peter couldn’t help asking: “Did you deliberately?”

“Yes.” Karl’s tone was light and fluttering, and his tone was somewhat cheerful.

Peter hesitated: “Where is Tina…?”

Unexpectedly, Karl said: “Like me.”

“Fine! I’ll give you a thumbs up right away.” Peter really felt that Karl was getting more and more boring after getting married. Not only did he post to his circle of friends, but he also had to like him.

Peter has to go back to the circle of friends to like the one that Karl posted.

After clicking the like, he came back to answer the phone: “Click it!”

Karl said quietly: “I’ll go and see.”

Peter: “…”

After Karl was quiet for a few seconds, he said, “At home.”

Before the ending sound of the word “home” disappeared, Karl hung up the phone impatiently.

Peter twitched his mouth. Who said he would be a good brother for a lifetime?

This is probably the legend, brothers are like clothes, wives are like brothers…

Tina went home for the New Year.

he didn’t answer his phone calls for these two days, deliberately hiding from him, even in the WeChat group, and stopped talking when she saw him appear.

Can she hide past the fifteenth grade if she can avoid like this?

Peter stood up, picked up his jacket and put it on his body, grabbed the car key, and walked outside. He didn’t even notice him, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

When he reached the elevator entrance, he found that an elevator was going up.

Those who work overtime in the company tonight, except him, will be off work by ten o’clock at the latest, so why will someone come up now?

The floor kept rising, and the floor he was on was coming.

Peter wandered for a moment.

He remembered that on New Year’s Eve in the past few years, he and Tina didn’t have time to go home, but the two would have been together. Although he usually went to find Tina, Tina also came to him once.

Thinking of this, a flash of joy flashed in Peter’s eyes.

Will it be her?


The elevator doors opened before his eyes.

The dressed-up Cathy appeared in front of Peter’s eyes. Almost instantly, Peter’s expression sank.

Cathy carried a thermos barrel in her hand, and said softly: “I knew you will be working in the company tonight, so I made a special meal for you. I am here to deliver it to you as soon as I make it. You can eat it while it’s hot.”

Cathy looked at him with a smile on her face as if she hadn’t seen the displeasure in Peter’s eyes.

Peter didn’t say a word, turned around and walked to another elevator, pressing the down button.

The elevator came up very quickly. When he was about to go in, Cathy walked over and held him: “Peter, you…”

Peter pulled her hand away from his body expressionlessly, and said coldly: “I pulled you out of the premise because I think you are hardworking and have potential. I also think you are a smart woman.”

“I…” Cathy could already vaguely guess what Peter would say next, her expression slightly changed, as if she wanted to explain.

But Peter did not give her a chance: “After the New Year, I will announce to the media that we broke up.”

“I know I’m not good enough, but can you give me another chance?” There were tears in Cathy’s eyes, and she seemed to cry.

Chapter 1310

Peter’s response was that he didn’t look at her any more, walked straight into the elevator, and left her alone.

Cathy maintained the crying expression on her face.

Until the elevator door was closed, her expression changed in an instant, and there was no need to cry, and only the ambition that was bound to win.

Peter wanted to dump her, which was expected.

However, it doesn’t matter, she has already thought out the countermeasures in advance.

Peter wanted to get rid of her, but it was not so easy.

She wouldn’t be like that idiot Tina, who could hand over all the resources she got.

But what are those resources?

Even if the resources are good, it is nothing more than an actor in the eyes of others. If you can marry Peter and become the wife of the CEO of AdamPic Media, you will be very successful.

She had tried her best, and finally had such an opportunity, and she would definitely seize it firmly.


Peter drove home all the way.

When he got home, it was past zero.

The parents did not have the habit of keeping the year old. Peter had said in advance that he would not go home for dinner on New Year’s Eve, and they would go to bed early. The lights at the entrance of the villa and the lights in the courtyard were still left.

Peter glanced at his villa, opened the car window, and looked at Tina’s house not far away.

The Weber’s villa was dark and there was not a trace of light.

Peter couldn’t help feeling strange. Even if the Weber family were asleep, the street lamp at the door should still be on. How could there be no light?

Could it be that Karl lied to him?

Not so much.

Karl is still very reliable.

Peter took out his mobile phone and sent a WeChat message to Tina: “Come out.”

After thinking about it, he felt that Tina might not reply to him, so he sent another sentence: “If you don’t come out, I will shout your name at the door. It doesn’t matter if I wake up others.”

The tone was full of threats.

After sending WeChat, Peter got off the car and walked to the door of Weber’s villa.

As soon as he walked to the door of Tina Villa, the phone vibrated.

“At my door?”

Seeing Tina’s reply, Peter was pleased: “Give you three minutes, come out.”

Tina lay on the warm bed, watching the texts from Peter, and lazily replied: “I can’t get out in three minutes, but I can come back in three hours.”

How did Peter know that she was home?

Did Stephanie betray her?

However, this news is not accurate.

“Are you not at home?” Peter finally remembered when she said that, Tina was not at home at all.

But Tina didn’t answer him anymore.

Peter was so angry that he called Karl.

“If you want to say a happy new year, it will be the same tomorrow morning.”

Karl’s voice sounded like he was in a good mood.

But Peter was in a bad mood.

“You said Tina is at home? I’m at her door now, she said in person, she is not at home!” He was so angry that he could spit out fire.

He originally planned to stay at the company for one night and return home tomorrow morning, but he stayed up late and drove back and found that Tina was not at home.

“This matter.” Karl said unhurriedly, “Maybe I didn’t tell you clearly. I said Tina was at home, but I didn’t say which home she was at. They weren’t in the country before. Did they buy a piece of land? Tina is in the country house.”

“…” Peter has lost his temper: “If I can be your brother in this life, I really owed a debt in my previous life.”

Karl laughed: “Each one another.”

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