CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1311 – 1312

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Chapter 1311

Before Tina went to bed, she posted a message in Moments: “Happy New Year.”

Peter took the call from Karl and walked back. After opening the circle of friends, she saw the circle of Tina.

He snorted and gave her a compliment.

She is free and easy and happy.


New Year’s Day.

Many relatives in the Weber family are coming.

Most of the seven aunts and eight aunts in the world are similar. Even if Tina is a popular female star, she still can’t escape being besieged by them and asked about emotional marriage.

Before they came, Tina drove back to her house in the city under the pretext of something.

Open the door, the room is deserted and empty.

Tina closed the door, changed her shoes, and went to the kitchen.

She doesn’t know how to cook, and there are drinks and various skincare products and perfumes in the refrigerator.

If you have to live by yourself in the future, it doesn’t seem to be a good idea not to cook.

Anyway, there is still a while before the launch of “Lost City”, and she has no other activities during this time, so she should just learn to cook.

Walking to the door, she picked up the car key and put it down.

Let’s walk, anyway, she is very free now.

Tina changed her clothes and went out wearing a mask.

She walked for a while, always feeling as if someone was following him.

But she looked back and found that there was no one behind her, not even a car.

She was uneasy, and the environment at the gate of the community was quiet and there were no people, so she quickened her pace.

Her home was only a ten-minute walk away from the supermarket, and she quickly walked to a crowded place.

But the feeling of someone following behind is still there.

Before Tina arrived at the supermarket, she turned in at a middle intersection.

She stood against the wall, pressing 110 on her phone, and she could dial out immediately if the situation was not right.

Before long, a black car stopped at the intersection, seeming to hesitate in which direction to go.

Tina looked intently, this car was a bit familiar, and the license plate number was even more familiar.

She raised her eyebrows and walked over.

The people in the car knew that he had been found when Tina came over. Before Tina approached, he opened the door and walked out of the car. The old god was standing in front of the car, hugging his arms. Waiting for Tina to approach.

“Dignified CEO Grant, what’s wrong with New Year’s Day, doing such a sneaky thing?” Tina didn’t expect Peter to follow her.

Peter was wearing a long coat and looked handsome and upright.

He stared at her and looked at her with a smile: “It’s not easy to see Miss Weber, otherwise I can do it? I’m not a quirky person.”

Tina was speechless for a while.

She sent Peter the contract termination. In terms of official business, he was not kind, and she knew it, so she deliberately avoided Peter.

“Can’t speak?” Peter snorted coldly, carefully distinguishing, but found that there was no anger in his tone.

“How can I be speechless? I’m rushing to buy groceries now, and I’ll talk later when I have something.” Although Tina is somewhat fragile, her momentum is not at all vain, and her tone is very natural.

How familiar is Peter with Tina?

With a look in her eyes, he knew what she was thinking.

Peter “tsk”: “Buying food? You want to make up an excuse and make up a decent one.”

“I am really buying groceries!” Tina felt that he would be talking nonsense more, turning around and heading to the supermarket.

Peter actually followed her into the supermarket.

When she was picking vegetables, Peter walked beside her and talked about the contract.

Chapter 1312

“Send a contract to cancel the contract, just want to run away? Tina, you are twenty-eight years old, not an eight-year-old child, can you be more mature? Huh?”

“Is such a big person mature?”

Peter drove home in a hurry last night, but Tina was not at home at all.

But this morning, he asked his mother to call the Weber family to find out her breath. Only then did he know that Tina had returned to the city early in the morning, and he followed.

He stayed in the hidden place at the gate of the community for a long time, thinking about how to find Tina, but she came out. He didn’t think about how to start, so he followed directly.

It’s also a little funny. People who used to say nothing but now want to talk to her, they have to think carefully.

Tina picked food for himself, and smiled without emotion: “You are mature, you are the most mature in the world.”

Peter squinted slightly, and said faintly, “Tina, in your eyes, am I just the kind of stubborn person?”

His tone was a little strange, and Tina couldn’t help but raise her eyes to look at him: “What are you talking about?”

Peter corrected his expression: “You want to cancel the contract, don’t you just want to see me again?”

Hearing this, Tina’s complexion was slightly stagnant, and eyes fell silent.

Peter acquiesced to her and continued: “In these years, you have rejected me, avoided me, and said a lot of unfeeling and cruel words. I also have self-respect. You have said so clearly, and I will pester you again. Do I have thick walls?”

He noticed that Tina’s drooping eyelashes trembled slightly.

This is a manifestation of mood swings.

“You don’t worry, I won’t bother you in the future. After all, everyone has known each other for so many years. Our two families are like family members. We have many intersections. We can’t be together. We still want to be ordinary friends. As for business…”

Peter gave a slight pause: “You also understand that in this circle, AdamPic Media has the best resources.”

Seeing Tina not speaking, Peter’s tone softened unconsciously: “What do you think?”

Tina looked at Peter, slightly in a daze. Only then came back to her senses, but she didn’t dare to look at him directly. She just glanced at Peter, then looked away and concealedly chose the radish next to her.

She deliberately made herself look casual: “I think you make sense.”

In terms of abandoning personal feelings, Peter is right.

“Do you still cancel the contract?” Peter asked her.

Tina took a radish and put it in the cart: “After filming “Lost City”, it is estimated that the contract will expire.”

Peter hooked his lips: “This is what an adult should have.”

Tina means that the contract will not be canceled now.

“Okay, don’t bother me buying vegetables.” Tina pushed Peter away.

Peter followed up again: “Tsk, so rude, I am too kind, even if I know your true face, I still want to be friends with you, not moved?”

This hanging tone gave Tina the illusion of returning to the past.

It seemed that Peter had really let go.

That’s why she can calmly analyze the pros and cons of terminating the contract with him, and she will be as poor as before.

She should be happy.

But she felt like she was empty in her heart.

After talking about the contract, Peter pointed to the vegetables in the cart and asked her: “Why are you buying so many vegetables?”

Tina turned her head and curled her lips with no emotion: “Go home and put it on the shelf to watch. After all, it is such an environmentally friendly, nutritious and healthy thing.”

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