CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1349 – 1350

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Chapter 1349

“I believe you believe you, but don’t get in the way.” Tina pushed Stephanie aside again.

Stephanie snorted: “You just don’t believe me.”

After she finished speaking, she turned and jumped out of the car, and then reached out to help Tina: “Anyway, I am your agent now. I have the final say on your schedule. I said you have to rest, you have to rest.”

After Tina got out of the car with her support, she stretched out her hand and patted her on the head: “The wings are very hard, you have the final say on my schedule, I can still fire you!”

Stephanie touched her head and curled her lips in dissatisfaction: “After you fire me, you couldn’t find such a young and beautiful agent. I am now the youngest and most beautiful agent in AdamPic Media.”

“So, you can be my agent, is this my luck?” Tina was amused by her.

Seeing Tina smiled, Stephanie felt a little more relaxed. When she was about to speak, she heard someone called Tina.


Tina took a look at the sound, and said in surprise: “Alyssa, why are you here again? Didn’t you say that you will not be with the group this time?”

Alyssa is the chief screenwriter of “Lost City”. It stands to reason that she should be with the crew, but Karl felt that the crew was too hard, so he refused to let her follow the crew. If she needed to change the script, he would let her communicate with the crew online.

But for this kind of suspense drama, there are many details that need attention, and it will be troublesome for the screenwriter not to follow the team.

Alyssa smiled and said, “How can the screenwriter not be with the team?”

“Karl agreed?” Tina was a little curious, and Karl didn’t seem to be with a temperament that could easily compromise.

Alyssa smiled and nodded: “Yeah.”

“No, Karl does not seem to be such an unprincipled person.”

“Yes, but…” Alyssa took a deliberate meal, and whispered in Tina’s ear, “I am his principle.”

“…” Tina was muddled by dog ​​food, she pushed Alyssa away: “You go, I am single and I don’t deserve to be your friend.”

“You came back so soon.” Alyssa said suddenly behind Tina.

Tina looked back, and Karl was holding two bags of dried plum cakes in his hands.

Alyssa explained: “We have just arrived, and when we passed by this store, it felt so fragrant, so we asked Karl to buy it for me.”

This plum-dried vegetable cake shop, Tina knows it, the crew went to buy it, and the taste is not bad.

However, this picture of the CEO of Adams’s holding plum dried vegetable cake is really…full of joy.

Tina endured the urge to laugh and greeted Karl, “You are here too.”

“Yeah.” Karl still had that cold temper.

Tina was used to it a long time ago, and turned to ask Alyssa: “Have you called for dinner? Let’s go to dinner together.”

Alyssa: “Okay.”

Stephanie, who had been staying quietly, pulled the corner of her cool clothes at this moment and whispered, “Then I go back to the room first?”

“You don’t you go to dinner together?”

“I won’t go, I’ll go back to my room to rest, driving a bit tired today.”

Stephanie drove her to the hospital in the city today, and then came back. After driving for four or five hours, it was really hard.

Tina touched her head: “After eating, go to bed.”

“Goodbye, Mr. Adams, and goodbye Mrs. Adams.” Stephanie greeted Karl as an obedient pupil, then secretly glanced at him, and ran away quickly.

After Alyssa and Tina looked at each other and smiled, they gave Karl a tacit look.

Stephanie is a face dog, and she thinks Karl looks very handsome, but Karl’s aura is too strong, she is a little scared.

Chapter 1350

Although Stephanie got along with Tina happily, she also knew that the relationship between her and Tina hadn’t reached the level that she could pour out secrets.

It just so happened that Alyssa came over, and Tina was happy when she saw her.

Cathy fell in the crew and was taken by Peter to the hospital. Such big news must have spread to the entire crew. Alyssa should have heard of it, and she will definitely comfort her and enlighten Tina.

As Stephanie thought, Alyssa already knew what happened on the crew today.

In fact, when she first saw Tina, Alyssa was observing Tina’s expression. Only she knew what it meant to Tina.

As it was late, they unanimously decided to eat in the hotel.

After Alyssa coaxed Karl back to the room and asked him to order the delivery service himself, she went to the cool room and ate with her.

Although Karl was reluctant, but couldn’t stand Alyssa’s soft and hard bubbling, he still agreed with a cold face.

Alyssa turned around in Tina’s room, turned back, and sat opposite Tina, “The view of your room is not bad.”

“You can sleep.” The environment is pretty good when filming in the movie studio. There are hotels where you can sleep. Sometimes the shooting environment is bad and you can’t sleep well or eat well.

The meal they ordered was delivered quickly.

Tina actually didn’t have much appetite, but with Alyssa accompanied, she ate some.

Alyssa flew over from Rostenvel, and was tired and hungry all the way, better than a cold appetite.

After seeing Tina not moving her chopsticks, Alyssa slowly said, “I heard about what happened to the crew today, Cathy, she…”

“She is pregnant.” Tina intercepted Alyssa’s words: “She is not in a serious condition and needs to be in bed to recuperate. Peter…accompany her to the hospital.

“He also said that he likes children.”

As Tina talked, tears fell.

Since the accident in the afternoon until now, she has been holding on hard, but at this time she can no longer hold it in front of Alyssa.

Tina covered her face and cried bitterly.

“He even cut apples for Cathy… He looks so nervous that child… Then his child, if his child is alive… several years older than Grace.”

The resentment and dissatisfaction that had accumulated in her heart over the years suddenly broke out.

Having known each other for ten years, this is the most fragile depression that Alyssa has ever seen.

Alyssa hugged Tina, her shoulders wet with cold tears.

“Alyssa, do you know? When I was in the hospital in the afternoon, I really wanted to tell Peter everything to see him suffering…”

“In the past ten years, I have spent a long time hating him, and also spent a long time quelling the hatred for him. In the end, I chose to reconcile with myself, let me go and let him go…”

“However, Cathy is actually pregnant.”

“When I saw him peeling apples for her, I felt jealous and unwilling.”

After the hysteria, Tina gradually returned to calm: “Alyssa, I think I may not be able to let go of this for the rest of my life…”

Her voice was calm and bleak.

She wanted to have the impulse at the age of eighteen, with the courage of recklessness.

But these years of suffering and growth taught her restraint.

Alyssa waited for her to calm down completely, gently pushed Tina away, looked at her face, and said seriously: “Then tell Peter.”

She originally thought that Tina had come out completely, and she had completely figured it out before she would make the decision to cut everything with Peter.

But it seems that this is not the case.

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