The Warmest Romance Chapter 871 -872

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Chapter 871

Su Yucheng brow pressure is very low, deeply looked at him, finally or can’t help but say, “is it because of Ruan poetry?”

Without waiting for Yu Yimo to speak, he continued, “after you saw her with Jiang Huanchen just now, the whole situation is not right!”

“You’re not really interested in her, are you?”

Su Yucheng asked three times in a row. Yu Yimo’s eyebrows were locked more tightly. A moment later, he finally relaxed his mouth, looked up at him and said, “I don’t know what happened to me?”

“Lao Yu, take heart. Now is not the time to talk about love between children. At least, it will be after Lord Luo is caught.”

Su Yucheng’s words were like a warning bell. Yu Yimo’s face suddenly became serious. Finally, he said in a deep voice, “I know.”

Five years ago, he fell in the same place. Now, he can’t fall in the same place for the second time.

The next day, for Ruan Shishi, it’s another day to start work. As long as Sensen and Shasha are going to shoot, she will inevitably get up early.

Looking at the two yawning little guys, Ruan Shishi could not help but ask, “you two, what’s the matter? Didn’t you sleep well last night?”

Sensen and Sasha looked at each other, and no one spoke.

Seeing that the situation was not quite right, Ruan Shishi quickly asked, “do you two have any secret?”

Sasha quickly shook her head, “no…”

“We had a meeting and talked about homework,” Morisen said

Ruan Shishi was dubious, “is it?”

Looking at the nod of the two little guys, Ruan Shishi couldn’t help but smile, reached out and patted their little heads, “OK, quickly take your little schoolbag and go to the car.”

Sensen and Sasha quickly nodded, obedient on the car.

Ruan Shishi drove to the wildlife park and took them to the chief director to report. Then he watched the staff deployment and started a new day’s work.

It seems that after a day’s rest, everyone is full of spirit and in a good state. The chief director even proposed to record the shooting gags, because the shooting object is Sensen Shasha and small animals. Sometimes, some interesting things will happen naturally. It’s also very interesting to record the interesting things on the scene by recording small videos.

Before shooting, director Gao did not forget to instruct the staff, “Huahua, you remember to record the small video, and the post editing is also yours. If the response is good, there will be a bonus!”

Huahua is an intern who has just arrived in the production group. He is lively and kind, which is very popular.

The atmosphere of the shooting scene was very good, and the work efficiency improved a lot unconsciously. Soon, a group of films with pangolin were completed, and then the shooting with boa constrictor was finished.

The boa constrictor in the photo is a snake trained in advance by the snake trainer. It is docile and obedient, and has no poison. A few days ago, Sensen was a little afraid when they just came into contact with Sasha. Now when we see the flower boa in the cage, we are not afraid, but kind like friends.

The photographer is deploying the site, and Ruan Shishi takes the opportunity to call two little guys to urge them to drink more water.

Because of the hot weather, Sasha’s cheek has been hot out of the red, red, very lovely.

Chapter 872

Sasha handed the empty glass to Ruan Shishi, “Mom, I’m finished.”

“Good boy

Ruan Shishi took it and rubbed her head.

On one side, Sensen never likes to drink tasteless water. Every time he is asked to drink water, it’s like medicine. He can’t drink much in half a day.

With more than half of the water bottle, he looked at Ruan Shishi and said, “Mom, I don’t want to drink any more…”

Ruan Shishi pretended to be serious, “no, drink a little more.”

One side of the Sasha feel boring, skipping toward the cage with a flower python, see the cage, flower Python is staring at her eyes, she crooked head, milky voice said, “little snake, we will take photos together later…”

Naturally, the flower Python didn’t respond.

Sasha gently touched the cage, who knows the cage buckle suddenly “click” loose, the cage door slowly opened a small crack.

Sasha had no intention, but she didn’t expect that the door of the cage would be opened so easily. She was stunned. She was about to turn around and call the staff next to her. But she didn’t expect that the python in the cage suddenly moved and slowly poked out her head from the crack.

Seeing this, Sha Sha murmured, “little snake, you can’t come out yet…”

Then she reached out and tried to close the cage door. Who knows that as soon as she reached out, the snake’s head darted forward and bit her arm directly.

With the scream of Sasha, people’s eyes looked over there. The boa quickly climbed out of the cage and twisted forward.

On the other side, there was a snake bite mark and two deep and red teeth marks on Sasha’s arm. She was really cautious.


Sasha’s shrill voice made Ruan Shishi’s body tighten unconsciously. She came forward busily and hugged Sasha directly, “Sasha!”

As soon as Ruan Shishi hugs Shasha, she becomes paralyzed and begins to roll her eyes.

“Sasha! Are you okay? Sasha

“Call 120!”

“Get the snake caught! Hurry up


The shooting scene was in chaos. All kinds of noises, accusations and instructions mixed together. Ruan’s eardrum filled her body with chills.

Soon, the ambulance came, along the way, her spirit is highly tense, rushed to the hospital, will be sent to the emergency room that moment, she suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, in front of a dark, almost fainted.


Sensen’s cry revived Ruan Shishi. She gritted her teeth and tried to force herself to sober up. She opened her eyes and saw Sensen, whose eyes were already red. She felt even worse.

She held out her hand and put Sen sen in her arms. She couldn’t help sobbing, “I’m sorry, mom didn’t take care of my sister…”

Things happen too suddenly, she did not respond, Sasha has been bitten by a snake fainted, how can suddenly appear such a thing?

At this time, there was a loud noise in the corridor, and the chief director with a group of staff came quickly, all in a panic.

Seeing Ruan Shishi, the chief director quickly stepped forward and asked, “Shishi, what’s the situation? What’s going on? How did Sasha get bitten all of a sudden? “

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