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Chapter 433

The two men didn’t let each other go until they lost their strength, lying down on the ground in despair, panting.

His face and body were all scars, stained with blood, and almost stained the streets red.

Sarah stood between the two men, tears streaming down wantonly.

She covered her face and looked at Blair Elijah, “Brother, I’m sorry…”

As she said, she knelt slowly, her shoulders trembling, and she squatted on the ground crying.

“Sarah, you…” Blair Elijah lay on the ground, panting, trying to say something, but couldn’t say a word because of the pain all over his body.

“Brother, I’m sorry for you, and I’m even more sorry for Sister Hazel…”

When Sarah knew that her life was saved by Hazel, even carrying two lives on her back, Sarah’s selfish heart was also at this moment, unable to relieve…

“Brother, I lied back then and told Sister Hazel that the child in my stomach belonged to you and me… I’m sorry, I… I know I did too much! I thought about it when I was in the cafe. Tell her the truth, but she won’t give me a chance to explain! She hates me so much…”

Sarah’s words made Blair Elijah who was lying on the ground stunned for a second and then smiled…

It’s the kind, sad smile, lonely smile, and bitter smile…

His red eyes were a bit disappointed, and there was endless powerlessness in his voice…

“Our husband and wife were hurt by you two…”

“Brother, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Sarah fell to the ground, crying repentantly.

On the opposite side, Gibson Mile has been expressionless, staring at the gloomy sky blankly…

The heart, the five flavors are mixed, and he doesn’t know what it feels like at the moment.

“Forget it, it’s all over…” Blair Elijah shook his head.

“I don’t know the ending will be like this, I really can’t think that Sister Hazel would do such a thing to you… I must know, I would never do that back then!”

“Forget it…”

Blair Elijah braced his strength and stood up.

Sarah wanted to help him, but he faintly refused, “I will come by myself!”

There was a touch of injury, passing through Sarah’s eyes.

Blair Elijah stood up hard, took off his blood-stained suit, put it on his arm, took off his staggering footsteps, and walked forward…

The lone figure is stained with the loneliness and loneliness of unknown Taoism.

And more, it is sad.


Life is really like a drama, and the script they got is undoubtedly a tragic drama!!! (Bean floats away with a guilty conscience…)

When he learned the truth, Blair Elijah even thought about calling Hazel for the first time and telling her all the truth, but in the end, he didn’t.

He lowered his heart, thought for a long time, and finally decided to let this truth be buried for some time, and it would not be too late to tell her when everything was over.



“The whole thing is like this…”

After talking about all this with Mother Adeline, Blair Elijah’s heavy heart was relieved a little.

Adeline was silent, facing such a tragic true story, her heart became painful with them. ,

However, she believes that everything will be fine in the end!!!

When she returned, Blair Elijah sent Adeline home.

“Elijah, go up and sit down again! Hazel and Landon are both at home!”

“No!” Blair Elijah shook his head and looked up at their house upstairs. At the moment, two of his favorite people lived there.

The corners of his lips smiled unconsciously.

“I’m afraid that if I press too hard, she will be afraid, so take her time.”


Adeline smiled, “After that, come to our house to eat more! It would be boring for you to be there alone. Auntie will cook for you.”

“That’s great!! I will come here often in the future!” Blair Elijah smiled very happily.

“Good, good!!” Adeline’s mood today became exceptionally good.

“Auntie, then I won’t bother you, for the time being, I’ll go now, goodbye.”

“Okay! Be careful when driving on the road…”


In the conference room, everyone is closely preparing the new plan for this month’s project.

“A few days ago, we signed a cooperation plan with Silverbell. Considering the intensity of the plan change, we finally discussed with the person in charge over there and decided to send a group of architects from our side. Send it as usual, and Silverbell will also have a corresponding subsidy! Director Allison, your group is more familiar with this type of project, so you will lead the team and work with more than ten elite designers. In the past! The design department will organize a meeting later!” Mateo arranged his work in an orderly manner, and his tone was not tolerable at all.

“President Brooks, I…” Hazel was a little embarrassing.

“Director Allison, is there any problem?” Mateo’s warm eyes looked straight at Hazel.

Hazel hesitated, and finally shook her head, “It’s okay.”

This is an official business. As a senior white-collar worker, she can’t use her personal feelings to talk about things, right?

“That’s good!” Mateo nodded, “Then this meeting is over, the design department will have a meeting, Hazel at your chair, convey the work arrangements, and report to Silverbell the day after tomorrow!”



Hazel standing downstairs in Silverbell Building, looking up at the towering floors, there was an indescribable feeling in her heart.

Five years ago, she was also deployed to work here. Five years later, as if everything had returned to the original point, she was deployed here again…

This, the company that was almost destroyed by her!

“Sister Hazel, don’t you go in?” Easton, who was deployed together, stood at the door in a daze and called her hurriedly.

“Oh, here it is!” Hazel quickly closed her mind and followed everyone’s footsteps.

It was Asher who received them.

When Asher saw Hazel, he was startled, but, compared to the past, at this time, his attitude was much more indifferent. Maybe he also knew what Hazel did to Silverbell!

Hazel is somewhat embarrassing, perhaps more astringent in her heart.

“Director Allison, welcome.”

Asher shook hands with her politely.

“Thank you, happy cooperation.” Hazel is still smiling, not revealing any feelings in her heart.

“I am very happy to cooperate with Metroplex, and happy cooperation in the future.”

All-day long, Hazel didn’t see Blair Elijah. Hearing Asher mentioned it, he seemed to be on a business trip.

This made Hazel breathed a sigh of relief. To be honest, she didn’t know how to face him if she wanted to see him.

However, Hazel but didn’t expect that, as soon as she joined the company the next day, she saw Blair Elijah.

“Mr. Blair is early!!”


All of them greeted Blair Elijah enthusiastically, and Blair Elijah responded gracefully to all the employees.

Only Hazel, staying in the crowd, looking at Blair Elijah’s handsome smiling face, took a long time to recover.

“Director Allison!”

She heard Blair Elijah call her.

Hazel suddenly came back to her senses and smiled awkwardly, “Mr. Blair early!”

Blair Elijah smiled toward her lips, “We are destined!”


It seems to be true.

Blair Elijah stood beside her but was not in a hurry to get into the special elevator. He just looked at the employees who entered the elevator in a long queue and said slowly, “Director Allison, the work on this project is relatively heavy. Moreover, there is the possibility of working overtime at any time! You have to be mentally prepared!”

Glancing at him Hazel nodded for a while, “I see.”

“En…” Blair Elijah groaned and walked into the exclusive elevator without taking a second look at her behind him.

At the moment the elevator door closed, Blair Elijah unconsciously sketched a wanton smile between his sexy thin lips.

It seemed that it was difficult to calm his joy at the moment, he could not help humming a song, until the elevator door opened, Asher stood outside the door, hearing Blair Elijah’s singing, the whole person was a little dumbfounded.


Day!!! Did he hear it right? Their President Blair even can sing?!!!

“Cough cough cough…” When he saw Asher outside the door, Blair Elijah also adjusted his emotions hurriedly and coughed, “Mr. Asher, good morning.”

“Mr. Blair! Why did you arrive at the company so early? Didn’t you just get off the plane? Don’t go home to rest?”

“Hmm… doesn’t seem to be very tired!”

On the contrary, even, the mood is so good!!!

Asher Dan, “Mr. Blair, you want to come to see Hazel return to the company so actively, right?”

Asher directly pierced his mind.

“I said you…” Blair Elijah poked his forehead and snorted coldly, “You understand my thoughts!!!”


“Okay!! I’m a little sleepy! I’ll go to the lounge for a night’s sleep and call me if something happens!!”

“Okay! Go and rest quickly!”

It was six o’clock in the evening… Hazel packed her things before getting ready to get off work, and she saw Blair Elijah walking in from outside.

“Who is the person in charge of this project design?”

The action of Hazel packing things stopped, “It’s me!”

Blair Elijah looked at Hazel, raising his eyebrows and smiling, “Director Allison, that might have to trouble you to stay and work overtime!”

“En?” Hazel at him in surprise, then glanced at the drawing in his hand, and asked, “Is there any problem?”

Blair Elijah didn’t rush to answer her question, but looked at other people, “Other people will get off work!”

“Thank Mr. Blair!”

The others hurriedly packed up and prepared to leave.

Easton patted her on the shoulder as he passed by Hazel, “Don’t worry, Blair always won’t be troubled by you.”

After all, he is an ex-boyfriend!!!

After everyone left, Hazel asked, “President Blair, is there any problem with the drawing?”

“Of course.”

Blair Elijah walked toward her with his long legs, picked up a chair, and sat down beside her.

“Our whole building is designed in Rococo style. I think these building components are still too rigid. If we adopt asymmetrical forms, or arcs, and s-shaped lines, will it be better?”

Blair Elijah turned his head and asked her.

The distance between two people… only exists at ten centimeters.

His misty breath splashed on Hazel’s pink cheeks, and for a while, Hazel had a blushing heartbeat.


Allison Hazel now is not the time to think about these things!!!

She quickly adjusted her emotions, turned her head to look at him, and smiled faintly, “Mr. Blair, you are knowledgeable.”

“Can I be like you are complimenting me?”

“Of course!”

Chapter 434

Hazel nodded, but in fact, she did admire Blair Elijah somewhat.

This man studied medicine, but he seemed to know everything about design. He even understood the architectural styles of these European feudal nobles in architecture. Hazel felt that this man seemed to be more and more difficult.

“Don’t worship me!!”

Feeling the admiration of Hazel, Blair Elijah smiled, “These are all learned on the job! Besides, you are not easy! From an interior designer to an architect, you are equally versatile!”

“Can I be like you are also complimenting me?”

“Of course.” Blair Elijah raised a thick eyebrow and smiled.

At night, all the people in the company were gone. All that was left was Hazel, and of course, there was Blair Elijah who was by her side.

Blair Elijah didn’t do anything, just sat next to her and flipped through the business magazine.

“President Blair, if you are fine, you can go back first.”

Hazel persuades Blair Elijah.

But it was actually because he was sitting next to her, Hazel a little bit that the air pressure here was strange.

“I’m busy!”


What is he up to?! He is looking at the magazines, but the point is that people are not focusing on reading, but turning a few pages at a time, and then go to the next page without looking at each page for five seconds! After reading the magazine, he continued to read the magazine again, and Hazel suspected that this was the tenth time he had read the magazine!

“Busy Supervisor.”


Hazel looked at him in amazement, “Are you trying to supervise me?”

“Obviously.” Blair Elijah nodded lazily.


“Mr. Blair, I won’t be lazy.” Hazel speechlessly.

“How long will it take?” Blair Elijah glanced at the time, it was already ten o’clock.

“It may take another two hours!”

Blair Elijah frowned.

“So you’d better go back first!” Besides, this guy has to stay here all the time. Hazel is very worried about her lower efficiency, and she won’t finish it in two hours.

“I’m hungry!”

Finally, Blair Elijah put away the magazine in front of him and put it on the bookshelf beside him.

“Then you hurry up and eat something!!”

Is he finally leaving?

“Come with me.” Blair Elijah looked at her condescendingly and ordered.

“Huh?” Hazel for a second before hurriedly refused, “No, no need! President Blair, I’m not hungry, besides, I haven’t finished the work yet!!”

“Do it tomorrow!”

“…” by!!! What is the point of making her work overtime? To squeeze her?

Blair Elijah didn’t give Hazel any opportunity to refuse at all. He grabbed her hand and pulled her out by the domineering one.

“Hey!! The computer is still on!!”

“Come back tomorrow!!”

“No! I don’t know how to save electricity!!” Hazel convinced this extravagant man!!!

Blair Elijah had no choice but to follow her to turn off the computer.

However, the big hand holding her little hand did not mean to let her go.

Hazel turn off the computer, and moved it manually, somewhat embarrassed, “President Blair, can you let go of your hand first? Well, I…turn off the computer.”

Blair Elijah glanced at her, and in the next instant, he leaned over, turning off the computer without saying anything.

“Crack -” The display has a black screen, simply and neatly.

But his left hand still clasped her right hand tightly, without any distinction.

Hazel embarrassed, her face flushed red.

“Mr. Blair…”

Hazel squeezed, trying to break free of his big hand.

In the palm, there is already a thin layer of sweat.

Blair Elijah didn’t give her a chance to break free, only frowned, “Allison Hazel, subordinates must unconditionally obey the boss’s opinion, don’t you know?”


“President Blair, shouldn’t it be limited to official business? You… I seem to be able to… sue you for sexual harassment of subordinates.”

Hazel shook their clasped hands, replied.

Blair Elijah smiled, “Waiting at any time.”

As he spoke, he held her hand tighter.

Two people, holding hands, swayed along the promenade.

Coming out of the company, there is a neon sign outside…

The goose yellow streetlamp glowed with a faint light, falling on them, but there was an indescribable warmth.

As the cold wind blew, Blair Elijah finally let go of her hand and took off his windbreaker.

“I don’t need it, it’s not too cold.” Hazel hurriedly refused.

However, Blair Elijah’s windbreaker had already wrapped her delicate body, “Don’t do it! It’s quite cold at night.”

Hazel looked at him with only a shirt left on him, and couldn’t help but pull a sharp curve from the corner of her lips.

“What’s happening?”

Blair Elijah asked her as if he had seen her mind.

The big hand very naturally grabbed her small hand again.

This time, Hazel didn’t struggle anymore, just let him drag herself out.

Hazel, her phoenix eyes were adorned with bright stars, but her expression was a little sad, “It’s strange, it seems to be back to the past…”

Yes! She remembers that they were also walking on the street holding hands that day. He was also a windbreaker and a thin shirt, just like this time, he took off the windbreaker and wrapped it around her without hesitation. The big hand-held her small hand tightly to warm her.

At that time, they were, perhaps, simpler!!!

“Aren’t we driving?”

Just as she came back, she realized that she had been dragged into the street by Blair Elijah, she looked at the man next to her in astonishment.

“Stop driving! Let’s go! It’s not far ahead.”


“Allison Hazel?”

Blair Elijah called her.

“En?” Hazel looked at him puzzled.

“You said, did the two of us commit any sins in our previous lives, that’s why we have this entangled fate…” Blair Elijah looked up at the lonely night view of the city and exclaimed with a smile.

“That must be because I owed you too much in my previous life, so I will pay it back in this life,” Hazel murmured bitterly.

“If this is the case, then I will feel at ease! This will allow you to gamble on this life to repay me, but I’m afraid…in the last life we owed each other, just like in this life, and then…the mutual repayment is over, just… never see you again!”

As Blair Elijah spoke, he held Hazel’s hand tighter and tighter.

His words made Hazel’s heart skip a beat…

There was an unspeakable pain in her chest, which was frantically tormenting her!

Never see again…

When she retaliated against him, she didn’t think she would ever see him again, but…

Can they never see each other again?

The love that has been entangled for more than 20 years suddenly disappeared from her life. Can she afford that feeling?

“You’ve been in love for more than 20 years, and suddenly you don’t love it. Will it be unused?

Blair Elijah asked her suddenly.

The eyes stared at her, especially hot.

“Or, in fact, you still love it up to now.”


Hazel looking at him, she wanted to say something, but when she reached her lips, she found that she couldn’t say anything.

After a while, she asked him.

“Blair Elijah, do you mind what I did to you? Even Assistant Asher would mind, do you mind?”

“He doesn’t love you, of course, he minds.”


Hazel was taken for granted by his answer.

In the next moment, her heart was moved.

She moved her eyes away, not daring to look at him again…

The eyes were a little wet.


She whispered and scolded him.

Blair Elijah still only smiled.

At night…

He drove her home, the car stopped at the gate of the community.

Hazel was about to go upstairs but was stopped by Blair Elijah.

“Allison Hazel.”

“En?” Hazel turning around to look at him, she saw Blair Elijah stepping out of the car.

“Is there a problem?”

Blair Elijah stood in front of her, hesitated for a moment, and said, “Can you let me go upstairs to see the kid?”


Hazel seems a little embarrassed.

“Forget it! If you don’t like it, I won’t force you.” He won’t force her, the big deal is just like before, just go secretly to see the kid.

“No! I didn’t mean that.”

Hazel explained, “I’m just worried that the little guy is asleep!”

“It’s okay! I won’t bother him, just look at him.”

“Good!” Hazel finally agreed, and the two walked into the elevator together, “Actually…”

“En?” Blair Elijah turned his head and smiled, waiting for her next words.

” Landon misses you very much…”

The words of Hazel made Blair Elijah choked at his heart, and a wry smile appeared on the corner of his lips, “I miss him too.”

Hazel sighed, “I’m all to blame…”

Blair Elijah stretched out his hand and rubbed her hair, “Don’t take everything on yourself! Sometimes, it’s better to relax!”



The elevator door opened, and Blair Elijah and Hazel went out of the elevator.

“Try to be as quiet as possible, my mother and Landon should both be asleep.” Hazel reminded.

“Ok…I will be careful.”

Hazel unlocked, entered the entrance door, and took a pair of slippers for Blair Elijah to change.

“Drink tea, okay?”


Blair Elijah stood in the hall and responded to her.

Hazel quickly made tea and put it on the coffee table, “It’s hot, be careful. I’ll see if Landon slept with my mother.”


Hazel entered Adeline’s room lightly, but when she came out, she saw Adeline coming out with the sleeping Landon.

Hazel didn’t expect Adeline to fall asleep, which would make her run into Blair Elijah, Hazel only felt a little embarrassed.


“Hey, Elijah is here?”

“?” Hazel looked at her mother in astonishment.

“Auntie!” Blair Elijah greeted Adeline politely.

Adeline held Landon into the arms of Hazel, and whispered, “I regret that the court is coming, so why didn’t I tell you in advance.”


Hazel forgives him.

Blair Elijah only smiled.

“Mom, he just came to see Landon.” Hazel hurriedly embraced Landon in her arms to Blair Elijah.

“You have to entertain him when he sees Landon! You are so grown-up, why are you not sensible!”

“…” Hazel was completely speechless.

“Elijah, sit down first, and I will wash you some fruit!”

“Auntie, no need! We just finished eating, we just sat down and left!”

“That’s how it works! Just after eating, eat some fruit to moisturize the intestines and stomach, it’s best!” Adeline didn’t allow them to refuse, and she went to the refrigerator to get fruit and went directly into the kitchen.

“My mother must be wicked today…”

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