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Chapter 1357

The matter of Tina, said it was big or not, said it was not trivial, as long as she was willing, just talk to Alyssa, Alyssa could let Karl help to solve it.

But Tina has never been such a person to avoid problems.

So after eating, Alyssa was about to gather with her for thoughts, but Tina rushed to rest.

But she did not expect that she would be suspended by the company.

Just after lying down, Alyssa was talking to Karl about the sorrow, and was not sleepy.

At this time, she heard a knock on the door.

“Come in.” Alyssa turned over and sat up from the bed, raising her voice.

The simple lounge on the set could not be locked, and Tina pushed the door directly in.

“Tina.” A smile appeared on Alyssa’s face when Tina came in.

The room was small and Tina stood by the door and did not come in: “I’m going out in the afternoon to do errands, and I will come back to you in the evening.”

Hearing Tina’s words, not only Alyssa was surprised, but Karl who had been staring at the phone also raised his eyes and looked in Tina’s direction.

Alyssa asked her, “Don’t you still have a role in the afternoon?”

“I’m temporarily shutting down, and I just have something to deal with this matter.” Tina saw that Alyssa wanted to speak again, and immediately interrupted: “You don’t worry, if I really can’t handle it, I will take the initiative to ask you for help.”

Knowing Tina’s temperament, Alyssa nodded after hearing this.

“By the way, I’ll give you the keys to the caravan, and go to rest when you are tired.” Tina put the car keys into Alyssa’s hands.

The set was messy, and Tina was afraid that Alyssa and Karl would not adapt.

Alyssa did not refuse.

Alyssa stood at the door, and after watching Tina leave, she turned her head and said to Karl a little irritably, “What on earth does Peter want to do?”

Karl recently learned a word from his daughter: the desire to survive.

When a woman asks some unreasonable questions, she doesn’t want you to correct her, but to get a sense of identity from you. For women, learn to think backward.

For example, Alyssa was angering him at this time, very unreasonable.

Karl blinked his eyes and said confidently, “I don’t know what this idiot is going to do.”

Alyssa was amused by him, and she couldn’t help but laugh: “Isn’t he your good brother? Are you calling him an idiot?”

“But it can’t hide the fact that he is stupid.”

Karl was righteous and stern, Alyssa couldn’t complain anymore, she just wrinkled her nose and snorted at him.


Cathy had a baby in the city hospital, and Tina and Stephanie went directly to the city hospital.

Driving for two or three hours on the road, when she was almost at the hospital, Tina asked Stephanie to buy her a cup of iced coffee to refresh her mind.

Tina finished drinking in one breath and threw the disposable coffee cup into the trash can. When she was about to get in the car, she inadvertently looked up and saw a group of people gathered not far away.

Basically they were all in black clothes, and a few had cameras hanging on them.

“Reporter?” Stephanie also saw the group of people.

Tina said calmly: “Park the car here and take a taxi.”

“Okay.” Stephanie went to the car to stop.

Tina tucked her hair together, trying to hide her face as much as possible. Although she was wearing a mask, it was better just in case.

Stephanie quickly got into the car. After Tina got in the car, the driver glanced at her in the rearview mirror. Although she was wearing a mask with disheveled hair, she was a little strange, but she was a pretty girl from her figure.

The driver confirmed again and asked: “Just go around the hospital?”

Chapter 1358

With a positive answer, the driver’s expression became even more puzzled.

The two little girls look clean and beautiful, but does he feel that their brains are a little abnormal?

Whoever is okay will take a taxi around the hospital.

The driver thought about it in his heart, but he still didn’t show it on the surface. It looks gentle, and it shouldn’t be a bad person.

Tina noticed that the driver kept looking at her from the rearview mirror, and could vaguely guess his thoughts, but she didn’t say much.

After going around the hospital, Tina found that reporters were waiting at every exit of the hospital.

“These people are too…” Stephanie’s expression was depressed, and she was worried about the driver’s presence, so she couldn’t say anything.

Tina chuckled, “This is called dedication.”

Stephanie: “…”

Tina pulled her hair aside, and said with an awkward expression: “Sir, I have a request please…”

“Huh?” The driver had been paying attention to her for a long time, and he had heard her clearly.

“Can you accompany us to the hospital? We just came out of the JV Hotel, and someone has been following us, asking you to circle the hospital, but also to make sure that the person is still there. If you accompany us in, follow us People who are supposed to be afraid…”

The sullen tone was imploring, and her eyes were sincere, not like being fake.

The driver, who has been with sports cars around here for a long time, naturally knows that JV Hotel is the best hotel in the city. The ordinary guest rooms in it cost several thousand a night, and the presidential suite is even tens of thousands.

Those who can get in and out of JV Hotel are either rich and influencial.

At first glance, Tina and Stephanie were little girls, and they lived in such an expensive hotel. It was indeed easy to be targeted by uneasy and unkind people.

The driver was a helpful person, nodding his head hurriedly: “Okay!”

“Thank you, Sir,” Tina said gratefully.

“Just tell me if you have something, really, walking around the hospital scared me…” The driver finally breathed a sigh of relief, and brought Tina and Stephanie into the hospital.

The reporter squatting at the door saw the taxi driver and two women entering the hospital, but didn’t think much.

Entertainment is a circle, and there are no secrets in it.

The people in the circle knew about Tina’s change of agent, so they kept staring at the door, waiting for two women to enter together, and rushed to stop them.

Tina and Stephanie successfully entered the hospital. Stephanie paid the driver the fare. The driver was looking for money, but Stephanie pushed him off and left with Tina.

After entering the elevator, Stephanie complained in a low voice: “I didn’t expect such twists and turns to come to the hospital.”

Tina didn’t say a word, and hugged her arms with a thoughtful look.

Soon, the two arrived at the door of Cathy’s ward.

Unlike that day, there were two more bodyguards at the door this time.

They were all people who had followed Peter for a long time, and they recognized Tina immediately.

“Miss Weber?”

The people inside heard the movement outside, and the door was opened at this moment.

“What’s the noise?”

Peter’s tone was a little impatient, but he was slightly startled when he saw Tina, and then he straightened his expression again: “Here.”

He seemed to have expected her to come.

Tina looked at her coldly: “I’m looking for Cathy.”

“She is resting, tell me if anything.” Peter stood in the middle of the door, blocking Tina.

Tina laughed like she heard some joke: “You want me to tell you, do I have to tell you? Did you tell me when you let me stop work?”

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