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Chapter 207

Roy Qin stood up to support Jamie Ye, “Sit down first. I have always wanted to tell you about this, but I was afraid you won’t be able to accept it. Since you heard everything today, then I don’t have to hide it. I doubt your mother’s death was caused by Patricia Liu.”

Roy Qin repeated what she said just now. Jamie Ye’s face turned pale and her body was trembling. She wanted to grasp something, but there was nothing to grasp. So she firmly grasped the sofa cushion. Fingertips were white, and Alexa Xiao was frightened when she saw her like this, “Jamie Ye, you have nothing to do with this now, right?”

Jamie Ye didn’t speak. She was still in school when her mother died. When she rushed to the hospital, she only saw her mother’s cold body. She remembered her mother’s appearance at the time. She was covered in blood and her face was pale.

My mother stayed in the morgue of the hospital for two days. Later, the driver who caused the accident took the initiative to surrender, and everything was treated as a traffic accident.

When her mother died, Carlo Xia was still in a meeting outside. Without notifying Carlo Xia, her uncle directly organized the funeral for her mother. When Carlo Xia rushed back, all he saw was the ashes of her mother, and the two started arguing.

Carlo Xia was roaring, asking her uncle what right to call her mother before he came back and cremating her mother. The uncle who had always been taciturn suddenly furiously beat Carlo Xia and yelled at Carlo Xia viciously.

“Xia, you touch your own conscience, don’t you know what you did with her behind her back? I tell you, she knows all about your scandals. This is what she meant. She asked me before she died!”

Carlo Xia was originally very angry, but because of her uncle’s words, she didn’t know why Carlo Xia was afraid of her uncle at the time.

Until later, three months after her mother’s death, Patricia Liu took Karen Xia into her home, and saw the girl who was only three or four years younger than herself, and heard her timidly called Carlo Xia’s father. She was extremely disappointed with Carlo Xia. Later, she ran away from home without hesitation to find her uncle.

Over the years, she has always thought that her mother’s death was an accident, and never thought that there would be such an unknown side.

Had it not been for Josie Gao, no one knew that her mother had met Patricia Liu before her death. Her mother had died in a car accident after seeing Patricia Liu. Josie Gao said her mother was in a trance. What did Patricia Liu say to her mother that caused her to be in a trance?

Although she didn’t know what Patricia Liu said to her mother, Jamie Ye was sure that her mother’s death would not be related to Patricia Liu. Thinking of her forbearance and concession to Patricia Liu and daughter over the years, Jamie Ye really hated herself.

She actually tolerated the murderer who killed her mother. She actually let them live freely and comfortably. She was in vain! Jamie Ye gritted her teeth and uttered a few words: “I will never let them go!”

Seeing Jamie Ye’s emotions, Alexa Xiao was very worried, “Jamie, this is just a guess, don’t get excited, let’s calm down, calm down, don’t you know?”

“Yes, this is just a guess, not necessarily a fact.” Brent Wu also comforted her. “Don’t be excited, you are still pregnant with a child.”

“I’m not that fragile.” Jamie Ye loosened her grip on the sofa. Her nails had been broken because of the force, but she didn’t feel the pain at all, “I must check this out!”

“Don’t worry, I have been investigating. You can raise your baby with peace of mind. I will tell you the truth if you find out.” Roy Qin took her words.

“No! This matter can’t be faked, I want to find out by myself!” Jamie Ye’s face showed a firm look.

“How do you check if you are pregnant with a child? Or leave it to Roy Qin to check it?” Alexa Xiao comforted.

“It’s the fox that always shows its tail. If my mother’s death is really related to Patricia Liu, she will never hide it so well. I will return to Xia’s house and reveal her true colors.”

“Patricia Liu is so vicious, she will definitely not let you catch her handle so easily. The most important thing is that you are still pregnant with a child. If she is against you, it is not a joke. You shouldn’t risk it for the sake of your child.” Alexa Xiao firmly disagrees with Jamie Ye’s own hands-on investigation of the truth.

“The most dangerous place is the safest place. Patricia Liu would never dare to do anything to me. Now her daughter is also pregnant with a child. If something happens to my child, she will be the first person to be suspected. She is not so. Stupid.” Jamie Ye sneered.

“I used to think that not fighting is a good thing, but now I know that not fighting is a stupid act. From now on I will fight with them. As long as it is what they want, I will fight. I want them to see me as a thorn in the eye. Thorn in the flesh, I want them to be like a thorn in their throats, it will be extremely difficult!”

“I know your mood, but your sudden return to the Xia family like this will definitely make them suspicious. I think this is a long-term plan.” Roy Qin saw that Jamie Ye insisted on going back and couldn’t stop her. He understood Jamie Ye’s mood. , But Jamie Ye’s sudden return like this would definitely make Patricia Liu and daughter suspicious.

“Carlo Xia has been asking me to move back, but I didn’t want to see those ugly faces before, so I refused. Now it’s not abrupt to move back, and it’s Carlo Xia’s birthday in a few days. I just thought he was celebrating his birthday. If the reason goes back, they won’t doubt or anything.”

Juan Mu asked Spencer Liu to investigate the situation of Patricia Liu’s cousin, Chen. Chen was sentenced to ten years in prison for the crime of robbery and the victim had a miscarriage.

After he escaped from prison, Chen stabbed Li Yue’e, the victim who had put him in jail three times. Although Li Yue’e was not stabbed to death, the plot of deliberate homicide was too serious, so he was arrested and sentenced to life. He is still in jail.

Spencer Liu told Juan Mu that it is said that when the police caught Chen he did not have the slightest remorse. Instead, he kept plausibly complaining that he did not kill Li Yue’e. He just wanted to ask Li Yue’e why she pretended to be pregnant if she was not pregnant. He was wronged, and he was sentenced to a few more years. He also said that Li Yuee had fallen in a pool of blood when he arrived at Li Yuee’s house.

Juan Mu frowned. Why was Chen so vicious and unrepentant? Is there really a hidden story in the middle?

Juan Mu decided to meet Chen. Chen had been in prison for so many years. He looked skinny and pale, and his eyes looked dull. This is a typical state where he has lost hope in life.

The prison guard told Juan Mu that generally life imprisonment people can actually be commuted if they perform well in prison. Many people go out in less than 20 years, but this Chen is different from others. He has never repented. Has been calling for grievances, let him work, and he has been treating him negatively. Because he did not repent, he has never been commended. In this way, he has been clamoring for more than 20 years, and only recently began to stop.

Spencer Liu tried to communicate with Chen, and Chen remained silent in the face of Spencer Liu’s inquiries. It was completely a passive confrontational posture. Spencer Liu shook his head at Juan Mu as if he was not advancing.

Juan Mu lit a cigarette and handed it to Chen. Chen raised his muddy eyes and looked at Juan Mu, then at Spencer Liu, and finally reached out and took the cigarette. After he had smoked a few cigarettes, Juan Mu suddenly said, “Chen, do you remember Flora Wu?”

These words made Chen’s hand tremble, and Juan Mu continued, “she is now a famous gynecologist in Olathe. She has a very good relationship with the secretary’s wife. Do you know who the secretary’s wife is?”

Chen smoked silently and turned a deaf ear to Juan Mu’s words.

“The secretary’s wife is called Patricia Liu.” Juan Mu smiled faintly. “You seem to have a cousin named Patricia Liu, right?”

Chen still did not speak, and Juan Mu continued: “By the way, I forgot to tell you the name of the secretary. The secretary is Carlo Xia. Do you feel familiar?”

“It is indeed familiar.” Chen finally spoke.

“Let me add that Mrs. Secretary is from Sankori Maoer. She was once nicknamed Angelina Yizhi. Your cousin Patricia Liu once called this nickname. Am I right?”

“How is it possible?” Chen looked at Juan Mu in astonishment. If his cousin Patricia Liu is the secretary’s wife, how could she ignore him? He has been in jail for so many years, and his cousin has such a good relationship with him and knows him. Injustice, since she is the secretary’s wife, she will definitely redress for him.

Juan Mu smiled faintly, “I brought you a group photo of the secretary and the secretary’s wife, look at it.” He handed the photos of Carlo Xia and Patricia Liu to Chen.

Chen took a look, his face changed, and Juan Mu saw his changes in his eyes, “I asked lawyers and judges, in your case, you can go out after more than ten years of imprisonment for a reduced sentence, but staying here for so long without commutation, do you know why?”


“Because someone doesn’t want you to go out.” Juan Mu looked at him pityingly, “You know too many things. There are only two ways to shut you up. One is to make you never speak, and the other is Let you have no freedom for a lifetime, so that you can never speak, that person couldn’t bear it, so he chose to let you have no freedom for a lifetime.”

“Impossible!” Chen lost his voice. He was not a fool, so he naturally knew what Juan Mu meant.

“Why is it impossible? Like you, like brown sugar, you can’t get rid of it when you touch it. Who wants to have something to do with you? Besides, you should know better than everyone what happened that year, and I told you You, your cousin Patricia Liu has been the secretary’s wife for more than ten years. It shouldn’t be difficult for the secretary’s wife to take care of this, but why have you been called here for so many years and hasn’t been ignored? You are a smart person, so Simple things don’t need me to analyze them carefully, don’t they?”

“Why are you telling me this?”

“Because I want to make a deal with you, you tell me what I want to know, and I will find a way to redress for you and let you get out of here. What do you think?”

Chen smoked his cigarette in silence, and Juan Mu continued: “I only give you one chance. This chance depends on whether you can provide me with something valuable. I remind you that there is only one chance. If you miss it, you will never go! I hope you can think about it carefully.”

After dropping these words, he signaled Spencer Liu to leave and walked out of the prison gate. Spencer Liu asked Juan Mu strangely, “Mr. Mu, how do you know that someone doesn’t want him out?”

“Guess.” Juan Mu replied, “Chen is Patricia Liu’s only cousin. Regardless of whether Chen was wronged or not, according to common sense, Patricia Liu will definitely find a way to find a relationship for her cousin and let him sit less. Several years in prison, but the fact is that she doesn’t care about this cousin, and everyone in Sankori Maoer knows that this relationship is the best for her cousin. What does this mean?”

Spencer Liu understood a little, “So you suspect that Patricia Liu deliberately didn’t want Chen to go out.”

“And why Chen was able to escape from prison to kill Li Yue’e, it’s not right to think about it, there must be a reason.”

“Mr. Mu is still careful.” Spencer Liu admired Juan Mu with all his heart. “It’s just that he would be willing to cooperate with us?”

“He will figure it out!” Juan Mu replied.

Chapter 208

Jamie Ye was planning to move back to Xia’s house, but she didn’t want Juan Mu to call and tell her that he saw Carlo Xia in the hospital and was sent to the ward, and asked her if she wanted to see.

Yesterday, Jamie Ye also saw the news about Carlo Xia’s meeting in the province on TV. Carlo Xia looked so good at the time. It didn’t look like he was sick. Why was he suddenly hospitalized today?

Thinking of the last time Carlo Xia pretended to be sick and was hospitalized, Jamie Ye guessed that Carlo Xia must have gone to the province for a meeting and something happened, so he chose to pretend to be sick like last time, so she didn’t take it seriously.

Not long after dinner, Aunt Kin called and told Jamie Ye that Carlo Xia had fainted and was hospitalized, and asked Jamie Ye to go to the hospital to see him.

When Jamie Ye rushed to the hospital, there were only Carlo Xia and Aunt Kin in the ward, and did not see Patricia Liu and Karen Xia. Jamie Ye was a little surprised. At this time, shouldn’t Patricia Liu and daughter be courteous in front of Carlo Xia? What’s the matter with you today, so I can’t bear it?

Seeing her coming in, Aunt Kin got up and pointed to Carlo Xia who was asleep on the hospital bed, “He has’t woken up yet.”

Jamie Ye lowered her voice, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know.” Carlo Xia went out for a meeting in the province the day before yesterday. When he went out, he said that he would be going for three days, but he would be back tomorrow. Tonight, she was preparing dinner at home. Carlo Xia’s driver called her and said Carlo Xia was in the hospital, so she didn’t alarm anyone to come over.

Aunt Kin knew that this shouldn’t disturb anyone. Naturally, she didn’t want Patricia Liu and daughter to know that when Carlo Xia went to a meeting, Patricia Liu would naturally not stay at home. There was only Karen Xia at home, so she found an excuse to come to the hospital. She had been sleeping, she was worried, so she called Jamie Ye and asked Jamie Ye to come over and take a look.

“Where is the driver?” Jamie Ye asked Aunt Kin.

“He has always been here, and I let him out for dinner when I come.”

“Why did he get sick? What did the doctor say?”

“The doctor said that it was due to high blood pressure, and that there would be nothing wrong with hospitalization for observation.”

The door was opened while talking. The driver walked in. The driver was new. He didn’t know Jamie Ye. She was surprised when she saw a stranger in the ward. Aunt Kin immediately told him about Jamie Ye’s identity. Jamie Ye asked the driver: “Did something happen before fainting?”

The driver shook his head, “I sent the secretary to the province for a meeting. According to the itinerary, we were supposed to come back tomorrow. After the meeting was over, we rushed back. On the way home, the secretary suddenly turned pale. He said he felt uncomfortable, so I sent him In the hospital, the doctor checked the secretary and said that the secretary’s blood pressure was very high and he was asked to be hospitalized for observation. I was going to call Madam. The secretary told me not to call, but asked me to call Aunt Kin and tell her to come over. Don’t tell anyone about the hospitalization except Aunt Kin.”

Jamie Ye glanced at Aunt Kin, “Is his high blood pressure very serious?”

Aunt Kin nodded, “He has been taking medicine, but things like this have never happened before.”

Jamie Ye always thought that Carlo Xia was in good health, but she didn’t expect that he would start taking medicine long ago, and she became a little worried, so she went to see a doctor.

Jamie Ye didn’t leave for a while, and Xia just woke up. Aunt Kin was very happy, “Secretary, you are awake! Do you feel better?”

Carlo Xia nodded and struggled to sit up. The driver hurriedly stepped forward and helped him sit up. Aunt Kin asked Carlo Xia with concern, “The secretary, what do you want to eat, I’ll buy it for you.”

Carlo Xia glanced at the driver, “Go and buy me some porridge.” The driver agreed to leave. When the driver disappeared, Carlo Xia looked at Aunt Kin, “Is she not at home today?”

Naturally, he refers to Patricia Liu, and Aunt Kin nodded, “She went out early in the morning and said that she had an appointment with someone for shopping and beauty. She had not come back when I came out.”

Carlo Xia’s face was a little gloomy, “What clothes did she wear when she went out?”

Aunt Kin told Carlo Xia about the clothes Patricia Liu wore when she went out, “What happened to the secretary?”

Carlo Xia did not speak. On the way home, he inadvertently glanced aside and saw a man and a woman k!ssing in a car parked on the side of the road. The figure of that woman was like Patricia Liu. He gave a chuckle in his heart, and his head grew big.

When he saw that woman was so like Patricia Liu, he became dizzy with anger and couldn’t breathe. If he hadn’t been suddenly dizzy and ill at the time, he would have asked the driver to stop the car to see what happened.

Although the woman he saw k!ssing a man in the car looks like Patricia Liu, she wears a different dress from Aunt Kin. So she admits the wrong person?

Carlo Xia thought in his heart, and Aunt Kin spoke again, “Jamie has come to see you. She saw that you didn’t wake up just now, and was worried so she went to see the doctor.”

“She is pregnant, why do you worry her?” Carlo Xia complained.

“Seeing you unconscious, I was terrified.”

After speaking, Jamie Ye came back, followed by the doctor, and she was relieved when she saw Carlo Xia waking up. The doctor checked Carlo Xia again and said that the situation is stable now, so there is no need to worry.

After the doctor left, the driver helped Carlo Xia buy the porridge. Jamie Ye opened the porridge and shook her head, “This is seafood porridge. The secretary is allergic to seafood, so you have to replace it with another one.”

“Sorry!” The driver didn’t know this taboo for a long time. “I’ll buy another one.”

“Forget it, let me go with you.” Aunt Kin took over, “Jamie Ye, you chat with the secretary in the ward, and I will be back soon.”

After Aunt Kin and the driver left, only Carlo Xia and Jamie Ye were left in the ward, and Carlo Xia’s eyes were a little moist. He never dreamed that Jamie Ye would remember his allergy to seafood.

The same is his daughter, Karen Xia and Jamie Ye are two extremes. Karen Xia has lived by his side for so many years, knowing that he is allergic to seafood, but never cares about his taboo.

Because Juan Mu likes to eat seafood, Karen Xia often clamored for Aunt Kin to buy seafood for three days, and went all out to please Juan Mu but completely ignored his feelings.

Although he felt uncomfortable at the time, he still convinced himself not to be angry. Young people nowadays are like this. They only consider that he rarely thinks about others. When he sees Jamie Ye remembering his taboos today, he understands that he is wrong, “Jamie, Dad is wrong! Dad is sorry for you!”

Carlo Xia had said countless sorry to Jamie Ye, but the sorry at this moment was completely different from the previous sorry.

Jamie Ye also felt the change in his mood. She poured a glass of water for Carlo Xia, “You don’t be sorry, I couldn’t think about it before, but now I have figured it out. You gave me life, which is the greatest gift for me. I don’t have any right to ask how you are, let alone hate you.”

The more Jamie Ye said this, the less Carlo Xia felt like, “Jamie, the most sorry person in my father’s life is you and your mother. I hope your father can make up for you, and your mother, I know it’s impossible to make up in this life. I just hope to see each other underground in the future and beg for her forgiveness.”

Jamie Ye looked at Carlo Xia and remembered what Flora Wu had said. She controlled the tumbling in her heart, “I want to ask you, has my mother done anything to be sorry for you in this life?”

“No! Your mother was a good woman. She married me and worked hard and never did anything to be sorry for me. I took her down.” Carlo Xia replied decisively.

Jamie Ye felt relieved that her mother was really not that kind of person. She was so stupid that she was suspected by Flora Wu’s words. Thinking about it, it really shouldn’t be.

Aunt Kin and the driver quickly bought porridge for Carlo Xia and came back. Carlo Xia had eaten the porridge to see if it was too early. He was worried about Jamie Ye’s body, so he asked Jamie Ye to go back to rest. Jamie Ye saw that his body was fine and did not insist on staying. Next, she told the driver who was staying to take care of Carlo Xia a few words and left the ward. When she walked to the door, Carlo Xia suddenly stopped her, “Jamie, the day after tomorrow is my birthday, can you take Devis home for dinner?”

Jamie Ye nodded, “I will go back with Devis.”

Carlo Xia hadn’t had much hope of reporting, but seeing that Jamie Ye agreed with him, he was very happy, and then talked to Jamie Ye about letting Jamie Ye move back to live. “Aunt Kin has been set up Devis’s room a long time ago, so let’s move back with Devis for a few days.”

Jamie Ye did not object, “It depends on the situation.”

After Jamie Ye went back, she told Wu Brent and Alexa Xiao that she had promised Carlo Xia to move back. Alexa Xiao was still uneasy, so she told Juan Mu about the matter and asked him to think of a way to persuade Jamie Ye, Juan was anxious after hearing this. The woman Patricia Liu was so vicious, how good it would be to attack Jamie Ye secretly, he couldn’t let Jamie Ye take risks.

Juan Mu came to Jamie Ye at night, “Jamie, you can think about this matter again. Patricia Liu is too vicious. If you don’t think about yourself, you have to think about the child in your stomach. We can’t take risks like this. “

“I know, I will be careful.”

“No matter how careful you are, it is impossible to completely avoid unexpected accidents. As the saying goes, it is not too late for a gentleman to revenge for ten years. We have waited for so many years. Let Patricia Liu stay away for a few more months. When the child is born, it’s not too late for us to take revenge to recover?”

Juan Mu persuaded, “Also, so many years have passed since the events of the year. With Patricia Liu’s cunning, she must be very guarded against you. It is not easy for you to find evidence from her. You leave it to the investigation. I, I’m currently investigating Patricia Liu and Flora Wu. I have already got the eyebrows, and there will be results soon. Please wait patiently for a few days!”

Seeing that Juan Mu was so worried, Jamie Ye had to make concessions, “Well, I won’t move back to Xia’s house, and wait for your investigation results to come out. But tomorrow is Carlo Xia’s birthday, and I have promised him to take Devis back for dinner. “

“Since you have promised him, you should go back, and remember to be careful when that happens.” Juan Mu urged.

This is the first time that Jamie Ye ran away from home with Carlo Xia on his birthday in so many years. Carlo Xia was so happy. Although it was his birthday, he told Aunt Kin to prepare all the dishes that Jamie Ye liked to eat. He also picked up Jamie Ye and Devis in person.

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