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Chapter 219

“Are you?” Cole Xin looked at that person in a puzzled manner, as though he did not know such a person.

“I’m a little six! Brother Xin, don’t you know me?” The person introduced himself. Cole Xin didn’t know any little six and seven. He guessed from the name that he must be the little bastard who didn’t mix well at the beginning.

“Brother, when did you come back?” he asked.

“Just came back today!”

“Yeah, no one knows when Brother Xin came back. Since I met him, let the younger brother pick up the dust for Xin. Brother must be rewarded.” Louis Xiao reached out and dragged Cole Xin. The car going to the side.

People who didn’t mix well at the beginning even had a car, but they didn’t live in a place where they lived. The comparison between him and Cole Xin was really uncomfortable.

It’s just that it’s better for someone to pay attention to it than no one. Cole Xin also wanted to find someone to inquire about the situation, so he followed Louis Xiao to a nearby hotel.

Louis Xiao ordered a lot of good dishes and served good wine. He and Cole Xin ate and drank. The two of them ate and chat. From the mouth of Xiao, Cole Xin knew that those who had gone abroad were the ones who let you go to jail.

After some understanding, Cole Xin knew that it was no longer feasible for him to continue to f*ck his old business here. The current gangsters are all new people and will definitely not buy his account. Cole Xin feels a little anxious.

No one will buy him in the days to come, so he can’t do anything else, except for fighting and oppressing goodness, he really won’t do anything else.

I was worried that Cole Xin thought of his only sister, Ruchi Xin, so he asked Xiao to inquire about the whereabouts of Ruchi Xin. Xiao said that Ruchi Xin had gone to work outside of the country and did not know where he went.

Cole Xin thought of Erin Liu again. When talking about Erin Liu, he felt it was his own shame. This sl*t is really not a thing. At the beginning, when he wanted the wind and the rain, he followed him and drank a lot of spicy food. Days, after his accident, she turned her face on her face and didn’t recognize anyone. She didn’t wait for him at home, and secretly gave away his son. If he let him know her whereabouts, he would have to take her skin off.

Right now he has nowhere to go, and he has to inquire about the whereabouts of Erin Liu, a b!tch. This b!tch had done something wrong in the past, and she must be afraid of him. If he can find her to blackmail her, he can survive for a while.

Louis Xiao is also ignorant of Erin Liu’s situation. I heard that Cole Xin has no place to live and no money to make a living. Louis Xiao patted his chest and packed up with Cole Xin, “Brother, if you don’t dislike this, follow your brother in the future. If you have a brother, I can’t do without you.”

Cole Xin is overjoyed. What he lacks most now is a place to stay. He is grateful to Louis Xiao, and Louis Xiao didn’t talk to him for fun. After eating, he took Cole Xin to where he lived.

The place where Xiao lives is very good. Cole Xin asked him what he was doing now. Xiao said that he was helping people watch the scene at a night market. Cole Xin’s heart moved. The work of watching the scene at night is also suitable for him, so he asked Louis Xiao to help him. When looking for a job like this, Louis Xiao naturally agreed, saying that he should rest for a few days first and then he will take him to find a job when he is well.

This little six is naturally not a gangster in Water Park, but a person who designed to wait for Cole Xin by Juan Mu. Erin Liu actually tried to kill his mother. Juan Mu naturally couldn’t make her feel better. He thought it was too cheap for Erin Liu to go to jail. Now, she has to be tortured for a while, and the person who can toss Erin Liu most is undoubtedly Erin Liu’s former man Cole Xin.

With Cole Xin’s temper, Erin Liu was branded since she gave birth to a child with him. In this life, he did not agree that she should not want to remarry, but Erin Liu did more than just remarry, she also took Cole Xin’s son and gave him away.

This is a great humiliation to Cole Xin. If he gets to know the whereabouts of Erin Liu, it will be strange if he doesn’t toss Erin Liu to death.

Therefore, Juan Mu specially arranged for Cole Xin, who was down in Mao’er, to give Cole Xin a place to stay, and then disclose Erin Liu’s news to him. Then he would just wait to watch the show.

After Cole Xin lived in Xiao for a few days, he mentioned work again. Xiao asked Spencer Liu for instructions. Spencer Liu asked Xiaoto take Cole Xin to the nightclub and watched the venue for a few days and waited for instructions. Then Xiao got the order to arrange for Cole Xin immediately. To watch the work at night.

At this moment, Erin Liu was acting against Xin Ru underwater, and the incident of Ruchi Xin’s abortion spread to Juan Mu’s ears. Juan Mu felt strange. Although Erin Liu was vicious, but the saying goes that tiger poison does not eat her, how could she treat her grandson so viciously?

Does this Ruchi Xin have any secrets? He asked Spencer Liu to check and the results surprised Juan Mu. Ruchi Xin turned out to be Cole Xin’s sister, aunt and nephew who had incest. It’s no wonder that Erin Liu would be ruthless.

Juan Mu sneered in his heart. It seemed that he had to tell Mike Li what Erin Liu did for the child in Ruchi Xin’s belly, so that they could cause an unpleasant relationship between their mother and child.

At that time, it will be the son and Erin again. It depends on how Erin Liu can handle it.

How Juan Mu plans to act on this side. Good news from his mother came from the hospital. The doctor called Juan Mu. Lisa Lin’s vital signs recovered well. She might wake up these days. Juan Mu was overjoyed. The most worrying thing now is the mother, as long as the mother can wake up, he can rest assured.

Juan Mu called the nurses and asked them to closely observe the mother’s situation. As soon as the mother woke up, they would notify him immediately. The nurses naturally agreed.

In the latter half of the night, Lisa Lin finally slowly opened her eyes from a coma, her thinking was still a little confused, she looked at the strange environment in confusion, and it took a long time before she became conscious.

This is in the hospital. I am now lying in the hospital. What’s wrong? How could I lie in the hospital? She tried hard to recall, some vague fragments appeared in her mind, Flora Wu’s hideous face, Patricia Liu’s vicious words, and Erin Liu, the honest and silent Erin Liu, she actually beat her!

The grinning faces of several people dangled from her eyes, and they wanted to give Jamie Ye the bird’s nest mixed with saffron in their honor! Her grandson! Jamie Ye! …How are they doing now? Fear made Lisa Lin struggle hard. She couldn’t let these wicked women hurt her grandson. She pulled off the oxygen mask on her face and tried to sit up.

The violent movement on the hospital bed woke up the nursing staff who accompanied the night. Seeing Lisa Lin opened her eyes and pulled off the oxygen mask, two nurses hurried over. One of them immediately rang the bell to call the doctor, and then called Juan Mu to report that Lisa Lin was awake. According to the news, the other one went to comfort Lisa Lin, “Madam, don’t get excited, the doctor will be here soon!”

“Juan…hurry up and call… Juan!” Lisa Lin ordered the nurse. The doctor on duty came hurriedly. He stepped forward to check for Lisa Lin. Seeing that her physical signs were stable, he told the nurse not to be nervous again. Appease Lisa Lin, “Mrs. Mu, don’t worry, Mr. Mu will be here right away!”

“The bird’s nest… is poisonous… my grandson… Jamie Ye…” Lisa Lin made incoherent gestures, and the nurse comforted her, “Madam, your grandson is fine, don’t worry!”

How could Lisa Lin believe her? She remembered very clearly that the wicked woman Erin Liu was going to send the bird’s nest with abortion pills to Jamie Ye to eat. If Jamie Ye ate those bird’s nests, she would definitely have a miscarriage. Her grandson…

Not daring to imagine the consequences, Lisa Lin was extremely anxious. She desperately tried to get out of bed, but she was in a coma for too long and her body was too weak, how could she get out of bed.

Juan Mu was awakened by the nurse’s phone call, and hurriedly drove to the hospital after putting on a piece of clothing. Lisa Lin saw Juan Mu and reached out and grabbed Juan Mu’s hand, “Juan…my grandson… how is he?”

“Mom, the child is fine, don’t worry.” Juan Mu held her hand to comfort.

“Where is Jamie Ye? How is Jamie Ye?”

“Jamie Ye has nothing to do. You can take care of yourself. I will let her come to see you with Devis in a few days.” Juan Mu helped Lisa Lin lie down, and the grandson and Jamie Ye had nothing to do. Lisa Lin was hanging. Feel relieved to go back.

Lisa Lin just breathed a sigh of relief when lying on the hospital bed, and suddenly sat up again, “Son, is that b!tch Erin Liu still at home?”

Juan Mu nodded, Lisa Lin couldn’t worry, “You have to be careful of that b!tch, she is too vicious! I became like this and she did it by colluding with outsiders. You have to control her immediately so that she can’t let her hear the wind and run away!”

“Don’t worry, after you fainted, I suspected that she was colluding with outsiders to harm you, and I was already prepared for her! She couldn’t run away!” Juan Mu replied, as expected, Erin Liu was not innocent as he guessed. “Now when you wake up, I can take care of her slowly.”

“Son, that b!tch Erin Liu is too hateful. She is a poisonous snake. Our family became like this because of her. I have to clean her personally. I must cut her a thousand knives to eliminate my hatred. !” Lisa Lin gritted her teeth. If it wasn’t for a physical problem, she would definitely rush home to torment Erin Liu severely.

“Mom, don’t get excited, you first take care of your body, let me take care of everything outside, and I promise you will be satisfied!”

“No! Son, listen to me, we are not only dealing with Erin Liu, but also Flora Wu and Patricia Liu. These people have been deliberately calculating us, and our family has become like this because of them.”

“I know, Mom, don’t worry, I’m already planning to deal with them, and none of them can run away!”

“No! Son, you don’t know! These b!tches thought that I was going to die, undoubtedly they told me everything before I died.” Lisa Lin looked resentful.

“Do you know why Jamie Ye was infertile after marrying you for three years? It was the b!tch Erin Liu who gave Jamie Ye a drug that prevents ovulation and Jamie Ye couldn’t get pregnant, and the b!tch Flora Wu, Jamie Ye was not sick at all. , She relied on my trust to talk nonsense that Jamie Ye could not get pregnant, and to instigate the divorce to make me hate Jamie Ye, and Patricia Liu, she kept calculating us in order to marry her daughter to you. They not only prescribed medicine, but also secretly gave it to you. Jamie Ye had a sterilization operation. Son, our family has been miserably harmed by these b!tches over the years. We must avenge our grievances and revenge, and we must not let any of them go!”

Lisa Lin said so much in one breath, panting for exhaustion. Juan Mu hurriedly gave Lisa Lin with his hand. Juan Mu was shocked by everything his mother said. He didn’t expect that there were so many unknown secrets in it. Fortunately, his mother woke up, or he would never know that these b!tches calculated their family like this.

Lisa Lin slowly recovered her calm, “Son! These b!tches are too vicious, we can’t deal with them by normal means, we must give a tooth for a tooth!”

Chapter 220

Juan Mu nodded. These b!tches are too vicious. There is no word to describe his anger at the moment. He really wants to cramp Erin Liu, Flora Wu and Karen Xia.

Mother is right! Be sure to retaliate! When Erin Liu prescribed medicine to make Jamie Ye not pregnant for three years, a few sl*ts secretly sterilized Jamie Ye, which was so vicious that he had to show his sincerity to her.

Previously, it was only designed to take back the property she had taken from the Mu family in recent years, just to make her suffer a little bit of torture, but now he found that he was too kind, and he had to let this vicious woman experience the taste of cutting off offspring!

Cole Xin had already been released on standby a long time ago. He was still hesitating, but now it seems that hesitation is the benevolence of a woman, so he has to put some eye drops on Mike Li!

Patricia Liu hated Ruchi Xin because her teeth were itchy, so she immediately asked Jose Long to inquire about Ruchi Xin, and was ready to recover her suffering thousands of times from Ruchi Xin. Jose Long had long lived in Olathe. Wherever she is, inquiring about Ruchi Xin is as easy as a piece of cake.

Ruchi Xin’s body was very weak after the abortion. Because of her physical relationship, Mike Li moved to her home to take care of her. Long happened to see Mike Li at Ruchi Xin’s house when he went to inquire, so he came back and told Patricia Liu about it. When she heard that Mike Li and Ruchi Xin were living together, her heart shook.

Hearing that Ruchi Xin and Erin Liu’s son Mike Li got together, Patricia Liu was surprised. Will the matter of being blackmailed have something to do with Mike Li?

Ruchi Xin knew that he had been calculating Meghan Ye’s death for so many years, why didn’t he threaten her earlier and later, but he threatened her at this time?

After hearing that Mike Li and Ruchi Xin had only known each other for a short time, Patricia Liu could be sure that the thing she was threatened had a great relationship with Mike Li.

Now Patricia Liu is most worried about whether the threats to her Erin Liu are mixed in. For example, Erin Liu knows too many things about herself, if she calculates her, this is not a joke.

Patricia Liu was a little drumming in her heart. If Erin Liu and Mike Li were involved in calculating them, then this matter could not just be a matter of tidying up Mike Li and Ruchi Xin. It would be clean and tidy if they were tidyed up with Erin Liu.

Patricia Liu was planning here. Cole Xin was transferred to watch Ruchi Xin’s nightclub. The people arranged in the nightclub let Cole Xin see the photos of Ruchi Xin.

Cole Xin was surprised to see his sister’s photo. After inquiring about it, he quickly learned that his sister used to be mother Sang in this night market. Cole Xin was very happy to ask his sister’s address to visit her. The person who opened the door was Mike Li.

Naturally, Mike Li didn’t know Cole Xin. Since he moved here to take care of Ruchi Xin, he knew how rich Ruchi Xin’s life was. Old men knocked on the door to find Ruchi Xin every three days or so. They ridiculed when he opened the door. Rushui has found such a young man, no wonder it has ignored us recently!”

Mike Li was simply mad. He really had feelings for Ruchi Xin. Naturally, he couldn’t be indifferent like ordinary prostitutes, arguing with Ruchi Xin for this.

Now Cole Xin knocked on the door, Mike Li intuitively regarded Cole Xin as the messy men before Ruchi Xin, so he stood in the door very rudely and asked, “Who are you looking for?”

Cole Xin naturally knew what his sister was doing these years. Seeing Mike Li so young, it was natural to think that he must be his sister’s concubine, so he asked unceremoniously: “Who are you?”

This question and answer all smelled of gunpowder. Mike Li was also used to it frantically. He stretched out his hand to push Cole Xin, “If you are acquainted, please get out. Don’t come here in the future, otherwise I will see you once!

Cole Xin used to be the only one who beat people. He was the only one who threatened other people. Someone dared to threaten him. Now, seeing this little white face dare to speak up, and pretend to be an old man, he said to him that he was going to beat him. At the moment, he closed Mike Li’s collar with a punch. This heavy punch made Mike Li bleed in his mouth and nose, and he was fainted at the moment.

It was a great shame for Mike Li to be beaten by a savage man at the door of his own woman’s house. Although he was a little dizzy at the moment, he was not convinced, and cursed and fought back.

Although Mike Li is young, he has always been a wine bag and rice bag. Unlike Cole Xin, who is a real fighting maniac, his fists are not at the same level as Cole Xin, and there is no strength in hitting Cole Xin.

When Cole Xin saw that he was swearing to fight back, he became even more angry, no matter how many times he greeted Mike Li, he beat Mike Li to call his father and mother. “When Mike debuted, you didn’t even know that you were sleeping at that corner, and you want to be a little white face just like you, so I don’t want to kill you today!”

Cole Xin beat and scolded, Mike Li was quickly beaten by him and could not fight back. The movement at this door disturbed Ruchi Xin who was sleeping on the bed. She wore slippers to hurriedly see what happened, and saw her brother pressing his fist against Mike Li ruthlessly, she quickly stepped forward to block, “Brother, stop beating!”

Seeing his sister come out, Cole Xin let go of Mike Li, “Who is this kid?”

“It’s my boyfriend!” Ruchi Xin felt distressed when she saw Mike Li’s blue nose and swollen nose, and hurried forward to help Mike Li, and complained to Cole Xin, “Brother, why do you hit someone without asking?”

Cole Xin felt quite upset when he saw that his sister didn’t care about him at all and only had a little white face. It was just that the brother and sister hadn’t seen each other in these years, so he let down the evil pressure in his heart.

Seeing that Mike Li was beaten up really not look like, Ruchi Xin has been busy helping him deal with the wounds, forgetting to greet her brother who have not seen each other for so many years, he has just come out and haven’t seen his sister for many years.

It stands to reason that my younger sister should be cold and warm to herself, but everything Cole Xin wanted to see did not take place. Ruchi Xin was full of eyes on only Mike Li had no time to pay attention to her brother. Cole Xin didn’t feel good about it, so he sat for a few minutes and then dropped it. In a word, I will leave when I see you again in a few days.

After Cole Xin left, Mike Li dared to ask Ruchi Xin, “This is your brother just now? Why have I never heard you say that you have a brother?”

“My brother has been in jail, and I didn’t know he was out.” Ruchi Xin explained.

“No wonder why I said he was so fierce?”

Ruchi Xin smiled bitterly. If she hadn’t stopped Cole Xin just now, it would have been ten times more miserable. Just saw Mike Li hurt badly. She just took care of Mike Li and forgot to say to her brother. Seeing how her brother was just now screaming, she must have an opinion on Mike Li. , What can I do in the future?

Cole Xin angrily left Ruchi Xin’s home and returned to the nightclub where he worked. By coincidence, the little six came to see him. Seeing that he looked bad, he asked him what happened.

Cole Xin didn’t hide Louis Xiao as his own person, and recounted what had just happened. Louis Xiao was surprised, ” Your sister actually works in a nightclub? Why didn’t I know this?”

“She changed her name, and it’s normal if you don’t go to her nightclub.” Cole Xin didn’t doubt Louis Xiao. He has nothing now, Louis Xiao can’t get anything from him at all. He is full of anger now. He has been kind to his sister since childhood, but she left him alone for a little white face, which really made him sad.

Louis Xiao naturally understood his sadness. He comforted Cole Xin, saying that Ruchi Xin must have been confused by that little white face. Now there are little white faces who eat soft rice. They specialize in cheating women with money. Most people can’t find out. I guess Ruchi Xin knew him. This little white face is also such a person, and it seems that he has to find a chance to expose the true face of little white face.

The two discussed to investigate Mike Li and tell Ruchi Xin his true face. Xiao knows many people, so naturally it is best for him to take care of this matter.

Sure enough, the little sixth son told Cole Xin about Mike Li’s investigation partly, saying that Mike Li had not learned nothing but cheated women’s money for a living. Before that, he had defrauded many old women’s money. Ruchi Xin is what he recently read up.

It is a fact that Mike Li has no job, no learning and skill. Cole Xin went to his sister to talk about Mike Li and persuaded her to stay away from Mike Li, but Ruchi Xin was firm, saying that Mike Li was gentle and considerate and had a deep affection for her. Lantern can’t find such a good man.

Hearing her brother said that Mike Li had no learning, no skills and no job, Ruchi Xin defended Mike Li, saying that Mike Li did not have a job, but because he had a small child to take care of himself at home.

She heard that Cole Xin’s nose smoked because of miscarriage, but his sister had no choice but to admit his death like this, but she was not happy. My sister was so obsessed with him, how could she be deceived by such a little white face?

He couldn’t persuade his sister, so he shifted all the responsibility to Mike Li. It was Mike Li, the little white face who killed a thousand knives, who seduced his sister to make her look like this. Cole Xin thought about a way to clean up Mike Li and cut off him out of sister’s mind.

He was thinking about how to clean up Mike Li, but the sixth son told him Erin Liu’s whereabouts. He heard that Erin Liu was working as a nanny at Mu’s family. Cole Xin’s eyes were bright. This Mu’s family is no ordinary family. Erin Liu is working at Mu’s family. The nanny must have saved a lot of money. He had to let the dead woman give him all the money she had saved, and had to let her tell himself the news of her son. After thinking about it in his heart, Cole Xin went to wait outside Mu’s house and was ready to wait for the opportunity. See you with Erin Liu.

But I didn’t want to see Mike Li. After Mike Li was beaten up by Cole Xin that day, he did not dare to go out for a few days. It was good to be lying in bed thinking about it. Cole Xin called him a little white face. Although he was not convinced, he had nothing to say.

After spending so many days with Ruchi Xin, he didn’t spend much money. Most of his food was supported by Ruchi Xin Thinking that his being looked down upon had a lot to do with money, Mike Li struggled to get up and went to find Erin Liu. He planned to ask Erin Liu for some money and then begged Erin Liu to find a job for him.

Erin Liu received a call from her son and came out in a hurry. She took her son to a quiet place, “What’s wrong with you? How come you are like this?”

“I was beaten!” Mike Li was not angry.

“Who did it?”

Mike Li didn’t dare to say that it was Ruchi Xin’s brother who fought. His mother was not concerned about him and Ruchi Xin’s affairs. If he told her that it was Ruchi Xin’s brother who fought, this would be a big deal. So he replied hesitatingly, “The gangsters.”

“You don’t learn something good!” Erin Liu reached out and poked her son’s forehead, “What are you good about you let me say?”

Cole Xin hid from the side and looked at it. It was because his mother hated iron and steel and poked her son’s forehead, but in Cole Xin’s eyes it was flirting and flirting. The feelings that Mike Li and Erin Liu also have a leg? He was so angry that the girl was asleep by him, and the old woman was also f*cked by him. This kid, he can’t forgive him!

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