CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1381 – 1382

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Chapter 1381

In the hospital.

Cathy lay in bed flipping through the magazine boredly.

It is too boring to have a baby, but the doctor said she will be discharged from the hospital in two days.

At this moment, Peter walked in from outside.

His complexion looked a little bad, as if he didn’t sleep well at night, with some bloodshot in his eyes, and he was in a bad mood.

But when he raised his eyes to Cathy, his eyes suddenly became soft and watery, and he lifted the bag in his hand to show Cathy, “I bought the cake you like.”

“Thank you.” Cathy looked at him happily.

Peter sat down by the bed, took the cake out and handed it to her: “Taste it and see if it’s the taste you like.”

“Okay.” Cathy took it with a big smile, and put it down after taking two bites: “It’s delicious, but I am a bit out of appetite.”

She didn’t want to eat so many desserts, it would not look good if she gained weight.

After giving birth, she won’t act again, but she still has to keep in shape. After all, she will be the prosperous CEO’s wife.

After Peter gave her the cake, he took out his mobile phone and didn’t see whether she had eaten or not. He didn’t even lift his head when he heard Cathy’s words: “If you don’t want to eat it, just eat a piece.”

After he was scolded by the whole Internet because of her, Cathy had completely believed that Peter loved her so much that he could not even care about reputation, so she did not hear the perfunctory tone in Peter’s tone, and felt that he was following everything. He is very fond of her.

“The doctor said that I will be discharged from the hospital in a few days, and then I will be able to return to Rostenvel. I can finally leave this place.” She doesn’t want to stay in this ghost place for a whole day, and the environment is poor. Like fish market.

Peter raised his head when he heard the words, with a faint tone: “Well, go to the hospital for a good check after you go back.”

“Yeah.” Cathy touched her belly, thinking that Peter’s mother was here yesterday, so she wanted to ask.

Peter’s phone vibrated at this moment.

From Cathy’s perspective, she couldn’t see who was calling Peter. She only saw that Peter’s face sank as he watched the screen, making it very ugly.

Just as Cathy wanted to speak, Peter stood up with his mobile phone: “I’ll go out and answer the phone.”

Although his face was ugly, his tone of voice was still gentle.

Seeing Peter going out, Cathy got out of bed and went out lightly.

She wanted to know who called Peter, but Peter even had to answer it behind her back. Was she afraid that she would hear the conversation?

Peter walked outside the door and picked up the phone, and said impatiently: “I have written all the apology statements, what else do you want?”

Don’t know what the person on the other end of the phone said. Peter’s voice seemed to be even more angry: “Don’t go too far. Although you are the big boss of AdamPic, I have been working hard for AdamPic over the years!”

Cathy, who was standing by the door, widened her eyes in shock when she heard these words.

Several years ago, when the actor Gerald was still alive, he had trouble with AdamPic to terminate the contract. At that time, a person named “XN” appeared, claiming to be the founder of AdamPic, and wrote a long Tweet that Turned the situation around.

This matter is known to the entire Internet, and Cathy naturally knows it.

After that, this mysterious “XN” never appeared again.

And AdamPic has always been in charge of Peter. The founder “XN” has almost no sense of existence, and it almost makes people forget that there is “XN”.

Chapter 1382

And Cathy, like those people, forgot the existence of “XN”, subconsciously thinking that AdamPic has only one boss, that is Peter.

But just now, Peter mentioned “AdamPic’s big boss” on the phone and said something “apology statement”. It sounds like this mysterious “XN” has intervened in the company’s affairs again.

Wait, apology statement?

Is it because of recent events that “XN” asked Peter to write a statement of apology to Tina?

How can he do this!

Just thinking of this possibility, Cathy gritted her teeth with anger.

“Why did you come out?”

Hearing Peter’s voice, Cathy’s thoughts gathered, only to realize that Peter did not know when she had been spotted. He had hung up the phone at this time and was standing by the door looking at her.

Cathy originally followed Peter to eavesdrop, so she only opened the door a gap. Now that Peter found out, she had to open the door.

Cathy heard the content of Peter’s answer just now. Knowing that Peter was getting angry right now, she said softly, “I’m just worried about you…”

“Go in.” It can be seen that Peter’s anger has not disappeared, but he did not get angry at Cathy.

Cathy lowered her head and walked in, a smile overflowing on her lips.

The man she likes is different, even if he gets angry, he won’t be angry with a woman.

Back in the ward, he asked her: “Did you hear what I just said?”

“I just came out. Before I heard what you said, I was discovered by you.” Cathy lied deliberately, just to test if Peter would tell her the truth.

The corners of Peter’s lips conjured up a very slight arc, and you can’t find it if you don’t look carefully.

Not to mention that he was answering this call originally for Cathy to overhear, but Cathy’s trivial trick, he saw it all at a glance.

Still want to test him?

Peter sighed, and said with a blank expression: “Have you heard of’XN’? When Gerald was still in prosperous days, he solved a lot of troubles, and it was XN who came forward to solve it. This matter.”

Cathy pretended to think for a moment, and said: “I have heard that at that time, it was still spread out on the Internet, saying that he was the founder of AdamPic, the big boss behind the scenes, and what his identity…”

“He’s just a hand-off shopkeeper. He has always ignored AdamPic’s affairs. This time it was a bit too much trouble. He called me last night and asked me to write an apology to Tina.”

After Peter finished speaking, he let out a cold snort to express his disdain.

Sure enough, as she thought!

Cathy was angrier than Peter: “This matter is not your fault, why did you write a statement of apology? What’s the matter with him? Unreasonable, but you are the boss of AdamPic, and let you give it to Weber. Tina wrote a statement of apology, is she worthy? Where can you put your face after it spreads out!”

The boss of AdamPic personally wrote a statement of apology. What a shame!

Tina, what does she rely on!

Cathy tried her best, just to hammer her to death, so that Tina could not hang on in the entertainment circle.

But Tina was only scolded by netizens for a day or two. Not only did she turn over and trample her down, but now Peter personally wrote her apologetic statement, making her show off!

Cathy couldn’t swallow this breath anyway!

Peter patted her shoulder: “Don’t be angry, it’s not good for the child.”

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