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Chapter 441

“No!! Blair Elijah, I don’t want it!!!”

Hazel is trembling all over, she doesn’t know if it is because of pain or uncomfortable…

The crying, stern, spread throughout the bedroom.

“Blair Elijah, stop! Stop…oooooh…”

A little bit of blood flows into Blair Elijah’s lips…

He didn’t swallow it but swallowed it bit by bit into his throat.

On the lips, there is a strong smell of blood…

The blood is dark and dark!!!

A little bit, on the arm, spread out!!!.

“Hazel, bear with it, it will be fine soon… Obedient…”

“Blair Elijah…”

The voice of Hazel, shivering, “If you don’t stop, I will bite my tongue and kill myself!!”

With Hazel, Blair Elijah’s figure stiffened, his lips attached to her arms, and he stopped.

After a while, he looked up and looked at her tearful eyes…

Hazel crying like a tearful person, “Blair Elijah, you can’t be so selfish!! Have you ever thought about how I will live alone if you save me? Do I live in guilt or gratitude? Still in the endless thoughts?!!! How can you treat me so selfishly?? Uh…”

Hazel’s hands fell on Blair Elijah’s chest dully.

She was crying, sobbing, and venting the sadness in her heart.

Blair Elijah seemed to understand in an instant, his big hand held her small hand tightly, and apologized dumbly, “Sorry, Hazel…”

“Blair Elijah, do you know that I would rather two people live happily together for three days? I don’t want you to do this for me! Life is full of variables, and no one knows what will happen tomorrow, but we the two still have three days to love each other, why don’t you even want this last time?? You want me to live my whole life, I would rather… as long as these three days!! Blair Elijah, I only need these three who live with you God!! Do you understand?!!!”

Hazel crying messed up.

Tears stained her cheeks and it was messy, but she couldn’t take care of that. The only thing she wanted to do now was to keep the man in front of her, even if it only had three days that was enough!!!


Seeing her endless tears, Blair Elijah felt distressed as if a heart was about to be crushed by her.

The water flowed from the blood-stained eyes.

Warm fingers rubbed her cheeks, “Fool, don’t cry! Do you know how ugly you are now…?”

“I’m sad…Blair Elijah, you are like this, I’m sad…” Hazel grabbed his hand very tightly.

It looked like she was afraid that he would leave once she let go.

“I am sorry…”

Blair Elijah choked up and apologized, “I’m sorry! I shouldn’t ignore your feelings!!”

While wiping her tears, he said with red eyes, “Hazel, you are right, even if there are only three days, we should cherish it, we shouldn’t trample on these three days like this…”

“En!!” Hazel nodded tearfully, the next moment, raised her head, red lips struck Blair Elijah’s sexy thin lips without warning…

Between the lips, the strong smell of blood is accompanied by bitter tears, which is especially uncomfortable…

But the love is very strong!!!

The four lips intersect…

If so, the collision of hearts!!!

With their intertwined lips and teeth, their hearts blended and matched a little bit.

“I didn’t sleep all night last night…”

From the kiss, withdrew, Hazel while holding Blair Elijah’s handsome face, and muttered.

Blair Elijah’s hand gently held her hand and smiled, “I didn’t sleep all night, and I have been thinking about the scene of marrying you today, and I have been thinking that the auditor will ask us some strange questions.”

Hazel’s heart was aching because of his words.

“If we leave this world in three days, I think, my only regret is…I still can’t make you my wife!!”

Blair Elijah’s voice was dumb as if from a valley, muffled, and his heart trembling with a smile.

“Blair Elijah, in the next life! In the next life, let me be your wife again, okay? In the next life, we two will have white hair and eyebrows together, and we will grow old together. In the end, the whole family will be full of children and grandchildren. Let’s never go through so many detours, spare so many circles, waste so much time like in this life…”

Hazel while talking cry again…

Face, buried in his shoulders, hugged him, hissed in pain, “Actually, the most regrettable thing in my life is… not being your wife anymore!!!

“Last night, I didn’t sleep all night! The thought of becoming your wife again today made me so excited that I couldn’t sleep! Blair Elijah, do you know? I thought that after my revenge, we were completely over. I thought my obsession with you should also be gone, but I found that the heart that loves you has never changed!! Even if I resist no matter how much I resist, I still can’t ignore your words and deeds. A move… When you told me that you were going to marry me, do you know how happy I am actually in my heart? I am so happy, really happy…uh…”

“Blair Elijah, I want to be your wife!! In this life, in the next life, in the next life… I will never be separated from you again!! Never again…”


Blair Elijah gently pulled away from the tearful Hazel in his arms. He looked at her with a smile, but there were still tears in his eyes, “Is this your truth?”

“Yes!!! Of course, it is!!!”

“…” Blair Elijah’s throat choked.

No one knows how much touch and happiness he felt when he heard such words…


Suddenly, Blair Elijah knelt on one knee before smiling.

Hazel looked at him in astonishment.

“Elijah, you…what are you doing?”

Blair Elijah slowly pulled out the beautiful red brocade box from his suit, opened it, and placed it in the palm of his hand.

Today, he actually deliberately wore a suit that he thought was the most handsome, but unfortunately, everything did not go according to his plan, and his marriage proposal ceremony completely fell through.

However, this did not affect his sincere heart in the slightest.

He raised his head, dark eyes, and looked at the woman in front of him emotionally.

This, the woman who loved his whole life…

This, the woman he loved to his bones!!!

“The rose is left in the car by me, so there are no flowers for this marriage proposal! But the sincerity remains the same. Hazel, I hold my heart, like this ring, in the palm of my hand and give it to you!!!”


His heart stayed in this diamond wedding ring as early as the days and nights when the ring was made.

Inside, every bit, every drop is full of his sincerity!!!

“Hazel, marry me!!”

Four words…

From between Blair Elijah’s sexy thin lips…

Hazel covered her mouth, couldn’t help but burst into tears.


She was tearful, she nodded and stretched out her right hand to him obediently.

Blair Elijah piously took over…

The ring, slowly, put it on her ring finger…

The size is just right!!!

Elijah laughed, and for a moment, lowered his head, and sincerely dropped a light kiss on her hand.

“Wife, welcome back…”


Three days!!!

When in life, there are only three short days left.

When your love, only the last three days are left…

At that moment, all the reservations, all the worries, all the resentments will be forgotten, and all that is left is the purest and most sincere love, heart!!!

Hazel lying on the bed, sleeping in Blair Elijah’s arms.

She raised her hand, staring at the diamond ring on the ring finger, a little bit fond of it.

“Blair Elijah, this ring is really beautiful…”


Blair Elijah corrected his name.

“Yes!” Hazel obediently corrected her mistake, “husband! This ring is really beautiful, especially this diamond… the goose egg is so big, I like it!!”


Sure enough, women are all material!!! The things they always pay attention to are the most realistic!!!

Hazel’s kiss fell gently on his lips.

The small body lay on his sturdy chest and smiled at him, “You made the ring by yourself?”

“Of course!!” Blair Elijah showed a proud expression, “Can this be fake!”

Hazel smile happily, her heart is more moved and proud, “Well…”

She laughed, turned over from him, and lay her head back on his chest.

“Have we spent three days like this?” Hazel’s hands kept drawing circles on his chest.


Blair Elijah nodded, “If Connor can rescue us in three days, then there is no need to stay here all the time.”

“Husband, although I spent three days with you, I have no regrets, but…I still hope to take a look at Landon and Mom before I leave…”

Speaking of them, Hazel’s face became sad.

Tears kept spinning in the eyes.


Blair Elijah hugged her in, “Hey, this is our first day of marriage. We should be happier, you know? Come on, baby, sleep in my arms! I haven’t slept all night, and now you are the only one all you have to do is to sleep well in your husband’s arms. If you have anything to do, wait until you wake up…”


Hazel into his arms, closed her eyes obediently, and fell asleep.

Sunlight, through the thin curtains, reflected from the outside, spilled on the beautiful pair of people in the room, as if pacing them with a golden afterglow.


Sarah stood in the monitoring room, quietly watching this happy scene…

Unconsciously, the eyes were a little wet.

Under the tulle, the gentle lips finally showed up, with a faint smile.


Brother, probably, this is the last thing Sarah can do for your happiness…

Love, survive in the cracks…

Of course, the branches that grow out are always the most touching, and the most tenacious!!!


As soon as Hazel woke up, she heard that the door was opened and Sarah came in from outside.

“Let us out!!”

Hazel became a little excited.

Sarah only smiled, and without the hostility at the beginning, she only said, “Brother, you can go…”

Chapter 442

Sarah’s words made Hazel and Blair Elijah two people on the spot.

“What do you mean?” Blair Elijah frowned in confusion.

Sarah smiled softly, “Brother, I lied to you for that poison! I thought it would take you at least three days to open up your hearts, but it turns out that giving you one day is enough. I knew I should be called the One-Day Death Pill. !”

“So…” Hazel looked at Sarah in disbelief.

And so…

What happened to them was just a farce?

Is it just a farce?!

“Brother! I know that I shouldn’t take the initiative to arrest you, but I heard Brother Evan say that there has been a lack of a catalyst between you, so I had to…”

After considering it, it seems that only she is the most suitable to act as the strong and powerful catalyst between them!!!

Sarah looked at the wounds on their arms, a little apologetic, “Brother, you are too smart, so I have to act more realistically…”

Hearing Sarah’s explanation, Blair Elijah couldn’t laugh or cry, his emotions couldn’t get out of the situation just now.

“Is this just a play?”

“Of course!”

Sarah smiled faintly, “Brother Connor also knows, so you sent him a satellite location, but he didn’t respond for a long time. That’s why.”

“…” No wonder!!!

So, is he now being cheated by all his brothers?

But, do these bastards know that today is a big day for Blair Elijah?!!!

“Sarah, this play is very realistic! But…the effect is pretty good!”

Blair Elijah had to admit this.

His hand has been holding Hazel’s hand tightly.

Between the fingers, the diamond is dazzling…

At least, because of this play, the emotion that Hazel has been sinking in her chest exploded.

Otherwise, as Evan said, without this catalyst, even if he marries her home, there is probably still a long way to go to chase his wife!

At least, to let her open up to love will be something he has been trying to do!

Looking at Sarah, Hazel couldn’t say a word, whether it was thank you or something else.

There are too many entanglements between the two women, it is difficult to eliminate with one sentence…

However, even though she was traumatized in this matter today, as Blair Elijah said, the effect is pretty good!

At least, let her understand a little…

Love, at the moment!!!

“Sister Hazel, I have always wanted to tell you something…” Sarah looked at Hazel and said swiftly.

“Sarah?” Blair Elijah called to her.

Sarah smiled and apologized, “Five years ago, I had a miscarriage, but… the father of the child is not my brother! I deliberately fabricated it…”

Sarah’s words made Blair Elijah relieved without a trace.

Hazel’s chest rose and fell slightly…

But, soon, she returned to nature.

She raised her lips and smiled, “The past is not important anymore…”

Yes!!! After experiencing a catastrophe of life and death, she will find how stupid she is, who has been holding on to the past!!!

“If I hold on to the pain, how can I free my hands to hold on to the happiness now?”

Hazel smiled and said, with tears in her eyes, her small hand tightly held Blair Elijah’s big hand, “So, no matter what happened in the past, everything has passed…The only thing to do now is happiness, look forward to happiness!!!”

“Sarah, no matter what it used to be, but today…thank you…”

Hazel thank her.

Very sincere!!!

If it weren’t for her, perhaps, she would have been suppressing the love in her heart.

Similarly, many emotions cannot be so relieved…

“Let’s go…”

Sarah’s voice seemed a little choked.

Eyes, falling on their tightly clasped hands, obviously should be happy, but the faint astringency in her heart still cannot be ignored.

Brother, if you can…

Please get the happiness that belongs to me!!!

You must be happy…


Standing at the door, looking at the dazzling sunlight in the sky.

Hazel couldn’t help taking a deep breath, “Blair Elijah, it’s good to be alive…”


Blair Elijah reminded her.

“Ah…” Hazel suddenly seemed to think of something, “What time is it?”

“Three o’clock…” After saying that, Blair Elijah also seemed to remember something, and ran away after holding Hazel, “It shouldn’t be too late!!”


The two quickly rushed towards the Civil Affairs Bureau.

Along the way, Blair Elijah called Evan, “Sarah, must be you bastard who came up with that bad idea?”

“Oh! Blair, what are you excited about!!”

Evan on the phone didn’t take it seriously, “Being a brother, it’s not for your kid’s sexual happiness!”

“I thank you!! I can tell you, this young master is getting married today, if I can’t make the last bus, you will wait to die when I come back!!”

After Blair Elijah finished speaking, he hung up the phone without waiting for Evan to answer.


“Eh! What did Blair say? Did the thief thank us?” Connor looked around with excitement, “Connor, your brain can come up with such an awesome way!”

Evan glanced at Connor dully, “Blair Elijah said, today is his…the day of his wedding…”

“What?” Connor was also shocked, “Evan, did I hear you right?”

“No, he also said, if he can’t make the last bus, we will all have to die when he comes back!!”


Connor swallowed his saliva, “That is to say… our good deeds weren’t done so that we ruined their marriage?”

There was silence.


Suddenly, Evan slapped his thigh and shouted.

“You think if we didn’t help and ruined the marriage of that guy, what would he do? If that’s the case, now I guess I was kicked by that guy, you see now? It’s still good now!!” Evan proudly patted his extra-strong door when he was talking. He made it stronger back then to prevent his brothers like wolves, “Not only this door is good, that guy he only made a phone call and vented a few words! What does this prove? It proves that our plan was not wasted in vain!! That bastard, he still selling for a bargain!!”

“Yes!!! It must be so!!!” Connor nodded in agreement.


In the Civil Affairs Bureau.

The two people submitted the divorce certificate, and at that moment, the whole heart was relieved.

When taking pictures…

“Come on, smile…”

The cameraman’s brother commanded.

“Sir, please smile a little.”


Could it be because of the remarriage that he doesn’t even smile?! Brother cameraman pondered.

But he doesn’t know, he has a poker face.

“Sir, are you married? Smile a little…” From a professional perspective, the cameraman had no intention of giving up.

Blair Elijah raised his thick sword eyebrows slightly.

Thin lips, uplifted, the smile was like a freeze.

God knows how much he hates taking pictures!!!


When he laughed, why is it like crying?!

The cameraman on the opposite side couldn’t deal with Hazel’s husband. He was a little anxious. If this continues, it will be dark.

It seems that just let her do the killer.


She smiled and held the face of Elijah beside her, “Today we were all nine dead, and we finally escaped to get married. Are you unhappy? Don’t laugh.”

Every woman has a secret weapon that God has given her…

That is, acting like a baby!!!

With that soft tone, the crunchy posture, plus the electric current…

Such a weapon, dare to ask how many men in this world can dodge?! Even if it is Blair Elijah, he can’t!!!

“My wife, how can I be unhappy! I am smiling!!”

He laughed happily, but unfortunately, he just smiled at his wife.

On the opposite side, the cameraman’s brother was already trembling with the numbness in front of him.

“Come on, husband, face the camera!”

Hazel broke his handsome face and turned towards the camera, and then, without warning, lightly printed a kiss on his cheek…

Hazel, immediately start…



So beautiful!!!

This is simply the most beautiful couple he has ever photographed!!!

“Thank you!” Hazel took the photo from the cameraman’s eldest brother and took her husband who was immersed in happiness and went out beautifully.

Not long after, the two people happily walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, holding a small red book.

“My wife, we will never come to this shabby place again…”


Crossing the river and demolishing the bridge, this is the kind of person!!!

“Yeah!!” Hazel nodded like smashing garlic.

“Photography or something, suffer alive! Never again for the third time!!”


“Have to!!”

Remember the first time…

Someone is also holding a face, she wouldn’t dare to say a word to him at that time, Hazel laughed, and if he didn’t laugh, she could only follow him.

Remember the auditor asked, “Do you two love each other?”

As a result, he replied, “This is our business. Does it have anything to do with others?”

The auditor asked, “When is your wife’s birthday?”

As a result, he didn’t shy away from squatting and smiling, and said, “You tell him.”

Don’t mention how arrogant and impatient he was then!!!

Now that she thinks about it, Hazel feels extremely funny.

In the car-

Blair Elijah’s mood seems to have always been very cheerful.

Light music poured out from the CD box, and Blair Elijah’s pretty fingers were dancing on the steering wheel to the rhythm.

“Hazel…” Blair Elijah yelled at Hazel while she still studying the marriage certificate.

She always wants to see if the two certificates of newly married and remarried are slightly different.

“En?” Hazel picked up her head from the marriage certificate and looked at Blair Elijah in astonishment.

“What kind of wedding do you want?” Blair Elijah asked her suddenly.

“Huh?” Hazel.

Her heart jumped for a second…


This is her, the long-awaited scene…


“When are you going to have the wedding?” Hazel turned to ask him.

“Of course the sooner the better.” Blair Elijah smiled towards her lips. Now that he wants to come, he looks forward to their extraordinary wedding of the century!!!

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