CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1383 – 1384

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Chapter 1383

Cathy’s calculations failed completely, she couldn’t control her temper at all, and couldn’t pretend that she was considerate and gentle.

“How can I be upset? Why do you listen to that ghost founder so much? You have paid so much for AdamPic to sacrifice this life for him. Has he ever thought about it for you? In the end, he forced you to use big money. Write a statement of apology, embarrassed!”

Peter understood, Cathy said, only to feel that she was ashamed, and felt that she had written an apology to Tina, not as she had hoped.

In short, in Cathy’s view, she has done nothing wrong, it is all other people’s wrong.

Peter has been in contact with many women over the years, including all kinds of female artists at work.

This was the first time he encountered a stupid and ignorant woman like Cathy, who was insatiable and thoughtless.

He is almost impatient.

Peter showed a mocking smile: “Yes, he made me lose face, what do you think I should do to him?”

Cathy reacted somewhat with hindsight, and she actually lost her temper at Peter just now.

She took a peek at Peter and found that his expression was very pale, and she couldn’t tell if he was angry.

She changed her mind, and felt that Peter could not be angry with her, so she boldly tested and said: “I see, you can just snatch AdamPic.”

She deliberately said this in a self-willed tone. If Peter could hear it, she would be able to remedy it in time if he didn’t have this idea.

A look of disgust flashed through Peter’s eyes, but his tone was unusually gentle: “I think you make a lot of sense.”

Cathy was overjoyed: “Really?”

She had always dreamed of becoming the wife of the CEO of AdamPic, but today’s events let her know that AdamPic doesn’t just belong to Peter.

Although Peter’s family is also rich, his family’s company is, after all, in charge of Peter’s father. In addition, AdamPic is also the leader of the entertainment industry, and the title of the wife of AdamPic’s CEO is also very good.

“Of course it is true. For our children, I will also strive for it.” Peter’s gaze fell meaningfully on Cathy’s belly.

Don’t bear it, wait until the paternity test, you don’t have to see this disgusting face again.

Cathy also stretched out her hand to touch her stomach and smiled satisfied: “My baby and I will be fine.”

Peter laughed, that’s right.

The child must be well.


“I can’t understand what Peter said.” Alyssa turned her head and looked at Karl who was sitting in front of the computer and reading the files.

Just now, Peter suddenly called Karl over.

Karl was reading the file, and his mobile phone happened to be in Alyssa’s hand, and Alyssa answered the phone for him.

But after the call was connected, she didn’t say a word, and Peter crackled and started to say.

What an apology statement, and what is it, don’t go too far, he worked for AdamPic or something.

These words came out of Peter, but Alyssa really couldn’t understand them.

She threw the phone to Karl and muttered in a low voice, “How come he has been caught in an evil recently.”

Karl turned on the phone, and after looking up the trending search list, he handed it to Alyssa again.

Alyssa stayed up late for a meeting last night and didn’t have time to read Twitter. When she came back tonight, she just asked Karl if there was any new news about Tina. Karl saw that she was so tired, so naturally he wanted her to rest, so he didn’t tell. Peter issued an apology statement.

Chapter 1384

The trending search of Peter’s apology statement is still on the list. Although it is not as hot as the one just issued last night, it is still in the top ten.

Peter himself is very hot. He issued an apology statement for such a big thing, naturally it is impossible to go down all at once.

After reading the apology statement issued by Peter, Alyssa suddenly realized: “It turned out to be so, but… listening to what he meant, it seemed to be saying that you forced him to write an apology statement?”

Alyssa knew that it was impossible for Karl to force Peter to write an apology statement. Besides, Karl had already sent AdamPic to Peter, and the inexplicable things Peter said made her feel puzzled.

Karl glanced at Alyssa, “I’m full?”

“It’s also possible. You said yesterday that you were boring. Let me go out with you.” Alyssa put her hands on the table and looked at Karl with a smile.

Karl paused, pulled the laptop aside, turned the back of the boss’s chair to look at the documents, and ignored her.


Alyssa said that he was naive, and then deliberately walked around to the other side to face Karl: “Quickly tell me, what exactly is Peter going to do.”

Karl closed the computer: “He wants to prove his innocence.”

Alyssa snorted coldly, “What innocence does he have.”

Karl: “That’s why he needs proof.”

“…It makes sense.” Alyssa nodded: “He wanted to prove his innocence, so he asked Tina to hang up on the Internet and be scolded, and give you some inexplicable phone calls?”

Alyssa has always been on Tina’s side.

Karl recalled his brotherhood with Peter in his mind, and decided to explain it for Peter’s happiness.

“Keep Cathy’s child for a paternity test.”

After Alyssa heard it, she understood.

“Cathy said that this child belongs to Peter, and the time is right, so it is difficult to say clearly. If Peter does not admit that this child is his, with Cathy’s temperament, even if the child is lost, she will not cooperate with Peter. When doing a paternity test, Peter never stops doing it, pretending to be in love with Cathy and gaining her trust, is that right?”

After Alyssa finished speaking, she turned to look at Karl.

Karl nodded, got up and walked aside to drink water.

Alyssa followed him behind him like a small tail, and continued to discuss with him: “Then Peter is too miserable. Every day, he talks to a woman who he doesn’t like. Should we as friends visit him?”

Karl poured the water and stuffed it into Alyssa’s hands: “You want to see his jokes, right.”

His tone is very determined.

Alyssa smiled: “I really care about him.”

Karl didn’t believe it at all.

Alyssa pursued him again and asked, “If you are Peter, do you think there is a better way to deal with this matter?”

She thought for a while and felt as if there was no other way.

Karl said quietly: “Are you complimenting him or scolding me?”

“Huh?” Alyssa was stunned for a moment, and realized that Karl was saying that he could not meet Peter’s situation, and he still felt that Peter was incomparable to him.

Alyssa said seriously: “Why are you getting more and more narcissistic now, I will say if!”

Karl’s tone was indifferent: “I am responsible for what I have done. There is no if.”

Alyssa pouted: “It’s boring to talk to you, I’ll call Tina.”

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