CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1399 – 1400

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Chapter 1399

Maria was originally looking at Tina vigilantly, but now she is fierce with Tina, and her temper has also risen: “Why are you fierce? You are taking advantage of me. Be careful when I sue you for s3xual assault and harassment.”

Tina rolled her eyes and said, “You are too worthy of yourself. If I’m really gay, I won’t look for you. You have no brains, no gentleness, and you can’t cook, just look like that.”

If she really likes women, she might as well find Alyssa, who is gentle and beautiful, can cook, and is smart.

“You…” Maria was scolded by Tina, so angry that she couldn’t speak.

Tina hugged her arms and said indifferently: “I didn’t k!ss you. You were drunk like a dead pig. I helped you to take a taxi. As a result, you couldn’t stand still and threw on me. You’d better cooperate with me to clarify, and don’t be conceited.”

This kind of thing can be big or small, and a little troublesome.

Tina is a public figure anyway, and it is not a small problem.

However, Maria is just an amateur and a highly educated returnee expert. Most of the Chinese people do not accept homos3xuality, so Maria will definitely be affected.

Maria also knew the seriousness of the matter, and did not quarrel with Tina: “I know.”

When the voice fell, the cold cell phone vibrated.

It was a call from Stephanie.

Stephanie also called before, but Tina was asleep, the phone did not ring, it was vibrating, so she did not hear it, and did not receive the call.

Stephanie called naturally because of trending searches.

“Ms. Tina…”

“I know what you are asking, it is purely a rumor, the photo is misplaced.”

“No…” Stephanie coughed lightly and interrupted Tina’s words: “Today’s announcement has been canceled. The company said that we should return to the company for a meeting.”

Tina was silent for a moment, and asked, “Cancel the notice, Peter?”

Stephanie sighed: “It was Assistant Rubin who called me.”

Upon hearing Rubin’s name, Tina was able to determine that this was Peter’s idea again, and hung up the phone directly.

Maria listened clearly to Tina’s words. As soon as Tina hung up the phone, she curiously asked, “Peter canceled your notice again and let you stop work?”

No matter how you listen, there is a sense of sympathy in it.

Tina was also a little depressed, staring at Maria: “You don’t worry about it.”

“I’m just curious.” After Maria finished speaking, her mobile phone rang.

Seeing the call, Maria’s complexion changed slightly. Tina leaned over and saw the word “dad” in the remarks. She smiled badly: “Take care, Miss George.”

Maria: “…”

Maria explained to her dad for a long time before she convinced her dad that the trending search was a misunderstanding.

“I’m going back to the company now. You have to ask someone to adjust the surveillance at the entrance of the bar. It is prone to accidents at the entrance of the bar, so there are surveillance in all directions, and then adjust the video. I will come forward to clarify. There will be reporters looking for you, be careful.”

Tina quickly gave instructions and went to the company.

“Hello, Miss Weber.”

“Ms. Weber…”

As soon as Tina entered the company, people passing by greeted her, but these people looked at her a little strange.

They must have known the trending search.

Entering the elevator, Tina stretched out her hand to support her forehead, which was the fault of meddling.

This was so strange that Stephanie didn’t know how to comfort Tina, so she had to pat Tina on the shoulder: “It’s okay, Ms. Tina, I believe you.”

Chapter 1400

In the huge conference room, there were only two people, Tina and Peter.

Peter sat at the desk, staring deep at Tina, without saying a word, just staring at her who was sitting opposite him.

Tina and him stared at each other so that their eyes were a little dry. She blinked, moved her necks, and said, “Mr. Grant, did you come to play ‘One Two Three Wooden Men’ with me?”

Peter finally moved and changed his posture, but his eyes were still locked on her.


He seemed to ponder it for a long time, but when he opened his mouth, he seemed to hesitate.

Tina chuckled, “Mr. Grant, when did you become hesitant in your speech?”

One by one, “Mr. Grant” heard Peter’s heart irritated. He took a deep breath and seemed to make up his mind: “Is this the reason you rejected me?”

“Huh?” Tina was stunned for a while.

She came today ready to quarrel with him.

After all, he canceled her announcement again.

But he kept silent, and when he opened his mouth, there were such endless words.

Peter felt a little embarrassed. When reminding her, he turned his head aside: “Maria.”

He has thought of many reasons for Tina to reject him, but he never thought it would be because Tina didn’t like men…

Although he didn’t believe it and found it ridiculous in the trending search, if he didn’t ask Tina face to face and didn’t get a negative answer, he would have no bottom in his heart and would remain uneasy.

Tina shook her hand, thinking that she had heard it wrong.

She looked at Peter in disbelief: “You…”

Peter gave a light cough, concealed his embarrassment, and said quickly: “I…just a routine question, of course I believe you are not…”

Tina grinned back: “Yes, I like Maria, okay?”

Peter: “…”

Tina rolled her eyes and couldn’t help but scold him: “Is your brain be eaten by a dog, or did you give it to Cathy?”

Peter paused, then laughed, and said warmly, “You don’t be angry.”

“What’s the matter with the announcement?” Tina turned her head and didn’t look at him.

Peter knew what she was thinking when he looked at her expression, and explained aloud: “It was the company over there that called to cancel the notice, not me.”

She was directly exposed to the thoughts in his heart, and he didn’t feel embarrassed: “I know, I’m leaving without anything else.”

“Wait.” Peter stopped her.

Tina looked back and asked him what else was going on.

Peter looked into her eyes, his tone low, as if showing weakness: “There are still two months left. Your contract expires. Do you not consider renewing it?”

Tina was silent for a moment, and said very seriously: “No more consideration.”

She said she was leaving, but she heard footsteps behind her, accompanied by Peter’s urgent voice: “The kind of thing on the set will not happen again. The new contract will favor you more, and you will have greater autonomy. …”

Tina didn’t look back: “Thank you.”

This means that she still insists on not renewing the contract.

Peter stood there and didn’t move forward.

In the situation on the set at that time, he asked Tina to suspend work in order to gain the trust of Cathy.

But after all, a rift was opened in the already weak relationship between him and Tina.

In the beginning, he used some means to sign Tina to AdamPic, thinking that it was a new start for the two.

However, not only did it have no new beginning, but it came to an end.

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