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Chapter 1401

The conversation with Peter was much calmer than Tina imagined.

After she tactfully rejected his proposal to renew the contract, he didn’t force it anymore. Both of them stopped talking, and ended the conversation in a stagnant atmosphere.

When she turned to go out, Tina walked to the door and stopped.

“Peter, although very unpleasant things have happened recently, I know you haven’t really blame me, nor have I really been angry with you. In my heart, you are still the good neighbor who was righteous and kind when I was a kid. The big brother.”

Tina’s voice is very soft, but it is full of strange penetrating power, passing through the air, and also through Peter’s heart.

Very calm, falling apart.

Until Tina left, Peter still stiffened and sat motionless in the boss chair.

During this period, he felt tormented every day when he saw Cathy, so he always used a long time to imagine the scene after he solved Cathy and apologized to Tina.

Tina is stubborn, hard-mouthed and soft-hearted.

She would certainly not forgive him so easily.

But Tina’s words just now clearly told him that she knew he was not such a person, and she knew that he might have other difficulties for letting her stop work, but she chose to forgive him without asking why.

She didn’t care what the reason was.

He has also been reflecting on himself from time to time recently. If he can be decisive and resolute like Karl, would he let himself fall into such a dilemma?

In fact, he and Tina are both confident people, and they are too confident, so confident that when the cracks and injuries are in front of them, they realize that it is too late.

Some remedies are useless if they expire.


After coming out of Peter’s office, Tina went to the bathroom.

She slowly washed her hands, looked at the mournful self in the mirror, sighed slightly, and snorted: “It’s nothing.”

She lowered her head and washed her face, and when she raised her head, the expression on her face returned to her usual self-confidence and pride.

She is desolate.

She was carefree in childhood. Lived in an unassuming manner when she was a teenager. When she was in her 20s, she had a beloved career.

In her past, most of the time she was satisfied.

Except for a little mistake in the relationship.

Compared with the family of Alyssa, her life has been much luckier than Alyssa.

However, she still admired her very much.

If she can, who doesn’t want a unique love in this world?

We all know that love is a good thing, but not everyone has it.

Tina chuckled, tidying up her hair and clothes, and turned and walked out.

At the corner of the corridor, she met Stephanie who came to her in a hurry.

“Ms. Tina, you are here! I finally found you.” When Stephanie saw her, she smiled.

“In a hurry, something is going on?” Tina looked calm, and she swept away the feelings of self-pity and sorrow.

“That’s it, your scandal with Maria has been clarified. Someone posted a clarified surveillance video, which is now on trending search…”

Tina walked while listening to Stephanie’s words. After listening, she said, “Maria moves very fast.”

“It was Maria who found the video to clarify. Then she moved very fast. I thought it was the company who made the move.” Stephanie murmured.

After hearing this, Tina took out her cell phone and called Maria.

Chapter 1402

Maria answered the phone quickly.

“I saw it on the trending search. I was planning to adjust the monitoring. You move faster than me, but don’t think I will thank you.”

Before Tina spoke, Maria said a lot.

It turned out that the monitoring was not adjusted by Maria.

It’s right to think about it. She and Maria left home at the same time. Not long after she arrived at AdamPic, the clarification video on Twitter appeared and quickly became popular. Maria’s speed was not so fast.

Tina didn’t talk nonsense with Maria and hung up the phone directly.

“You hang up without saying a word?” Stephanie asked her.

Tina raised her eyebrows: “There is no need to waste time playing the piano to the cow.”

“What did my cousin tell you? You didn’t come out until so long.” Stephanie looked at Tina as if she was bullied, she would go to Peter to fight.

Tina patted her head: “Okay, don’t be so hostile to your cousin, he is good enough to you.”

Stephanie looked puzzled: “Why are you suddenly helping him speak.”

Tina asked her, “I don’t you know what kind of person your cousin is?”

“Clear, my cousin is a sc*mbag.” Stephanie said solemnly.

Tina paused for a while before blurting out two words: “…Alright!”

Stephanie: “Isn’t he a sc*mbag?”

Tina has changed the subject: “The announcement has also been canceled. Go home and sleep.”

Stephanie said quietly, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to sleep.”

“Why, isn’t the announcement canceled?” Tina looked at Stephanie, “Are there any new announcements?”

Stephanie’s expression is a bit complicated: “There is a reality show variety show that wants to find you.”

Tina continued to move forward and said: “What kind of variety show is so terrible, it seems that your expression is brave and righteous.”

Stephanie: “In fact, it’s just an ordinary reality show. If you don’t usually create characters, there will be no problems with reality shows.”

Tina had seen through Stephanie a long time ago: “What are you doing hesitantly, if you have something to say all at once.”

Stephanie coughed slightly: “This variety show also invited Cathy.”

Recently, Tina and Cathy have been making a lot of trouble. No one in the entertainment industry knows, but this program group is looking for her and Cathy on the show at the same time. This is obviously to cause trouble.

Nowadays, variety shows are really getting more and more daring.

For the sake of heat and fire, it is enough to fight.

Tina asked Stephanie with a look of interest: “Which company’s variety show?”

Stephanie’s eyes widened: “Ms. Tina, don’t you really want to participate, do you?”

“Just show me the information about this variety show.” She wanted to see which variety show was so bold.

Since the company is all right, Tina went home directly.

She was habitually thinking about ordering takeaways. After thinking about it, she had to forget it. Anyway, I didn’t notice in the past two days, so I decided to toss some food by myself.

During the New Year, she was about to learn how to cook, but Peter’s shameless visit to the door also disrupted her plan.

She made a simple lunch according to the recipe. As soon as she made it, Stephanie called and said, “Ms. Tina, I sent you the information about the variety show. You can take a look.”


Tina hung up the phone, sat at the dining table, and prepared to watch while eating.

The name of this variety show is “My Life and Me”. It looks like an observation show, but the way of inviting guests is a bit difficult to describe.

Three couples, three singles, showing different lifestyles of being single and in love.

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