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Chapter 451

Amelia carried the big satchel back to the luxurious villa and ran straight to the bedroom that belonged to her.

Correct! Amelia lives in a luxurious villa, and the money in her pocket is always too much to spend. In her life, she never has to worry about food or clothing, because she has a rich stepmother, and, the woman was afraid that she would lose her beautiful face, so she always dressed her up beautifully, just to show her beautiful, lovely and gentle “daughter” in front of others.

When she was a child, Amelia never understood why her little mother hated her, the daughter born from her husband and other loves so much, but was still willing to help them raise her. It was not until later that she understood that her stepmother was a woman who only eats grapes but does not spit out grape seeds, that is, she is unable to give birth at all. To take into account the face of Olivia in the business world, she is helpless, so she has to bring back the wild species that her father left behind, that is, her…

Fortunately, she was only a few years old at that time, saying that she had only stayed abroad for five years, and she was able to block other people’s gossip.

As soon as Amelia entered the room, she threw off the big bag on her shoulder.

She sighed, so tired…

Open the satchel and lift the lower two corners slightly, “Bang Pang Pang -” All the items in the bag crashed and fell straight down, and fell on the corner table with a crisp sound, which was very noisy. It sounds so sweet to Amelia’s ears.

Finally, everything fell, Amelia bent her knees and leaned on the table, holding her big eyes, happily counting the results of her hard work.

Green arrow chewing gum, precious eye drops, seven-degree space sanitary napkins, heart-printed toilet paper, small hair dryer, and avoid-pregnancy-set… a whole big box!

Amelia held a whole box and curiously placed it in her little hand to play with.

“Avoid-pregnancy-cocks…” She turned over slightly, tilted her head back, and leaned on the low table, with her messy and slightly curly hair lying lazily on the table. Holding up the box in her hand, murmured various funny words carefully and carefully.

She had been stealing for five years, and it was the first time she had stolen such a fun thing as contraception.

At the age of fifteen, she can still basically understand the profound meaning of the three words “avoid-pregnancy-box”, but she is only half-knowledge about their practical use, or even basically puzzled. So, this thing inevitably makes her slightly curious.

“En…Ah…” Suddenly, a woman’s excitement-excited voice, intertwined with the man’s thick-heavy gasp-breathing sound occasionally penetrated the bedroom door, straight into Amelia’s ears. She drew back her erratic thoughts violently.

Amelia’s eyebrows are slightly picked, which is a bit playful, but more, gloating!

The same drama, except that today is a little unusual, just because a protagonist has been changed!

When did that man know how to take other women home!

With her ear power, she dared to predict that the woman who entangled with men in the next room would never be her little mother because her voice would not be so soft, she is the kind of demon-beautiful wild bobcat type woman.

“Ah -” swiftly, with a splash of water, the harsh screams of men and women echoed.

“Olivia, are you crazy!” A dull curse belonged to the man who provided the sperm to let her come to the world.

“Ava, you bitch, dare to run to my house to seduce my man! You are too shameless!!!” The crazy curses continued, listening to the voice, it seemed that there was still a war going on at any time Posture.

Ava… Ava?

Her mother? The woman who gave birth to her?

The corners of her lips twitched, and she was a little surprised, but she did not expect that she would be bold enough to follow this man into the room.

To be able to bring her back, it seems that this cowardly man is going to promise her an imaginative future.

But, would they think of her stepmother too tenderly?

Tender? Amelia shrugged and chuckled lightly, and when she used it on that woman, she ruined these two words.

“Slap…” Clear applause was deafening.

Amelia’s petite body trembled for no reason.

This slap must have fallen on that charming beauty. Who made her stepmother like to slap people?

Throwing the things in her hands to the small table boringly, got up, walked to the drinking fountain, got a cup of warm water, took a leisurely sip, turned on the computer, and was ready to start her DOTO fighting game.

She has no interest in what is happening outside the house now!

“He’s my husband!” In the room, Ava held her bloated and flushed face and stared at the mad woman with tears. The confrontation voice answered sonorously, and the light in her eyes was no longer the past gentleness. Rather, hatred is awe-inspiring.

She hated, hated this woman, took her husband away by the power of her family, and made her fall down to the point where she could only rely on compensated dating to make ends meet!

“Slap…” There was another crisp sound, “Your husband? Even if you dare to step on my Olivia’s head? Haha, believe it or not, I will let you two bring the little oil bottle next door and see you together Tomorrow’s sun is not here!!” Olivia sternly scolded, laughing wildly.

“Olivia, you lunatic!!” William roared angrily at his mad wife.

After that, he quickly pulled a coat on Ava, who was half-naked, and no longer looked at Olivia, who was frantically staring at the bedside with red and blood pupils, hugged Ava and left.

“Ava, does it hurt?”

“Ava, don’t cry, don’t worry, I said, I will never make you wronged again!”


For a long time, there was a sharp and weird cry…

“Asshole!!! Booth William, I will ruin everything for you! You wait for me!!!”

The trembling voice, with arrogance, madness, and unwillingness and jealousy!!!

She, Olivia’s most favored eldest lady, actually lost to a prostitute girl, a nasty prostitute girl in love!!!

Booth William, I will destroy everything you have…including, your woman!

Amelia in the room took a sip of water, lifted her lips, and smiled coldly.

She believes that this woman can do what she says because she is cruel!!!

Suddenly, a mad figure passed by her door and left without a slight pause.

Amelia glanced, and then felt relieved.

However, in the next instant, a disheveled woman rushed into her room frantically.

In the future, she had to wait for her to regain her senses. A woman’s palm grabbed Amelia’s fluffy curly hair like a vent. The next second, the other palm slapped her fiercely and slapped her pink face without any explanation. Slapped.

The blushing little face suddenly turned into a weird and coquettish blush, and the beautiful cheeks began to swell up, which was dazzling.

“Your face looks the same as that stinky bitch, sorrow! A fox eye can seduce men!” Olivia dragged Amelia’s curls to vent her anger and swayed, the more force between her fingers the tighter she came, the hatred expression on her face became more and more distorted.

“Bha…” Another harsh applause fell on Amelia’s bloated left cheek, and suddenly a fiery sting was caused.

A faint bloodshot faintly appeared through Amelia’s white skin.

“You stupid hoof, stealing things for the old lady again, is it not enough to be embarrassed and shameful? Today I have to teach you this stupid-you can’t!” Olivia saw the small table in the corner, scattered in pieces. There was another pile of things, and the bottom of her heart was raging, and the anger did not strike.

“Sister Sophia, bring your feather duster in for me!!” With a sharp roar outside the door, after a while, Sister Sophia holding the feather duster appeared tremblingly at the door.

Soon, there was a harsh and cruel sound of ‘beating…’ one after another muffled sound in Amelia’s room.

One sound, crueler than one sound, one more painful than another!

It seems, still glowing red blood…

“Let you steal things…”

“Let you commit-cheap!”

“Let you grab a man from me!!”

“Kill you, kill your daughter…”


The harsh and mean curses were accompanied by cruel lashes, one after another, endless…

Amelia just bit her sore lips tightly, frowning her eyebrows, staring at her, full of hatred.

The small body swayed numbly and tremblingly as she struck hard…

She is still stubborn, not crying, not crying, not begging for mercy, even more, not fighting back! Just, watching, remembering this distorted face for a lifetime!

Let this woman vent her deep resentment towards that man and woman!

This is what she has given back to this woman for her nurturing grace over the past ten years.

In the house, the servants were frightened and shook their heads again and again. What a grievance, what a grievance!!!

Such a small child has to endure such great pain and censure!!!

After a long time…

At last…

Everything, quiet down.

The curse, cut off!

Slap, stop!!!

Burton Olivia disheveled her hair and her eyes were red.

Holding a feather duster stained with blood in her hand, her eyes were hollow and blurred, and she walked out of Amelia’s room dazzlingly.

She was panting heavily, breathless, sweat kept coming out of her forehead.

The force was a little too heavy just now, so that, after a long time, Burton Olivia’s body began to feel a little overwhelmed.

In the bedroom

Faintly, full of a faint smell of blood…

In the corner, Amelia’s petite body curled up tremblingly inside.

Trembling, twitching, red and coquettish blood…

The whole body was painful to cramps, tearing pain, and she could no longer stand up.

The shirt was already in tatters, and against the fleshy skin, there was bloody nausea.

Glowing with pale flesh and blood, melted with red blood, following her white tender skin, a little bit of downward stroke…

Drop by drop, it fell on the pale Persian carpet, faintly fainted, forming fascinating… bloody flowers!!!

She still didn’t cry…

It’s just that the corners of her eyes are slightly red, and the beautiful eyebrows have been trembling and twitching…

For many days after that, she never saw her nominal father again.

That woman, Burton Olivia, was also depressed.

Chapter 452

She always sits alone on the sofa in the living room, from the beginning of the sun to the setting sun, and then to…the dark and quiet night.

All-day long, without saying a word, her complexion became pale day by day, and the once gorgeous face seemed to become more and more haggard.

Even her usual passionate game was suddenly interrupted!

Occasionally, she raised her eyes and looked out of the French window with a blank look, with a little anxiety…

Amelia couldn’t understand the meaning of her derailed behavior, and even more, couldn’t understand the woman’s mind. However, she even more unintentionally understood.

All of these have nothing to do with her!

She will always be alone!

Even if she lost her life, no one would ever care about it, and no one would ever do so, waiting and waiting!!!

It was night, two o’clock in the morning.

Olivia was buried in the bedding, tossing and turning.

Tonight, she had insomnia!

It’s too weird. After 15 years of life, she felt insomnia for the first time.

Heartbeat, a little depressed, breathing, like a faint, a little painful.

“Miss, miss…find…found my uncle…” Suddenly, in the quiet house, a man’s panic shout sounded.

Amelia was startled and subconsciously bounced off the bed.

Amelia’s big eyes looked hollowly in front of the black hole, and her heart was inexplicably flustered, beating quickly.

After a while, in the corridor outside the room, messy and eager footsteps sounded.

“Where…Where? Back…he hasn’t come back…” Anxious footsteps and trembling questioning were heard vaguely from the top of the stairs.

Belongs to Burton Olivia.

“Little…Miss, they called and said…sent at the beach…found my uncle, and also, they said, please…please ask the young lady and the young lady to go there in person…” Turning his head, he tremblingly slammed downstairs, reporting everything on the phone with a trembling voice, but his speech seemed a little unclear.

In the next instant, Amelia pulled off the quilt, jumped onto the bed, and went straight to the door.

She had always felt that everything about this man had nothing to do with her, Amelia.

Because even the man who provided her with sperm could not see her existence at all. Every day, he allowed other women to lash and beat her fiercely, and he would always just choose to sit on the sidelines, because, in his eyes, only the woman, the woman named Ava!!!

“Prepare… prepare the car…” Burton Olivia’s voice trembled.

For the first time, she didn’t blame the servants for being illegible…

For the first time, she did not refute the servant’s ‘unreasonable’ request…

It was also the first time that she let Amelia go and got in the car together.


The pungent salty smell poured into the nose without mercy, choking the throat a little uncomfortable.

The sea breeze swept across Amelia’s pale cheeks, fiercely, slapped against the rocks on the sea surface layer by layer, making a terrifying scream after another, one more horrible than another…and one more panic…

The strong sea breeze messed up her fluffy curly hair. She stood in the sea breeze in a thin body, staring blankly at the… two corpses lying on the beach!!!

The man grasped the woman’s small hand, clasped his fingers, clenched so tightly that he couldn’t even find a trace of the seam.

Between the fingers, there was a terrifying whiteness…

The woman, dressed in a white and gorgeous wedding dress, with heavy makeup, with a satisfying smile on her lips, lying quietly on the beach, buried in the man’s arms.

Her face was pale and terrifying…

But, overflowing, the taste of happiness!!! It is so dense that everyone who is watching around cannot ignore it…

“Booth William, you bastard, you bastard, get up…get up…you are not allowed to die together, if you hear it, no, no!!!”

“Haha, do you think you can be together if you die? Ah? Don’t think about it! Don’t think about it!!!”

“Booth William, my Burton Olivia will never let you have a good time with that cheap woman!! Never will!”

“Booth William, William…”

“woo woo woo woo…”


Burton Olivia was lying on the stiff corpse, hissing hysterically, whimpering, crying, swaying unwillingly…

Amelia just stood not far away, watching coldly, watching…

Suddenly, she wanted to laugh, laughing at her sad sense of existence.

The parents who gave birth to her, hand in hand, are gone!

But she is left…

“Haha…” Amelia smiled stupidly, always smiling, always smiling.

She knew that she would never have the slightest sense of existence in the hearts of those two people. They could leave without thinking about her… even, they could not leave her a word…

This is her bastard parents!!!

“Haha, it doesn’t matter, Amelia doesn’t care…” She doesn’t care about anything!!!

Dead or alive, nothing has anything to do with her!!!

She continued to giggle, standing still on the spot…

Until the end, smiling and laughing, tears ran out of her eyes!

She was crying, and she was crying for these two unrelated people!!!



Burton Olivia tore the wedding dress on the woman’s body to vent her anger bit by bit, and the voice of “hiss-hiss-hiss” sounded unusually harsh in Amelia’s ears. However, she did not stop. She doesn’t want to stop, of course, it can’t be stopped.

The next day

When she woke up, it was already noon.

In the corridor, eager footsteps sounded chaotically again.

“Boom boom boom…” Anxious knocks on the door suddenly sounded one after another.

Amelia got up and opened the door.

Facing a pale cheek as gray as death, the body was still trembling…

“Little…Miss…Dead…” The servant shuddered and said to Amelia tremblingly what had just happened.

The pupils dilated suddenly, shocked.

The pale lips opened and closed again.

After a long time, she pulled the corners of her lips, and said indifferently, “Got it!”

In the next second, she closed the bedroom door coldly, leaving only the servant outside the door in shock and fear…

At the bottom of her heart, she was a little uncomfortable, after all, another person died beside her!

A person who takes pleasure in torturing her every day!!!

A person who has provided her with food and clothing for ten years!!!

In the room, she spent a long time staying…

Finally, got up, went out, and walked to her little mother Burton Olivia’s bedroom.

Opening the door, a gloomy breath suddenly penetrated her body.

The whole body trembled suddenly, and there was no one in the room.

No servant dared to come close…

Just because the death is too hideous and terrible!!!

On the bed of pink roses, there is a pool of red blood…

Burton Olivia’s already stiff body was lying silently in a pool of terrifying blood.

On the side, lying another stiff corpse belonged to her father, Booth William!

She held him tightly.

On the left wrist, the puncture wound was covered with dried blood scabs, and the blood dripped across the bed, and even, along with the clean sheets, leaked under the bed…fainted into the plain white carpet…glowing, terrible Blood red!!!

Amelia took a deep breath, her face pale and pale…

Small body, shivering constantly.

Burton Olivia’s right wrist… unexpectedly, she tied her wrist with a thick iron chain and the wrist of the long-dead man beside her!!!

In her hand, holding a sharp knife, tightly… as if, with a deep resentment!!!

She is going to follow to hell and ask for the soul of the woman who robbed her husband!!!

Amelia took a deep breath, and the next second, covering her mouth, she ran straight out of the door.

Ran into the bathroom and vomited…

Gradually, cold tears filled her eyes…

Amelia fell to the ground along the corner of the wall, letting tears climb onto her face pale as gray as death, and her whole heart was suddenly empty.

She is only 15 years old!!!

Everything she faces is always so cruel and disgusting…


A long time

The world is quiet…

Around, silent…

People came from Burton Olivia’s family, and after weeping for a while, they moved their bodies away.

Before leaving, the grey-haired old lady found Amelia.

Sitting in front of Amelia, she kept staring at her, her eyes were sharp and meaningful.

“Is that woman your mother?” she asked Amelia, her hoarse old voice seemed to be a little bit angry.

“En…” It should be! Amelia nodded, responding perfunctorily.

“Amelia?” The white-haired old woman continued to ask.


“Olivia is not good enough for your family?” the old lady asked her in a questioning tone.

“En…” Isn’t it good enough? But raising a daughter for them!!!

Suddenly, with the sound of “Boom…” the crutches in the old lady’s hand muffled loudly.

Amelia was shocked and didn’t wait to return to her senses, only to see the old lady who was opposite stood up angrily and hobbled away.


“This girl’s guardian will be my two grandsons from now on!” In the car, the old lady handed over the information in her hands to the lawyer on the side at will and smiled coldly.

The father’s debt is repaid, she has never found it absurd!

Amelia stayed alone in the gloomy house for several days.

The servants who witnessed the death of the hostess and hostess of the house, left one after another because of fright, and she was the only one left in the huge house…

It is not that she is not afraid, but she has nowhere to go!!!

In the evening, the house doorbell rang quickly.

Searching for the little hand of the ‘trophy’, paused.

Her heart trembled for a second, a little tight.

There is no one everywhere in the house, and it’s empty…

How come, someone suddenly visited today?

Gently open the door of the room, and the little hand on the handle was cold.

After leaving the entrance, she slammed at the door, tilted her head, and looked suspiciously at the visitors outside the house.

My heart set a little bit.

A man in a neat suit stood respectfully waiting outside the door.

Amelia took a few steps toward the door, “Uncle, there is no one in the house, they are all dead! Go back!”

She was outspoken, her cold voice brought the tenderness of a child, and she made an order to chase away guests.

Her words made the man outside the door slightly startled and looked at her with a stunning look.

Is this the fifteen-year-old child among the elderly population?

“Are you Miss Amelia?” The man asked her respectfully with a smile.

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