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Chapter 453

Amelia stared at the black water spirit’s big eyes, looked at the man outside the door in confusion, nodded, “I am Amelia!”

But, not the so-called miss!

“Hello! Miss Amelia, please take a look. This is a legal document. Starting today, Lucas and Mr. Liam will be your joint guardians. I am here today to take you to Mr. Liam’s house!” The middle-aged man respectfully explained to Amelia the purpose of his visit today.

Guardian? What?

Is it someone who specializes in her?

It’s weird… Someone will remember her!!!

Amelia took the paperwork in her hand, took a casual glance, and glanced at the signature place with the guardian’s seal.

Lucas, Liam…

A surname with Burton!

“Wait for me!” Amelia whispered and ran straight into the house.

To be able to leave here, to be honest, she is still happy.

After all, this place can be called a “haunted house”!

Entered the bedroom, stepped on her tool bag, randomly searched a few clothes in the cabinet, and randomly grabbed it into the backpack.

Turn around and prepare to go out.

Suddenly, she paused again, tilted her head, and glanced at the spoils scattered in the corner.

After hesitating for a long time, she finally turned back and put the loot in the corner that she thought was relatively novel into the kit.

After leaving the house, the middle-aged man nodded slightly toward the door and got into the car.

“Miss, is your luggage so little?” The middle-aged man was a little surprised.

“En…” Amelia responded perfunctorily.

Along the way

The middle-aged man kept talking to Amelia.

She didn’t bother to listen, only knowing that one of her guardians happened to be a newlywed who went abroad for their honeymoon, so now she went to another guardian’s house.

No matter who it is, there is no difference to her.

She is just a bug under the fence, but she doesn’t care.

Because wherever she goes, she is like that, alone!

Finally, the private car stopped in front of a luxurious and dignified mansion.

Amelia shook her shoulders and got out of the car.

Looking at the magnificent villa in front of her with big, sullen eyes, she was slightly shocked.

There are marble steps, precious carpets, and jade stone tools outside the door, everything seems so luxurious.

Carrying a bulging bag, she followed the middle-aged man into the house.

“Master, Miss Amelia took it…” As soon as he entered the hall, the middle-aged man respectfully reported to the man leaning on the sofa and quickly tapping on the computer keyboard.

“En…” The low voice responded softly, with a somewhat perfunctory attitude.

The head buried deep still didn’t mean to lift because of Amelia’s existence.

As a result, Amelia couldn’t see the facial features of the man opposite.

However, she can be sure that from the side view, this man is handsome.

“You go down first!” He gave a faint command, without any further words.

The middle-aged man leaves.

While on the sofa, his slender fingers were still tapping the keyboard sharply, making a piercing sound of ‘Papa Papa…’

The little girl waiting on the side seemed to have forgotten everything.

Finally, after a long time, Amelia was tired of waiting.

Shrugged, took off the heavy bag on her shoulders, placed it on the floor aside, patted it gently, smoothed it, and sat down peacefully.

She has always been the lord who is ignored by others, so now she has become accustomed to this situation.

Her sense of existence is always so thin, so thin that it is unnecessary…

Amelia tilted her head, propped her arm, and waited quietly without saying a word.

Self-consciously in a daze, thinking about something.

One hour passed…

Two hours continue…


Most of the time Amelia was well-behaved and quiet.

After all, she has long been used to a human world.

At last

The man on the sofa looked a little tired, raised his hand, and gracefully closed the notebook in front of him.

Turning sideways slightly, his eyes fell on the petite body of the little girl on the opposite floor.

The look of astonishment flashed past his dark blue eyes.

Probably the world is really strange!

He did not expect that a fifteen-year-old child that his grandmother ordered him to guard would be that nasty little thing.

Amelia raised her head, her black pupil met his probing gaze, staring straight at him for a moment.

This man, she remembered!

Those bright blue pupils are very deep in her almost blank memory!

It was probably their scene, for her, it was shocking!!!

“I heard that you are very similar to you-mother?” Putting the computer aside, spreading his hands, he casually put his hands on the back of the chair, and his lazy eyes stared deeply at Amelia on the floor.

He had to admit that the black pupils of the water spirit of this ‘bad girl’ really permeated a coquettish atmosphere.

That’s it, clear, cold, straight, looking at him!!!

Amelia still just stared at him steadily, at his graceful movements, lazy eyes, and his thin lips…

For a long time, she can’t look away.

Today she feels completely different from that day…

However, there is no doubt that the evil and enchanting aura of a man who belongs to him alone shocked Amelia, who was just fifteen years old.

She likes this kind of evil man with a mature and deep taste…

“Are you my guardian?” Finally, Amelia asked, asking questioningly.

She had already filtered out Liam’s problem cleanly from her ears.

“Yes!” Liam nodded.

“A problem?” he asked her.

The big black eyes rolled, and she shook her head, no!

Liam glanced at the satchel sitting under her small buttocks, somewhat familiar, “Luggage?”

Amelia followed his gaze and looked down, “En…” nodded and responded.

The satchel and the loot in it are her best friends!

Liam nodded clearly.

“Sister Mia!” He called the busy housekeeper.

“Help her tidy up a room…”

“Yes! Miss Amelia, please come with me!” Aunt Mia smiled faintly and motioned for Amelia to leave with her.

Amelia got up, pulled up the backpack with her little hands, and followed Mia with her crazy little body.

Go upstairs, put the clothes in the bag neatly into the closet, and then hide her baby in the innermost part of the closet.

After finishing things, Amelia has been quietly nesting in the room, lying on the table making her dazed.

She went out and went downstairs until the servant came up and invited her to eat.

At the table, she was the only one left.

Amelia didn’t ask too much, she just ate silently.

The sister-in-law on the side seemed to be a little bit sorry, after all, today is the first day this little cutie has just come home.

“Miss Amelia, the young master went to dinner with our future young grandmother, so I might go home later tonight,” Mia explained respectfully.

Amelia at the table seemed to have not heard Sister Mia’s words at all. She still buried her head deeply and ate the rice in the bowl for herself.

The messy curls scattered on the dining table, concealing the whole childish little face, looking a bit decadent.

Sister Mia just thought that she who didn’t talk was just because the children were afraid of having children.

And… After all, her parents have just passed away…

After Amelia had eaten, she went directly to the bedroom without staying in the hall for a moment.

Pull all the novelty toys out of the box.

“Papa…Papa…Papa…” All fell to the ground and spread.

The small body bends slightly, lying on the carpet, counting and studying one by one.

In the past few years, she has accumulated too many treasures, but there are still many, many, she has not succeeded in researching their detailed uses.

Every time, when she was bored, when her heart was bored, or after being beaten by her little mother, she always buried herself in her favorite baby like now, and carefully studied their various uses. To divert her mind.

Today, it seems a bit boring.

Can’t hear the passion drama, can’t find the feeling of fear…

It seems that the surrounding world has become clean all of a sudden!

“Sophie…” She has seen a lot, but she hasn’t used it yet.

“Liquid eyeliner…” Without instructions, she was a little ignorant and knew how to use it, but she used it poorly.

“Avoid-Pregnant-Set…” She tilted her head and stared at it in confusion, for a moment.

It seems that it is not the same name as last time.

“Young Master… why did you come back so early today!” Suddenly, a stunning question came from the corridor outside the door, which disturbed Amelia’s thoughts.

“En…” The extremely magnetic voice whispered, without much affection at all.

Soon, steady footsteps sounded outside the door.

Amelia was startled suddenly, got up, and her gaze fell on the lock of the door, fixed, not for an instant.

The footsteps suddenly stopped.

In the next instant, the bedroom door was opened.

He paused at the door, staring at all the mess in the room in amazement.

Frowning, the evil blue pupil stared at the villain standing in the house, “These are the things you brought here?”

Is that bag full of luggage is these messy daily necessities?

Walking, avoiding the jumbled things under his feet, approached Amelia.

And she still just stayed where she was, without saying a word, only a straight line of sight, always falling on him who had just entered the house, and never left.

It’s that charming, but innocent and immature eyes…

Just like a newborn fox, who doesn’t understand the world, but knows how to confuse people!

Slender fingers hooked her slender chin, lowered his head, and the deep blue pupil stared at her, faintly commanding, “Little thing, put away your hook-soul eyes! You are still young and not suitable at all! “

He was curious, maybe her eyes looked like her mother, otherwise, how could that woman send his sister and brother-in-law to a dead end?

A look of confusion flashed through Amelia’s eyes, and in the next second, she obediently pulled away from her sight.

Don’t start gently.

Putting away his arms, taking a long leg, stepped over the messy items, leaned lazily into the sofa, staring at her with deep eyes.

“I heard that you have suspended classes for more than a month?” The extremely magnetic voice asked her who was standing opposite.

After a while, Amelia nodded, “Well!”

Chapter 454

To be correct, she was dismissed by the school!

“Do you still want to go to school? I’ll change your school!”

“En?” Amelia tilted her head and looked at him in confusion.

Isn’t this man also named Burton? Why is he so far away from her little mother?

She seems a little uncomfortable!

Quite a while

“Okay…” She nodded her head and responded gently.

She has always been very casual.

“En!” He nodded, he seemed to be more satisfied with her good manners.

Get up, ready to leave.

Suddenly, a familiar small paper box on the ground fell into his eyes.

Frowned slightly, bent over, and picked it up.

The action is still elegant.

“This is yours?” He looked at the childish face in front of him, with surprise and disbelief in his tone.

“En!” Amelia nodded heavily, eyes widened, and looked at him defensively.

The line of sight fell on the small box in his hand from time to time, as if she was afraid that he would take it away in the next second.

Liam smirked, “Do you know what this is?”

She even dared to stare at the thing in his hand with a certain and defensive look.

“Avoid-pregnant-set!” She had already learned those words and could write them down!

Amelia replied very positively to show that she belongs to this thing.

Burton Liam laughed and nodded, “Fifteen years old, you know quite well…”

Amelia bit her lip, only to feel that she didn’t like these words.

“Fifteen years old, you know quite well, just like your mom who is a compensated dating mother will seduce men!!!” Once, her little mother, Burton Olivia said that she…

Amelia’s eyebrows frowned slightly, a little unhappy.

“Uncle, please give it back to me!” Amelia asked for it, though her tone was polite but cold.

Burton Liam raised his eyebrows, stared at her in surprise, and let out a long voice.

“It’s not for you! And, you don’t need it!”

After Burton Liam finished speaking, he took the box and left without looking back.

After leaving the door, passing through the corridor, he threw it away and threw the box in his hand into the trash can.

This kind of adult toy is not suitable for a fifteen-year-old child at all!

Amelia in the room didn’t chase it out, so she didn’t know that her baby had been thrown away as trash.

Shrugged, a little lost.

But the man said that she didn’t need those things, so she knew how to comfort herself.

As soon as Liam entered the room, the phone in his pocket rang suddenly.

He glanced at the caller ID, it was the phone of his brother Lucas.

Heart, there is a trace of tightness.

“Hey!” answered the phone and answered, “Is the honeymoon still happy?”

“Hey, Liam, if you want to know if I and your sister-in-law are fortunate enough, you can marry Evelyn as soon as possible!” Burton Lucas on the other end teased him.

Burton Liam smiled faintly, listening to his tone of voice, he knew they were doing well over there!

Well, as long as they are happy…

“Alright, alright, when you talk about getting married, you just pretend to be dead! Tell your business, what happened to the thing that grandma told you to do? Did you take that little bitch?”


Little bitch? Who is he referring to?

“It’s the cheap-knowing left by Booth William and Ava! What is it called? Am…”

“Amelia?” Burton Liam frowned slightly.

He somewhat disliked his brother’s name.

But he can fully understand his brother’s thoughts, because he grew up with his sister since he was a child, and the two were childhood sweethearts. Since the youngest sister, he was hurt in his bones. The sudden death of his sister probably made him the most distressed!

“Yes, it’s her! Received your house?”

“Well… I’ll take her! She is just a child!” Burton Liam nodded in response.

“Liam?” Lucas on the other end was a little surprised at his younger brother’s reaction, “Don’t forget, how my sister died!”

Suddenly, Burton Lucas’s tone became heavier.

Burton Liam was silent for a while, for a long while, then opened his lips lightly and nodded, “I will remember!”

“Well, that’s the best! Don’t forget what grandma told us…”

“Good!” Burton Liam nodded lightly.

“Lucas, come here soon! What’s the matter? Come out for your honeymoon and talk about business?” Suddenly, a sweet squeal from the phone went straight into the ears of Burton Liam.

The fingers holding the phone became slightly stiff.

There…very familiar voice…

His…sister-in-law, Allen Emily.

“Mountain, you go first!” Burton Liam twitched the corners of his stiff lips, the voice between his teeth was a bit stiff.

“Okay! Your sister-in-law will be angry if I don’t go again… Woman, it’s troublesome…”

Burton Lucas’s accusing words were filled with sweet happiness and satisfaction.

It was so sweet that he felt a little pain in his heart.

“Mountain…” Burton Liam called the elder brother on the other end, his voice was lower than before.

“Coax her more when you have time, in fact…sister-in-law, I like…her!”

He like her so much he can forget his first love completely!

He likes her so much that he can spare no effort to hurt her here!!!

“Okay! I will…” Burton Lucas responded with a smile, perhaps because he was so happy that he didn’t notice the slight change in the voice on the phone.

Then, the two disconnected.

The next day, early in the morning

Liam came out of the swimming room wrapped in a bathrobe.

“Master, you can have dinner!” The maid stepped forward respectfully and asked for instructions.

The white bath towel lazily wiped the soaked hair, the action is still consistent and elegant.

Habitually passed the bath towel in his hand to the maid beside him, raised his eyes, and asked casually, “Has Amelia got up?”

“Miss got up, already waiting in the restaurant!”

“En…” Burton Liam nodded and walked towards the restaurant.

Sure enough, in the dining room, Amelia had already sat at the table waiting.

It’s just that it’s still fluffy and messy curly hair, and childish and cute pajamas.

The hungry pupils told him that Amelia must have been awakened by someone.

As soon as Burton Liam took the seat, he felt a sad line of sight shot straight at him.

Picking up the silver spoon on the table, began to elegantly eat breakfast.

However, it didn’t take long before he realized that the kid opposite had no intention of starting.

He paused, wiped the corners of his lips with a napkin, and looked at her, “What’s wrong?”

“I want to sleep!” Amelia looked at him wearily, holding on to her distressed pupils, and said the truest thoughts in her heart.

Burton Liam raised his eyes and glanced at the quartz clock on the wall. It was nine o’clock in the morning.

It’s getting late!

“Remember what I told you about the school yesterday? Today I asked Driver Noah to take you there!” Liam explained lightly, and then picked up the silver spoon on the table again and ate.

School? Is she going to school again?

The mood went up a little bit inexplicably.

Although she hates going to school, school is lively after all. Even if she doesn’t like to talk or even hardly talks, the voices around can tell her that at least, she still exists.

Picked up the spoon and started to eat seriously.

After the meal, Amelia went back to the room to change clothes, put on her big bag, and went out.

Liam has already gone to the company.

Only Driver Noah was waiting in the hall, when Amelia came down and called out respectfully, “Miss…”

Amelia raised her eyes and glanced at Driver Noah lightly.

Oh, the middle-aged man last time.

“Uncle, my name is Amelia!” She emphasized again.

Go straight to the entrance door.

As Driver Noah entered an aristocratic school, it was strange that even the teacher’s attitude towards her was respectful.

She was a little uncomfortable but still didn’t like to pay more attention to it.

Later, the teacher-led her into the classroom.

During the introduction, she did not say much, just bowed politely, and then went straight to the last row and sat down.

During the whole process, her sight never fell on any classmate.

She only knew the classmates around her, as if there was some commotion.

“Your name is Amelia?” As soon as she sat down, a female student next to her enthusiastically poked her head over.

Amelia tilted her head and looked at her, her big eyes didn’t make any waves.

Quite a while

Without answering, she turned back faintly.

This woman, like her, has long curly hair, but she seems to love torturing her hair more than herself because her hair is yellow!

However, she is not as pretty as herself!

This is Amelia’s perception of herself and herself.

“My name is Harper!” Harper on one side introduced herself to her, completely ignoring her indifference here.

“Hey! Your bag has a good personality. Which store did you buy it? Or is it made to order?”


Amelia looked at her in confusion, followed her gaze, and looked over, landing on her huge shoulder bag.

After all, is it very individual?

“I stole it,” Amelia replied faintly, without a trace of waves in her words.

“Steal? You…” Harper was a little frightened by her words, widening her eyes, staring at her with a calm face in disbelief.

After a long time, she covered her mouth and laughed.

“Hey! Amelia, what are you kidding? The children who come to school here are all rich people, okay? How could they steal for no reason, besides, can a thief look as self-assured as you are? Do not believe!”

“Oh…” Amelia replied in a low voice, turning her head back.

Can’t she steal it for no reason?

Can’t a thief look so complacent?

Strange, she seemed a little confused.

She only knows that she can’t tell her in front of her, because she will smoke her with Sister Sophia’s feather duster.

However, she is still obsessed with the feeling of getting her favorite things in various big shopping malls!

Mysterious and exciting…and very novel!


After class, a person walked out of the school gate.

“Huh? Amelia, don’t you have a driver to pick you up?” In the car, Harper stuck her head out and asked Amelia who was walking alone on the road in confusion.

Amelia paused, took a look at her, shook her head numbly, and continued walking.

“Amelia, why don’t you get in the car, and I will take you home!”

Amelia frowned, shook her head, and continued to walk forward, but the steps under her feet accelerated a bit.

She is a little tired of others’ enthusiasm! To be precise, it may be…exclusion!

Besides, she still has things to do today…

Last night, her baby was robbed, so today she must… go and ‘get’ a box back!

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