CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1409 – 1410

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Chapter 1409

After sending the fans away, watching them all get in the car, Tina yawned in disregard of her image: “I’m sleepy and tired.”

Turning her head, she saw Stephanie’s expression hesitantly.

“Say if you have anything.” Tina said as they walked out.

“Ms. Tina, you don’t need to rely on traffic to eat, but it’s not a bad thing to have traffic, and it’s not a bad thing to have fans pick up the phone.”

“I know, as you said, I don’t rely on traffic to eat, but I also know that fans are still very important to me. There are many celebrities in the entertainment industry who have been overturned because of fans. It is difficult to find a perfect way to meet If you get along with fans, it’s better to show your stand and attitude from the beginning. You may lose some fans, but I am not ashamed.”

Tina has seen so many things during her debut these years.

The way a celebrity and a fan get along is determined by the personality of the celebrity.

Reality is the most important thing if you want not to roll over.

Stephanie was moved by Tina: “Yes, it is more important to show your true self than to please fans.”

“But I still love them. There are many people who followed me when I debuted, and they are still there.” For Tina, this is a very warm thing.

How many people are annihilated in the torrent of time on the way of growth, and some people are still by your side after experiencing the changes of time.

Some people will leave, and there will always be someone irreplaceable.

While talking, Tina’s expression suddenly changed. Upon seeing this, Stephanie asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

“It seems that there is a camera shooting…” Tina observed the surroundings but did not find the camera.

Tina didn’t like the feeling of being secretly photographed. Stephanie looked around for a while: “Let’s go faster.”

The two soon arrived at the entrance of the parking lot, and the car of the “Me and My Life” program group stopped very close to the entrance, which was very conspicuous.

“Miss Weber.”

From afar, people from the program team greeted Tina.

“Thank you.” Tina took off her mask and nodded slightly.

The staff opened the car door for her: “You are welcome, get in the car.”

She leaned on the car and was about to go to sleep. After squinting for a while, she found that the car hadn’t left, and she couldn’t help but wonder: “Why haven’t you left?”

“Wait for a few colleagues.” The driver who drove said.

At this time, Tina looked through the car window and saw the director ran over with several cameras.

It was the same female director last time. She ran to the car out of breath: “Miss Weber, I asked you to wait for a long time. Now we will go to the hotel and go to the recording tomorrow.”

“It’s okay, you worked hard.” Tina noticed that the female director was sweating profusely, and it was just the early spring weather.

don’t know how long it took, Tina woke up and found that she hadn’t arrived at the hotel. The director sat in the back row. Tina turned around and asked her, “Who is the last group of guests?”

The female director didn’t let go: “You’ll know when you see them tomorrow.”

There was a camera in the car, and Tina decided to give more material to the program group, and made a wink to the female director, with a soft tone: “Reveal a little.”

The female director was originally a fan of Tina. She covered her mouth and smiled. She suddenly lost her position: “You know them.”

Tina took the opportunity to ask, “Are you familiar with them?”

The female director nodded: “Yeah.”

The female director revealed a little too much, and the camera couldn’t help but reminded: “Hmm, you are the director.”

The female director smiled embarrassedly and waved her hand: “I won’t say anything.”

Chapter 1410

Tina still wanted to continue to ask, but no matter how she asked or idioms, the director stopped talking.

Back at the hotel, Tina went through the people she knew and familiar with within the entertainment circle in her mind. In the end, she didn’t come to a conclusion, so she didn’t think about it anymore, she could see them tomorrow anyway.

The next day.

She got up on time, got into the show crew car and went to the shooting scene.

Usually this kind of program shooting is in the studio, but the more the car opens, the more familiar the road becomes, and Tina finds that it is the way to Best Day.

Is there any studio in Best Day?

It seems not.

Until, the car stopped at the door of Best Day.

When Tina got out of the car, she still sighed: “Your show crew is so rich.”

The female director mysteriously smiled: “Investors have money.”

That’s right, Karl is so rich, the project he invested in is naturally the best match, besides, this Best Day is still Karl’s site.


Best Day operates as usual, and there are still customers coming and going inside.

Tina was very familiar with Best Day. The staff led the way. Following the directions, she guessed which box it was.

It is a private room on the top floor with 180 degrees of light. If you want this room, you have to book half a year in advance.

A camera has been placed at the door.

“Is anyone inside?” Tina asked the camera.

The camera nodded, indicating that there was someone inside.

Tina nodded, indicating that she knew, then knocked on the door, and someone inside responded: “Come in.”

Tina pushed the door in, and found two people inside, the variety show couple, Janie Mason and Glen Dixon.

The couple is active in major variety shows, and their popularity is still relatively high. However, this time “My Life and Me” did not invite the host, and probably let Janie and Glen act as the host.

“Miss Weber!”

Janie was the first to react. When she saw Tina, she stretched out her hand to cover her mouth exaggeratedly, stood up and walked towards her, followed by the sound of the foot.

“Long time no see, Miss Weber.” Janie came over and hugged Tina familiarly.

People are so enthusiastic, and Tina naturally has to be more enthusiastic: “Long time no see.”

Janie is a variety show host, and Tina is an actor. There are not many intersections, but they have seen eachother several times at events, but haven’t communicated much.

“Miss Weber.” Glen also walked over to shake hands with Tina.

“Hello there.”

Tina shook her hand, looked around, smiled and said, “You came so early, I thought I was the first.”

“It is the recording at the Best Day. I was so excited that I didn’t sleep at night, the big scene…” Glen said excitedly.

This is of course an exaggerated statement for the variety show effect, Tina smiled in support, and then sat down.

Janie asked Tina as if remembering something, “I saw the last group of guests who have not been announced today. I am so curious that Miss Weber knows who it is?”

“I asked the director.” Tina sold it off.

Then in Janie and Glen’s expectant expressions, Tina curled her lips and smiled: “The director didn’t say anything.”

Janie pretended to be angry: “Miss Weber, you are good or bad.”

At this time, someone came in outside the door again.

The people who came in this time were two other single male guests, David and Lester, both of whom were traffic stars who made their debut in the trainee draft. They were humble and very polite.

They bowed as soon as they entered the door, shook hands and bowed, sat down and bow…

Tina touched her waist, envious of their young waists.

The two sat down next to Tina. This is the order of the seats arranged by the program group. Singles sit on one side and couples sit on the other side.

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