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Chapter 463

“No need, I’ll do it myself!” She remembered that it was once said in a book that a man would be unlucky if it was something like a girl.

Burton Liam raised his eyebrows and looked at her, “You come by yourself, won’t you chill?”

“No, just use hot water!” Amelia shook her head, inexplicably, there was a warm feeling in her heart.

This seems to be the first time…she feels like this.

Warm, but sweet, very warm feeling!!!

She remembered that when she came to MC for the first time, she soiled the sheets and washed them herself. At that time, she was only twelve years old.

She was seen by my little mother while washing the sheets, and as a result, she has maliciously cursed again, mostly disgusting words about how dirty she was.

However, this man is completely different from everyone around her!!!

Will worry about her, will take care of her, dirty her body, never think she is dirty…

“Okay…” After a while, he nodded.

He has never touched anything like a girl.

Moreover, his washing will make small things very embarrassing!

“There is laundry soap in the bathroom closet!” He told her aloud, “Go and put the water first…”

Then, he went straight into the bedroom, walked to the waterbed, tore off the sheets, and walked to the bathroom.

All morning, they spend almost all of their time washing the sheets.

“Burton Liam, you are wet!!” Amelia exclaimed with a smile.

“I got wet!!” Liam corrected her face in black.

“Ah… a lot of bubbles, Liam, you are amazing!!” Amelia applauded excitedly.

“It’s laundry soap!” The three black lines on his forehead continued to correct.

It’s just that in the bathroom, one big and one small person looks like one is washing and the other is playing.

“Little thing, stop playing! Be careful if you get wet!” The dull voice commanded her.

“Oh…” Amelia lowered her head and answered obediently, and then obediently stopped the action of tapping water in her hand.

Picking up a corner of the bedsheet in the big basin, accompany him, scrubbing and washing together decently.

On the roof of the building, Amelia looked at the clean sheet, giggling, full of accomplishment.

“Burton Liam, your sheets are so big, so hard to wash!” Amelia couldn’t help sighing.

Liam leaned lazily on the fence, squinted his blue pupils, with a small smile on the corners of his lips, quietly looking at her smiling face in the sun.

Her smile is very sincere and innocent, but why does she always have an indifferent face in front of strangers?

Is it because of her parents who passed away early?

“Huh? By the way, don’t you want to go to work?” Amelia suddenly thought of something, tilted her head, and asked him in confusion.

He shook his head, “No need!”

The weekend is always his rest time, and it is a quiet rest. All the servants and housekeepers in the family will be off as soon as the weekend.

He likes the feeling of being alone!

Quiet and quiet, he can think of many things, and he can do many things.

However, even on weekends, he can’t be alone!

Now, there is one more troublesome little bit.

He never expected that he had a great weekend, and ended up wasting the whole morning washing the sheets.

He raised his head slightly, squinted his blue eyes, staring at the light blue sky blankly.

The golden sunlight sifted on his delicate and handsome face, making him even more wild and unruly.

Amelia just stayed in place, looking at him quietly, a little lost.

“Burton Liam, you look so beautiful…” Amelia couldn’t help sighing.

This man is the best-looking and most tempting man she has ever seen!!!


Burton Liam laughed.

Is this boasting himself? Why is he so awkward while listening?

He tilted his head, frowned, and looked at her, “Little thing, next time change a more appropriate word to praise me!”

“Oh…” Amelia nodded if something happened, but she still felt that beauty suits him.

“Okay, let’s go down!” Burton Liam stood up and walked downstairs.

When passing by Amelia, he raised his hand and maliciously rubbed Amelia’s already bad hair to become even messier. “Come down and get your hair straightened out! It’s bad…”

“Don’t touch it indiscriminately! Curly hair is difficult to manage!!” Amelia pursed her lips, complaining dissatisfied with his evil deeds.

The two went straight down from the terrace to the first floor.

“Huh? Why is there no one at home?” Amelia was a little curious.

Why didn’t even Mia see anyone?

“Well, this weekend!” He answered her, picked up the laptop, and sat down on the sofa beside.

“Oh…” It turned out that they also have holidays on weekends.

Well, it seems a bit more humane than Burton Olivia.

After a while, the two stopped talking.

She was obediently watching fashion cartoons on the small sofa buried next to him.

And he has been focusing on the computer in front of him.

“Does the stomach hurt?” He asked her faintly, but his eyes still didn’t deviate from the screen.

“Also… alright!” There was a slight pain in the abdomen.

However, she can bear it.

He tilted his head and glanced at her faintly, Liam flashed a little suspiciously, and after a while, he withdrew his gaze.

“There are chocolates upstairs, eat a little if it hurts! It will be better!”

“Okay…” Amelia nodded obediently.

“Ding dong…ding dong…” slammed, outside the house, a doorbell rang.

Burton Liam frowned slightly, a little surprised.

“Someone is coming?” Amelia asked him, turning her head.

“En…” He was a little unhappy, his low voice answered her dully, and he didn’t get up quickly to open the door.

He never liked being disturbed on weekends.

“Let’s go and check it out!” Amelia got up obediently and walked to the monitor display at the door as if she sensed his slight discomfort.

“Liam! It’s a man and a woman!” Amelia turned her head and told him.

One man and one woman?

Burton Liam was slightly startled, and his heart trembled for a second.

His face changed slightly.

Get up and walk to the door.

“I’m coming!” He said faintly, his voice was a little low.

Amelia looked at him blankly, a little confused.

What’s up with him?

Liam walked out of the entrance door, and from a distance, he saw a man and a woman waiting outside the door of the luxurious mansion.

The corner of the woman’s mouth is still the gentlest smile, while the man is still so spring breeze.

They seem to be happy!!!

“When did you come back? Come here without saying hello!” Burton Liam pulled the corners of his lips, opened the door, and pretended to be relaxed, and asked them the opposite.

“Knowing that you must be at home, so just kill it!” Burton Lucas smashed his sturdy shoulders with a fist.

“Liam…” Allen Emily on the side lowered her eyes and whispered to him to show her politeness.

His heart trembled fiercely, but it was still aching.

“Emily, how did you play for half a month?” He asked her with a faint smile.

“We are fine…” Her voice was still soft and sweet, but it seemed a bit awkward.

“Okay, let’s go in and talk! I just want to see Amelia, Booth William’s daughter!” Originally, Burton Liam would never call Amelia so nicely. It was only due to the presence of his new wife, so she only then did the hatred for Amelia fade slightly.

The title sounds nice.

Burton Liam frowned slightly as if a little unhappy.

However, he didn’t say much and only brought them into the house.

Entering the door and looking at them, Amelia was a little confused.

“Little thing, this is my brother-Burton Lucas!” Burton Liam introduced his brother to Amelia.

He should have added another sentence, ‘Your other guardian’.

However, he did not say.

Inexplicably, he just felt that he didn’t want to say that sentence.

Burton Lucas?

Amelia tilted her head, staring straight at him, a little confused.

This is her other guardian?

But are they not brothers? Why, one is like a sapphire eye pupil, while the other is like obsidian?

Burton Lucas’s facial features are somewhat similar to Burton Liam, with a feeling of wickedness, but they are a bit more hostile than him.

“Hello, uncle!” Amelia obediently nodded and called him politely.

For him, there is no like or dislike.

However, he is Liam’s brother, so she knows how to be polite.

“This is… my sister-in-law, Emily…” When Allen Emily was introduced, he seemed a little hesitant.

“Sister Emily is good!” Amelia still nodded obediently.

This woman is very beautiful and gentle.

She looks like Blair Evelyn is the same type of woman, but she prefers this woman.

Because she doesn’t grab Burton Liam from her.

Therefore, her name is Aunt Blair Evelyn, and her sister.

“She’s so good?” Burton Lucas raised his eyebrows, a wicked smile was drawn from the corner of his lips, and he looked at Amelia inquiringly.

Sticking out his cold fingers, slightly raised her chin, and looked at her playfully, after a while, with a wicked smile, “Little thing, you resemble Ava that prostitute-girl! Especially this Eyes…tsk tut!!!”

It’s simply a pair of seductive eyes that are naturally confusing!

‘Similar to a prostitute girl!!! ‘

Although it was true, Amelia hated his statement.

She glared at him accusingly, and turned away, “Uncle, my name is Amelia, not a little thing!”

She corrects him.

This title can only belong to Burton Liam!

“Mountain, be careful when you speak, and don’t say these things in front of your children!” Burton Liam’s face became unconsciously dark.

“Burton Lucas…” Allen Emily didn’t like it.

“Okay, okay!” Burton Lucas spread his hands, and then hugged Allen Emily on the side, and casually pecked her pink cheek, “Stop talking, my baby wife is going to be unhappy!”

Allen Emily, who was pecked, was originally a pink and white cheek, and it turned into a seductive and watery peach in an instant.

The powder is tender and tender, but with a fatal temptation-confusion!

Bewitched, in a room, the hearts of two men…

Liam’s strong back stiffened a bit unconsciously.

“Sit down! I’ll pour water…” He made an excuse to leave.

He is still not used to watching her make affection with another man.

Even if it was his brother, he was uncomfortable.

Seeing Burton Liam’s stiff back, Amelia was a little worried. What happened to him today?

Later, Amelia was lying on the sofa, watching the cartoons quietly by herself, and the three adults chatting on the side stopped paying attention to her quietly.

Chapter 464

Midway, Burton Liam once went to the kitchen.

When he came out, he handed Amelia a hot water bottle at random.

“Put it on the lower abdomen!” He faintly exhorted, and then, before Amelia could react, he went to the couple over there.

“You seem to be good to her!” Burton Lucas looked at him carefully, his eyes a little weird.

“Fortunately…” glanced at the opposite, and said faintly.

“I’ll take her to my place to play when I have time!” Burton Lucas said deeply.

Burton Liam was slightly startled, half-hit, and regained consciousness.

“En…you and Emily are still married now, let’s wait for a while!” He doesn’t know why, he doesn’t seem to want her to be picked up.

Burton Lucas curled his lips and smiled wickedly, “Liam, you don’t look like our Burton blood!”

His brother’s “special” thoughts, he will not understand as a brother!

“Is it?”

Burton Liam lowered his eyes, smiled faintly, his face was light and breezy.

The elder brother’s words included words, he didn’t understand, but he was used to it!

Originally, in their eyes, an illegitimate child was not counted as their imperial bloodline, let alone a mixed-blood blue pupil illegitimate child!

It’s just that this half-brother, who gave him the kind of rebirth, maybe something he can’t repay in his entire life!

“Huh? It’s twelve o’clock, are you hungry?” The careful Allen Emily on the side noticed something wrong with the atmosphere between the brothers, and hurriedly opened the topic between them.

“My wife, are you hungry? Do you want to go out to eat together?” Burton Lucas hugged his newlywed wife with pity and asked Burton Liam on the side.

In the afterglow, he glanced at Amelia, who was focusing on watching cartoons on the small sofa at the other end.

“No, don’t go out, let me cook! Okay? I haven’t cooked for a long time!” Allen Emily asked them with joy, but the joy and expectation in her eyes were the same as expectations. There was a layer of mist.

Allen Emily still remembers when she last started cooking…

A year ago, she and he, Burton Liam, were in that small villa in the suburbs. On his birthday, she specially prepared a table of his favorite dishes for him.

He once said that he wanted her to cook for him a lifetime.

He once said that in this world, no one except him is qualified to stand beside her.

He once said that when he wants to marry, he must tell her that he will marry her.


Too much, she remembers her past clearly.

However, any word, between them, has never been realized…

It was her who broke their dream…

It’s broken too, they once said that they will grow old together…love!!!

“Cook…Is there any food in the kitchen?” She asked him with a smile, and then, before she could get an answer, she hurriedly turned and went to the kitchen.

The moment of spinning, tears, slipping…

She cried…

For her, the dead, the true love of that life!!!

In the kitchen, her tears became more and more anxious…

And Burton Liam in the living room was quite loud, without saying a word.

The throat became tight and a little painful, and even the blue pupil felt astringent…

He didn’t know she was crying, but his heart was still aching.

A long time…

There was a harmonious ping-pong sound from the kitchen, and he finally calmed down in the living room.

He was boring and talking with his brother, but both of them were in a tacit understanding and never turned the topic to the woman in the kitchen.

It seems that there is a different kind of affection that is spreading quietly…

The hot water bottle on her abdomen cooled down, Amelia got up slightly and went to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, she changed the hot water and prepared to go out.

“Ah… Amelia, let… slap…”

Allen Emily, who was ready to go out with the freshly baked hot soup, just walked to the water heater, but unexpectedly, inadvertently, Amelia, who had just reached the water and was about to stand up and leave, hit her hard. Full.

The hot soup is wanton…

Sprinkle it on her hand and also on Amelia’s little hand.

“Ah…” Amelia couldn’t help but whispered, the sudden tingling in her small hand made her gasp.

Allen Emily was holding her injured little hand, the tears in her eyes were already accumulating…

“Amelia… Amelia, are you not hurt?” Her questioning voice was a little choked.

“What’s wrong? Emily…”

In the kitchen, the sound of “pop” severely affected the hearts of the two men in the living room.

The two men hurriedly got up and ran to the kitchen.

At the same moment, the same sentence rang at the kitchen door.

Careful eyes fell on the same weak woman at the same time, and the worry in the eyes was obvious.

On the ground, the hot chicken soup was still steaming, and the five pairs of pupils with strange emotions glowing in the kitchen.

Amelia, who was on the side, looked at him who had just entered the door…

Those blue eyes are full of loads, all his worries about the woman opposite…

It’s weird, so weird!!!

From entering the door to now, his eyes never fell on her.

The tingling on the little hand is getting worse…

Even her heart hurts!!!

Just now, in that big bowl of chicken soup, almost all of the soup was spilled on her wrist.

The white arm had pustules all around in an instant, turning into a pale and terrifying color.

It’s just that no one can see her injury…

“Quick, take a dash of cold water first…” Burton Liam walked up quickly, and couldn’t help but break up and grabbed Allen Emily’s swollen little hand, and walked anxiously to the other side of the sink.

The sound of the water rushed, two men followed a woman…

Only Amelia was left blankly at the door.

Why, in this scene, she looked so awkward and heartache!!!

It turns out that her sense of existence is so weak!

In front of him, it is the same, in the slightest, nothing special!!!

“I’m going to get the medicine box!” Burton Liam, who held Allen Emily’s hands, finally noticed his excessive concern and hurriedly turned and left.

The palm of his hand was still a little stiff.

She is already his sister-in-law! She was injured, and other men have taken care of her. What is he still worried about? What kind of qualifications does he use to worry about and care about her??

“Wife, how could you be so careless…does it hurt?” Burton Liam felt distressed to help his wife blow the injured back of her hand, and the worry in his eyes was even more obvious.

“Amelia came out suddenly, I…I didn’t pay attention…” Allen Emily explained, tears flashing across her eyes.

The back of her hand hurts, and the bowl of chicken soup was still boiling.

Suddenly, Amelia only felt a hostile cold light shot at her.

A black shadow flashed in front of her, with a loud “pop”.

In the next instant, a ringing in her ears suddenly rang, her head became dizzy, and a fiery sting on her pale little face.

The delicate body shook twice…

There is a feeling of dizziness!

“Ah…” Allen Emily on the opposite side couldn’t help taking a breath, covering her mouth, her pupils stretched out in disbelief, staring at them in horror.

Burton Lucas unexpectedly… beat Amelia!!!

“Burton Lucas, what are you doing? She… she didn’t mean it!!” Finally, Allen Emily recovered.

She rushed forward and grabbed the hands of Burton Lucas, tears in her eyes had already rolled down her pale face.

“Emily, why are you crying…?” Seeing Allen Emily crying, Burton Lucas hurriedly wiped her tears, “Fool, I’m just warning her, my woman won’t be like my sister. Bullying!!”

Drowsy Amelia only felt that in her head, countless stars were constantly dangling and spinning fast.

The numb, hot, tingling sensation on her small face made her hard to recall.

The misty eyes looked hollowly at the two figures who were shaking on the opposite side…

This slap was more violent than those she had endured in the past!

After all, this is a man’s slap. Strength, definitely more fierce than women.

In the bottom of her heart, there was a pity.

It turns out that no matter where she goes, she can only get beaten!!!

After being pumped by his sister, she continued to be beaten by his younger brother.

Sure enough, the surname is Burton!!!

Shaking her small body, she staggered out of the kitchen.

“Amelia… Amelia, are you okay?” With that slap, she saw Amelia’s petite body visibly shaking.

Allen Emily questioned her worriedly, trying to step forward to help her.

“Emily, leave her alone! Come, let me see your hand…” Burton Lucas grabbed Allen Emily who was about to go out.

“I…I’m fine!”

“It’s all swollen, and I said it’s okay…”


Amelia got out of the kitchen, holding the handrails, and went upstairs with difficulty.

Head dizzy and a little uncomfortable.

Her face was already swollen, and the hot numbness made her small nose sore.

The tingling on the hands became more and more raging.

But, she still endured not crying…

Being bullied, she never dared to cry!!!

But she remembered this man!

One day, she will tell him that Amelia will not be insulted as her mother did!

Burton Liam was coming downstairs anxiously with the medicine box.

By chance, He ran into Amelia who bowed her head and walked upstairs.

Stopped, looked at her, frowned slightly, he seemed a little uncomfortable…

Is it a stomachache?

“Little thing, you go upstairs and have a good rest, and then call you to eat!” With a warning, he hurriedly went downstairs.

He has to admit that in his heart, he is still worried about the injured woman in the kitchen!

As soon as his words fell, Amelia, who had been going upstairs with her head down, snapped, tears involuntarily to the flushing eyes slid out…

She can’t stop it, she can’t close it…

Tears, sprinkled fiercely on the ground, broken, fainted…

She was still crying!!!

When she went upstairs, she didn’t enter the room, just sitting on the cold ground at the corner, resting.

Let the tears moisten the eye sockets, sore her swollen and red cheeks…

She secretly started downstairs, the happy and dazzling scene!!!

The eyes are full of jealousy and envy…

Also, a deep longing!!!

The skin fell off, and the horrible pale hands were glowing. The swelling was a bit appalling, and even red blood slowly overflowed.

And she didn’t care much!

Holding the railing in her little hand, she stared blankly at him and her downstairs!!!

She hasn’t left her eyes for a moment!!!

“Liam, come and help Emily with medicine! I haven’t gotten it before, I’m afraid it hurts her!” After struggling for a while, Burton Lucas handed the potion and cotton swab to Burton Liam.

He was really afraid of hurting Emily.

After all, his brother is more careful than himself!

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