CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1411 – 1412

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Chapter 1411

After David and Lester sat down, Tina felt that they had been watching her.

She turned her head and met the gazes of David and Lester, and both of them smiled embarrassedly.

Janie also noticed here, smiling and joking: “You have been staring at Miss Weber as soon as you come in.”

David smiled a little shyly: “I was watching Miss Weber’s drama recently, and I think Miss Weber herself is much more beautiful than on TV.”

There was a decent smile on Tina’s face: “Thank you.”

“Understand!” Janie sighed, pretending to be serious: “Just now Glen told me that Miss Weber is more beautiful than me, but I have sent a WeChat to my assistant to buy durians for Glen.

Glen immediately retorted: “Did you just say that David was handsome?”

“David is handsome, what’s the matter?” Janie turned around and called Tina, “Miss Weber, you say David is handsome?”

Tina continued to smile: “Handsome, my younger brothers are all handsome.”

The boys present were all younger than Tina.

Tina’s words are also very subtle. If she only answers “handsome”, as soon as this line is broadcasted, Tina will arrange a trending search for “Tina, praise Lester and David”.

And what she said was “All brothers are handsome”, which means that seniors appreciate younger generations.

The younger brothers also follow.

“Thank Miss Weber.”

“Miss Weber has a few more words…”

“I am the man whom Miss Weber praised…”

Because of this small episode, the relationship between the few people has pulled in a bit, and the atmosphere has become more and more heated.

Just as they chatted in full swing, the door was pushed open again.

Everyone looked at the door in unison. With the show crew’s disposition to do things, they calmly guessed that Peter and Cathy should have entered this time. The suspense of the last group of mysterious guests must be kept until the end.

She understood this in her heart, but when Peter and Cathy came in, everyone had to make a surprised expression.

After all, Peter is the boss of AdamPic. In the entertainment industry, most stars are just commodities operated by capital. No matter how popular the stars are, they still need to be respectful when they meet the boss.

Everyone stood up.

“Great Mr. Grant!”

“Mr. Grant, lucky to meet.”


Peter would best deal with this kind of occasion and responded with a smile.

After they greeted Peter, they turned to say hello to Cathy.

But everyone invariably watched the cool reaction.

Tina stood up slowly and called out: “Boss.”

Peter didn’t look at Tina when he came in just now. He heard this “boss” and turned his head to look at her.

His gaze paused for a while on Tina, and then he came to a conclusion: “You didn’t call me just now, I almost didn’t recognize you, how come you became black charcoal.”

Tina: “???”

She has been in outdoor scenes recently. Sometimes she’s in very good condition, and she forgets to replenish her sunscreen after a few consecutive shots. It’s a bit darker than before, but it’s a good foundation. A little bit of darkness does not affect her beauty. The degree of charcoal.

Peter did it on purpose.

When she appeared on this show, she was ready to be found fault by Cathy, but she did not expect that the first person to find fault with her was Peter.

Tina smiled: “When you sit down later, don’t sit next to David and the others, lest you feel inferior when watching the replay later.”

After she finished speaking, she turned her head and asked David: “I remember that, if you are right, Miss Lee is twenty years old this year, right?”

Chapter 1412

No one expected that Peter and Tina were the first to pinch.

Janie and Glen were both frightened. The preparatory plans they made before they came were aimed at Tina and Cathy. Now Peter and Tina are fighting, and they don’t know how to control the field for a while.

David, who was called innocently, could only bite the bullet and said, “Yes, it’s just after my birthday.”

Janie took the opportunity: “Wow, so young.”

“Yeah.” Tina answered, looking at Peter, with a big smile: “Boss, you’re all rushing, or don’t sit with them, I’m also good for you.”

Peter also smiled: “Then I thank you, elder Ms. Weber.”

“You’re welcome, Old Boss Grant.” Tina deliberately returned the word “old”.

Although both of them are smiling, the smell of gunpowder has spread throughout the room, and the people around them dare not show up.

Only Cathy lowered her eyes slightly to conceal her pride.

Janie tried to control the field again: “Mr. Grant, sit down, sit here…”

Peter didn’t go over immediately, but stretched out his arm to support Cathy. This thoughtful little action was captured by the camera, and Janie pushed the road beside him: “Look at Mr. Grant, it’s so sweet.”

“Me too.” Glen grinned and held Janie’s arm.

Janie “cut”.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, Cathy sat beside Tina.

Tina looked up and found that a photographer had moved the camera, facing her and Cathy, and Cathy naturally found out.

Cathy slightly twitched the hair near her ear, and said softly, “Tina, it’s been a long time.”


Tina curled the corner of her lips and looked at Cathy with a smile, “Yes, Miss Lee.”

Cathy’s face changed slightly.

She deliberately called Tina “Tina” because someone on the Internet said that Tina did not like her. She expected that Tina would not let her step down in front of so many people, so she deliberately called to get close. She wants everyone to think that she and Tina have a good relationship.

Then, look for opportunities to do some small actions to deal with her, which will easily make Tina annoying.

But she didn’t expect that Tina didn’t give face in front of the plane, and called her “Miss Lee” directly. This was telling the audience that Tina was not close to her.

Cathy was very angry, but she still had to keep smiling, and continued: “The last group of guests has not arrived yet, so the finale must be the heavyweight guests.”

When Cathy said this, she didn’t actually see the last pair of guests in her eyes. No matter how heavyweight they are, they are not stars at the mercy of capital. Can they be more powerful than Peter’s identity?

Tina saw through her thoughts with a glance: “That’s for sure, otherwise it’s just for fun to make it so mysterious?”

Cathy gritted her teeth: “You are so sure, do you already know who the last group of guests is?”

“I want to know too, but the program team won’t tell me.” Tina said casually.

In fact, the previous one had told her that it was someone she was familiar with, and she had vaguely guessed in her heart. Coupled with the fact that she was shooting in Best Day, she was even more sure of her guess.

Tina has been filming recently. Cathy went to AdamPic to find Peter when he was fine. People around her were respectful, and life went smoothly.

Suddenly by Tina, Cathy’s anger reached its peak. She was afraid that she would lose her temper if she talked to Tina, so she turned her head and acted like a baby to Peter: “Peter, I want to drink water.”

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