CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1413 – 1414

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Chapter 1413

After hearing Cathy’s words, everyone’s eyes looked over.

Because the water cup was placed in front of Cathy.

And Peter didn’t have any impatience, and directly brought the water cup over to Cathy’s hand.

Cathy took the water glass, held it to her lips and was about to drink it, and had a sudden meal, as if to find that everyone was looking at her, pretending to be shy and explained: “I’m sorry, I am used to it at home.”

Then she looked at Peter with affection, and said, “I blame you, you’re so kind to me…”

Peter smiled, his eyes were unusually gentle: “Drink water.”

“Yeah.” Cathy picked up the water glass and drank.

Janie was also shocked by Cathy’s series of behaviors. For the first time, she met a couple who was more exaggerated than her and Glen. Fortunately, she has been mixing variety shows for a long time. Even if it is such an embarrassing show love festival, she can Hold.

“Mr. Grant is great, he is an awesome filial boyfriend, I am so envious…” Janie held her hands together, holding her chin on her face with admiration, except for a slightly stiff smile, she really couldn’t see any disguise. Look like forced happiness.

Tina wanted to laugh a little.

But it’s not so good to laugh out on such occasions. It’s not easy for Janie to join in. They are all colleagues, so be considerate.

Tina lowered her head, and put her hand to her lips to hide her smile.

David on the side poked his head, “Miss Weber, are you okay?”

“Huh?” Tina turned her head, before the smile on her face had time to stop, her eyes were a little surprised, and the whole person looked dumbfounded.

David was inexplicably poked to a cute spot, smiled and said: “It’s okay, do you want to drink water?”

Hearing the words “drink water”, Tina finally held back a smile, nodding solemnly and said: “Well, it’s time to drink some water.”

When she reached for the water glass, she almost choked again, and David quickly handed over the tissue.

Janie didn’t know when she stared at Tina and David, and said with a deep smile, “Brother Lee learns very quickly.”

David is also upright: “Although the company does not let you fall in love, you can learn it first.”

As soon as she said this, Lester nodded in agreement, and Janie and Glen were also amused.

Tina was a little curious, so she asked: “Can you never fall in love?”

In the past few years, domestic talents have introduced overseas talents, and many idols who eat the fan economy have emerged.

And this kind of idol has a closer connection with fans, focusing on fans. One of the most important points is not to fall in love.

Because these idols are all good-looking, strong in business ability, very good, and full of the fantasies of many girls, there will be many girlfriends, and if they are not single, they will lose many fans.

David explained: “For the time being, falling in love is not in the plan.”


Tina understood that as long as he was still red, he couldn’t fall in love.

Janie took the opportunity to ask: “What are the ideal girlfriends of David and Lester?”

The eyes of everyone fell on the two younger men.

At this moment, there was another knock on the door outside!

There is no doubt that the knock on the door at this time must be the last group of guests.

Everyone’s eyes moved to the door unanimously. In the eyes of everyone’s expectations, the door was opened, and the waiter pushed the dining car in.

Several people sighed together, obviously disappointed.

The director appeared at the door at some point: “The last group of guests is coming right away, and now they have entered the elevator.”

Chapter 1414

“Director, it’s still sold out at this time.”

“My curiosity is almost out of hiding.”

“Director, if you don’t say anything, I will go to the elevator to see myself.”


The director closed the door indifferently and left, leaving a room of guests crying without tears.

Janie shook her head repeatedly: “Our “My Life and Me” program group is the most serious program group I have ever seen.

David and Lester nodded in agreement: “So do we.”

Everyone is at the elevator entrance, and they don’t want to reveal any news.

Tina knocked thoughtfully on the table twice, then turned to look at Peter.

If it is the two people she guessed, is it possible that Peter knows something?

Peter felt her gaze, turned his head and glanced at each other, not knowing what he thought of, and nodded at Tina.

Without any verbal communication, what did he nod at her?

Did Peter really understand her thoughts?

Tina didn’t have time to wonder for too long, because the door was knocked again.

Janie rubbed her hands and said, “Is it really here this time? Oh my god, I’m so nervous!”

With a creak, the door was slowly pushed open.

After seeing who was pushing the door, the seven people in the room were all surprised and incredulous.

Janie and Glen stood up first: “Mr. Adams…”

Karl glanced indifferently, then stood sideways and let Alyssa come in first.

Alyssa wore a beige windbreaker with a gentle smile: “Hello everyone, I am Alyssa.”

Alyssa looked around, and finally fell on Tina’s face, and then took the opportunity to blink at her.

The corners of Tina’s mouth rose uncontrollably, giving Alyssa a look of “you are waiting”.

Alyssa blinked innocently, turned her head to look at Karl. She was telling Tina that Karl was going to participate.

Except for Tina and Peter, the remaining few people just got up to greet them, but no one dared to step forward to shake hands with Karl.

After Tina finished laughing, she walked straight to Alyssa and said with a smile: “Alyssa, screenwriter, long time no see.”

“It’s not that long. I only saw you on the set a few days ago.” Alyssa said, reaching out to hug her.

After Tina gave a hug, the smile on her face deepened uncontrollably: “Yes, I have a bad memory when I am older.”

Although it was just a simple greeting, everyone else could feel the closeness of Tina and Alyssa.

At this time, Cathy also stepped forward and greeted Alyssa: “Hello, screenwriter Alyssa.”

“Miss Lee.” The smile on Alyssa’s face faded to the naked eye, and after a brief handshake with Cathy, she released her hand.

Peter also walked to Karl: “I thought you were joking, but I didn’t expect you to come.”

Only then did Karl retract the gaze that fell on Alyssa’s face, and said emotionally, “It’s been boring these days.”

Peter snorted softly: “I can see it.”

If it is not really boring, how could Karl come to this kind of show?

Karl glanced at him: “Aren’t you?”

Peter choked: “It’s not because you invested in this show to support. Do I really have nothing to do when I’m full.”

“Are you still doing few things when you are full?” Karl has always been good at stunning Peter, and he can definitely make him speechless.

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