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Chapter 465

“En? Oh… OK…” Liam, who looked at her worriedly, nodded, a little embarrassed.

Frozenly took the potion handed by Burton Lucas and sat down in front of Allen Emily.

His heart tightened involuntarily.

He raised his eyes slightly and glanced at her without a trace, but there was a strange feeling in her faint eyes.

“Does it hurt?” He lowered his head and began to help her carefully.

The gentle voice asked her casually, but he couldn’t hide a trace of distress.

“Also… okay!” The answer was a little choked.

It’s not hand pain, but…heart, pain!!!

Seeing that he is still so attentive to her, the bottom of her heart is astringent but sweet…

“Say it out if it hurts…” He didn’t dare to look at her but told her faintly.

The deep voice was a little tight.

He remembered that once, she gave him medicine…

She said, Liam, if you hurt, just say it. Don’t feel shameless. Men have the right to cry for pain! That way, women know how to be more considerate of men!!!


But, later, she left…

Leaving him, and went to the embrace of another man!

He is in pain!!! However, he still didn’t shout out…

Because, that man, his brother, used his life to save his brother!!!

The small hand in the palm trembled suddenly.

The tears fell, wet on the back of the swollen hand…

The big palm holding the small hand froze…

Allen Emily raised her eyes and smiled embarrassedly, “Okay…it hurts!!”

She was afraid that her husband would see her thoughts…

So she lied!!!

The back of the hand doesn’t hurt at all! Because, with his touch, she could not feel anything except the warm feeling!

However, her heart is painful!!!

It’s hard to ignore it!!!

So, cry…

“Sorry! I’ll be careful!” After a long time, Burton Liam bowed his head and apologized dumbly.

The voice is always faint, but it seems dull for a few minutes.

Amelia upstairs, with hollow eyes, looked straight at them downstairs…

Let the tears soak the puffy cheeks.

She is so happy, so happy…

Fingers lightly stroked the railing.

It turns out that the reason why Burton Liam doesn’t love Blair Evelyn is because of her!!!

Because of loving her!!!

No wonder, so beautiful, so gentle, and so virtuous…

What about herself?

Probably in the bottom of his heart, nothing counts!

She, however, is just a broken child living in his house!

Get up, leave the cold ground and walk to her room.

The pain in her body seems to deepen a little…

Even the lower abdomen began to feel painful.

Enter the bedroom, lock the door, and block herself from everything outside the house!

The weak body, limp on the bed, motionless…

Holding the tearful water pupil, staring at the white ceiling for an instant.

As Allen Emily was injured, in the end, lunch was soaked.

Burton Lucas looked at his wife’s swollen little hands and finally led her to the hospital in a hurry.

Later, he was the only one left in the entire living room.

Buried in the sofa, in a daze…

It’s been a long time before he dazzled from the meeting just now.

Feeling depressed a lot.

He got up, went to the kitchen, glanced at the ruined scene, bowed his head, and laughed.

It seems that her destructive power to the kitchen has not diminished at all.

He packed things, and his stomach began to feel a little hungry.

He ordered a takeaway to come over before going upstairs to call Amelia to eat.

“Little thing, come down to eat!” He knocked on the door, calling her.

Quite a while

There is no sound in the room.

“Small things…” He knocked again, but there was no answer.

Is she asleep?

Turned the door lock, frowned, the door was locked.

A little helpless, he paused for a long time in front of the door and finally left.

Maybe she didn’t sleep well last night or take a rest. After all, she felt a little unwell.

Later, he didn’t call her again, just warmed up the meal in the kitchen.

A person was locked in the study room all afternoon.

And she, in her room, has never come out.

In the evening, until it was time for dinner, he found out that she hadn’t eaten at all at noon.

Inexplicably, he feels a little upset in his heart.

Didn’t he know that the girl was very weak when she came to MC?

Going upstairs, knocked on her door again.

“Little things, get up and eat!” This time, the voice was no longer the usual plain, but a tone of command.

However, no one in the house answered him.

“Little thing!” He frowned, a little impatient.

“Boom boom boom…”

The knock on the door became more and more rapid.

Amelia on the bed turned over uncomfortably.

After a while, she put up her painful body with difficulty, stroked the messy bangs in front of her forehead, and got up.

She opened the door, her weak body leaned on the edge of the door, her haunted eyes looked at him blankly, “Is there something?”

Burton Liam was taken aback for a moment, frowned, and a touch of distress went past his eyes.

“What’s wrong with your face?” Sticking out a big palm, he pulled her soft body over the doorway, and his deep blue pupils stared at her who was weak in his arms.

Her left cheek was red and swollen, and there were five clear fingerprints on it.

Amelia, who was limp in his arms, only felt the tip of her nose sore, and there was an urge to cry.

“It’s okay…” She shook her head and answered him, her weak voice was a little choked.

“It’s okay? It’s swollen like this, dare you say it’s okay?!” Frowning, a little angry.

Her face was beaten.

But, besides him, will there be anyone else in this family?

Suddenly, his heart trembled fiercely.

A touch of astonishment and disbelief flashed past his heart, and there was some anger.

He glanced distressedly at the little guy in his arms, grabbed her arm, hugged her sideways, and walked to the bedroom.

“It’s my brother, right?” the deep voice asked her with a positive tone.

He must be angry at what her parents did, so he put his grievance on Amelia.

Amelia was buried in his arms and sucked her nose heavily, a little bit sorrowful.

Approaching the rose bed, he put her down and pulled the quilt.

“Does it hurt?” The cold fingers gently stroked her red and swollen face, a bit strangely distressed, and a little guilty.

After all, it was his brother who beat her.

Moreover, he didn’t even know!!!

“…Don’t touch it!” Amelia probed her hand quickly, grabbing his big cold palm that touched her cheek.

“Ok…it hurts!!!”

As soon as his fingers touched her cheeks, the tears in her eyes fell like broken pearls.



The pain was so painful that she couldn’t help but want to cry, want to shed tears, want to vent!!!

He was taken aback, his deep blue pupils contracted unconsciously.

In the eyes, staring at the back of her injured hand…

The next moment, backhand, holding her wrist.

“You… are you injured too?” Her hand was swollen like a steamed bun, even dripping with terrible blood…

He, looking at her, the emotion in his eyes became a little complicated.

Heart tugged fiercely.

At that time, he didn’t even care about it…

She, isn’t she, also injured!!!

“No… it’s okay!” The little hand that was held stubbornly struggled a bit, a bit of anger.

The choked voice indicated that she, really something!

He glanced deeply at her on the bed, his eyes unconsciously darkened a little.

“Wait for me…” He said, his voice a little low.

Turning around, hurriedly exited the bedroom door.

When he came back, he had an extra medicine kit in his hand.

“Does it hurt?” While applying for the medicine, he carefully exhaled the heat, trying to relieve the pain in her little hand.

With flushed eyes, she stared straight at the careful and serious one…

“Pain!” She answered him honestly.

The moment of being scalded was very painful, the moment when she saw that he didn’t care about her at all, it hurt, even more, this time, she was still very painful…

He raised his eyes worriedly and looked at her.

Unexpectedly, he bumped into her scorching water pupil and stared at himself.

The redness and swelling on her childish little face still didn’t fade away.

“Sorry…” He apologized in a low voice, a little guilty.

Today, as her guardian, he seems to have ignored her, too much…

Amelia shook her head, her eyes moist.

What she wants is not his sorry…

“Liam…” she called him, her voice choked unconsciously.

“En…” He answered her sullenly, bowed his head, pretending to take the medicine seriously.

“You like… that sister named Emily, don’t you?” She already knew the answer without asking!

However, her heart is still unwilling!!!

The hand applying the medicine stiffened suddenly.

Suddenly, his heartfelt a little painful unconsciously.

Quite a while

“Yes!” He lowered to her without disguising it.

He loves the woman named Allen Emily!!!

However, the ending is already destined to be a tragedy…

Amelia’s eyes blinked neatly, glowing with crystal clear water.

The answer, she already knew…

However, he admitted from his mouth that her chest was still unconsciously aching.

Later, she didn’t say any more, just let him put the potion on herself.

The pain in her hands and face, she seemed to be unable to perceive it…

After taking the good medicine, Burton Liam urged, walked out of the door, and went to the living room.

Amelia stared at the ceiling with her eyes wide open, trying not to let the tears flow out of her eyes.

After a long time, she got up, stroked the tears on her eyelids, and went downstairs.

As soon as she reached the top of the stairs, she heard Liam’s low reprimand, as if a little angry.

“Lucas, why are you hitting her?” In the living room, the angry voice was a little dull.

He asked the brother on the other side coldly.

That slap surprised him!

“It’s nothing, she hurt Emily!” Burton Lucas on the other side replied meaninglessly.

“It was just accidental injury to Emily! Her injury is not lighter than Emily!” He retorted without hesitation.

The swollen blisters and terrible blood on those little hands were no more serious than Emily’s.

“Liam, what’s the matter? You seem to be very angry?” There was no anger in the questioning voice of Burton Lucas at the other end, and some of them were just a little bit of a joke.

Liam paused slightly.

“Forget it…” After a while, he said, somewhat unpleasant, “I will let you meet as few as possible in the future!”

“Okay, okay! Brother finds time to apologize to her! Oh, it seems that this little guy has a hand at men! Hey!” Burton Lucas laughed muffledly on the phone, mocking him who has always been indifferent.

The meaning in Burton Lucas’s words he understood, but he just didn’t want to take care of it!

Replied dully and hung up the phone.

Amelia was dazed by the stairs.

Was he arguing with his brother just now for herself?

A little bit surprised her, her heart, she felt warm and sweet…

At night

Amelia shivered while hiding under the quilt.

Last night, that too-real nightmare kept hovering in her confused mind.

Turning her head slightly, she could see the vague bloody mask…

The terrifying black shadow outside the window…wandering, flickering…

The heart couldn’t stop trembling.

She couldn’t understand everything outside the window, whether it was a dream or an illusion…

She only knows that she is afraid, very afraid!

She was so scared that she almost exclaimed…

Chapter 466

But she didn’t!

She did not alarm him in the next room, but bit her fist deeply, trembling with her small body, shedding panic tears, stuffed in the quilt, all night…

Until dawn.

In the morning, Burton Liam came out of the bedroom and came downstairs.

As soon as he walked into the living room, he was shocked by the small figure on the sofa in the hall.

He saw a thin body, covered with a thin quilt, curled up on the sofa tremblingly, closed her eyes tightly, her eyebrows furrowed, and she slept lightly.

In her sleep, she seemed unusually restless.

Burton Liam frowned slightly, a little annoyed.

Did she sleep in the living room all night last night?

Take a step closer to her.

Leaning over, a probing hand, beat her sideways and hugged her on the sofa.

The next second, Amelia, who was sleeping lightly in his arms, was awakened reflexively.

Looking at him with eyes wide open, too much horror was written in the hollow and gray eyes.

She… seems to have been overwhelmed by something!

“Little thing, what’s wrong with you?” He was a little horrified by her appearance.

Her face was as pale as dead gray, and even the puffy face on the side was pale!

On the forehead, there was already a cold sweat.

Pretty long

Amelia returned to her senses, her panicked eyes sinking a little.

“Let…let me down…” She asked him, her words a little vague.

The panic is still obvious.

“What’s wrong? Why don’t you sleep in the room?” He was suspicious.

What is she afraid of?

Amelia bit her lip and said nothing, just looking at him.


Her pupils were covered with a misty mist.

She doesn’t know why, as long as she looks at him, as long as she is held in his arms, and then panic, she will always calm down quickly…

“No sleep in the living room in the future!” The tone of the warning was beyond doubt.

Holding her, walking upstairs.

“I…I don’t want to go back to the room…” Seeing that he was about to return to the room in his arms, suddenly, she in his arms began to struggle reluctantly.

Her little swollen hands tightened the collar of his nightgown.

The panic was obvious in her eyes.

He frowned, a little suspicious.

Stopped the steps and looked at her.

After a long while, he was slightly surprised and came over clearly.

The night before, she was scared to cry by a nightmare, so she didn’t dare to sleep in the so-called haunted bedroom last night?

Put her gently on the sofa, squat down, he tightly locked her.

“Have a nightmare?” He raised his hand and straightened her messy hair.

Liam squinted slightly, examining her. Fortunately, there seemed to be some swelling on her little face.

Amelia glanced at him in panic, then nodded lightly without making a sound.

“Would you like to go to my room to rest first?” Her dark circles were a little too heavy.

Amelia raised her eyes, glanced at him again, and then nodded heavily.

Then, she put her arms around the small quilt and followed him into his bedroom.

As soon as she stepped into his room, a unique scent of birth filled Amelia’s nose, faint, shallow, but uniquely pleasant…

Unexpectedly, she was inexplicably cheerful.

He just leaned on the door and looked at the little figure moving back and forth in the room.

She frowned slightly. She seemed to have no sleep at all since entering his room, but the dark circles around her big eyes were still a little black.

Finally, he couldn’t pass it!

“Sleep!” He looked at her and ordered coldly.

Amelia looked back at him, curled her lips, came out from the terrace, and walked to the bed.

Suddenly, an open delicate gift box on the table attracted her attention.

“Huh? What is this? A ring?” She leaned over and leaned closer to it.

So beautiful…

Bright diamonds are even more dazzling under the golden sunlight in the early morning.

The diamond is in the shape of a cute little white rabbit, very obedient, but also beautiful.

“En…” He nodded, his expression slightly changed.

Amelia picked it up, somewhat surprised.

For a while, startled.

There is a small word engraved on the ring, which is slightly dazzling.


“Sister Emily?” She looked at him suspiciously, knowingly.

“No…” He approached her, took the diamond ring in his hand, and carried her who had been unwilling to go to bed-resting on the bed-and covered the bedding.

Then, turned around and started to clean up the messy items on the table.

This is a wedding ring that is too late to give away.

Some irony…

Amelia tilted her head and looked straight at him who was packing up at the table.

Long, long…until he left.


During the break after class, Amelia tilted her head and happily played with the small objects in her hands.

Smile gently.

The smile on the corner of the lips is pure and innocent.

What she wants, never can’t get…

That’s nice!!!

Harper, the tablemate on the side, was lying lazily on the desk, and her mood seemed a little depressed.

“Wow… Senior Adam Mason is here again!!” Suddenly, an amazing low voice came from the side.

In the next instant, Harper on the desk stood up with a ‘boom’ sound, suddenly refreshed and a little exaggerated.

Tilt her head, staring at the figure about to appear outside the door.

In the class, the girls were slightly agitated, and envious eyes fell on Harper from time to time.

These inevitably made her a little bit proud, but she didn’t expect to be angry with him just now, and after only one class time, he came to find herself.

“Mason…” As soon as Mason’s figure appeared, Harper got up and greeted him with joy.

“Harper…” The corners of Adam Mason’s lips are still that charming smile.

Regarding Harper’s blame and anger just now, he didn’t worry at all.

She reprimanded him for being too careless, and he did not deny or admit it.

Just listen, let her scold it.

“Just… I…” Harper lowered her eyes, a little shy, and a little bit apologetic.

“Stop talking about this, okay?” He smiled faintly, his words full of tenderness.

“Okay!!” Harper responded sweetly, and the little face that had just been lost was already smiling like a flower.

“En, be good!” Adam Mason raised his hand and stroked Harper’s curled hair.

Eyes, intentionally or unintentionally, fell in the classroom, Amelia, who was studying the small objects in her hand attentively.

Mason’s black pupils flashed slightly, and the corners of his lips hooked, with some deep meaning.

“Baby, call Amelia out for me! I’ll look for her!”

“En?” Harper was slightly surprised and glanced suspiciously at Adam Mason.

Suddenly, her eyes darkened a little.

“Wait…” The answering voice was a little low.

She doesn’t like her boyfriend looking for other women!

Turned around and entered the classroom.

“Amelia, my boyfriend is looking for you!” She pushed Amelia, her face a little gloomy, and deliberately bit the word ‘my boyfriend’ heavily.

“En?” Amelia raised her eyes and looked at Harper in confusion.

“Outside…” Harper pointed to Adam Mason who was bathed in golden sunlight outside the teaching room.

The big eyes followed the direction of her fingers.

After a long time, she turned around uneasily.

With the light in her eyes, there was no trace of waves passing by, it was still cold, calm, and calm.

“No time…” She bit her words and said in a low voice.

She doesn’t want to get too close to him, because he loves to be nosy!!!

Harper glanced at Amelia who had nothing to do on the table, turned around, and left the classroom door.

Shrugged, telling Adam Mason casually, “No time!”

No time is the best!!!

“Mason, ignore her, she is always so weird!” Harper said jokingly.

“Really?” Adam Mason grinned wickedly.

With a long leg, he passed Harper and went directly into their classroom.

“Ah…” A few exclaimed low voices suddenly sounded in the noisy classroom.

Adam Mason smiled lightly, approached Amelia, leaned over, and approached her.

“No time? Just to play with this little thing?” He deliberately or unintentionally poured the heat from his nose to Amelia’s ears and asked Amelia in a soft, ambiguous tone.

Harper outside the door froze in place, motionless.

Under her eyes, there was a mist over her eyes… she felt her eyes were burning and painful.

Amelia tilted her head and frowned, looking at Adam Mason who was close at hand.

“Can you stay away from me?”

Amelia finished speaking lightly, turned her head, and put away the little things in her hands.

Adam Mason raised his eyebrows, a little surprised.

Unruly chuckle, “Follow me out!”

With a sturdy arm, Amelia’s petite body was unexpectedly carried on his shoulders in the next instant.

He didn’t want to be ruined by this little woman in front of so many beauties!

“Ah…” Harper at the door couldn’t help but gasp.

Between them, when…

“Let go of me!” Amelia on his shoulder was also slightly shocked by his crazy behavior.

But, soon, she calmed down.

In a cold tone, she ordered him.

And Adam Mason seemed to be unable to hear her at all.

Even when he passed Harper who was stiff at the door, his eyes still had a satisfying smile.

The moment he passed by, Amelia seemed to see Harper’s eyes full of resentment…

“Adam Harper, let me go! Didn’t you hear!!?” Amelia was a little unbearable and finally struggled away.

“Adam Mason…”


However, as Amelia struggled harder on his shoulders, the strength of his arms tightened.

Undoubtedly, their wonderful and exciting comings and goings have become a novel scenery on the campus.

Who can be so bold to love so hot on campus, so blatant!

Struggling out of the teaching building, passing through the corridor.

“Dangling Dangling…” The hurried class bell rang suddenly.

Only a moment later, the noisy corridor was empty for a moment.

“Adam Mason! Let me go! Insane…” Amelia frantically beat Adam Mason who was confining her.

In the next moment, she opened her mouth and bit his shoulder mercilessly.

“Ah -” Adam Mason gritted his teeth and whispered in pain.

The good-looking sword frowned, his arms raised, and the small body on his shoulders was thrown off fiercely.

Suddenly, her sturdy body leaned forward, pressing her staggered little body against the wall of the corridor, leaving no cracks.

Manson looked at her evilly.

“What the hell are you dragging this woman?” From the hotel to the mall, and then just now, this guy seems to have been waiting to see her!

This woman trampled on the charm of his prince to nothing!!!

“Let go of me, I’m going to class!” Amelia didn’t bother to pay attention to him but felt that he was no different from a rascal now.

She is not dragging, but she is not used to being too close to strangers!

Amelia pushed the body that was pressing heavily on her, but after a long time passed, he remained motionless.

Amelia was a little upset.

Lifting her eyes, looking at him, “What do you want?”

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