CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1415 – 1416

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Chapter 1415

Karl is also a legend.

Ordinary people couldn’t even think of things like sitting and chatting with Karl.

Unlike Peter, although Peter is the boss of AdamPic, because he is often active on Twitter and attends various activities, many people can still meet one another from a distance, so he seems not so unattainable.

As for Karl, he just stood there, making people feel unattainable and afraid to approach him.

Different from Karl’s powerful aura, Alyssa looked gentle and beautiful, and very approachable.

“Alyssa, screenwriter, hello, my name is Janie.” Janie is a person with emotional intelligence, and everyone in front of her called Alyssa screenwriter, and she followed.

Alyssa looked at Janie with a kindly look in her eyes: “I’ve watched your show, you are more beautiful.”

“Honor, my honor!” Janie shook Alyssa’s hand and bowed: “I also watched your “Lost City”. I like it very much.”

Cathy looked around and found that everyone was talking and laughing. Tina stood by and watched Alyssa talk to Janie, which was considered an order, and walked to Tina.

“Your good friend’s popularity is much higher than you.”

“Yeah, beautiful and talented, it’s hard for people not to like her.”

Tina was in a good mood, even if he heard the provocation in Cathy’s words, she didn’t frustrate Cathy.

Cathy underestimated the relationship between her and Alyssa.

She and Alyssa have known each other for more than ten years, and they have come to this day step by step. Seeing Alyssa getting happier, she is too happy to be happy, how could she be jealous of her.

Cathy’s tone was sour: “It’s not luck yet.”

Tina curled her lips: “Good luck is not for everyone.”


Everyone finished introducing themselves and sat down.

Alyssa sat on the opposite side of Tina, the two looked at each other in the air, and then moved their eyes away tacitly.

Janie’s voice sounded: “Since everyone is here, let’s take a look at our lives now.”

The first one played was the video of Janie and Glen. The two have a sense of variety and the whole video is very funny.

Janie stood up and bowed solemnly: “Let everyone laugh.”

The second is Lester’s video.

Lester’s video shows the life of ordinary boys.

Janie pointed her finger in the direction where Peter and Cathy were: “Next, is our life with Mr. Grant and Cathy.”

Alyssa couldn’t help but glance at Tina.

Tina squeezed the water glass and turned it in her hand, looking lightly at the big screen.

The location of the video seems to be in Peter’s office.

After watching a video, Peter didn’t say a few words, the whole process was Cathy’s voice.

“Peter, I want to drink water.”

“Peter, I want to eat cake.”

“Peter, I want to eat fruit.”

“Peter, I want to go for a walk…”

And Peter took his “20-40 filial piety and good boyfriend” to the extreme. Regardless of Cathy’s ability, he always said “OK” with a gentle face.

The video ended, and the room was silent.

It was Janie who broke the silence in the room: “It’s so sweet, Mr. Grant is too kind…”

Glen picked up the water cup and handed it to Janie: “Baby, come on, drink water.”

Janie pretended to snort angrily, ignored the sound, and asked Tina with a smile: “Miss Weber, after seeing Grant and Cathy’s life, do you feel envious and want to find a boyfriend?”

Chapter 1416

Tina sighed in the bottom of his heart.

She knew it was not easy to make money.

Dig holes for her everywhere.

Tina replied decisively: “I don’t want to.”

Janie’s eyes widened in surprise: “Why? Look at Mr. Grant and Cathy, how sweet, I envy it.”

Tina glanced at Peter: “You have to ask for anything before you give it to my boyfriend. I don’t want it at all.”


The smile on Janie’s face froze, and she couldn’t take these words. Although this show does not have a script, it can’t be played to this degree freely, right?

No one can understand Janie’s suffering. The program crew is too happy. What they want is this kind of strangulation atmosphere. Only her boyfriend Glen patted her on the shoulder for comfort.

Peter turned his head to look at Tina, and retorted in a serious manner: “What do you know as a single dog? This is fun!”

Tina raised her chin and did not back down, “What’s wrong with the single dog? You are on a personal attack.”

“Are you not convinced?” Peter smiled meaningfully, then turned his head and said loudly: “Anyone here hasn’t been in a relationship in seven or eight years?”

Tina graduated from the School of Film and Television, and it has been seven or eight years since her debut.

Everyone’s eyes fell on Tina’s face.

Janie also seriously shook her fingers and counted: “Miss Weber, have you never been in love since your debut?”

Tina now wants to fight Peter, but still smiles: “I love work, and work makes me happy.”

Everyone talked about it.

Only Alyssa turned her head in confusion, and asked Karl in a low voice, “What’s the matter? Didn’t it mean that there is no script for this show? Peter took the wrong medicine?”

Karl leaned back on the sofa lazily, and said casually, “Maybe it is.”

Over there, Tina and Peter were stunned again, and Alyssa said to Karl with a worried expression: “Are you sure that after this show is finished, these two people will not become enemies?”

Let alone reconciliation.

Karl said with a profound expression: “It takes fate to become an enemy.”

Alyssa couldn’t laugh or cry, and secretly kicked Karl under the table.

Karl moved his feet, with a slight smile on his lips.

At this time, Cathy suddenly raised the volume and said, “Peter, you are too arbitrary. Although Tina is your artist, she also has privacy. It is impossible to let the company know everything. , Tina is so beautiful, how can no one chase her.”

She had a smile on her face and a soft voice. After speaking, she asked Tina, “Right, Tina?”

Cathy was young, even if she deliberately made her voice gentle, she still couldn’t hide the smell of gunpowder in her words. She deliberately targeted Tina.

Janie was afraid to speak.

If one says badly, it can offend others.

Although Tina is low-key, she has almost no scandals. From this point, it can be seen that she has a background.

Cathy is Peter’s girlfriend. Although the two show off in the video is a bit embarrassing, they are also the ones that Peter is holding.

In the entertainment industry, there are not many things that rush into the crown.

Therefore, Tina and Cathy can’t afford to offend either of them.

In the silence, Alyssa’s voice rang.

“I heard that Miss Lee is a newcomer in the entertainment industry, not long after her debut.”

Cathy smiled: “Yes, it’s been more than a year since my debut.”

She wanted to see if Alyssa, a good friend, could help Tina to say something about it.

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