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Chapter 467

Adam Mason raised his eyebrows, curled his lips, and smiled, “Be my girlfriend!”

The tone is only affirmative, not soliciting.

With this woman, he is not worried about it being fun!

In fact, at first, he didn’t have the idea that he thought he was idiotic. However, seeing her dragged into the sky and disgusting him, his idea of teasing her suddenly came into being.

“Insane!” Amelia cursed in an angry voice.

The little hand pushed the man on her hard, a little angry.

However, the next second, the little hand was wrapped tightly by a pair of warm palms without warning.

Without waiting for Amelia’s reaction in his arms, he leaned over and held her tight-fitting cherry lips domineeringly.

“Um… Fuck…” Amelia’s words before she could finish cursing were ruthlessly drowned in the tight touch of his four lips.

This rogue is just a jerk!!!

Amelia in his arms began to struggle frantically…

“Let go…Let go…” The vague tooth sound overflowed hard between the lips.

Adam Mason’s enchanting sword eyebrows raised slightly, and with one hand, he firmly clasped Amelia’s restless head, and aggressively began to attack the city.

He seemed unable to perceive her struggle.

He hooked his lips and smiled evilly.

The more frustrated the more courageous, has she never heard of this term?

However, he has to admit that her kissing skills suck at home!

Fortunately, the soft and sweet feeling on the lips gave him a fresh and strange feeling, pure, fragrant, and unique!

Amelia was stunned and stared angrily at Adam Mason who was zoomed-in in front of her.

In the next instant, a touch of horror and disgust caught in the cold eyes.

She only felt a pair of burning big palms slowly moving around her sensitive waist…

Fuck! This man is endless!!!

Amelia opened her lips and opened her mouth, and involuntarily bit down the disgusting tongue.

However, to her disappointment, Adam Mason seemed to have foreseen it, and before she could bite it down in the future, he obediently put his tongue back.

His lips touched, and he smirked low.

“Get out!!” Amelia probed her hand again and pushed the man on her body fiercely.

The little hand firmly grasped the extremely restless palms of his body, trying to prevent him from making the next move.

This man is simply a beast-a low-level animal!

He only rolled the sheets with Harper a few days ago. What does he want to do now? Does he want to take herself to go?

Humph! She doesn’t have the kind of leisure time to play with him!!!

“Hey! Can you be gentle? You are not afraid that I will tell the school leader about your stealing in the mall?” Adam Mason smiled evilly, pressed his lips, and asked her in a low voice in a charming voice.

To put it concisely, it is to blackmail her!

“Whatever you want!” Amelia glanced at him coldly, a little annoyed, “Can you remove your nasty lips?”

Adam Mason lowered his eyes and smiled softly.

The more desperate she is, the more fun he finds.

“No!” He curled his lips, grinned badly, and retorted her rascally.

In the next instant, with a slight force on the big palm, he broke free from the confinement of Amelia’s small hands, and once again began to daringly poke around her waist.

Amelia was startled suddenly, and the enlarged water pupil shrank for a while.

Suddenly, conditioned reflexes are average, feet are raised, thigh-legs are raised.

Exercising all her strengths, she slammed the opposite side and intentionally invaded an important part of the man who violated her…

She remembered that it was said on TV that this was one of the basic methods of preventing wolves.

“Ah -” a cry of pain suddenly sounded in the empty corridor.

Adam Mason leaned down subconsciously, hugged his baby, grinning for a while.

In a cold sweat, Adam Mason’s beautiful forehead oozes, and he looks extremely painful.

Oh shit! This woman is really cruel! Even dare to use this kind of trick!!!

Amelia coldly looked at him in pain, retaliated with a smile, gloating and mocking.

Raising her hand, she wiped the lips that still had the disgusting smell of this man, and glanced at him in disgust.


With a low curse, she turned and left without hesitation.

Take it as a dog bite today!!!

“Damn it, Amelia, you’re ruthless!!”

Mom, he doubted how much effort this woman had exerted. If he tried a little harder, he would even have the possibility of severing his children!!!


On the way back to the classroom, Amelia kept wiping her lips that had been bitten by a dog.

Gradually, the pink lips became slightly swollen.

It’s disgusting!!!

Amelia cursed fiercely in her heart.

Later, she went to the water room to wash her lips, and even her tongue, before she felt relieved.

Hit the original road and returned to the classroom.

On the stage, the teacher was spitting and spitting while he was giving a lecture.

She sneaked into the classroom while the teacher was writing back on the blackboard.

Harper, who had been lying on the desk listlessly, saw Amelia appear and suddenly jumped from the desk.

The eyes stared at her for a moment.

There was a strange cold light passing through the bottom of her eyes…

Amelia could feel it, but she ignored it.

Pull out the books and start listening to the class.

Half an hour later, the bell just rang after class.

“What did he tell you?” Harper turned around and asked her coldly.

Amelia tilted her head and glanced at her.

She opened her lips and responded lightly to her, “Nothing said!”

“Impossible!” Harper didn’t believe Amelia’s words.

Suddenly, her pupils narrowed slightly, and the misty eyes were accusing Amelia.

“Amelia, you lied! You kissed, didn’t you? Didn’t you?” Harper’s questioning voice was a little choked, and the decibels unconsciously increased a bit.

Her lips are swollen…

They even kissed??!!!

Harper’s words, like a bomb on the battlefield, exploded fiercely in a noisy classroom.

Suddenly, there were a lot of discussions…

“Wow, did she steal Mason senior from Harper?”

“Kissing? What does it feel like? Isn’t it exciting…”

“Two people can’t fight, right?”


In the classroom, they talk and they guess.

Harper stared at Amelia, tears accumulating in her eyes.

Kiss? What a joke!!!

She was bitten unilaterally by a dog!!!

Seeing Harper’s misty teary eyes, Amelia suppressed her annoyance and took a deep breath.

Half an hour, start the sound.

“Yes, we kissed! Moreover, he asked me to be his girlfriend!” She confessed honestly.

For this kind of man, she felt that Harper had better leave him early!

“You…Amelia, you are shameless!! Uuuuuh…” As soon as her words fell, tears fell involuntarily to the bottom of her eyes.

The next second, she got up, rushed out of the classroom, and walked away.

Amelia tilted her head and glanced at her leaving back indifferently, then turned her head back and ignored it.

She is not used to taking care of other people’s affairs!

The discussion on the side became even more rampant.

“She admitted it! Haven’t they always been good friends?”

“Yes, I just saw her only talking to Harper! I thought they had a really good relationship…”

“Hey, this is the case with Senior Mason. There are already countless girlfriends, and I have to mix up between them!”

Finally, someone said something fair!

Later, Harper never returned to the classroom.

She didn’t appear again until school was over.

However, Amelia was left by the headteacher.

She was slightly surprised.

Followed the teacher into the office.

“Amelia, the teacher knows that you are a good student, but you are only in the first year of high school, and you must focus on learning. You should also understand this. You don’t need the teacher to talk more?” The headteacher said in a kind manner. Talking.

Good student?

The teacher’s technique of first raising and then suppressing can be regarded as proficient!

“Teacher, speak directly!” She didn’t like this kind of obscure preaching.

Standing listening to teach is very tired!

Suddenly, the teacher was stunned for a second.

“What’s the matter with Adam Mason? You fell in love early in the first year of high school, what should you do with your studies?” The teacher finally chose to go straight.

Amelia was stunned for a moment, somewhat surprised.

Puppy love? Which one is this?

“Of course, I know that our school is all born of noble children, but the school also has a school system, and noble children must also abide by it!” The teacher continued her preaching.

“Teacher, I don’t have a puppy love!” Amelia answered truthfully.

Just… will the teacher believe it?

“Some people say they saw the two of you… together!” Every student asked about this kind of topic, which one is not the one that she doesn’t recognize?

Those who had to catch the scene were forced to admit it.

Things like this have long been commonplace for class teachers!

“I don’t!” Amelia continued to answer stubbornly.

The teacher looked at her for a while, and raised her hand, “You go home first! I will call the parents and see if I have time to find the parents to come over and meet!”

“I have no parents!” Her parents are already dead!

The teacher was slightly startled, “Families are fine too!”


“Legal guardian!”

“He won’t come…”


In the end, the teacher had no choice but to let Amelia leave.

Looking through the family contact book in the drawer, she dialed Liam’s number.

Liam was slightly surprised when he received the call from the teacher.

However, on the phone, the teacher said very vaguely, just saying that she hoped to have time to go to school.

Liam also responded.

In the bedroom

Liam was rummaging for something.

What happened?

He remembered that he had put the ring in the gift box that day. How could it suddenly disappear?

Buried in the sofa, straightened out the messy hair.

Forget it, some things are lost if they are lost!

Even if he lives in memories, he will never get what he wants…

But, in the bottom of his heart, there is still a sense of melancholy!

This ring was specially made by him in the factory after he accumulated a long, long time of living expenses during the most miserable days.

She likes little rabbits because she is cute and good…

Very similar to her!

Therefore, during his poorest days, he decided to raise money to prepare her the most special and exquisite wedding ring.

Thinking of this, my chest felt a little uncomfortable.

“Sister Mia, have you ever seen me a ring? The appearance of a little bunny!” Burton Liam casually asked Sister Mia, who was busy cleaning the room.

Chapter 468

Probably, in the bottom of his heart, he still wanted to get that special ring back.

“The ring? I haven’t seen it before. What’s wrong, Master, is there something missing?” Sister Mia looked a little surprised.

She has been working in this home for so long and has never heard of the young master losing something.

“En…” He nodded, a little dull.

Sister Mia was silent for a while.

“Master, take a look at the surveillance video!” Mia suggested.

“Videotape?” Liam hesitated, “Forget it, no need! That ring is not a valuable thing!”

It’s not expensive…

It may have been an astronomical figure for him in the past, but for now, he can earn that figure in a day’s work.

But, in his heart, that kind of value…

But it will never be replaced!

“Master, no matter whether it is expensive or not, let’s take a look. If it is a thief, we also need to deal with it!” Sister Mia is always so formulaic.

“Well, you can take care of it!” He has always handed it over to Sister Mia to deal with family matters.

Because this Blair Evelyn even teased him, he could just marry a housekeeper and come back!

Sister Mia went to the surveillance room and took out the video disc.

The content is from packing things yesterday to just now.

Throughout the picture, the familiar little body has been running around randomly in his room.

From the balcony to the bed.

Frowning slightly, a little unhappy.

It turns out that she is not very behaved!

After he left, she was still jumping up and down in his room without sleeping at all.

Suddenly, a flash of frightened and deep blue pupil flashed past.

On the screen, she saw the small body quietly opened his drawer…

She took out the small box and took away the ring.

Then, casually threw it in the pocket of her pajamas.

All the movements seem so random and so natural…

Even at the corner of her lips, she could still see an innocent smile.


“Young… Young Master, this…” Aunt Mia looked at the results in the picture in shock, her speech a bit unwieldy.

Burton Liam frowned slightly.

Quite a while

“It’s okay, I’ll talk to her!” Burton Liam said lightly.

Walk to the computer, take out the disk, and hand it to Sister Mia.

Sister Mia nodded and left.

Buried in the sofa, his slender fingers propped up his sharply defined jaw, quietly examining the accident just now.

Does she like that ring very much?

It’s just that, don’t ask her, it seems to be another kind of ‘steal’!

Although, this thing belongs to him!

However, for a fifteen-year-old ignorant child, once she develops a habit without asking for herself, will it gradually evolve into a kind of “steal” in front of others?

Maybe, he really should try to talk to her.

In the bedroom

In front of the window, Burton Liam was beside Amelia who had been lying on the edge of the window in a daze, his scorching eyes fixedly locked her.

Amelia tilted her head and glanced at him.

Hook lips, smile sweetly.

Turning back, “Why did you come back so early today? Ah… the evening sun is so lazy…”

Amelia closed her eyes, opened her arms, quietly feeling the gentleness of the sunset.

Under the golden sun sieve, her petite white figure is like the pure little angel in the painting.

The smile on the corner of the lips is so quiet, peaceful, and childish innocence.

He turned sideways and covered the window edge.

Turning his head, looked at her, “Anything you want to tell me?”

Amelia tilted her head to look at him curiously, and nodded with a smile, “Yes!”

“En?” He raised his eyebrows and looked at her.

“I kissed the second man beside you today!” She gave him a wicked smile, glanced at him deeply, and told him in a bragging tone.

Liam was slightly startled.

A complex sentiment swept across the deep blue eyes and frowned.

The second man beside you kisses…

What is this nonsense?

He always felt that there were some small bumps in his heart.

Besides, for her, this kind of thing is too early!

However, the smirk in her eyes made him somewhat doubt the authenticity of this sentence.


Kiss? Between them.

This topic is not what he wants to discuss.

“Little thing, is my ring with you?” He tried to change the subject.

Amelia was taken aback for a moment, and the next moment, a touch of hurt feeling ran across her clear eyes without a trace.

Her pupil grayed a little.

Unexpectedly, he didn’t care at all if she kissed other men!!!

Is there only that ring in his heart? That special diamond ring with the word “Emi”??

“No!” She tilted her head, her face was a little unhappy, and she lied to him.

The more he cares, the more she wants to take it for herself!

He frowned, unexpectedly she would lie.

It seemed to be more serious than he thought.

“There is a display on the monitor!” He locked her straight, and directly exposed her lie.

“Do you care about it that much?” Amelia smiled lightly, raised her eyes, and looked at him, with ridicule in her eyes.

But he can’t find the panic that should be when a lie is exposed.

Is this ring that important to him??

Burton Liam explored and stared at Amelia on the opposite side.

Why he always felt that her mind was too far away from a 15-year-old child…

After a while, he nodded.


At least, that ring has always been pinned, his most sincere love for someone.

Her heart hurt a bit, a bit sharp.

“But I hate it!” She hates his caring, hates his questioning!

Amelia in front of the window suddenly raised her hand and threw out the small object she was holding tightly in anger.

Under the golden sunlight, a dazzling light flashed by.

The stabbing eyes are a little painful.

In the next second, there was a soft splash of water, and the diamond ring slowly disappeared and disappeared in the large fountain in the courtyard on the first floor…

The ripples gradually fade away.

In a few seconds, it has quietly disappeared!

At that moment, Burton Liam seemed to have seen his quietly passing love…

In this way, a little bit, a little bit quietly disappeared, until the end, it belongs to someone else!

However, he chose silence and fulfillment.

No fight, no search, even more, no effort!!!

The heart tugged fiercely, like a needle stick, stinging intolerably.

In the next moment, he turned around and hurried downstairs.

Now he is suddenly scared!

He is afraid that there are some things that, once lost, they will never be found again…

Amelia just stared blankly at the back that quickly disappeared at the door, her heart, a little bit cold…

Even the eye sockets are slightly painful.

Raising her hand, she caressed her red eyes.

It’s weird, how come her eyes get into the sand when she is in the room?

However, in the next second, tears of grievance came out.

Bastard Liam, you’d better not fall in love with me, otherwise, I must return all the grievances I have suffered!

In front of the window, Liam looked at the handsome figure downstairs with red eyes.

The long body was slightly arched, and in the huge fountain pond, he was searching for the diamond ring with special meaning to him.

Under the faint sunlight, the charming figure still looked so calm.

His movements are still always elegant.

No anxiety, no annoyance, and no anger.

Because he always believed that as long as he tried hard, he would be able to find it again!

Time, a little bit passing…

The sunset finally disappeared, leaving only the gloomy clouds, scattered in the air lonely.

In the fountain pond, there is still the figure that is constantly searching.

He has to admit that this ring is too hard to find!

Because this fountain is really big enough!

However, he wants to find it back, eagerly wanting to prove it to himself, there are some things, as long as he strives hard, there is a chance to come back again!

Thinking of this, the movements in his hands became more and more urgent…

“Burton Liam…Don’t look for it! You can’t find it!!!” Amelia called out Burton Liam who had been staying in the water with red eyes.

She is in a hurry!

She now regrets her stupid behavior a bit!

If she knew that he would persist in this way, maybe she wouldn’t throw the ring in the water!

At least that way, he would not soak in water for several hours!

“Liam…” She exaggerated, her little hand pressed to her lips in a trumpet shape, and she continued to call him anxiously.

However, in the water, he has always seemed to be unable to hear her worried calls, he did not turn his head to look at her, nor did he answer, he just continued his search activities on his own.

Burton Liam didn’t want to turn his head to look at her, maybe at this moment, he was really angry!

Amelia on the shore was a little anxious.

He seems to be angry!!!

But if he soaks like this, will his feet stand it?

The water pupil was stained with a layer of mist, lowered her eyes, looked at the shallow spring water, and then glanced at the stubborn man in the spring water opposite.

Then, she hurriedly kicked away the pair of little bear fur slippers on her feet, her petite body did not hesitate, one raised her foot and stepped into the spring water.

Since he refused to come up before he found the ring, she had to… she, accompany him to find…

Until found!

That said, she hates that ring!

But, he likes it, he can’t bear it!!!

Therefore, she is also reluctant to…

She bent down and began to search seriously, carefully, everywhere, in every corner.

By the pool, the sound of splashing water finally caught his attention in the middle of the spring.

He tilted his head to look over, slightly surprised.

In the next instant, a cold light swept across the deep blue pupils.

Frowning, standing up, staring at her, a little unhappy.

“Go up!” With a sullen face, he ordered her to go down into the water.

However, this time it was Amelia who couldn’t hear it!

Now she just wants to find the ring she discarded quickly, and quickly let this man step out of the cold spring water.

Liam trembled, a little angry at her ignorance.

“Amelia, did you hear me? Go up!!”

The solemnity in Burton Liam’s eyes indicates that he is really hot!

In the evening, the temperature of the clear water in the pool began to drop drastically. What’s more, she is still in her menstrual period, her small body absolutely cannot withstand the cold water soaking, and the scalds on the back of her hands have not had time to heal.

“I lost the ring, I…I must find it!” Amelia tilted her head and glanced at Burton Liam who was burning with anger on the opposite side.

Seeing his angry face, inexplicably, a trace of fear passed through her heart.

When she just threw the ring, she still didn’t see his face so ugly…

It seems that the anger in his heart is accumulating more and more!

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