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Chapter 245

“Don’t cry, it’s all over!” Jamie Ye patted her shoulder softly and comforted. “This is actually a relief to her!”

“Yes, it is better to die if there is only pain left in a person’s life. Since she is reluctant to die, this is the best way to relieve her at the moment.” Juan Mu also encouraged.

Simson Tang stood aside, watching Jamie Ye and Wendy Tian hug each other and crying, his mood was extremely complicated. Jamie Ye had a serious affection and righteousness. He and Jamie Ye would never be able to be together. He let out a sigh in his heart. There is so much affection that it will eventually be missed!

Wendy Tian seemed to hear Simson Tang’s sigh. She raised her tearful eyes and looked at Simson Tang, “Tang, I won’t pester you. Don’t worry, I won’t let this child affect you.”

“What silly thing to say?” Jamie Ye glared at Wendy Tian. The hug just now made all the barriers between her and Wendy Tian disappear. “Simson Tang is not such a cruel person! You are my only sister, and this child is his only one child, he will give birth to you.”

Hearing Jamie Ye’s words, Simson Tang walked over with a wry smile, “Don’t think about anything, you are pregnant, pay attention to your body!”

“Tang, I…” Wendy Tian didn’t know what to say, she knew that Simson Tang was willing to say this caring word to her only because of Jamie Ye. But even so, she was quite satisfied. As long as her sister didn’t resent her, as long as Simson Tang was willing to accept her, what could she not be satisfied with?

The hospital called to inform Jamie Ye that Carlo Xia was no longer good, and asked her to hurry up to see Carlo Xia. Jamie Ye took Wendy Tian to see Carlo Xia.

Carlo Xia has come to the end of his life. Watching Jamie Ye and Wendy Tian come in, there is a ray of light in his godless eyes, and he laboriously spit out two words from his mouth: “Jamie!”

“Dad.” Jamie Ye looked at Carlo Xia, who had run out of oil, and felt very sad. She pointed to Wendy Tian and told Carlo Xia, “This is Wendy Tian. She is also your daughter. Juan must have told you about it?”

Carlo Xia nodded. Wendy Tian was his daughter. Juan Mu had told him that Carlo Xia had been waiting for Wendy Tian. He was very excited to see Wendy Tian’s soft and similar face to Ye’s. “Daughter, my daughter!”

“Dad!” Wendy Tian couldn’t help crying.

Holding Wendy Tian’s hand, tears rolled in Carlo Xia’s godless eyes. He has been in officialdom all his life, but his housework has been a mess. Neither of his biological daughters stayed with him and loved him. Instead, he didn’t keep one of his own.

“I’m sorry you!” He apologized to Jamie Ye and Wendy Tian with difficulty.

“I don’t blame you!” Wendy Tian reached out to help Carlo Xia wipe the tears. She didn’t know her biological father until he was so old, and she still knew each other at this time. How could she not feel sad in her heart.

“You are a good girl, and you need to support each other and live a good life together!” Carlo Xia urged.

“I will. Dad, don’t worry, I will listen to my sister.” Wendy Tian replied.

“Jamie.” Carlo Xia took Jamie Ye’s hand. “The thing that dad regrets most in this life is that he didn’t treat your mother properly. Dad is going to see your mother. I hope your mother can forgive me!”

There were tears in Jamie Ye’s eyes, and they all said that people are about to die. She didn’t know if Meghan Ye would forgive Carlo Xia, but she had already forgiven Carlo Xia.

Carlo Xia struggled to pull Tian and Jamie Ye together, with pleading eyes, “You sisters must live a happy life together, Wan must listen to her sister, Jamie, you must take good care of her and take care of her for your dad. .”

Jamie Ye looked at Wendy Tian and nodded. Carlo Xia called Juan Mu again, “I have done a lot of confused things in my life, betrayed my wife, and be ashamed of my daughter. I hope you will not be like me. I will leave it to you. If I dare to bear her, I will not let you go as a ghost!”

“Dad, don’t worry, I will never be like that!” Juan Mu vowed.

“Jamie Ye, you are a good girl. Dad knows that you love Juan in your heart, and Juan also loves you. Everything between you is Dad’s fault. For Devis and the child in your stomach, you forgive Juan!”

“I have forgiven him!” Jamie Ye replied.

“Dad has one last request…after I die…please bury me…by Meghan’s side…” Carlo Xia gasped, intermittently.

Jamie Ye nodded, “Dad, don’t worry!”

Hearing Jamie Ye’s words like this, Carlo Xia showed a smile of relief on his face. His wish was gone, and he had no worries, and walked in peace of mind, “Meghan, I am here!” Slowly spit out a word, Carlo Xia slowly Closed his eyes.

“Dad!” Jamie Ye and Wendy Tian exclaimed in unison, Carlo Xia could no longer hear them.

Jamie Ye’s belly is inconvenient, Carlo Xia’s funeral was undertaken by Juan Mu. Carlo Xia was beautiful in his lifetime, but when he died, he was a little unglamorous, because he was a person who was organized by double regulations, and naturally not much. People came to express their condolences.

For this reason, Juan Mu didn’t make any big deal of Carlo Xia’s funeral because he was rich, but simply accepted the condolences from a few friends and buried Carlo Xia. According to Carlo Xia’s last wish, Jamie Ye buried him next to Meghan Ye.

On the day of the burial, Karen Xia also came to the cemetery. No one noticed Karen Xia’s arrival. It was not until Karen Xia started to make trouble in the cemetery that everyone discovered her existence.

Karen Xia took it seriously this time, yelling and talking nonsense in the cemetery, all accusing Jamie Ye, saying that Jamie Ye cruelly kicked her out of the house, abused her sister, and prevented her from seeing Carlo Xia at the end.

She also said that Jamie Ye took Carlo Xia’s property as her own. Carlo Xia left many famous paintings that Jamie Ye had embezzled privately, and even shouted that Patricia Liu is also the wife of Carlo Xia, so why Carlo Xia wants to be buried next to Meghan Ye, she wants Patricia Liu’s tomb to move here.

No one thought that Karen Xia would come so shamelessly to make trouble. Although Juan Mu sent Karen Xia down the mountain, Jamie Ye still felt uncomfortable.

If she had known that this would be the case, she shouldn’t have promised Carlo Xia to bury him next to her mother, so that there would be no unnecessary troubles.

When she went back, her face kept calm, and she didn’t want to say a word.

I thought that Karen Xia was here to make trouble, but she didn’t expect that she would go around talking nonsense, and even let out the rumors, either Jamie Ye would give her money or she would go to the Discipline Inspection Commission to report Carlo Xia’s famous paintings, and let Jamie Ye hand over those paintings. Come out of the bamboo basket to fetch water for nothing.

Jamie Ye was even more upset when she heard her talking about the famous paintings, she was very clear about those. Carlo Xia’s last softness towards Karen Xia caused such a big trouble for her, which she really couldn’t think of.

Karen Xia’s unreasonable harassment made Roy Qin annoyed, and he said that he would find someone to seal Karen Xia’s mouth, and she would not dare to shout.

Simson Tang shook his head, “This thing can’t be done. Since Karen Xia dared to make trouble like this, she must be prepared. Now it is a legal society, and everyone is not a gang. This killing will pay for her life.”

“Is it really necessary to give Karen Xia money to stop?” Alexa Xiao asked back.

Juan Mu sneered, “Why give her money? Let Karen Xia report it.”

“Do you really want her to report?” Everyone knows a little bit about the famous paintings, and Carlo Xia’s reputation will not be good if things go wrong.

“Karen Xia threatened like this because she caught everyone who didn’t want to make a big mess. If we were afraid of her, and she couldn’t make any progress in the future, let her report it.” Juan Mu explained, “I will arrange for someone at that time. Receive her, let her eat it, and she will be honest.”

“This matter really can’t let Karen Xia have any cause or effect, let her report it!” Jamie Ye also had the same opinion. Evil does not suppress the righteousness, for a disgusting person like Karen Xia, if you keep letting her, she will definitely have an inch.

Karen Xia originally wanted to make a threat to get some money to improve her living conditions, but she did not expect that Jamie Ye had no intention of giving money at all, and turned a blind eye to her threats.

Karen Xia is very angry. In that case, let her break the jar. She doesn’t believe in this evil. She is fierce here, but she doesn’t want a fierce person to come to her house at night, who comes to stare at Karen Xia fiercely, “You a little b!tch with a peanut?”

“who are you?”

“I’m Cole Xin, the b!tch Angelina Yizhi killed my sister and son, so I have to kill you little b!tch!”

“This matter has nothing to do with me, you can’t count it in my head.” Karen Xia was scared to pale.

Cole Xin didn’t care so much. After slapping Karen Xia a few times, she stunned and he carried her away. When Karen Xia woke up, she was left in the suburbs. The surrounding area was dark. Cole Xin was pouring gasoline on her to burn her to death. , She was so scared that she got up and ran, shouting for help while running. Later, the defense team rushed to save her after hearing the sound, but Cole Xin took the opportunity to escape.

After being rescued, Karen Xia immediately reported the case. The police replied that she would be arrested, but warned her that it is better to pay attention to safety. Then Cole Xin was murderous. If she was found again, it would not be fun.

Karen Xia was frightened, and immediately moved and hid in another place. She never dared to come out to seduce again, let alone trouble Jamie Ye.

Of course, Karen Xia never dreamed that this play was directed by Cole Xin himself. He heard that Karen Xia threatened Juan Mu’s woman. Cole Xin was thinking about Juan Mu’s help, so he had to give back to Juan Mu and the defense team members. It was the person that Harry Han was looking for, and the police also greeted him by Spencer Liu.

Karen Xia is not here to make trouble, Jamie Ye still can’t feel happy, Wu Brent persuaded her, “Jamie, things are already like this, don’t be sad, be happy, be nice to your children.”

“Uncle, I made you worry. I have nothing to do. I will be fine in a few days.” Jamie Ye sighed.

“Jamie, what do you think about the relationship with Juan? The child is about to be born. You should settle the matter with Juan.”

“Uncle, I don’t have the heart to think about this now.” It’s not that I don’t have the heart to think about this, but I don’t know what to do. During this period of time, Juan Mu and Lisa Lin came over every day, and they had already talked to her many times about complex matters.

Seeing Devis and Juan Mu and Lisa Lin in harmony, Jamie Ye never felt unmoved in her heart, but in a blink of an eye she saw Simson Tang’s melancholy eyes and watched whether he was cold or warm towards Wendy Tian. She was really unhappy in her heart.

Chapter 246

She promised to stay with Simson Tang, and promised to forgive him, but now she is facing a big problem. Wendy Tian is her sister. After all, they have the same blood. She cannot accept a man who had a relationship with her sister.

And now it’s not just whether she accepts or not, but Wendy Tian really really likes Simson Tang, watching her follow Simson Tang’s obsessive gaze, and then thought of the child in her belly. Jamie Ye wanted to persuade Simson Tang to accept Wendy Tian.

But since she said something like that in the hospital that day, Simson Tang was avoiding being alone with her. He knew very well that he didn’t want Jamie Ye to say something that made him responsible to Wendy Tian, and Jamie Ye was not embarrassed. Simson Tang did nothing for her. After wasting nine years, she went to persuade Simson Tang to marry Wendy Tian at this time.

She was hesitant here, and Alexa Xiao also came to persuade her. “Jamie Ye, just give Juan Mu a chance.”

“Why have you all spoken to Juan Mu recently? Didn’t you always hate him before?”

“The past is the past, now is now, we all think Juan Mu is good.”

“Who do you mean with you?” Jamie Ye quipped. Recently, Alexa Xiao and Roy Qin have gotten very close. Jamie Ye is someone who can understand the enthusiasm in Alexa Xiao’s eyes. This stupid girl has actually begun to fall in love. She is really happy for her.

“Who else? Roy Qin!” Alexa Xiao glared at Jamie Ye, “I don’t have as many troubles as like you. I can tell whoever I like, and I understand my goal. Keep all things in my mind. You are embarrassed here and compared there. Good things have been embarrassed by you hesitantly!”

“How can I not be embarrassed?” Jamie Ye sighed, “I promised to marry him, but now I want to let him marry another woman personally. I know that as long as I say it, he will listen, but that’s it. Is it really good to him? Will he be happy?”

Xiao wanted to be silent and asked her suddenly, “Jamie Ye, I want to ask you a word, who is more important in your heart, Juan Mu or Simson Tang?”

Jamie Ye is also asking herself, who is more important in her heart? In the past, Juan was naturally more important, but now that Simson Tang has done so much to her, she is not ruthless to Simson Tang.

“You can’t let go of Juan Mu for so many years. You must have him in your heart. Simson Tang has always been obsessed with you. He has paid so much and said that it is impossible to be merciless to him. It is just that Jamiely you score clearly about love and friendship. Clear deep love and sympathy.”

“I…” Jamie Ye asked herself, is she really not admiring Juan anymore? Do not! She has always loved him, because she loves him, she can’t tolerate his betrayal, because she loves, she has always been sorrowful, but her feelings for Simson Tang are very complicated. Maybe she loves him more, is grateful, and wants to rely on. .

“What Simson Tang needs is a woman who loves him wholeheartedly, not a woman with another man in her heart. Since you can’t give Simson Tang the reciprocal love, you should leave him quickly. You should take the initiative to tell him what you think. “Rather than hesitating here,” Alexa Xiao emphasized, “Simson Tang has been wasted for you for so many years. How many years can life be? Now Wendy Tian is pregnant with Simson Tang’s child. For the happiness of Simson Tang, you and Juan Mu should reunite, you are not happy, how can Simson Tang be happy.”

Alexa Xiao’s last sentence was right. She was not happy. How could Simson Tang feel relieved to find his happiness? Wendy Tian’s gentleness and kindness would definitely bring happiness to Simson Tang. Long-term pain is worse than short-term pain. She must talk to Simson Tang about this.

Devis didn’t know who heard that Wendy Tian was pregnant with Simson Tang’s child. He came to Jamie Ye with a little disappointment, “Mom, auntie is pregnant with Uncle Tang’s child, can’t you marry Uncle Tang?”

Jamie Ye nodded, “Yes, aunt is pregnant with Uncle Tang’s child, so mother cannot marry Uncle Tang. Isn’t it sad that Devis’s wish cannot be fulfilled?”

“A little bit.” Devis replied. “But although I really want Uncle Tang to be my father, Aunt Xiao said that the baby in my mother’s belly is my father’s child, and I already have a father. Although my father used to be uncomfortable, he is very good now, grandma. She’s also very good to me. Aunt Xiao said let me give Dad a chance. Mom, would you give Dad a chance?”

“Will Devis give Dad a chance?”

“If mom gives Dad a chance, and I will give Dad a chance.”

Jamie Ye touched Devis’s head, “Really good.” Suddenly, she felt that there were eyes watching her from behind. She turned her head and saw Simson Tang standing behind looking at her and Devis.

“Simson Tang, when did you come?”

“I just came here.” Simson Tang walked over, “Jamie Ye, let’s talk!”

Jamie Ye nodded and went to the garden with Simson Tang. Simson Tang helped her sit on the bench, “Jamie, do you believe me?”

Jamie Ye shook her head, wondering why Simson Tang said that.

“I didn’t believe in fate before, and I always believed that hard work can make everything you want, but now I really believe it!” Simson Tang looked at her delicate face, “Since that happened, my heart has been very hesitant. I’m struggling so I don’t dare to face you. I have thought about it for so many days, and watched it coldly for so many days. Today I finally mustered up the courage to come to you.”

Jamie Ye sighed, “Sorry, Simson Tang. It’s all my fault.”

“No! It has nothing to do with you, Jamie, I am not good, my love is not firm enough, after this time of getting along, I found that Wendy Tian is a good girl, she is as gentle and kind as you, pure and lovely, worthy of me. I found that I have fallen in love with her, so I’m sorry Jamie Ye, I decided to terminate the marriage contract between us.”

This is not Simson Tang’s true words, his true words are actually: Jamie Ye, I really love you. After loving you for so many years, I have always believed that I have the ability to love you. I really want to keep you by my side. Let me cherish you forever, but now, I can’t be so selfish.

To love someone is to make them happy. I don’t think I’m great, but I don’t want to see you hesitate or embarrassed. So I must take the initiative to let go of your hand.

“Simson Tang!” There were tears in Jamie Ye’s eyes. Simson Tang took the initiative to propose to dissolve the engagement at this time, and the fool knew what it was for. “Thank you for thinking about me, sorry!”

“I am not as great as you think. I really like Wendy Tian. She is pregnant with my child. I find that I am getting older. It is time to have a home.” He likes Wendy Tian, but this is not love. , Just like it. Being together with Wendy Tian is just a responsibility. Wendy Tian is pregnant with his child. He can’t let her down. Of course, what is more important is to make Jamie Ye feel at ease and make Jamie Ye happy.

“I have already told my grandmother that I will have an engagement with Wan first, and then get married. Grandma has already made preparations. I hope you can attend my engagement ceremony by then.”

Jamie Ye nodded, “I will definitely bless you, Simson Tang, you must be happy!”

The news that Simson Tang was about to marry Wendy Tian was immediately known to everyone. Everyone sincerely wished them happiness. Juan Mu took the initiative to hold Simson Tang’s hand and said, “Simson Tang, you must be happy!”

Simson Tang must be happy. This is Juan Mu’s true word. He really admires Simson Tang for making such sacrifices for love. A kind person like Simson Tang must be happy, and he must be happy! Simson Tang’s happiness, Jamie Ye will be happy, he will be happy!

Simson Tang’s engagement with Wendy Tian was announced immediately. Hallie Tang naturally knew about it in the Costaguana. She heard that Wendy Tian turned out to be Jamie Ye’s younger sister. Hallie Tang was not at all happy. After leaving, Jamie Ye came to Wendy Tian. Is she calculating for nothing?

Hallie Tang was feeling unhappy here, and something that made her even more unpleasant happened. Under the pressure of the Qin family, Hallie Tang’s parents took the initiative to terminate the marriage contract with the Qin family.

Hallie Tang was still dreaming and waiting for Roy Qin to observe the three-year agreement to marry her, but did not expect that her parents would take the initiative to terminate the marriage contract. She was almost mad.

Jamie Ye was a b!tch who did it. If it weren’t for Jamie Ye, she wouldn’t be like this. Hallie Tang returned to the country with full of anger.

Hallie Tang had an abacus in her heart, Jamie Ye had disturbed her happiness in this way, and she would never let Jamie Ye get better, she must make Jamie Ye pay the price.

Hearing that Karen Xia was now reduced to a bar to accompany the wine girl, Hallie Tang went to find Karen Xia personally and told Karen Xia to deal with Jamie Ye with her.

Karen Xia was naturally unwilling to fall to this point. The two hit it off and discussed that they must show Jamie Ye a good look.

Hallie Tang and Karen Xia have discussed. Hallie Tang will pay. Karen Xia will find someone to take advantage of Jamie Ye and Devis to go to the hospital. It is best to kidnap both Jamie Ye and Devis and secretly give them up. .

In order to avoid Cole Xin, Karen Xia found a bastard to be a lover. This bastard was a thug at the bar, called Martin Qin. Karen Xia approached him because Martin was in the bar and looked like a hero. She expected the key. At that time, Qin’s second child was able to help her, and now Hallie Tang offered to give money to clean up Jamie Ye, she naturally thought of Qin’s second child, which made her feel relieved.

Of course, she didn’t just want Qin’s second child to do this. Karen Xia had even thought about the way of retreat. Anyway, this thing was done by Qin’s second child, and it had nothing to do with her. When Hallie Tang gave the money, she would take the money run away and hide.

In the evening, Karen Xia talked to the second child Qin about this, and the second child Qin agreed to make money.

After Qin’s second child agreed, Hallie Tang first gave Qin’s second child a sum of money as a deposit, and the rest of the money was paid when the second Qin was kidnapped.

The second Qin waited for a few days and suddenly changed his mind. He said that this should not be done. People kidnapped for money. Your kidnapping is for human lives. The crackdown is very tight recently. Don’t even want to run away if you kill anyone. , It is better to change the way to play.

Karen Xia asked him what method to change. Qin asked them why they kidnapped. Karen Xia said it was for revenge. Qin said that the highest level of revenge is not to let the other party die, but to make the other party’s lives better than death.

The second Qin proposed to kidnap Jamie Ye and beat her with a headache, and abort the child in her stomach. They can also relieve their anger and let her son lose life without umbilical cord blood.

It is safe to do so, anyway, there is no direct killing.

Karen Xia relayed what Qin’s second child had said to Hallie Tang. Hallie Tang’s eyes lit up. How could she not think of such a way? It was true that people died a hundred, and the child in Jamie Ye’s belly was destroyed and Devis will be left without life-saving cord blood. Jamie said that it made her more painful than killing her, so she agreed.

After the two parties discussed, Martin Qin arranged for someone to go to the hospital to kidnap Jamie Ye. Hallie Tang and Karen Xia waited for the fish to get the bait at the agreed place. A few hours later, a black car appeared in front of them, Jamie Ye with a big belly. Jamie was pushed out of the car with her head covered and her hands tied, and then pushed into the house. Hallie Tang went up and kicked Jamie Ye, who was covered with a big belly and said, “b!tch, I won’t let you go”

Not to be outdone, Karen Xia punched and kicked Jamie Ye who was pregnant, and soon saw the pregnant Jamie Ye fell to the ground, all covered in blood.

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