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Chapter 1427

With a slight smile on Tom’s face, he went to the other side to face Stephanie and continued talking to her.

Tina watched this scene, curled her lips imperceptibly, then retracted her gaze and continued to focus on the commercial.

After the filming, Tina walked over to greet Tom.

“Mr. Allison.”

“Miss Weber, you have worked hard.”

Tom nodded at her and smiled.

“It’s not hard to do things with money. I’ll change my clothes first.” Tina turned to look at Stephanie, who was standing aside blankly, and patted her shoulder: “Talk to Mr. Allison.”

Stephanie twitched the corners of her mouth and smiled stiffly: “Haha.”

Tom glanced at Stephanie with a smile, “I have a very happy chat with Miss Stephanie.”

“That’s good.” After Tina said, she turned and left with a smile.


After Tina changed her clothes and came out, Tom proposed to go to dinner together.

Stephanie immediately stood up and objected: “No, we have to rush to announce, there is no time.”

Tina ignored Stephanie’s words: “There is still time for a meal.”

Tom nodded slightly when he heard this, “Okay.”

Stephanie: “You…” Who can listen to her voice?

When Tina and her party walked out, they found that the people from the “My Life and Me” program group were still following, and they asked, “Will you still shoot?”

The director chuckled: “If we shoot more, we get more material.”

“We’re going for a private dinner, so let’s not take it.” Tina turned her head and glanced at Tom.

Tom said nothing.

The program group did not reluctantly.

However, Tina was still followed by the reporter. The reporter maliciously edited it. The three of them were eating together. The reporter intercepted Stephanie, leaving only Tina and Tom.

Recently, Tina is almost a frequent visitor on the trending search list. As soon as this photo was posted, it suddenly “boiled” on the trending search list: “Tina is suspected of being exposed.”

When it started trending, Tina was still eating, but Stephanie discovered it first.

She immediately took a picture of the three of them eating together to clarify.

Immediately, the official Twitter of AdamPic also retweets Tina’s clarification tweet.

Tina’s fans all expressed disappointment.

“I thought Miss Weber could finally get out of the order.”

“Empty and joy.”

“No brother-in-law, [crying].”

Stephanie was a little bit dumbfounded to read these comments: “Ms. Tina, your fans are really different. Others are afraid of falling in love. Our family is a fan, eager for you, to fall in love.”

Tom smiled and said, “I have been single for seven or eight years, and it is understandable for fans to be anxious.”

Stephanie looked at Tom with weird eyes, and Tom faintly smiled: “I also watched the trailer for “My Life and Me”. I am one of the sponsors.”

Tina’s face was calm, showing a dignified smile.

In the bottom of his heart, Peter was scolded upright.

Well now, the whole world knows that she is single when she debuts.

The program group is really good at playing, leaving the most slotted clips.

When the trailer came out, Tina was on the trending search because she had been single for too many years, and this time someone brought it up again.


Soon it will be April 18.

The day when “My Life and Me” is broadcasted.

Generally, when a program is broadcasted, the artist will forward it to create momentum.

The popularity of “My Life and Me” is too high and it seems unnecessary to build momentum. There are many viewers who spontaneously watch the show.

The number of broadcasts that night hit a record high in variety shows, reports, trending searches… never stopped.

Chapter 1428

And Tina’s discussion degree is the highest among all people.

In the first episode of the broadcast, the part of Tina was learning to cook at home, and spent a whole day thinking about it in the kitchen.

This is in great contrast to her usual bright and beautiful image. The usual desolation is surrounded by fresh flowers, flowers and applause.

Every role she has played is different, and what fans and netizens know about her is limited to a good play and a beautiful person.

And she also rarely posts personal life-related content on Twitter, just occasionally posts a selfie, reposts events, and promotes new dramas.

In this time, “My Life and Me”, the short video of Tina is actually nothing special, but the contrast between normal times is too great, and it naturally makes the audience shine.

The dishes Tina learns to cook are also ordinary home-cooked dishes, which make people feel grounded.

Real and grounded, it doesn’t seem to have a sense of distance.

This makes the audience feel that the aura of the first-line actors has faded, and the bleak daily life is no different from ordinary people.

In this way, the audience naturally has a more favorable impression of Tina.

And the next link in the recording room is almost surrounded by Tina.

When Peter arrived, Tina was stunned, and she even thought that Peter was her boss, so she didn’t give face to him. Cathy deliberately asked for something and she was not polite. Alyssa also helped her speak, and David was her fan again. younger brother……

After the first episode of the program was broadcast, Tina became the most popular guest, and all the data went to the top.

Karl and Alyssa, a pair of heavyweight guests, are naturally not low in popularity.

Some people also found out that Tina helped Alyssa talk on the Internet before, and Peter helped her repost Twitter when Alyssa was said to be “driving away her biological mother” on the trending search.

And that “Tina is Silent” who has been silent for a long time is out again.

“The’Tina is silent’ banner will never fall!”


“In the past, Tina helped Alyssa to speak, now Alyssa speaks for Tina. This is true friendship!”

Tina and Alyssa did not take a group photo on the Internet. Some netizens took a group photo of the two: “[Picture], it turns out that good-looking people make good friends. Although Alyssa is not in the entertainment industry, this looks good It’s also the best match in the entertainment industry…”

“Also, the heroine of the movie “Lost City” is Tina!”


trending searches for “My Life and Me” squeezed to the front row in turn, and finally, the trending searches for “Tina is Silent” remained high.

The program group felt surprised. They didn’t expect this to happen. They all thought that if the trending search topic was negative, they were planning to buy trolls to guide the wind direction. They didn’t expect that they don’t need to guide it anymore.

More than that, the program team also edited the highlights of “Alyssa is Cool” overnight and put it on the video APP.

The audience was very satisfied with this, and sent a trending search on the topic: “I have never seen such a sensible program group.”

It was one o’clock in the morning when Tina returned to the hotel. On the way back, Stephanie told Tina about these things.

Tina cheered up and listened, and said: “I thought I would be forced to search trending search because of tearing.”

After speaking, she glanced at Stephanie’s phone on the center console again: “Why does your phone keep vibrating?”

Stephanie’s tone was a little helpless: “I asked you to make appointments for variety shows and various advertising campaign announcements… I have turned off my mobile phone before, and I have changed and made various calls again. It is shutting down again.”

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