CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1451 – 1452

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Chapter 1451

Tina thought, want to say something to comfort Jodi, or to say something to save Peter’s image in his mother’s heart.

But she put herself in the position and thought about it from the perspective of Auntie, this son was really not worried.

“Auntie, don’t be upset about these things, Peter can handle it.”

Jodi sighed: “I haven’t gone out to dance for several days.”

Tina couldn’t help but speak for Peter: “He actually doesn’t want to be like this himself.”

The smile in Jodi’s eyes deepened: “That’s right, it’s just that, he doesn’t like to tell me anything, this kid is so uncomfortable, it’s okay, you have friends here. Beside him.”

Tina smiled: “Yeah.”


After two days, the wind on the Internet gradually passed.

There were events with Tom. Before Tina had filmed an advertisement for him, he received an invitation. After spending a few days at home, Tina finally had work to do and returned to the city.

The activity starts in the afternoon and there is a cocktail party in the evening.

Stephanie arranged everything properly, and Tina came back to try on clothes and styling.

“The reception ends at ten o’clock, but you can also leave earlier…”

While driving, Stephanie talked to Tina about the event.

“Yeah.” Tina put down the chair, lay on her back and closed her eyes to calm her mind, replying from time to time.

Suddenly, with a “creak”, the car came to a sudden brake, and the sound of tires rubbing against the ground was extremely harsh, and Tina also shook.

She opened her eyes to stabilize her figure, and the car stopped at this moment.

She asked Stephanie, “What’s wrong?”

Stephanie turned her head: “It’s Cathy.”

Tina sat up straight and looked out from the middle of the front seat. Through the windshield, she saw Cathy with open arms in front of the car.

Cathy was wearing black sportswear, with loose hair and a bloodless face. She looked gloomy.

After this incident, this was the first time Tina saw Cathy.

“Get off.” Cathy said.

Tina was in the car. Although she couldn’t hear Cathy’s voice, she could see her mouth clearly.

“Ms. Tina, don’t get out of the car, I’ll go down and take care of it!” Stephanie naturally saw Cathy’s mouth. She unfastened her seat belt and was about to get out of the car, still murmured: Cross, let me catch my chance now!”

Tina stopped her voice: “Don’t go down. If she doesn’t leave in two minutes, she will call the police directly.”

“She has come here…” Stephanie was a little reluctant.

She still remembered the slap in her heart because it wasn’t long ago.

Tina curled her lips: “You don’t underestimate her, she has a lot of attention.”

Peter is a ruthless person. On the surface, he withdrew trending searches to protect Cathy, but he actually pushed Cathy to the forefront.

She is not a fuel-efficient lamp, she is very careful, and there is no way out now. Naturally, she is catching who is biting. She stopped the car at this time, mostly trying to drag the sink into the water.

“She’s all like this, what tricks can she play?” Stephanie said with a curled mouth.

Tina lay back lazily: “If she can’t play other new tricks, she can still perform the same trick again.”

Stephanie made a loud noise when she heard the words, looked around, and then suddenly opened her eyes: “My God, Ms. Tina, there really seems to be a reporter over there!”

What Cathy did on the set before made Stephanie’s memory still fresh. She was so scared that she took out her mobile phone to call the police.

Chapter 1452

There was a security booth nearby, and the police quickly came and took Cathy away.

Stephanie then continued to drive Tina to the event site.

What Tom held today was a business event, and many people came to participate in the event.

After Tina entered the arena, she was going to say hello to Tom, but she did not expect to meet David at that time.

“Miss Weber!”

It was David who saw Tina first, and he was the first to call her name.

Tina had already signed the name, she handed the pen in her hand to the staff, and smiled back at David: “David.”

She and David collaborated for the first time in “My Life and Me”, and the only few encounters were only recorded in the studio, so they were not familiar.

Tina greeted him and was about to leave, but after David signed in, he chased her directly.

“Miss Weber, are you going to say hello to CEO Allison? Me too, let’s go together.”

Tina glanced at him calmly: “Yeah.”

Although only the younger generation of the new debut, but in terms of speech, it appears generous and natural.

Now that the competition in the entertainment industry is so fierce, it is naturally not bad to be able to emerge among these people.

Compared with David, Tina’s answer was slightly colder.

David noticed Tina’s indifference, and consciously didn’t speak anymore, but silently followed her and went to find Tom with her.

Tom is an easy-to-do boss, naturally very busy, but when he saw Tina coming over, he bowed his head and said something to the assistant, and looked at Tina with a smile: “Miss Weber.”

Tina also smiled: “Mr. Allison.”

David on the side also stepped forward: “I am David.”

“Hello.” Although Tom didn’t know David, he still responded flawlessly, but he quickly remembered that the company had invited some stars to perform, and David should have been invited to perform.


Tina attended the evening reception with Tom.

Tina is now becoming popular. As soon as she and Tom entered the arena, many people looked towards them, and then turned their heads and whispered quietly.

Tom laughed and joked with her: “Miss Weber, it’s really an honor for you to take time out of your busy schedule to participate in my company’s activities.”

Tina raised his eyebrows and said: “It’s not that busy either.”

There are many advertisements and endorsements looking for her, but she does not accept everything.

In the past few years, she worked very hard, what to pick up, in the past two years, she gradually slowed down the rhythm, and refused to pick up other announcements when filming.

And this time “My Life and Me” was an accident.

Tom’s smile deepened: “Then, if you have time, let’s talk about the spokesperson contract.”

What Tina shot Tom before was only a promotional advertisement, not a spokesperson advertisement.

“Oh?” Tina looked at Tom with a smile, “Since Mr. Allison is so sincere, then I will talk to you in person?”

Tom’s expression was very subtle and paused: “It’s okay.”

Tina didn’t speak, and took a sip of wine with her eyes down.

This man is too pretentious.

Sure enough, few men in business are fuel-efficient lamps.

“Ms. Tina.” Stephanie went out to answer the phone, and fell behind the two of them before rushing over.

“Mr. Allison said that he wanted to talk to me about the spokesperson contract. You guys talk about it first, I’ll go to the bathroom.” Tina said this to Stephanie, put the cup in her hand aside, and turned away.

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