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Chapter 1023

What happened yesterday was like a monster, hiding in the dark, staring at them all the time, waiting for the opportunity to start, making her uneasy and frightened.

At this time, see morimori shajian healthy, lively in front of her heart uneasiness, this slowly dissipated.

At the same time, song yean stands at the door and looks at the scene. He may have guessed something. He frowns, hears the sound of the door opening in the bedroom next to him, turns to see song Yunan in a daze, and then slowly comes back to himself.

Hearing the voice from the children’s room, song yun’an began to worry and asked, “brother, is Shi Shi awake? What happened to her? “

Without saying a word, song yean held out his hand to stop her, pulled her aside and said in a cold voice, “An’an, don’t ask Shishi about yesterday, do you know?”

Song yun’an is more puzzled, “why?”

Song yean looked serious and said seriously, “because she doesn’t want to say it, we will make her more stimulated by questioning. Do you understand?”

If she wanted to say it, she said it last night, but now, she is not willing to say it. Since she is not willing, he does not want to force her.

He is willing to trouble some of the rest and send his own people to investigate.

Song yun’an was frightened by his brother’s serious expression. After hesitation, he finally nodded and whispered, “I know.”

Song yean nodded slightly and said in a light voice, “just take it as if nothing happened, what to do.”

With that, he walked to the next bathroom, turned on the tap and washed his face to make himself more sober.

An hour later, at the breakfast table, Ruan Shishi coaxes Sensen Shasha to have dinner. After that, song Yunan takes them to watch TV nearby, so she has time to eat.

“Have some porridge.”

Song yean considerately filled a bowl of porridge and put it in front of Ruan Shishi.

Ruan Shishi nodded, ate an egg in silence, then suddenly looked up at Song yean and said, “yean, I’ll deal with my work these days, and then we’ll go to nanfa according to the original plan.”

Song yean smell speech, action a meal, lift an eye to see to her, the eye ground flashed a ray of light, “think good?”

Ruan Shishi nodded without hesitation, “well, think about it.”

In Jiangzhou, she really can’t stay any longer. If she stays any longer, either she or Sensen Shasha will have an accident.

Yesterday, the masked ghost face forced her to sign a contract, which said that if she chose to continue to tangle with Yu Yimo, then Sensen and Sasha would be 10000 times worse than the little white dog.

And that statement is a guarantee in her tone. As long as she signs it, it means that she acquiesces in the desperado’s attack on Sensen and Sasha, so she refuses to sign it.

But who knows, at last, the hand of the ghost face man signaled that a needle was inserted into her body, which made her lose the ability of action instantly. She was conscious, but her limbs were weak, and she was left to be slaughtered.

She watched as the men took their hands and pressed their fingerprints on the pledge.

That is to say, after that, once she tangles with Yu Yimo again, those people will have no scruples to attack Sensen and Sasha!

Thinking of yesterday’s pictures, a cool feeling penetrated into my heart, which immediately aroused Ruan’s spirit.

Chapter 1024


When she heard song yean’s voice, Ruan Shishi came back to herself. She inhaled deeply, raised her hand to wipe the sweat from her forehead, strengthened her mind, looked at him and said, “good night, I’ll arrange the work today, and then I won’t go.”

She can’t continue to shoot the public welfare short film. It’s a project arranged by Yu Yimo. If they continue to shoot, they must be entangled. She can’t let herself and her children take such a big risk. So even if she defaults, even if she can’t get the video in Yu Yimo’s hand, she will leave.

Song yean had some accidents, but more surprises, “I’ll go with you.”

“No, I’ll go myself.” Ruan Shishi inhaled deeply and shook his head politely.

On the other side of the cast, she just needs to make it clear to director Gao and ask him to help convey the meaning.

As for Yu Yimo, she will not meet him again.

No matter who the ghost face person is this time, she doesn’t want to have any connection with Yu Yimo any more.

One side of song yean looked at the woman’s firm look, moved his lips, and finally said nothing.

After breakfast, Ruan Shishi drives to the crew, while song yean sends his men to follow Ruan Shishi to protect her.

As soon as Ruan Shishi drove away from Xiqiao garden, he was watched.

Since the accident of Ruan Shishi, Yu Yimo has sent his capable men to stare at her for 24 hours. One is to protect her safety, and the other is that he wants to find a chance to meet Ruan Shishi.

As soon as his subordinates saw Ruan Shishi driving away, they immediately reported the situation to Yu Yimo. But now Yu Yimo is entangled in a lot of things and can’t get away from him at all.

Early in the morning, a confidential document of Yu’s group was leaked, and the news spread all over the company, and many media reporters visited the company.

All morning, Yu Yimo has been busy with public relations and has no time to watch his mobile phone.

There was a knock at the door. Du Yue pushed the door and came in. His face was serious. He attached it to Yu Yimo’s ear and said in a deep voice, “president, you can be sure that it was the internal staff of the company.”

Yu Yimo’s eyes suddenly sharp, “who is it?”

Du Yue reported in a straight line, “if that’s right, it should be the nephew of he fan, a powerful member of the board of directors. Two days ago, he suddenly left, and now he can’t find anyone.”

Yu Yimo’s brows are deeper.

Du more pause, continue to report, “president, one more thing, now the company’s shareholders are asking for a general meeting of shareholders, also asked the chairman to attend.”

In an instant, Yu Yimo’s face became more ugly.

He is Yu Qingshan’s own son. Now he can’t get in touch with Yu Qingshan, let alone let him rush back from abroad to hold the shareholders’ meeting.

The temple is beating uncontrollably. Yu Yimo raises his head and presses his eyebrows. A restlessness emerges in his heart.

Recently, one after another things happened in Yu’s group are too strange. All the bad things come one after another. He is not given a chance to breathe at all.

He always felt that there was a pair of hands in the invisible control of all this, which was a trap, a trap, a rope to lead him to hell.

He took a deep breath, picked up his mobile phone, looked at the full screen of news notice, and felt even more headache. He swept away all unread messages and dialed Yu Qingshan’s phone directly.

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