CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1471 – 1472

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Chapter 1471

This circle is so big, any news spreads quickly.

Therefore, Cathy also knows about Henry.

It was precisely because she knew Henry’s current situation that Cathy didn’t dare to let him know that this child was his. She had been with him for so many years, and also knew Henry’s personality. During this time, she had deliberately avoided him.

Henry is a financial professional. He made good money, so he was generous to Cathy. During the years when she was with him, she has given birth to him several times. It is very difficult for him to get rid of the child.

And this time Cathy was pregnant. In fact, the fetal position was very unstable at the beginning, and now the baby is three or four months old. She wanted to not have a baby, but the doctor said that if she gets rid of this baby, she may not be able to get a baby in her life.

Cathy also made two-handed preparations with luck.

If Peter can’t forgive her, maybe Henry can make a comeback, and the child she is pregnant with at that time can make a fortune from Henry.

But she never thought that Peter could be so cruel, and at the same time he promised to see her, he directly called Henry over.

“What are you talking about, my child is not Henry’s!” Cathy glanced at Henry, who was staring straight at her with a flustered look. The whole body was shaking, and he roared angrily: “What are you looking at me? My child can’t be yours! I didn’t just sle3p with you. I have more men. Do I not know who the father of my own child is!”

Henry had a bad temper before. When the two were together, he liked to play things that normal people would not play. What’s more, now he has no money, and his ex-wife has made him impot3nt, and his temperament has changed drastically. , Following him will not have a good life.

Moreover, it has been several months since Henry’s investment failed. Now he has no tendency to get up again, and she will not have a good life with him.

Henry was Cathy’s first man. Although she was only a junior raised outside, but out of man’s instinctive desire for monopoly, when he heard Cathy say that she had more men, Henry’s eyes became gloomy. He stood up.

With a gloomy expression, Henry threw the DNA comparison report in his hand to Cathy: “Is it not mine?”

Cathy only glanced at it, and she happened to see the row of characters with the identification results. After a series of comparative data and explanations, it said that the child in her stomach was Henry’s.

Cathy shuddered even harder, brushed it and stood up, grabbed the appraisal report, and tore it to pieces, shouting hysterically: “It’s not like this, it can’t be like this! It’s not your child, It’s not yours!”

“Cathy, I will love you. You are so obediently with me, just like we used to…” Henry walked up to her and wanted to grab her hand.

Cathy was already very frightened, and the whole person was in a state of extreme panic. She wanted to shake off Henry’s hand, but Henry shook her hand very hard, pulling her hand tightly, and she couldn’t shake it off at all.

Cathy screamed: “Let go of me!”

“Don’t be so excited, it’s not good for the child…” Henry is a man after all. Although he has not had a good time recently, he hasn’t eaten well, and he hasn’t slept well, but he is still stronger than Cathy, and he can easily control. He also freed up a hand with a look of affection to touch Cathy’s slightly bulged belly.

Cathy turned white and looked at Peter, crying, and said: “Peter, I know I was wrong, I will go to the hospital to remove the child, and we start again, OK? I will never lie to you again, never again I will ever betray you…”

Chapter 1472

“You can let me do anything. If you are not happy, I will not go to Tina, and I will never go to her…”

Up to this moment, Cathy still held the last glimmer of hope from Peter.

She still felt that Peter loved her.

After hearing what Cathy said, Henry was angry in his heart, but he also had a short period of hesitation. The story of Peter and Cathy had been heated up before. Even people who didn’t read entertainment news on the Internet also knew AdamPic’s Grant Always fascinated by a female celebrity, very protective.

The things that Peter did before are not like fakes. In case he is really like the rumors, extremely in love. Henry weighed the left and right, and was a little uncertain in his heart, so he turned his head to look at Peter.

Peter was not looking at Cathy or Henry. He slowly stretched out his hand and rubbed his ears that were a little sore by Cathy’s screams, and then slowly raised his eyes.

Although the Grant family started from the underworld, it was only in the generation of Peter’s father that they began to wash white and walked into the white road. However, the family background is really rich. A man with a wealthy head and a big family can’t hide his aristocracy anyway. With a glance, the person being looked at has a feeling of being stunned.

When Peter was young, he also saw the bloody methods his father used to purge people who were not clean under his hands. When he arrived at him, he learned from Karl the ability to kill people without spilling blood. He was dumb and rude on weekdays. But in hiding a bit hostile.

Both Henry and Cathy felt it. Peter was very upset at this time, and they both dared not speak again.

Peter was indeed very upset.

Cathy dared to mention Tina.

When the word Tina came out of Cathy’s mouth, he felt that they were dirty.

He didn’t intend to do too much, but he has changed his mind now.

Peter said slowly: “Henry, you know that you have to get married before you have a baby.”

When Henry heard this, he immediately understood what Peter meant, and his face was happy: “Yes!”

“Then I wish you a good relationship for a hundred years.” Peter raised the corners of his lips slightly, and the hostility between his eyebrows appeared, and his smile made people fearful.

He wanted to marry Cathy and Henry.

Henry now has nothing and is a rogue temperament, so he is naturally willing to accept such a good thing in vain.

Peter didn’t want to stay here any longer, he felt dirty after staying for a second.

He stood up and walked out without looking back.

Cathy reacted and was about to rush up to stop him, but was firmly held by Henry: “You b!tch, what else do you want to do? Shameless!”

“Peter, you can’t do this to me!” Cathy realized that Peter really didn’t care at all, not only gave her to Henry, but also let her marry Henry.

With such a [email protected] like Henry, she will never have a good life after marrying him, let alone getting divorced, except to die, she can’t get married at all!

She was completely ruined for her entire life.

If really get married to Henry, waiting for her will be hell!

Henry didn’t turn his head back when he saw Peter, and he was sure that Peter really wanted to promote him and Cathy, so naturally he didn’t take care of it. Cathy was still struggling. He showed impatience and raised his hand cruelly. Cathy slapped him harshly.


“Be honest with me, thinking that Peter would want you? You don’t look at what you are, whose seed is in your belly!”

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