CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1491 – 1492

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Chapter 1491

Peter is tall, if Tom came to help him, it would definitely be a lot easier.

However, Peter should not agree, he doesn’t love to let others touch him.

Tina was about to refuse, but she heard Peter’s quick voice: “Come on.”

Tina was stunned and turned to look at him.

Peter only slowly pulled his hand out of Tina’s arm, stood swayingly, and stretched out his hand towards Tom.

Tom didn’t hesitate, walked over, and supported him.

Tina moved aside to make room for Tom, and then watched him help Peter into the elevator.

Tina turned her head and asked Stephanie on the side: “Your cousin is drunk and has even gotten rid of the stinking problem?”

Stephanie murmured, “Maybe he is really dizzy.”

Stephanie also knew about Peter’s particular problems, so she was surprised to see that he was willing to let Tom help him.

“Let’s go.”

The elevator door was about to close, and Tina pulled Stephanie into it.

In the elevator, Tina and Stephanie have been staring at Peter curiously.

He squinted his eyes slightly and unceremoniously pressed most of his body’s weight on Tom’s body.

He is already drunk and delirious, but there is still some subconsciousness, but the reaction has become a lot slower, he subconsciously feels that it is too hard for Tina to support him.

He was also reluctant to be tired and cold.

Although he and Tom are unfamiliar, they have cooperated recently, and maybe they can be close in the future.

When the elevator reached the first floor, a group of people came out of the elevator. Tina saw a group of people not far away, and they formed a noisy circle, as if they were surrounding something.

It’s like watching the excitement.

When a waiter happened to pass by, Stephanie stopped and asked, “What happened there?”

The waiter was embarrassed: “A customer is drunk, but please rest assured, we will send him home as soon as possible.”

The guests got drunk and started making trouble in the lobby. This matter should indeed be handled by the prosperous people, no wonder the waiter was embarrassed.

When the waiter left, Stephanie said with a look of excitement: “There are so many people drinking today? I’ll go and see.”

Although it is said to be surrounded by a group of people to watch the excitement, in fact the number of people is not large. After all, people who come to Best Day for consumption are people with a good face. Even if they are curious, they will rarely really stay and watch the fun. Feel that watching the excitement drop shares.

Stephanie walked away from the crowd and ran back after seeing it: “Laughing to death, the man said that he is a fish and he has no legs to swim, and he has to breathe with his cheeks hahaha…”

Tina heard that, as she passed by, she couldn’t help but look over there. She just heard someone yelling: “The fish has no feet, what about my fish tail? Who stole my fish tail…”

The voice sounded familiar.

She stopped, squeezed in, and saw Cody lying on the floor learning to swim.

A waiter was about to come over to pull him up, Cody rolled back and rolled further: “You vicious fishermen, don’t dare to catch me…”

Then, he “swims” desperately again, trying to escape the restraint of the waiter.

Tina turned her head and glanced at Peter with a dull expression. She now feels that Peter is not a drunk at all.

Cody is.

Cody is afraid that after he wakes up, he won’t want to go out for ten and a half months.

Chapter 1492

If it had to be miserable, Cody would be even more miserable.

Cody’s friends, friends and dogs probably also felt that Cody was ashamed, and no one cared about him, so they left him lying here alone.

And those waiters can’t help it. The guests who come to Best Day are either rich and influential. Whether they are injured or offended, they are not good.

So it created a situation like this.

Peter, who had always looked sluggish, suddenly tilted his head: “I seem to hear the voice of Cody.”

Tina pointed at Cody who was “swimming” on the ground with his chin in an angry expression: “You did a good job, Mr. Scott is still swimming there now.”

“When did Karl carry me in the Jindingxiu swimming pool?” Peter thought very seriously, with big doubts in his small eyes.

Tina ignored him, turned his head and said to Tom: “Just laughed, Mr. Allison.”

CEO Allison pulled the corner of his lips, saying that this was not a very small matter, and he was still used as a walking stick by Peter.

A group of people walked out and reached the door when Peter suddenly stopped leaving.

Everyone turned their heads to look at him and saw Peter’s eyes lit up: “Cody was the ugliest when he was swimming, I want to make a video to laugh at him…”

Tina pursed his lips as if he hadn’t heard Peter’s nonsense.

It’s been long enough tonight, and Peter can’t let Peter go home anymore.

Stephanie and Tom obviously had the same idea as Tina, and they all walked out quickly, for fear that Peter would make another moth.

Peter didn’t take it seriously, so he fumbled around for the phone.

After searching for a long time, he found that the phone was gone, so he stopped: “Ms. Weber, the phone is gone…”

Stephanie turned her head to look at Tina, “Is my cousin calling you?”

Tina sniffed a little uncomfortably, and said to Peter out of breath, “Buy a phone if it is gone.”


Peter seemed to have thought of something: “It will cost money.”

Tina: “I’ll buy it for you!”

Peter: “But Mom said that you can’t spend a woman’s money.”

Tina: “She is wrong, so shut up.”

Peter: “Oh.”


Finally, Tom carried Peter into the car.

They all drank, and they all added taxis.

After Tina and Peter left, Stephanie was also ready to leave, and turned to bid farewell to Tom: “Mr. Allison, I’ll go first.”

Tom was sorting out his clothes. Just now he almost carried Peter out, and his clothes were a little wrinkled.

Hearing this, he raised his eyes, frowning his brows slightly: “I will drop you.”

“You’re drunk, you can’t drive.” Stephanie didn’t know why Tom was so persistent to send her home, so she had to remind him that he was drinking in the bar just now.

Tom lowered his eyes: “I can’t drive, can I still take a car?”

The voice was mild as usual, but Stephanie felt that his words were a bit aggressive, and she heard a hint of anger inexplicably.

Good point, why are you angry?

Did she offend him just now?

“I…” Stephanie opened her mouth to “I” for a long time, and didn’t know what to say, so she lowered her head and turned to stop the car.

Forget it.

She and Tom talked a bit congenial today, but that doesn’t mean anything. For a person like Tom, he can chat with anyone if he wants to.

Besides, he has a fiancee.

Not only that, but he also likes Ms. Tina.

A lively sc*m man.

The more Stephanie thought about it, the more she didn’t care about him.

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