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Chapter 521

A 15-year-old girl has nearly two hundred criminal records.

This… is enough for her to enter the labor camp!

Amelia also had to admit that the previous stealing technique was so bad that she was a little ashamed.

“Baby, my good baby…” Suddenly, a numb and anxious voice came in at the right time.

The door opened, and a figure of a middle-aged woman flashed in.

The makeup on her body is very expensive, and there are one or two people in formal wear behind her, and they seem to be working as lawyers.

“God! My dear, you… why did you enter the police station!” Mrs. Adam’s voice was exaggerated.

“Mom… it’s okay, it’s just a small thing!” Adam Mason responded lightly.

“I know, I’m not afraid, mom is here, it must be fine! Mom doesn’t believe you will steal things!”

As Mrs. Wen said, her eyes still fell on Amelia who was sitting still, a little complicated.

“Mom, this is my friend, Amelia!” Adam Mason was introduced with a smile.

Amelia tilted her head slightly to meet the gaze of Madam above, “Hello, Ma’am!”

Still, expressionless.

“Miss Amelia, take a good transcript! Your criminal record makes me disdain! Come on, classmates, with you!” The police greeted Adam Mason on the other end.

Then, Mrs. Adam bowed politely.

“Criminal record?” When Mrs. Adam heard it, she has a peaceful face, but in a short time it changed to a face of spicy diced chicken, and her voice could not help but increase several decibels.

Amelia just glanced faintly, without speaking.

“Baby, you said that this kind of girl is your friend? My God…” Mrs. Adam exclaimed in disobedience.

“It’s you, aren’t you? It must be a bad girl like you who taught my son how to steal things! Baby, we have money in our family, why are you going to the mall to steal things with this poor girl? This has to be known by others, where do you let me and your dad put these two old faces!!!”

“Mom, who said you are old? Besides, Amelia is a good girl. It’s really…your son who taught her badly!” Adam Mason calmed his mother and did not forget to wash Amelia’s charge away.

“Nonsense, you still speak for her! Look at her upright appearance, she is the kind of child without a tutor, didn’t the police also say that she has a criminal record!! You can still be taken away by her. Nothing!”

Amelia didn’t speak, and there was still no wave on her face.

Children without tutors?

If she doesn’t even have a home, where does she start with tutoring?

However, she never cared what others thought of her!

“Mom! How could you call my friend like this?” Adam Mason’s face wasn’t that pretty.

“Baby, mom only teaches you how to make friends. We don’t want this kind of bad girl, and we don’t have a tutor, and we don’t want to. Mom will introduce you to some beautiful daughters, okay?”

Amelia couldn’t hold back all of a sudden and laughed out loud with a ‘pounce’.

Finally know, where this guy’s heart came from!

There is a mother who is so good at nurturing, it is hard not to spend it!

Seeing Amelia smiled, Adam Mason’s expression changed again. He raised his foot and gently kicked the chair where Amelia was sitting, indicating his peace of mind.

That smile was too taunting.

“Eh! What did I say you laughed at? Ah? What do you mean? If you have a thick-skinned thief, you will be terrible? If you say you have no family to teach you, you have to get up!” That smile was complete never escaped Mrs. Adam’s eyes.

“Mom! I’m really angry if you do this again!”

“Uncle Police…” Amelia ignored the violent woman over there, and just spoke, preparing to ask about the labor camp. As a result, before the words could be finished, another figure flashed in.

Oh, wrong!

There are three figures.

Two men and one woman!!!

Adam Liam, Blair Evelyn! Unexpectedly, they came together!!!

There is another man who has never seen…

However, it looks so good! No less than Liam.

At least, his face is much better than that of Burton Liam now.

It seemed… He stared at her eyes, with a bit of playful abuse.

Somewhat weird!

“Burton…Mr. Burton?” As soon as he came in, Mrs. Adam saw him at the door.

The son who glared aside irritably pushed him away and then approached him with a smile on her face.

“Mr. Burton, hello, long time no see!” Mrs. Adam walked over and shook hands with Burton Liam politely.

Liam probed his hand and shook it back.

He heard all her acrid words just now.

However, he remained calm.

“Hey! Your uncle is here to protect you! Don’t worry about what my mother just said!” Adam Mason quietly approached Amelia and whispered in her ear.

Burton Liam here had a gloomy expression, which was a bit uglier.

Could they be too close?

Amelia didn’t even glance at Adam Mason on the side, let alone look up at them over there.

She was afraid of seeing something obtrusive!

Probably, this is the so-called “double-entry right” in the eyes of others?!

“Mr. Burton, why are you here too?” Mrs. Adam accompanied the smiling face and glared at the opposite Adam Mason, and asked him curiously.

She thought in her heart, this time she was embarrassed! This unbelievable son, usually is no more, and now even the police station is playing, and he has to be bumped into by an acquaintance. It is shameful to say how embarrassing it would be!

Burton Liam didn’t answer, just smiled, and walked over to them over there.

Amelia could feel his approach.

Her heart was a little nervous.

The police on the opposite side seemed a little panicked.

What is going on today? Several big shots arrived at once.

A Mrs. Adam, a young master of the third imperial family, a daughter of the Blair, and another. Although he has never seen them, He doesn’t feel as simple as an ordinary person. He squeezed his sweat silently.

“Hello, Mr. Policeman, I would like to ask what crime my niece committed and was arrested!” Burton Liam’s questioning voice was very gentle and gentle, even with a gentle smile on his delicate lips meaning.


In everyone’s eyes, there is a sharp knife hidden in that smile!

Cold and terrifying!!!

Mrs. Adam behind him couldn’t help taking a breath, her face turned red and white for a moment.

Nephew… niece??

That is Burton Olivia, the child of that deceased sister?!

Day! She just kept accusing her of not having a tutor!

Will they all be heard?


What a nice title!

Amelia sneered disdainfully.

“Uncle Policeman, I think they made a mistake. I am not his niece! My mother’s surname is Carter, not Burton!” Amelia said stubbornly without even looking at Burton Liam on the side.

On the side of Burton Liam’s eyebrows trembled slightly.

“Mr. Police, this is my lawyer consultant, please tell us the detailed process!” He also completely ignored Amelia’s words.

“Uncle Police, take a look again, is my criminal record enough to go to the labor camp?” Amelia probed the probe, even lazier to step on him.

The best way to go to a labor camp!

She didn’t bother to watch this kind of double-entry scene, it made her eyes sore and painful, very uncomfortable!

“Hey, you woman, tell me nonsense and I’ll beat you!” Adam Mason slammed Amelia’s body severely and warned her who was crazy.

“Son, please be polite. You don’t want to eat tonight, don’t you?” Mrs. Adam immediately turned white when she heard her son said that he was going to beat the daughter of the imperial family.

For a while, Burton Liam’s face was also hard to see the extreme.

“Mr. Police, please bring up her criminal record and show it to me, thank you!” After a long time, Burton Liam said solemnly.

He could hear the obvious anger and depression in his tone.

On the side, Brook Mike just looked at them over there funny.

And Blair Evelyn, with a surprised look on her face, indeed, she was a bit shocked by Amelia’s hobby of stealing things.

If it were before, she would go to the old lady to cheer on her face, right?

But now…

She expected this little guy to be accepted by the old lady!

Taking a look at the man on the side, her heart became more annoying, she thought, he was crazy!!!

Later, the so-called ‘adults’ of them stayed in one room and talked for a while.

And they, the two ‘children, stayed obediently in the lounge, waiting for the result.

“Hey! You are disobedient!” Adam Mason couldn’t get angry at the thought of her appearance that she was about to go to the labor camp just now.

Amelia did not speak but remained silent.

She probably knows it, and she can only think about the idea of going to the labor camp. It is estimated that with Burton Liam’s aura, it will be difficult for her to enter!

Amelia tilted her head slightly and glanced at the man on the side.

It’s a long time, faintly uttered.

“Adam Mason, thank you!” This time, from the sincerity.

Adam Mason shrugged, “Come on! This time I don’t encourage you, you don’t have to go to the police station!”

“It doesn’t matter, I’m used to it. Besides, no one cares anyway…” Amelia answered him casually, her voice a little lonely.

“I care!” Adam Mason said out almost without hesitation, looking at her with straight and real eyes.

Amelia glanced at him, then shook her head, “It’s useless if you care, you’re not Burton Liam…”

She has always been like this and will not hide it!

“Hey! You woman, do you talk like that? Huh?” Adam Mason raised his hand, tapped on her forehead several times, yelled at her angrily, and reprimanded her.

Fortunately, the force in the hands is very light.

“Ah… baby, what are you doing, hurry up, stop!” As soon as the door inside was opened, Mrs. Adam saw the evil scene.

Damn it! He dares to fight the daughter of Nora!

“Quickly, apologize to Miss Amelia!” Mrs. Adam grabbed her son and had to make her apologize.

“Mom, do you want to be so exaggerated? Hey! Amelia, tell my mom that I didn’t beat you!” Adam Mason pushed Amelia, who was silent

Chapter 522

“Mason’s Mum, he made me play!” Unexpectedly, Amelia spoke.

Such a move…

Some made the opposite Liam and Blair Evelyn stunned.

They know Amelia’s personality too well!

It’s not about her own business, she will just treat it as if she didn’t see it!

But they didn’t expect that Adam Mason’s words, she opened her mouth to help him clarify.

Although it was a very small thing, it was harder to let Amelia, who had always been indifferent, speak up than a criminal confession!

Burton Liam’s faint blue pupils darkened for a moment.

Stepping, approaching Amelia.

Holding her little hand, said coldly, “We should go home!”

After that, he stopped looking at all the people behind him and dragged her away.

In Amelia’s bedroom…

“Why steal things?” Burton Liam asked her with a dark face, standing opposite her.

Amelia raised her eyes and glanced at him.

“Uncle, I and Mom don’t care about this, do you care too much?”

The words are full of anger.

Liam’s eyebrow trembled.

The blue veins on his forehead burst out, seeming to suppress certain emotions that are about to burst.

He leaned over, with a cold face, and approached her.

“Tell me, why steal something?” The voice, word by word, gritted his teeth and popped out from between his lips and teeth.

His face is very close to her…

The air-conditioning is very serious.

Amelia couldn’t help shaking for a second, and her small body leaned back, leaning against the wall behind her.

The cold pupils stared at him without fear.

“I like it!!” Amelia said coldly after a long time.

Her heart feels sore…

She likes it, but she is also very unhappy, lonely, and helpless when she likes it!!!

“Like it?” Burton Liam’s blue eyes jumped up with a gloomy look, and it seemed that there was soaring anger.

“Amelia, do you know that you are committing yourself!!!” Burton Liam yelled at her violently.

The heat between the lips and teeth splashed on Amelia’s pale little face, like a hot flame, burning her, so painful…

From the skin to the blood…and then deep into the bone marrow!

Finally, melt into the bottom of her heart fiercely!!!

It hurts so hard to breathe…

Amelia’s small hand suddenly pushed, pushing his heavy body away angrily.

“Burton Liam, my mother just likes to abuse me, you can’t control it!!!” Amelia yelled at the gloomy Burton Liam opposite.

Tears slid down unscrupulously…

The ice was cold and melted into the lips, making her tremble with pain!!!

She looked at him all the time.

The little hand unbuttoned her clothes, one button after another…

“Burton Liam, what about this? Are you also committing me?” Amelia asked him crying and laughing.

There was a sad expression on her little face.

“Stop it!” He glared at her and commanded the opposite her gloomily.

“Burton Liam, I just love to punish myself! I love you so much that I can punish myself for you!!” Amelia cried and snarled, without any intention of stopping.

The clothes fade away one by one…

It’s like removing her arrogance that has always been high, and the self-esteem that has always been hidden in her heart!

She loves him, she can abandon her dignity, arrogance, and everything for him…

Because, in her world, there has never been only him!!!

Tears, flowing endlessly…

It hurts her cheeks so much!!!

“I tell you to stop! Don’t take it off!!!” Burton Liam roared with red eyes.

He stared at her like a lion in anger.

Breathing is heavy!

The big icy palm tightly squeezed her trembling little hand and didn’t move.

Tears, wet on his hands, it hurts, it hurts…

Just like his heart, tearing pain!

His breathing is getting heavier…

With unbearable pain, so uncomfortable, so uncomfortable!!!

Very long time…

“Burton Liam, you liar!! You said you said that you love me…uh…you lie to me!!” Amelia stared at Burton Liam’s pupils, accusing him aggrievedly, her voice choked with sobs a little hoarse, full of sadness.

As soon as the voice fell, she couldn’t stop crying.

Tears are like broken pearls, she can’t stop them if she wants to collect them!


“Well…” Before Amelia returned to her senses, she slightly opened lips were caught without warning.

He kissed her, fiercely, deeply!

Completely, out of control!

The familiar enthusiasm, with dominance and strength, hit Amelia in the muddle.

The tears in the bottom of her eyes are falling more and more urgently…

“Well-let goes… let me go…” Amelia cried, struggling constantly in his arms.

“Ooo, Ooo …… …… discuss hate!!” her breathing, she was completely taken up.

The voice between her lips and teeth was indistinct.

She was struggling constantly.

He tried his best to stop her, and his ape’s arm tightly confined her who was restless in his arms.

A heart is already so painful as to split!

Patience has reached the extreme!!!

Very long time…

Her strength was exhausted, and her breathing began to become difficult…

He slowly relaxed his strength, and his domineering kiss gradually softened.

Amelia’s breathing gradually recovered…

The tear marks on the eyelids still showed no signs of drying up.

The fragrance between her lips and teeth, and the pure masculine aura that belonged only to him, enveloped her strongly.

Heart, it hurts so much…

As if it hurts to suffocate!!!

He let go of her gently.

The scorching lips pressed against her swollen pink lips.

Gently rubbing, with pampering and rubbing…

The deep pupils stared at her deeply, his eyes were full of sorrow and blood red.

Poke out his big palm, put on her lost clothes one by one, button them up, and put them in order…

Every action is not fast or slow, but it is full of pity!

She didn’t resist, and let him dress.

She likes this feeling, even, is deeply obsessed!

Being pampered and loved by him will always be so, so happy!!!

“I forbid you to behave like this! Didn’t you hear it!!!?” He murmured heavily.

The voice was depressed, it seemed… and the smell of choking.

There is a feeling that is very distressed, very distressed, painful to the bone…

He looked at her deeply, as if he wanted to see her through.

But Amelia is not afraid of him watching!

Because she is always a transparent person before his eyes, a transparent person who doesn’t hide anything!!!

Love, hate, sadness, and joy, in front of him, she never hides!!!

“I’m willing!!” Amelia stubbornly looked at him with tears and answered without hesitation.

For him, she would like anything!!!

Because, in her world, nothing matters, but except for the man in front of her!!!

“You idiot!!!” Burton Liam roared angrily as if to wake her from her sleep.

But, he forgot…

She is a sleeping beauty. Once she slept, no matter how loud he was, he would never wake her up!

She can only wake up with love, with a kiss…

So, she continued to indulge, continue to sink deeply!

Always, he can’t wake up…

“Do you know that loving me may cost you your life at any time!!!?” Holding his big palm tightly, some faint pain spread…

“I’m not afraid! What if I die? I love it when I die!!!” Her words blurted out without hesitation.

Burton Liam shook, and his palm froze.

The blue pupil shrank, then dull and gradually slumped.

With a slight force from the cold palm, he took the small body into his arms, very light.

“I’m afraid! I’m afraid, don’t you know? I’ll be afraid…” He murmured, buried in her tender body, his voice was very soft and panicked, and he smelled of choking.

Amelia cried…

Tears fell on his shoulders, drop by drop as if hitting his heart hard.

“Liam, without you… in my world, it would be more terrifying than death…”

Amelia whimpered, holding Liam, telling the truth.

“Stupid! How can you be so stupid!!?” Burton Liam rubbed her cold body with pity and scorned her, but the words were full of petting and helplessness.

“You don’t want to get married, okay? Burton Liam, you don’t love her!!” Amelia blinked her eyes, looking straight at him with expectant eyes, asking him whimperingly, begging him.

He bowed his head and kissed her forehead deeply, but did not answer.


He has no answer!!!

This is a battle, a battle that has not yet come to fruition!!!

If the plan fails, he still has to marry her, because…

He, really don’t let the little guy in his arms live in danger all the time!

However, he will get divorced!!! Even Burton, desperate, but except for her…

What he wants is timing!!!

“Wait for me…” He, kissing her, over and over again.

Between his lips and teeth, there is only one sentence, two simple words.

Later, he left and out of her room door.

Amelia was lying on the bed, with her small body on her side, buried in the quilt, biting on the quilt, crying bitterly.

He did not give her any answer!!!

But, he said, let her wait for him…

She will be obedient and will always be waiting for him!!!

Liam, do you know?

In this world, the earth will never stop spinning because of who loses another.

However, once Liam is gone in her world, the earth will stand still…

From then on, there is only the night, the bottomless night!!!

“Ding Dong Ding Dong -“

In the night, the doorbell strangled.

Brook Mike got up and opened the door.

His long body seemed a bit decadent, with a cigarette still in his hand.

He opened the entrance door and looked at the figure outside the door for a moment.

He didn’t let the woman out of the door come in.

Lazily leaning on the door frame, he looked at Blair Evelyn outside the door with a smile.

“What are you doing?” His tone didn’t seem very friendly.

Blair Evelyn looked at him at the door, her eyes flushed.

“I came to see you…”

“Look at me?” Brook Mike laughed out loud, full of mockery, “Miss Blair is laughing?”

What the woman said this afternoon seemed to be still in his ears.

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