CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1497 – 1498

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Chapter 1497

Peter said as he touched his pocket. After a while without touching the phone, he stood up and walked to the bedroom.

“What are you going to do?” Tina asked him.

Peter stopped, and answered her solemnly: “I’ll get the phone.”

He didn’t know that his phone had been lost, and he didn’t touch it in his pocket, so he thought it was in there.

Tina felt that his awkward look was funny, and she didn’t tell him that the phone had actually been lost, only a faint “Oh”.

Peter didn’t doubt he was there, so he lifted his foot into the bedroom.

He looked around in the bedroom, even the carpet was lifted up, but he couldn’t find the phone, so he went out again and went to the living room.

“My phone is gone.” Peter scratched his head and walked out with a puzzled expression on his face, looking a little dumb.

Tina laughed at him: “Are you still drunk? You lost your cell phone.”

Peter was stunned for a moment, not knowing what he thought of, went to sit down beside Tina, did not speak, just laughed.

Tina glanced at him: “What is your expression?”

“I vaguely remember that someone said to buy a mobile phone for me.” Peter was a real fragment, he just vaguely remembered Tina as if he had said, whether it was real or he had fabricated it out of imagination, he didn’t know.

Tina glared at him, “You remember this kind of thing clearly.”

Peter hadn’t eaten anything for a day. Tina was afraid that he would be hungry, so she no longer entangled with him. She threw the phone to him: “Look up what you want to eat.”

Peter picked up the phone and smiled flatteringly: “I am really hungry if I haven’t eaten for a day.”

“I bought breakfast for you and put it on the table. Who do you blame for getting up late?” Tina took a pillow and turned on the TV.

Coincidentally, it happened to be broadcasting “My Life and Me” on TV.

What’s more coincidental is that Peter’s somber plot happened to be on screen.

He also heard his own voice.

He raised his head and looked at the TV screen.

When this episode was recorded, he and Cathy were still in a so-called “couple” relationship, so they were close together and looked very intimate.

Peter himself was a bit distracting. He turned his head, glanced at his sullen expression carefully, and said, “I heard that there was a period drama that is pretty good recently. I heard Karl say that Alyssa is there. Chasing this drama.”

“You made the variety show invested by the boss like this. Does he still care about you? Also, haven’t you watched Alyssa’s Moments? She has been so busy recently that she has no time to chase after a drama.”

Tina exposed Peter mercilessly.

Peter pursed his lips, looking like nothing to say.

This is indeed the case.

Karl and Alyssa have been busy recently, but they don’t know what they are doing.

Anyway, there is no time to care about him.

It’s also possible that Karl really didn’t want to talk to him.

“Okay, hurry up and order. I’m starving to death.” Tina changed the channel and didn’t continue the topic.

Peter ordered the food very quickly, anyway, just order what Tina likes. There is no need to think about anything else. There is no difficulty at all, and there is nothing to entangle.

After ordering dinner, Peter found that there was still breakfast on the table that Tina had bought for him. He had to heat it up and eat it, but he couldn’t stop it.

In the end, Peter not only ate the breakfast that had been left for the whole day, but also ate dinner with Tina.

Finally, he was able to walk back and forth in the room to digest the food.

Chapter 1498

Tina watched Peter walk back and forth in the room with a serious face, and smiled dully while covering her lips.

Then, she asked Peter about Stephanie and Tom.

“Tom is the fiancé who is full of arrangements for her parents?”

Peter’s footsteps stopped for a while, and he seemed to think about it carefully, and then said, “It should be.”

Tina smashed a pillow and said, “What should it be? Be more precise.”

“Yes, yes.” Peter quickly changed his words, holding the pillow that Tina had hit just now, and continued walking back and forth.

Talking about Tom while walking.

“I don’t know Tom very well. He didn’t live in Rostenvel when he was a child. I also went home last time. Hearing my dad mentioned it, I knew that the full fiancé was a mutual friend, and she was considered young. Why, the means are also available.”

Tina asked, “Then you knew from the beginning that Tom was full of fiances?”

Peter nodded.

“You know, didn’t you tell Stephanie?” Tina raised a pillow, and slammed Peter’s body again.

Peter threw the pillow in his arms and surrendered: “It wasn’t intentional. It wasn’t that Stephanie wanted to get Tom to get along with him without knowing that Tom was her fiance, and see if he could develop a relationship.”

Tina put down the pillow in her hand: “I don’t think it’s fair, does Tom know that Stephanie is his fiancee?”

Looking at Tom’s attitude towards Stephanie, we can see that Tom should know her.

However, Stephanie knew nothing about Tom’s identity, and she was completely in the dark.

“If Tom wants to know, he will just check it out.” Peter said: “Their marriage contract was actually made by the adults of both sides. I have never seen him before. I have grown up with her, even if it is a business marriage. You can’t just find a second generation ancestor.”

“Do the girls from the Grant family still need a business marriage?” Tina looked at Peter with a smile.

Grant’s family in Rostenvel stock market can be regarded as a big tree with deep roots. The number of paths it takes is different from that of Adams’ family, but the foundation is fairly solid.

“You know, my grandfather started in the dark. After my dad and my mom got married, they washed their hands in the golden basin and spent more than ten years cleaning the Grant family’s property. In fact, the Grant family is not as stable as imagined.”

Peter’s tone became heavier, and he walked over to Tina and sat down.

Tina pursed the corners of her lips: “Why do you want girls to get married? Why don’t you men get married?”

Tina’s heart was a bit full of injustice for Grant.

Stephanie is careless and simple, but she actually lives very clearly.

She told Tina before that she thought that fiancé was older and that she didn’t like the old man. In fact, it was just a fake excuse.

The fundamental reason for Stephanie’s escape from marriage should be her dislike of commercial marriages.

She didn’t dislike the other person’s age, she just didn’t want her marriage to be just a transaction.

Judging from Peter’s attitude, he doesn’t seem to think there is any problem with commercial marriage.

Peter really looked down and thought.

Tina slowly sat up straight, does this dog man really want to engage in business marriage.

At this time, Peter turned his head and looked at her with a deep expression and a startling expression: “If I were a woman, I would marry Karl. What else is Alyssa?”

Tina kicked him: “You can break or bend him if you are a man!”

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