CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1503 – 1504

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Chapter 1503

“Then your surprise is big enough.” Tina quipped Alyssa.

Alyssa touched her lower abdomen, her eyes were gentle, her tone of helplessness: “If Karl knows that I am pregnant, he will definitely not let me go out alone. I have to cherish my free time.”

Tina thought about Karl’s behavior, and then nodded, “However, he also cares about you.”

Alyssa smiled upon hearing this.

Such peaceful and happy days now often make her feel unreal.

“Are you hungry? I heard that it’s easy to get hungry when you are pregnant, so let’s order something to eat.” After Tina said, regardless of Alyssa’s reaction, she called the waiter.

Alyssa was indeed a little hungry, so she ordered snacks and refreshments.

Regarding Tina’s decision to make a public relationship with Peter, Alyssa knew that Tina was determined by her will, so she didn’t say more.

It’s just an announcement of a relationship.

Even if the direction of public opinion is really wrong at that time, the big deal will be spent.

Alyssa can see a lot now.

As long as everyone is well, and on the basis of not violating the principle and causing harm to others, it does not matter to use some innocuous means.

After a while, the waiter delivered the snack they were carrying, but the waiter was hit by someone before he delivered it.


There was a crisp sound, the sound of cups and plates falling to the ground.

Alyssa and Tina turned their heads together, and saw a mess over there.

It was a woman who bumped into the waiter. The woman turned her back to Tina and they couldn’t see her face clearly.

The man next to the woman yelled, “What’s the matter? Don’t you have eyes? I want to complain to your restaurant. My wife has a big belly!”

Hearing the words “big belly”, Alyssa couldn’t help but look back.

Alyssa looked at it for a moment, then turned to Tina and said, “Why do I feel that the pregnant girl is a bit familiar? Where did I see her?”

Tina looked serious and said, “It’s Cathy.”

“Cathy?” Alyssa looked shocked.

She couldn’t help but look back.

Cathy’s ability to act like a star naturally looks more beautiful than ordinary people.

In the past, the Cathy that Alyssa saw were all big names with delicate makeup.

The woman not far away had slightly messy hair and obviously hadn’t taken care of it carefully. The clothes on her body were also simple cotton shirts. She couldn’t see any brand, but she was very thin from the back.

Alyssa looked carefully for a while before connecting the woman not far away with Cathy.

“The man next to her…” Alyssa looked at the man next to Cathy with some doubts, dressed plainly, looked a little sloppy, and didn’t seem to be rich at all.

With Cathy’s ambition, it is impossible to find someone without money in the next home.

Tina knew Alyssa’s doubts and explained: “The man next to her, Henry, should be the biological father of her child.”

Alyssa asked: “How do you know?”

“In the past, I heard someone mention it at dinner, and later I met twice by chance. Cathy is a newcomer and has no experience. She can’t hide this matter, and it’s not a secret.”

Tina had indeed known for a long time that Cathy had been taken care of by Henry.

With Tina’s current coffee position, her own family background, and Peter behind her back, investors and directors from all walks of life gave her a three-point courtesy. Unless she is particularly short-sighted, most people really won’t be with her. Presumptuous in front of him, but this does not affect those people chatting about some circle gossip.

Chapter 1504

After listening to Alyssa, she said with a surprised look: “You really don’t have any secrets in the entertainment industry.”

Tina chuckled: “It’s not that there is no secret, it’s because ordinary people can’t hide it.”

Why do so many people rush to power and money? That’s because these two things are really useful, so useful that they can cover the sky with one hand.

Alyssa is noncommittal, but she has personal experience of such things.

At this time, a waiter came over.

When he arrived at the dining table, he bent down slightly and apologized to them: “I’m sorry, two ladies, there was an accident just now. Your meal was accidentally overturned by our waiter, so I will make a new one for you immediately. It’s free for you, and please forgive me.”

“It’s okay.” Tina looked at Cathy again.

Cathy stood quietly behind Henry, with her hands on her side, and did not help her lower abdomen. Henry didn’t care about Cathy’s condition, but just kept making noises there.

Seeing Henry’s unstoppable appearance, the waiter had to invite the manager over.

A farce.

Alyssa glanced at Tina and said to the waiter: “No need to exempt the order, it’s okay.”

In this restaurant, she and Tina come often, the things are good, the service is also very thoughtful, and the customer is first.

But it’s not the store’s fault to meet customers like Henry and Cathy.

The waiter just smiled slightly: “This is what the boss meant.”

It means that Alyssa and Tina will still be exempted.

Alyssa didn’t say more.

After the manager came over, he didn’t know what he had said to Henry. Henry quickly became quiet and was invited into the box by the manager respectfully.

Cathy lowered her head to follow behind, and when she walked into the corridor around the corner, she seemed to feel something, and suddenly turned her head to look at Tina.

Tina didn’t avoid it, but met Cathy’s gaze straight.

The lights in the lobby were warm tones, and people’s faces were not clearly illuminated, but the resentment conveyed by Cathy’s eyes was very clearly felt by Tina.

Cathy followed in, and Tina turned her head.

She picked up the coffee cup in front of her and finished it in one breath.

Feeling a little disappointed.

Have a good coffee with Alyssa, and you can also meet Cathy.

Seeing Tina lowered her head, Alyssa turned her head to look at her face: “What kind of expression is this? Isn’t it because you feel softened when you see Cathy like this?”

“No.” Tina raised her head with a thoughtful expression on her face: “I just think that Peter, a dog man, is really cruel.”

Cathy is a bit stupid, but not so stupid as to be hopelessly stupid.

Therefore, she couldn’t take the initiative to find Henry and tell him that she was pregnant with his child.

With Cathy’s appearance, after the child was knocked out, in Rostenvel she will be unable to stay, and if she fished in another city, she could live a good life.

Cathy followed Henry, mostly because of Peter.

Peter is a smiling tiger. On the surface, he is kind, but in fact, he is the most proficient in tricks, depending on whether he is offended.

Alyssa understood the meaning of Tina’s words: “It’s really cruel.”

The snake hit seven inches, which made Cathy unable to turn around forever.

Tina’s expression was faint: “Actually, I was afraid of Peter when I was young.”

“Huh?” Alyssa’s face was full of question marks: “Were you afraid of him? I heard that Peter has been kind to you since he was a child, protecting you and offering you as an elder.”

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