CEO Ugly Bride Chapter 1505 – 1506

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Chapter 1505

Tina and Alyssa explained: “That’s what happened later, I was afraid of him at first.”

“You are afraid of him, but he treats you well?” Alyssa raised her eyebrows: “What is wrong with Peter?”

“Because I was afraid of him, I didn’t dare to be an enemy, so I could only become a friend. In the beginning, I was actually sticking to him. I thought he would be impatient. Who knew he would treat me so well with his backhand? It’s not normal. Playing cards…”

A smile flashed across Tina’s face, with a look of nostalgia.

Alyssa smiled: “So it’s like this? I thought he saw you beautiful, and he took you to play when he was young.”

Tina brushed her hair, pretending to be deep: “There is such a reason.”

Alyssa laughed when she heard the words.

At this time, the food they ordered was delivered again.

Tina originally felt a little disappointed, but after chatting with Alyssa, her good mood came back.

The two of them had finished eating, talking and laughing, and were about to go home.

Alyssa came by herself in the car. Since Tina heard that she was pregnant, she felt a little uneasy: “Otherwise, I will take you home?”

Alyssa was extremely helpless: “It’s really fine, don’t be so nervous, why are you like Karl…”

“I just don’t feel relieved.” Tina also felt a little overly nervous, but she just didn’t feel relieved.

At this moment, a voice came from behind: “Tina.”

Alyssa and Tina turned their heads together and saw Cathy standing not far behind them.

Cathy’s lower abdomen was already showing up, and there was no joy in being a mother on his face, but it became more gloomy.

Tina frowned and ignored Cathy. Instead, she walked two steps forward, walked up to Alyssa, and whispered: “You go first. Drive carefully.”

Cathy is not a fuel-efficient lamp, Tina is not afraid of her, but Alyssa is pregnant, it is better to stay away from Cathy, after all, Cathy’s brain is not very good, and it is impossible to guarantee that she will not go crazy now in this situation.

Alyssa knew Tina’s worries, and nodded towards her, “Then I will go first, and you should be careful too.”

When Tina turned her head again, she found that Cathy had raised her foot and walked over here. Tina walked to Cathy calmly, blocking her path.

“I thought you didn’t want to care about me.” Cathy’s voice was soft, as if she had no strength, and what she said was strange, as if Tina should care about her.

“Are you looking for me?” Tina heard the sound of the engine behind her, turned her head and saw Alyssa’s car slowly driving out, and then relaxed.

Cathy is not afraid to go crazy now.

Tina had also dealt with it casually, it was impossible to really stand here and chat with her, so she turned around and walked towards her car.

“Where are you going?” Cathy’s voice was a little anxious and followed.

Tina was a little annoyed: “I don’t want you to stay here to chat with me? Are we in a kind of relationship to chat with?”

Cathy laughed, her laughter inexplicably abrupt: “Are you happy to see my joke?”

Tina said coldly: “I’m very busy, I’m not in the mood to follow your jokes!”

“It’s like this.” Cathy took two steps back and looked at Tina carefully: “You always seem to be this kind of calm, confident, free and easy look, which is really annoying.”

Tina turned and opened the door and got into the car.

Upon seeing this, Cathy ran over like crazy, and Tina quickly dropped the safety lock with her eyes and hands.

Cathy slapped the car window and called her name.


Chapter 1506

Tina naturally ignored Cathy and started the car on her own, wanting to drive away.

But as soon as she started the car, Cathy suddenly rushed to her car, clinging to the head of the car, and wanted to stop Tina.

Tina made a sudden brake, the whole person leaned forward inertially, and was bounced back by the safety belt.

She ran out of patience, gave Cathy a cold look through the windshield, and took out her mobile phone to call the security guard.

The security came quickly.

Henry came with the security guard.

“Wife, why are you here? I have been looking for you for a long time, so you won’t tell me in advance where you want to go, which made me worried…” Henry walked towards Cathy with a look of concern.

Cathy was still standing in front of Tina’s car. When she turned her head to look at Henry, she could see the panic and fear on Cathy’s face from Tina’s angle.

The security had walked over, and Tina opened the door and got out of the car.

“Miss Weber.” The security guard nodded slightly, with a very gentle attitude.

Tina slightly bent the corners of her lips: “Excuse me, please take a trip.”

Tina was pretty, and with this smile, the security guard became embarrassed: “This is what we should do…”

“Miss Weber?” Henry’s voice sounded.

Tina turned her head and saw Henry taking Cathy two steps closer to her.

“Miss Weber.” Henry’s gaze was like a brush, carefully shaved from top to bottom, and his eyes were a little brighter than before: “This is the first time I have seen Miss Weber so close. In real you are more beautiful than on TV.”

When he spoke, his eyes didn’t take an inch away from Tina.

Henry used to be a venture capitalist. For a period of time, he made a lot of money in several projects. It was very beautiful, and he also played many female stars, but he hasn’t played with one as beautiful as Tina.

Tina was uncomfortable by him, and her face immediately cooled down. She turned her head and said to the security guard: “I’m leaving now.”

“Miss Weber, wait…” Henry was about to step forward to hold Tina.

Tina’s eyes and hands quickly dodged away. Henry grabbed an empty face and looked a little ugly, but soon laughed again: “Miss Weber, don’t rush away. I have to apologize for my wife. She gave you unnecessary trouble. Well, let me treat you to dinner…”

“No.” Tina refused without waiting for him to finish.

She has been in the circle for these years, and has seen many men, so she can tell how this man is thinking.

Garbage in the garbage dump.

Cathy, who had been quietly embraced by Henry, suddenly whispered: “Tina, I’m sorry.”

Her voice was faint, her chin was slightly clasped, standing beside Henry like that, she looked weak and pitiful.

For a moment, Tina softened slightly.

Cathy said again: “You don’t be angry, I just haven’t seen you for too long and want to talk to you.”

Tina sneered in her heart.

When Cathy stopped her car just now, she was too horizontal, but when she was in front of Henry, she became so weak. This is probably the so-called bullying and fear of hardship.

Do you really think she has no temper?

Tina retracted her steps, turned her head to look at Henry, and said solemnly: “Mr. Henry, you have to look after your wife. I am not familiar with her. don’t know her intention to stop my car. Next time you stop a car that shouldn’t be stopped, it’s not good to get into trouble for no reason.

Cathy seemed to have never expected Tina to say these things, and her expression suddenly changed.

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