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Chapter 423

The salesperson had to take the money from Alyssa.

She found five and handed it to Alyssa, her expression a little stiff: “Please go slowly, and welcome next time.”

Alyssa took the money, and in a blink of an eye, she saw the salesperson’s hand touch her ear.

The salesperson is a young girl with short hair. Just now when she reached out to touch her ears, Alyssa saw something in her ears.

When she first entered the mall, there were very few people in the mall…

Alyssa’s heart suddenly felt uneasy.

She glanced at the salesperson again, turned and hurried out.

When she first entered the mall, she just felt that there were very few people in the mall.

At this moment, she came out of the bakery and found that there were only twos and threes in the mall, and it was a little abnormally deserted.

Alyssa walked to the top of the stairs, planning to take the escalator downstairs.

As soon as she stood on the escalator, she heard a crisp “ding” sound behind her.

The entrance of the stairs in the mall, which corresponds to the escalator, is an elevator.

Alyssa turned her head reflexively and saw a man in black coming out of the elevator and walking up the escalator.

The man in black also saw Alyssa.

He was wearing a peaked cap, Alyssa couldn’t see his expression a bit, but could feel him looking at her.

A strong sense of discomfort rose in Alyssa’s heart.

She looked around for a while and found that it was quiet.

The lights in the mall are bright, and the shops around are also brightly lit, but there is no one.

She remembered the girl who didn’t look like a salesperson in the bakery just now. She seemed to be urging her to leave.

And the girl was cautious, she looked a bit like—a policeman!

The mall is so quiet, it’s obviously cleared.

When she just came in, she should have been clearing the venue.

She writes suspense scripts and is no stranger to this situation.

Such crowded business are suddenly cleared, usually for safety maintenance.

Either a celebrity is coming, or someone is going to do something illegal and criminal here.

These thoughts flashed through Alyssa’s heart quickly, but they didn’t show up on the face.

She was holding the cake in one hand, and on the escalator in the other. The man in black behind her also took the escalator downstairs in the same posture as her.

The man in black behind her is either a policeman or the one who wants to commit a crime here.

The escalator goes down to the first floor.

When Alyssa went down the escalator, she pretended to inadvertently glanced back at the man.

The black-clothed man was still riding the escalator slowly, not in a hurry, Alyssa was about to turn her head, and suddenly found that the black-clothed man had removed the cap he was wearing and grin aimed at her.

The smile was dark and crazy.

Alyssa sighed in her heart, hurriedly walked a few steps forward, and ran towards the entrance of the mall.

The first floor of the mall is very spacious, but the escalator is far away from the mall entrance. It seems that no matter how fast she runs, there is always such a long distance from the mall entrance.

At this time, a voice rang out through a loudspeaker in the mall: “You are now surrounded, as long as you stop now, we will treat you leniently!”

Alyssa looked up and found that a group of policemen had appeared around him.

The black man behind her said: “Who wants you to be lenient, I want to die with you!”

Alyssa felt that the sound seemed to be in her ears. When she turned her head, she saw the man in black who did not know when he had taken off his coat and tied up with explosives.

Seeing Alyssa turned her head, the man in black said cruelly: “What if you evacuated the crowd? It’s not a loss to drag a beautiful woman to bury me if you have left a single.”

As he said, he stretched out his hand to grab a certain thread on his body…

The police’s voice came from the loudspeaker again: “Get down! Get down!”

Alyssa’s eyes widened, she threw the cake in her hand in the direction of the man in black, turned her head and rushed forward.

There was a huge “bang” in her ears.

Alyssa felt that her ears were numb, and the whole world was buzzing.

“…It’s been six years, and Lisa is very lonely alone, we should go find her.”



“It’s useless. I planted explosives under the entire golf course. Let’s go find Lisa together…”

“Take care of Grace and leave me alone.”


Suddenly, memories flooded in.

The moment before Alyssa passed out, what flashed in her mind was the scene of the explosion on the island three years ago.

“Is the person alive?”

“Where are the paramedics?”


The world returned to quiet after a brief period of noisy.

–too ugly.

–who are you?

——You don’t know who you married?

——Of course I know that the person I married is Karl!

——It turned out to be my cousin. I am Karl’s cousin, Luther. On the wedding night, I guess you don’t want to guard a cripple.

The man has eyes that are as deep as ink, sharp and deep, with a strong breath…


Alyssa opened her eyes fiercely, and she saw a white ceiling.

Where is she?

Where’s Karl?

She turned over and sat up suddenly, shocking the nurse who opened the door.

The nurse came over: “Are you awake? I’ll call the doctor right away.”

As soon as the nurse went out, Tina and her party rushed over.

“Nurse, is the patient named Alyssa in this ward?”

“Yeah, she just woke up and I was going to call the doctor to show her.”

“Thank you.” Tina hurriedly thanked him, then opened the door to see Alyssa.

Tina walked to the bed and looked down on Alyssa’s shoulders, and asked with concern: “Alyssa, are you okay?”

Alyssa moved her hands and feet, and muttered, “It seems to be all right.”

“It’s okay.” Tina was obviously relieved: “But you still have to ask a doctor to check before you talk.”

Alyssa didn’t hear Tina’s words, she was silent for a few seconds, then suddenly raised her head and asked Tina, “Where is Karl?”

“Huh?” Tina has recently become accustomed to Alyssa’s amnesia. The amnesia Alyssa feels very weak towards Karl, and would normally not ask her in this tone.

Tina asked uncertainly: “Why are you looking for Karl?”

“Is he okay?” Alyssa stretched out her hand to support her forehead: “There is still a little confusion in her mind. Aren’t we going to the small island to find Gerald, are we going to get Grace back? It seems that there was an explosion…”

Tina first covered her mouth and looked at Alyssa in disbelief.

Her tone was very light, and she asked tentatively: “Alyssa, do you remember it?”

Alyssa frowned: “I…”

She looked down at herself, with good hands and feet, and her mind was empty for a while before she continued: “Clifford saved me…”

Chapter 424

Alyssa paused slightly when she said that, there were too many images spewing out of her mind at once, and she received it intermittently.

“Why did Clifford save me?”

“Grace… Karl…”

Tina didn’t disturb her, but looked at her nervously.

At this moment, the nurse called the doctor.

The doctor hurried over: “Wake up? How do you feel?”

Alyssa was obviously not here, and she didn’t return to the doctor.

Tina asked aloud, “I just woke up, what happened to my friend?”

She hurried over when she received the call. She didn’t know what was going on. The phone just said that Alyssa was in the hospital, and she drove over with trepidation.

The doctor replied: “She was in a coma when she was sent here, but the problem is not serious, just a slight concussion.”

“Is there a big problem with a concussion?” Tina’s expression was not depressed, and her tone was a little cold.

The doctor pushed his glasses and paused before saying, “This kind of mild concussion is very common. You can leave the hospital if there is nothing wrong with the hospitalization for a few days.”

Hearing what the doctor said, Tina smiled embarrassedly: “This way, thank you, but she has hurt her brain before, is there any problem this time?”

“That’s why she needs to be hospitalized for observation for a few days.” After the doctor said, he turned his eyes to Alyssa, and called her name warmly: “Alyssa?”

“Huh?” Alyssa recovered.

The doctor asked her: “How are you feeling now? Is there any discomfort?”

Alyssa shook her head, looking as if she didn’t belong: “No.”

Her gaze fell on Tina, she stared at her for a few seconds, and asked, “Where is Grace?”

Tina was asked so by her, only then did she remember that Grace was still sleeping at home.

She received the call and hurried over when she heard that Alyssa was in the hospital.

Not two months after Alyssa was discharged from the hospital, Tina felt hypersensitivity when she heard that she was in the hospital. She usually lived alone, so she naturally forgot that there was a baby sleeping at home.

“Sleep… at home.” Tina said in a whisper.

Upon hearing this, Alyssa opened the quilt to get off the bed, and said anxiously, “Then let’s go back now.”

“Wait a minute, the doctor said you will be hospitalized for observation for a few days.” Tina stopped her quickly.

Alyssa pushed Tina away: “I’m fine.”

Her own body, she could feel it, it was so good, there was no problem at all.

At this time, two plainclothes police officers came in outside.

The two policemen came over, one of them looked at Alyssa: “Alyssa is awake?”

Alyssa looked up, and the policeman took out his police ID and said, “The explosion that happened in the mall before requires your cooperation to make some notes.”

Alyssa nodded in cooperation: “Okay.”

The policeman turned to look at the doctor: “How is she?”

The doctor truthfully told the police about Alyssa’s situation.

Tina reacted half-slowly, and asked in shock, “What explosion?”

“The prisoner himself called the police and said he was going to bomb the mall. When we evacuated the crowd, Miss Alyssa entered the mall. This was my negligence. Fortunately, the prisoner’s explosives were made rough and not very harmful…”

Tina’s face paled: “…There are all kinds of abnormalities.”

Alyssa turned her head and smiled at Tina, “I’m fine.”

After she finished speaking, she turned to the police and said, “Officer, please hurry up. My child is at home alone. I am not very relieved.”

The police seemed a little surprised: “Are you married?”

After he asked, he seemed to have noticed that the question was abrupt, and a trace of embarrassment flashed through his eyes, but he quickly entered the subject.

The policeman left after finishing the transcript.

Alyssa worried that she would not stay in the hospital if her daughter was alone at home.

The doctor still told her to stay in the hospital for observation for a few days, so Alyssa had to leave the hospital under the pretext of “coming for a checkup in a few days”.

On the way back, Tina finally had the opportunity to ask Alyssa: “Alyssa, you mentioned that you went to the small island to find Gerald before, do you remember it all?”

Tina also asked this question before, but Alyssa was thinking deeply about what it didn’t belong to, and she didn’t even bother to reply to her.

Alyssa nodded first, and before Tina spoke, she shook her head again.

“This is nodding and shaking your head again. Have you recovered your memory? I almost didn’t mention it.” Tina sighed.

“I remember all the previous things…” Alyssa asked with a slight frown, “I’m a bit unsure if the next thing happened. I really fell asleep for three years? Karl… also lost his memory?”

“Really, it’s all true.” Tina exclaimed with excitement: “You really remember it! It’s so good!”

After Tina was happy, she asked Alyssa unsurely: “Let me ask you, how did we meet? How did you marry Karl?”

“When you were bullied in your third year of high school, I scared those people away.”

After Alyssa finished speaking, she nodded when she saw Tina, and then continued: “As for Karl, I married him for Isabel.”

Speaking of Isabel, Alyssa’s face became dark.

Tina asked her: “What’s wrong?”

Alyssa remembered the last time she had a car accident with Clifford, and her expression was slightly awkward: “She counted Gerald’s death on the heads of Karl and me. She wanted us to die.”

Tina’s expression changed slightly when she said this.

“Isabel has been crazy for a long time. In the past few years, she has made some messy movies and TV shows. There are countless black materials, but there are also many fans. Her style is a bit weird. I suspect that she was driven crazy by Gerald’s death. It is not certain what will be done, so be careful.”

Alyssa nodded: “Yeah.”

Even if Tina didn’t say anything, Alyssa knew to be careful.

After all, Isabel had already made a move, and when she made her move, she was determined to kill her.

She didn’t have an accident in the last car accident, it was her luck.

Isabel would never give up like this, but there is no guarantee that she will have such good luck next time.

Another thing that makes people strange is that Isabel had already confirmed the evidence at the time, and was picked up by someone…

This incident was worse in nature than when she wanted to kill Alyssa.

It was very easy for Gerald to protect Isabel back then.

But this time, there is still someone who can save Isabel out. Who will it be?

Who can have such a great ability, and has a reason to save Isabel?

Alyssa fell asleep for three years, woke up and lost her memory again, and now she suddenly regained her memory, as if time had made a joke with her. Three years passed all of a sudden.

All the things are coming, making her a little overwhelmed and unable to recover for a while.

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