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Chapter 425

When Alyssa and Tina hurried back, they opened the door and found the TV in the hall running.

Alyssa called out: “Grace?”

Grace stood up from the sofa, her chin and face were covered with potato chips, her hair was messy, and she was holding the remote control in her hand.

She saw Alyssa’s eyes light up, and she called out in surprise: “Mom.”

Grace is so young. She was just sitting on the sofa and was blocked by the back of the sofa. Alyssa could not see her.

She ran down from the sofa and ran towards Alyssa barefoot, still holding the remote control tightly in her hand.

Alyssa matched her height, knelt down and wiped the crumbs from her face, and picked her up: “What are you doing?”

“TV.” Grace waved the remote control on her hand and pointed to the TV behind her.

Tina walked to the sofa and took a look. She saw snacks full on the sofa, with potato chips and candies sprinkled on it, and a bottle of yogurt next to it.

Tina couldn’t stop laughing when she saw it, “Hahaha! My God, how did Grace find my snacks and tore them apart by herself! This is too powerful.”

Alyssa walked over holding Grace and saw the mess on the sofa, a little bit dumbfounded.

“Did you take these yourself?” Alyssa put Grace on the sofa and stood up so that her eyes were level with her.

Alyssa’s expression looked a little serious. Grace probably also felt that her mother’s face was not right, rubbing the back of her little hand behind her, blinking her eyes, and whispered, “Yes.”

Tina pushed Alyssa warmly: “You scared her.”

“Look, is it not dirty for Aunt Weber’s sofa?” Alyssa asked her, pointing to the crumbs on the sofa.

Grace followed Alyssa’s hand and looked over and nodded blankly.

Alyssa’s tone couldn’t help but soften a little: “Next time you can’t make the sofa dining table all over, it’s dirty, do you want to help Aunt Weber clean it up?”

Grace replied very obediently, “Yes.”

Looking at Grace’s well-behaved appearance, Alyssa suddenly felt sore in her nose.

She turned her back abruptly, tears pouring from her eyes.

Alyssa calmed her mind and made her voice sound the same as usual: “Grace helped Aunt Weber clean the sofa together, and mother will go to the bathroom.”

After she finished speaking, she hurried to the bathroom.

As soon as Alyssa entered the bathroom, she closed the door abruptly, leaned on the door panel, and slowly slid to the ground, reaching out and covering her face to suppress the sound of crying.

Outside the door, when Grace saw Alyssa suddenly turned around and went to the bathroom and closed the door, she pointed at the bathroom door and looked at Tina in a loss: “Mom?”

Tina just naturally heard the cry in Alyssa’s voice.

She smiled and said to Grace: “Mom is washing her hands, and she will come out immediately. Grace will help Auntie clean the sofa together.”

When Tina brought a towel and cleaned the sofa with Grace, Grace also looked at the bathroom from time to time.

The look of eyesight looks particularly painful.

Tina walked to the bathroom door and knocked on the door: “Alyssa, how is it?”

Alyssa’s voice soon came from inside: “It’s okay, I will come out immediately.”

Alyssa stood up, walked to the sink, washed her face, and silently looked at herself with red eyes in the mirror.

Just seeing Grace’s good-looking appearance, Alyssa suddenly felt very sad.

Being her daughter is not happy at all.

Since Grace was born, she has not been able to take a good look at Grace, nor can she protect her.

Once they were born, Grace was replaced by others, and when they finally had the opportunity to accept Grace, another accident happened.

Three years.

She had never participated in the three years when she was supposed to be accompanied by her mother.

When Grace just called her mother, she even felt guilty.

Alyssa raised her head and closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

When she opened her eyes again, her eyes were already clear and firm.

Alyssa opened the bathroom door and came out, and saw Tina cleaning the sofa with Grace.

“So, slowly, wipe it off little by little.”

“It’s wiped off!”


One big and one small squatted on the sofa to wipe things, the picture looks harmonious and warm.

Alyssa noticed that Grace was still barefoot, raised her feet to the room, took a pair of socks, and brought out fluffy slippers.

When Grace saw Alyssa, she raised the towel in his hand and said, “Mom, I wiped it.”

“Yeah.” Alyssa smiled at her: “First put on the socks.”

“Okay.” Grace still remembers Alyssa’s serious look before, thinking that she was angry when she did something wrong, so she was very behaved.

Alyssa helped her put on her socks, and Grace smiled at her, looking a little silly.

Alyssa stretched out her hand and touched her head: “Mom is not angry, but you make things all over the sofa. That’s not right, you can’t do this in the future.”

Grace nodded.

A few people cleaned up the sofa and returned the snacks that Grace hadn’t eaten. It was already night.

Alyssa cooks dinner for Grace and Tina.

Tina has a cheerful personality and loves to play. She doesn’t need to learn to tease children.

Most of the children like people who are beautiful. If this beautiful person accompanies her to play, they will like it even more.

The relationship between Grace and Tina is completely advancing by leaps and bounds.

Alyssa brought out the food and shouted to them: “Tina, Grace, have dinner.”

“Here.” Tina led Grace to the dining table.

Grace ran along, and said as she ran, “Hehe…we are here!”

The two sat down at the dining table.

Alyssa brought the last soup up, looking at Tina, teasing her tone: “Child Tina, have you washed your hands with Grace?”

Tina: “…No.”

During the meal, Alyssa added vegetables to the bowl of bibimbap for Grace.

When Tina saw this, as if suddenly remembering something, she raised her head and said to Alyssa: “Once, I saw Karl and Ms. Grace eating together in Best Day, she…”

Hearing the words “Karl”, Grace’s raised his head and widened his eyes: “Kalr, my father.”

“Huh?” Tina was a little dazed.

“She called Karl Kalr.” Alyssa couldn’t help laughing when she talked about this.

Karl’s arrogant and arrogant temperament will one day be confessed by someone other than her.

Moreover, it is still a little dumpling who is only over three years old.

Hearing this, Tina laughed “pouch”: “A person like the big boss can make Grace call him to admire green peppers and not beat her?”

When Grace heard Tina mentioning Karl, she listened very seriously.

She didn’t understand Tina’s words, but she also nodded her head in an unbelievable way: “Beat it.”

Chapter 426

Tina heard the words and asked with a look of surprise: “Does he beat you? Your dad will beat you?”

What she said just now was actually just talking.

Although she also felt that Karl was terrible, she didn’t think that Karl would beat up his three-year-old daughter.

With such a small ball, he has to touch his fingers gently, so he can still beat his hands?

Grace lowered her head, picked up a piece of spare ribs, grabbed it with her other hand, and responded vaguely: “Yeah.”

“How did Dad beat you?” Alyssa naturally didn’t believe that Karl would act on Grace.

For the days when she lived with Karl, when Grace made him angry, he was at best showing a face.

“Like this…”

Grace raised her hand to touch her face, and found that she was holding the ribs in her hand, so she put down the chopsticks in the other hand and stretched out her hand to pinch her face.

“He… hit me like this.” In the next two words, she increased her tone like a small adult.

After finishing speaking, she didn’t forget to continue to eat her ribs.

The little girl has good teeth and always likes to chew on bones.

At this time, even Alyssa couldn’t hold back, and laughed together.

“Then mother will help you beat him next time we see Dad!” Alyssa said to her with a smile.

Grace nodded: “Go home.”

Alyssa’s complexion faded a little.

She reacted with hindsight, Grace wanted Karl.

Although Karl lost his temper at home at noon, but Grace was a child, and the child always forgot.

Alyssa did not answer Grace’s words.

Grace seemed to just say it casually, and then continued eating obediently.

“I didn’t finish what I just said.”

Tina continued the topic just now: “At Best Day that time, I just watched the big boss give Grace bibimbap and poured the soup in two bowls and gave her a cold. I really thought it was big boss looks super gentle.”

But later, when Karl spoke, he returned to the prototype.

Mr. Adams may be a good man, but more often, he is still the fearful Karl.

Alyssa imagined the scene in her mind.

When she and Karl lived with them, she was taking care of Grace. She had never seen how Karl took care of Grace for dinner.

But, thinking of Karl’s current situation, Alyssa couldn’t help but mention it again.

After dinner, she had to call Smith to ask about Karl’s situation.

If it wasn’t for the fear that Karl would affect Grace, Alyssa would like to find Karl now.

Before Alyssa called Smith, Smith called her.

Seeing Smith’s call, Alyssa’s heart couldn’t help but tighten.

Alyssa put down his chopsticks and walked aside to answer the phone.

“Smith, what’s the matter?”

Smith’s tone was a little uncomfortable: “Sir, he is losing his temper. When he had just eaten, he said that the food tasted wrong…”

Lost temper because the food tastes wrong?

Karl’s memory now stops at about twenty years old, right?

Unexpectedly, at that time, he had such a big temper.

“Are you falling again now?” Alyssa asked.

“Nothing fell…” Smith glanced at the servant standing in the hall, and said, “You may be falling soon.”

Alyssa was silent for a moment, and said, “I’m coming now.”

She hung up the phone and walked over, and Tina asked her in a low voice, “A call from Smith?”

“Well, I may have to go there.” After Alyssa said, her eyes fell on Grace.

Grace always finishes the meal first, and has already ran aside to play.

Tina flicked the cup in her hand: “Go, let me watch Grace for you, she likes to play with me now.”

“She slept for a long time in the afternoon and may have to play for a long time at night. Do you have a job tomorrow?” Alyssa was not afraid of troubles, she was afraid of delaying her work.

“No, what about work? I just want to eat, drink and have fun now.” Tina leaned on the chair, looking very lazy.

Alyssa was a little helpless: “I’m serious.”

Tina smiled, sat upright, and asked her: “I really don’t have a job. Go ahead, do you want to drive my car?”

“Yes.” It must be a bit late to come back, it is very convenient to drive there.

When Alyssa drove to Karl’s villa, Karl was tossing the servants at home.

He asked the servants to cook in the kitchen one by one.

And not all of the servants hired at home cook, so the cooking skills are also uneven.

When Alyssa entered, Karl was commenting on the servant’s dishes, and he did not leave any affection.

“How did you make this kind of thing?”

“Your cooking skill trying to poison to death?”

Except for Karl’s voice, there were no other voices in the hall, so quiet that you could hear a needle falling on the ground.

Therefore, when Alyssa walked in, the footsteps were particularly noticeable.

When the servants saw Alyssa, they looked at her for help.

Alyssa pursed her lips, feeling helpless.

If it was before, maybe she could really save them, but now she is also unable to protect herself.

Karl sat on the chair, tilted his head slightly, raised his brow slightly, and said loosely, “It’s you.”

A table of cold dishes has not been moved.

Alyssa frowned slightly: “What do you want to eat, I will make it for you?”

Karl looked at her with a faint smile, “You made a special trip to cook for me? Love me so much?”

Alyssa didn’t bother to talk to Karl: “I will just do it without saying.”

After she finished speaking, she went straight to the kitchen.

It’s getting late, so I can only cook noodles.

She would call Smith, and it is probably “dead horse as a living horse doctor.”

Alyssa was not sure whether Karl still likes to eat the food she cooked, but she can only give it a try.

She quickly made a bowl of spicy beef noodles and brought it out.

The scent of oily chili wafted out, causing Karl to look sideways.

Alyssa put the noodles in front of Karl: “Eat it.”

“Just a bowl of noodles?” Karl raised his eyelids and motioned for her to look at the other dishes on the table.

The other dishes look exquisite and beautiful, and the ingredients are also very advanced.

“A bowl of noodles is not enough?” Alyssa pretended not to understand what he meant, and said, “When you finish eating, I will cook another bowl for you.”

Karl squinted slightly, this woman deliberately misinterpreted the meaning of his words, not afraid of him at all.

He sneered, and pointed his finger at a servant: “You, come and eat it.”

The servant looked at Alyssa apologetically, but could only obediently ate the bowl of noodles.

However, Alyssa was good at cooking, and the servant finally ate all the soup.

Karl looked at Alyssa provocatively.

Alyssa twitched the corners of her mouth: “I will make you another bowl.”

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