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Chapter 429

Alyssa smiled and smiled sincerely: “Your acting is so flamboyant, does the audience buy it?”

“Life is to express your inner feelings in a pompous way.”

After she finished speaking, she blinked her eyes suddenly and said, “Would you like to think about it and arrange a role for me in the next script? The one tailored for me will make me a hit.”

Tina still had foam in her mouth, and when sshe said the words “Shot and red” she held her toothbrush and gestured twice in the air.

She looked happy, like a child.

Alyssa was slightly lost in thought.

Three years, nothing seems to have changed.

“Okay, I will tailor a script for you, but it is not guaranteed to be an instant success, but it must be suitable for you.” Alyssa’s tone was serious.

It’s not easy for an actor to meet a suitable role.

Tina smiled and said, “That’s a deal.”

Tina is a real vacation.

Alyssa wanted to find Claire, so naturally she couldn’t bring Grace with him.

Therefore, Grace could only stay at home and play with Tina.

Fortunately, Grace and Tina have become more familiar with each other, and taking her to watch TV together can also help Alyssa watch for a while.

Alyssa instructed her to feed Grace water and not let her eat more snacks, so she went out.

Today is a working day, Alyssa went directly to Adams’ to find Claire.

However, when she asked at the front desk, the lady at the front desk told her: “The vice CEO is on a long vacation.”

“Take a long vacation? How could she suddenly take a long vacation?” Claire actually took a long vacation at this time, which sounded a bit unusual.

The lady at the front desk said apologetically: “Sorry, we are not very clear.”

“Thank you.” Alyssa thanked him and called Smith as she walked out.

Although Smith and Karl were in this building at this moment, Adams’ couldn’t just go in casually, let alone go to the CEO’s office on the top floor to find someone.

She just took the phone to call, and didn’t notice anyone outside.

When the phone was connected, she also hit a wall of people.

With a “bang”, Alyssa felt that her nose didn’t hurt like her own.

She held her nose and looked up tearfully, and saw Karl’s expressionless cold face.

Alyssa was taken aback for a moment, and slowly put down the phone and called out, “Karl?”

“Heh!” Karl sneered, “It seems that I am underestimating you, and you came straight to the company.”

Alyssa: “…” She really wasn’t here to stop him.

Forget it, even if she said she didn’t come to Karl, Karl would probably not believe her.

Alyssa went straight to Smith and asked him in a low voice, “Claire doesn’t work in the company?”

Smith felt a chill coming from him. He didn’t dare to look up at Karl, but bit his scalp and said to Alyssa, “She has taken a long vacation.”

Alyssa asked again: “She is at home? Is she living in old house?”

Smith was uncomfortable being stared at by that line of sight, but he could only answer Alyssa’s question: “She should be.”

She felt that Smith was uncomfortable.

She turned to look at Karl, and saw that he took his gaze away from Smith and walked straight to the elevator.

“Madam, if I’m fine, I’ll go up first?” When Smith spoke, his eyes kept looking in the direction where Karl had left, and he looked a little uneasy.

Alyssa nodded: “I’ll go to the old house to find her, you go first.”

In the next second, Alyssa saw a gust of wind running towards Karl at Smith.

Alyssa touched her nose with a strange expression.

Smith has been with Karl for so many years, and how old is Karl, he knows Karl very well, and never thought he would still be so afraid of him.

Smith hurriedly followed Karl, pressed the elevator, and stood behind Karl respectfully.

Karl didn’t say a word, but he exuded a strong aura.

It seems to be a little unhappy…


The elevator door opened, and he waited for Karl to enter before following in.

In a closed space, it feel that the air pressure is lower.

He was the first to collapse, and proactively said: “Madam came to see the vice CEO. She didn’t know that the vice CEO had taken a long vacation, so she asked me just now.

After he finished speaking, he carefully paid attention to Karl’s reaction.

The elevator opened, and Karl walked out of the elevator, and glanced at him coldly, “Madam?”

“Yes…Miss Alyssa.” Smith quickly changed his words.

He didn’t know that Karl was dissatisfied with Smith’s statement, but just snorted and asked, “What did she do with Claire?”

Smith pulled out a smile and said very sincerely: “Of course it’s because of you, Sir.”

Unexpectedly, Karl was silent for a moment, and said leisurely: “In order to remarry, I really did everything.”

When Smith heard this, she almost choked on her own saliva.

If this was the old Karl, how could he say such a thing? Knowing that Alyssa cared about him so much, he would have been so happy.

Alyssa took a taxi to the Adams’ Old House.

After waking up, she visited the old house once.

In three years, this luxurious and low-key old house has not been stained with the traces of time, but it has become more and more calm and quiet.

Alyssa got out of the car and walked to the door. A bodyguard stopped her: “Who are you?”

“My name is Alyssa, I am looking for you Miss Adams.” Alyssa said calmly without changing her face.

The bodyguard heard the words and looked at Alyssa carefully.

Alyssa’s figure is still a little thin, but she is born with a good foundation, looks outstanding, has been with Karl for so long, and has a good temperament.

The bodyguard thought that Alyssa might also be a wealthy daughter or Claire’s friend.

It’s better to ask first.

The bodyguard said, “Wait a minute.”

He whispered something to the other bodyguard, and the bodyguard entered.

Not long after, Claire came out.

She was wearing a plain black dress, and she looked a little haggard, as if she was seriously ill.

Claire raised her hand and motioned the bodyguards to step back.

When only she and Alyssa were left at the door, she sneered and said, “Alyssa, what are you coming to do with me? Do you want to see jokes? It’s a pity that I will disappoint you, even if I have nothing, I am the eldest lady of the Adams’ family, still beautiful.”

Alyssa didn’t say anything, but Claire said so much mess.

Alyssa’s eyes narrowed, and her tone was cold: “You are not beautiful, I am not interested in knowing, I only ask you, who hypnotized Karl?”

Alyssa didn’t know how Claire was stimulated by her words, her expression changed drastically, and she screamed, “You go out!”

Chapter 430

Claire suddenly lost control of her emotions and her expression became a little sordid: “Get out now! Get out!”

In Alyssa’s memory, Claire is a very particular woman who will not lose her attitude in front of others.

But at this time, where Claire was still domineering, the whole person seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

Alyssa frowned slightly and asked her aloud: “Claire, what’s wrong with you?”

Claire looked at Alyssa swiftly, her eyes gradually returning to a trace of clarity.

Immediately, she asked Alyssa aloud: “You came to me for Karl?”

Alyssa felt that Claire looked a little weird, but she didn’t care about her, and only asked her aloud: “Who did you let Karl hypnotize? Where is that person? What does she look like?”

“I don’t know.” Claire regained her composure and said palely: “I’ll give you a piece of advice. You will regret it when you stay with Karl. He is definitely not a man who can give people happiness.”

Claire’s words were a bit inexplicable, and Alyssa felt that Claire was provoking her and Karl.

When Alyssa heard this, a bit of chill flashed across her bright eyes: “Karl’s happiness does not seem to have anything to do with you, but you, for your own benefit, you have done everything to sorry Karl, you have never cared about him, so what right do you have to say things about him?”

Claire looked at Alyssa, always feeling that there seemed to be similarities between Alyssa’s expression and Karl’s.

She was almost strangled to death by Karl last time, which made Alyssa even more resentful.

She snorted coldly: “If I’m not mistaken, you are here to beg me now? Is this the tone of your begging?”

“You are wrong, I am not begging you.” Alyssa did not flinch: “Karl will become like this, thanks to you, since you want him to maintain the wealth of the Adams’ family, just I have to pray that he is healthy, and safe, otherwise you will lose the position of Miss Adams.”

“Alyssa, don’t you look at your identity, and you dare to talk to me in this tone? Don’t you know that people who are too self-righteous will not end well?”

Claire seemed to suddenly think of something happy, and the smile on her face kept deepening.

“Karl hasn’t remembered the past, right? He hasn’t remembered the past, so naturally he can’t remember his feelings for you. You are eager to remarry him and become the young wife of the Adams’ family.”

Seeing Alyssa not speaking, Claire felt that her guess was correct.

The smile on her face couldn’t help but become proud: “But, don’t you want to remarry him to become Adams’ daughter-in-law, but I found the world’s top hypnosis expert to hypnotize Karl. Does the sleep expert just have a false name? Hahahaha!”

Claire suddenly raised her head and laughed, her expression a little crazy: “He will never remember the past in his life, and his feelings for you will never come back. He is a ruthless monster!”

Alyssa clenched her hands unconsciously, her white face was tight, she bit her lips, and said coldly: “No, I feel like you, completely indifferent to the death of her mother, knowing that she killed her. Who is the murderer, but you dare not say it for the sake of prosperity…”

Having said this, Alyssa paused and squeezed a few words from her lips: “You are the monster! Cold-blooded monster!”

“Shut up!” Claire’s face was shocked: “What do you know?”

Alyssa raised her chin slightly, and said softly, “I know everything you are afraid of that I know.”

After she finished speaking, she glanced at Claire’s sudden change in satisfaction, and turned and left.

After learning about Karl’s mother’s case, Alyssa once suspected that Claire was not ignorant of it.

Claire is definitely not a silly white sweet daughter raised by an ordinary rich family, she has both brains and ideas.

Girls of the same age always mature earlier than boys. Eleven is the age to remember, and they have some common sense.

Even if Claire didn’t see anything with her own eyes at the time of the case, she must have noticed something.

When she was a child, she lived abroad and alienated Karl. She never believed that Karl said that there was another culprit who killed his mother. Taken together, all of this seemed to be deliberate.

Karl looked very cold, but he was actually very attentive to the people he cared about.

And Claire, she doesn’t care about others at all, she only cares about herself.

Claire is like another Trevor.

It’s just that all this is just Alyssa’s guess.

Looking at Claire’s reaction just now, Alyssa knew that she had guessed something by accident.

For example, when mother was kidnapped, she probably heard and saw something, but she remained silent.

Maybe someone threatened her. She realized that she would lose her life if she said it, so she chose to remain silent.

This silence made her grow up and become more selfish.

In the end, she wanted to control Karl in her palm, and wanted Karl to help her maintain the wealth of the Adams’ family, so that she would have the capital to continue to be Miss Adams.

“Alyssa, stop for me and speak clearly!”

Claire’s scream sounded behind her.

Alyssa didn’t bother to pay attention to Claire, and went straight forward.

Claire has always looked down on Alyssa. She feels that Alyssa, like other women who are close to Karl, is the property of Adams’ family. Naturally, she would not think that Karl would tell Alyssa such secret things.

However, what Alyssa said just now clearly made it clear to the Adams’ family.

Lina was already crazy, Gerald also died in the explosion, and the remaining Trevor was also paralyzed.

Participants in the kidnapping case and Adams most shabby secrets should be buried in the ground.

Is Karl crazy?

He even told Alyssa about these things about the Adams’ family!

Claire’s face turned blue, her hands clasped tightly together, staring in the direction Alyssa was going away, her eyes gloomy.

On the way back, Alyssa took out her mobile phone and searched the Internet, the world’s top hypnosis expert.

She didn’t expect to find anything useful, just wanted to know more.

The result of the search is that most of the well-known hypnotists are foreign.

The domestic field of hypnosis is not very proficient, and the top hypnosis experts can naturally only be found abroad.

These, they should also know that.

Claire has lived abroad since she was a child, so finding a hypnosis expert is naturally not difficult.

And Karl is powerful, it shouldn’t be difficult to find the hypnosis expert who helped Claire?

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