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Chapter 427

Alyssa returned to the kitchen, resting her hands on the countertop, taking a deep breath, and then turning on the fire to boil the water.

She used to cook for Karl, how could he give it to others?

Alyssa calmed down and continued to cook the noodles.

However, this time Alyssa made noodles.

When she took it out, Karl was no longer in the hall.

She asked Smith: “Where is Karl?”

“Sir went to the study.” Smith pointed upstairs.

Alyssa glanced upstairs and said: “Then I will take this up for him.”

Smith was surprised: “Miss Alyssa, you…”

He didn’t expect Alyssa to be so patient.

“Mr. Smith used to call me Miss Alyssa.” Alyssa turned to look at him, and said with a smile on her mouth.

Smith called out uncertainly: “Young lady?”

“I’ll go up first.” Alyssa nodded, admitting that she had recovered her memory.

He looked happy, but when he thought about Karl’s situation, he couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

Karl looked better before, but now it’s like this again, but Alyssa suddenly recovered her memory.

Just treat it as a good thing.

Alyssa reached out and knocked on Karl’s study door.

The people inside were silent.

Alyssa pushed the door directly in.

Only when she opened the door, something flew over, and Alyssa turned her side slightly before she dodge the thing that Karl had shot.

After the thing fell to the ground, Alyssa took a look, only to find that the thing was a coffee cup, and it was not broken even when it fell on the ground.

The next moment, Karl’s roar immediately followed: “Get out!”

Alyssa was stunned by his roar, before closing the door and walking towards him.


The tray was placed on the desk, making a slight crash.

When Karl walked over to Alyssa, his eyes fell on her involuntarily.

Alyssa took the noodles out of the tray and put them in front of Karl.

Karl curled his lips, but did not see a smile: “Can only cook noodles?”

Alyssa answered seriously: “No, I will cook many other dishes, you can taste it first.”

When Karl heard this, he really laughed this time, but the smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes: “Where is the confidence, I must eat what you make?”

“I didn’t think that.” Alyssa lowered her eyes slightly, looking good-tempered.

Karl reached out and picked up the chopsticks and stirred it twice on the plate, before throwing the chopsticks down: “The noodles are too rotten, make another bowl.”

Alyssa felt that his deliberately making things difficult was naive.

Karl was so good to her before, but now she is a bit uncomfortable.

However, Alyssa knew very well in her heart that Karl was just feeling insecure in his heart now.

Everything in reality before his eyes did not match his inherent memory.

He will not adapt, will become irritable.

What’s more, Karl was already a little uncertain.

Alyssa was not angry because she had thought about Karl’s place.

She lowered her eyes, leaned over, reached out and picked up the chopsticks that Karl had dropped onto the desk, and picked up the noodles on the dinner plate.

Seeing this, Karl narrowed his eyes to look at Alyssa.

Alyssa curled her lips and smiled at him, a pair of cat eyes looking shining.

Karl shook his head, frowning deeper and deeper.

Suddenly, Alyssa reached out to pinch Karl’s chin, and put the noodles in his hand into his mouth.

Karl was completely stunned by Alyssa’s movements, and he rarely opened his eyes wide, a little startled.

When Alyssa pulled out the chopsticks, he subconsciously began to chew.

Alyssa held back her laugh, didn’t he just eat it obediently?

When Karl reacted, when Alyssa had done something to him, his complexion suddenly turned black.

He stood up with a “brush”, gritted his teeth and said, “Get out of here! Get out of my face now!”

This woman is simply extremely arrogant.

No woman had ever dared to treat him this way.

“Good hands and feet, why should I get out.” Alyssa didn’t get angry, and took care of her clothes, and slowly walked out.

It was just that she walked within two steps, then suddenly turned around and walked to Karl’s face.

Just before Karl broke out, she stretched out her hand to press on his shoulder, stood on her toes, and gently k!ssed the corner of his lips.

Just touch it.

Alyssa’s movements are smooth and natural.

She took two steps back quickly after the k!ss, with a successful smile on her face, and pointed to the noodles on the desk: “Remember to finish eating the noodles.”

After she finished speaking, she walked out lightly.

Karl had a dark face and watched her disappear outside the door. He lifted his foot and kicked the chair directly, making a loud noise.

Outside, Alyssa was about to close the door. Hearing the movement in the room, she pushed the door open a little bit to reveal a crack in the door.

Through the crack in the door, she saw Karl, who was tense and dull in the room, and the chair that was kicked out by him a long way.

Alyssa closed the study door with a pale face.

If she came out a little later, would Karl kick her not the chair, but her?

With Karl’s irritable character, this is not impossible.

When she knew Karl, he was already able to hide his emotions, and most of the time he was angry he’d keep silence.

But now he is really easy to get angry and lose his temper easily.

In contrast, Karl, who was in his twenties, seemed very unstable.

Alyssa met Smith on the stairs.

He panted and asked Alyssa: “Young lady, what happened?”

Just now, Karl’s disturbance was a bit loud, and he worried about what Karl would do to harm Alyssa.

In his twenties, he was young and vigorous, and the current Karl would not pity Alyssa.

“It’s okay, I’m having a temper with him.” Alyssa said, she couldn’t help laughing.

Smith twitched the corner of his mouth. Now when he faced Karl, he had to deal with it carefully, but Alyssa could still laugh.

From another aspect, this also confirmed his thoughts, no matter what Karl became, Alyssa was always special to him.

Seeing Alyssa walking downstairs he asked her: “Madam is going now?”

“Well, Grace is still at Tina’s, I have to go, Karl is going to work hard for you here, call me if you have anything to do.” Grace and Karl both need her.

Karl was like a walking bomb with no time. It might explode sometime, so Grace could not live at home.

Smith followed her behind: “Then I will send someone to take you back.”

Alyssa refused, “No, I came by car.”

Chapter 428

After Alyssa left, Smith went to Karl’s study.

He looked around the room, silently lifted the chair from the ground and pushed it behind Karl.

Karl sat down, his face pale.

His tone was a bit cold: “That woman, Alyssa, did you call her?”

Smith’s heart sighed, and his face changed slightly: “Yes.”

Karl looked up at him with sharp eyes: “I don’t care what happened between me and her before. In the future, without my permission, you are not allowed to call that woman to my house.”

Smith opened his mouth, and turned around when he wanted to say something, and replied obediently, “Yes, I understand.”

Although don’t know what Alyssa did to Karl before, but seeing how angry Karl looked, Smith knew that he had to follow Karl’s words at this time.

He couldn’t understand Karl’s temper.

When Karl heard this, he said blankly: “Go out.”

Smith turned around and went out. When the door was closed, he saw Karl picking up his chopsticks and eating noodles.

The action of closing the door paused slightly.

Didn’t he just say that without his permission, don’t let Alyssa come home in the future?

Speaking so firmly, but now eating Alyssa’s noodles?

So, should he ask Alyssa to come to Karl’s house again?

When Alyssa drove back to Tina’s house, Tina and Grace were still watching cartoons enthusiastically.

It was already past eleven o’clock, and the two of them laughed and looked very energetic.

Tina heard the door opening and turned to look in the direction of Alyssa: “Alyssa, you are back.”

“Still watching TV.” Alyssa walked over and sat down beside Grace.

Grace turned her head and glanced at her, and yelled very perfunctorily: “Mom.”

Then she turned to watch cartoons.

Alyssa couldn’t laugh or cry, she really didn’t have the charm of cartoons.

Tina walked around behind Grace, sat down next to Alyssa, and whispered, “Grace is so good.”

“Thank you,” Alyssa whispered.

Tina asked by the way: “How about the big boss?”

“Even if he has amnesia, he is also Mr. Adams, his temper is terribly big.” Alyssa thought of the things Karl had done before, feeling a little helpless.

Alyssa and Tina said briefly, and then they took Grace to sleep.

It was late, and Grace actually just looked energetic. She was sleepy early, and just insisted on watching cartoons.

Grace slept fast.

Put Grace to sleep, and Alyssa went to the bathroom to wash.

When she came out, she half leaned against the head of the bed and stared at Grace for a while.

Grace and Karl look alike, because of the eyes.

Thinking of Karl, Alyssa couldn’t help but sigh slightly.

With so many things happening today, Alyssa was forced to accept his current situation and Karl’s current situation without giving Alyssa time to react.

Seeing Karl’s appearance made her feel uncomfortable, but it was not the time to feel uncomfortable now.

Grace needs her, and Karl also needs her.

Before, Karl was arranging everything. This time, let her help him.

Alyssa looked down, took her mobile phone, found Karl’s number in her contact, and sent him a text message: “Good night.”

After the text message was sent, she stared at the phone in a daze.

After a few minutes, her phone vibrated suddenly.

Alyssa’s heart jumped, and she looked at her mobile phone nervously, and found that it was just a text message sent by the operator.

Still, take your time.

The next day.

Alyssa contacted Smith and said something about the hypnosis she had inquired about from Clifford.

Smith also told Alyssa about taking Karl to hypnotize.

After listening to this, Alyssa was silent for a few seconds, and said: “She really tried her best.”

Does Claire hate her so much?

First she wanted her to die, and then she took Karl to receive hypnosis and block the memory.

Although Claire did not directly attack Alyssa, everything that Claire did was a trick to kill people without seeing blood.

On the face of it, Isabel wanted to kill Alyssa directly, but Claire’s method was a little more intelligent, and she was hitting Alyssa’s seven inches.

However, Claire still miscalculated.

Alyssa won’t let her succeed, she will definitely make Karl better.

“Is Claire sure that she didn’t lie? She really hasn’t seen the face of Dr. Dixon, or is it just an excuse for her?”

Claire is a shrewd woman, and she is also very cautious.

She went to the hypnotist to block Karl’s memory. This matter must be kept secret.

Since she didn’t want it to be known, how could she agree to let him hypnotize Karl without seeing the hypnotist?

Since Claire was afraid that things would be exposed, she naturally said that she would think of a perfect solution, and she would definitely pinch the handle of the hypnotist in her hand in advance to prevent the hypnotist from turning back.

There was a pause from Smith, and only one sentence was said: “…There should be no lying.”

Claire had already been threatened at that time, how could she lie?

But at that time, Karl was about to strangle Claire to death. This matter was weighed in heart of Smith, but he still didn’t say it.

“Yeah.” Although Alyssa said that, she had already made up her mind to find Claire.

After hanging up the phone, Alyssa turned around and saw that Grace and Tina didn’t know when they had gotten up, and they were sitting on the sofa staring at her.

Alyssa was taken aback for a moment, and said with a smile: “Good morning.”

“Good morning.” Grace just woke up with a soft voice, and the voice of the little milk was very cute.

“Breakfast is ready, you can eat after washing.” Alyssa said, walking over and carrying Grace into the bathroom.

After Grace washed her face, she ran to the restaurant.

After Alyssa washed her hands, she said to Tina, “I’m going out later to find Claire.”

“Why are you looking for her?” Tina sneered: “That Miss Adams, but a sister with a strong desire for control, go to her, can she give you a good face?”

Alyssa smiled, and a hint of coldness flashed in her eyes: “It’s as if I will give her a good face.”

“Tsk tusk, your tone doesn’t look like Alyssa I know.” Tina turned her head to look at her, with a bit of teasing in her tone.

“We have known each other for so many years. Of course there will be changes. I am Grace’s mother and Karl’s wife…” Alyssa frowned, “I almost forgot. Claire has helped me and Karl. Karl is divorced.”

Tina said “Hey” and exaggeratedly touched her arm: “Alyssa, your tone is more and more similar to Grace’s dad, and it sounds weird.”

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